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I was just minding my own business, as usual, and it was just a normal day. I was walking around the city, after having had some cheap but good ramen for lunch and trying to figure out what to do about my rent problem.

Walking along the sidewalk I came across one of the many intersections found around the place, the traffic light on my side was currently set to red. Naturally, not wanting to get run over by some vehicle I made sure to stop at the edge of the pedestrian crossing or crosswalk if you prefer. The place where pedestrians walk to cross the road, if you didn’t catch the obvious meaning.

And then I saw the really cute puppy. In the middle of the road. It was just sitting there, all by itself. Without a care in the world. I swear, the puppy was completely oblivious to its surroundings.

And a large truck was heading straight for it!

I’m not a hero. I don’t possess the qualities that a typical example of a hero does. I’m not brave or courageous, I’m not strong or fast, I’m not noble or whatever. Again, I’m not a hero. I honestly believe that I am not what you would call a hero. Ever.

I keep to myself mostly, especially since I’ve had to live out a hard life on my own for the longest time. Crowds displease me greatly, they make me sick and dizzy after a while to be perfectly honest.

But… I love dogs. I love cute animals in general to be honest. I always have. I may not care much about other people, since they have nothing to do with me and I don’t want them to have anything to do with me if I can help it… But I have a huge soft spot for cute animals okay!

That puppy out there in the middle of the road, it must have a family right? Maybe parents and some siblings? Or at least a human owner or someone that just cares for it every now and then? Or maybe it’s a stray that takes care of itself mostly? Whatever the case, that puppy has so much to live for. All the people and other animals it could meet in its life, all the food it will eat and enjoy, all the wonderful places it could explore… All of those possibilities will be put to an end, because of a truck that failed to notice the puppy in the middle of the road.

I didn’t even think about it. Not one bit. It was not something I decided after thinking about the pros and cons. Before I knew it, my body was already moving.

Without even thinking about it, I was running towards the puppy. As I was but mere seconds away from reaching the cute little guy though, the puppy starts to run in the opposite direction from me!

My hand that reached for the puppy missed it by a hair’s breadth, and soon enough the puppy had reached the sidewalk on the other side of the road. Into the waiting arms of some little girl.

So, the puppy’s owner was nearby this whole time?! How did it even end up in the middle of the road all on its own?! Man, I couldn’t even save a cute little puppy properly?!

Ah. The truck’s still coming this way. All the noise around me seems to fall away from me. From the horn of the truck rushing at me, to the sounds of the traffic in the area, to the screams of the people in the vicinity. All of it just seems to fade away in what seems like my last moments in this world.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” I close my eyes and scream as I’m still in the position of being close to the ground with one hand outstretched. This it how it ends huh. Trying to be a hero in the spur of the moment only for fate to have it all backfire on me in the last minute. Just my luck. Oh well, at least that cute puppy will be safe now that it’s back with who I assume is its owner.

Just as sound was finally returning and I could hear the horn of the truck blaring right before me, a bright flash of light seemed to come out of nowhere. At least, that’s what it looked like with my eyes still closed. It was so bright that all I could see what white for several seconds.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” This must be the afterlife or something right?! I’m dead aren’t I?! I didn’t stop screaming because I could only think of the fact that I must have died!

And then it hits me. If I was dead and went off to some form of the afterlife, then somebody should be here to greet me or something right?

I open my eyes. I then realize that this isn’t the afterlife at all. In front of me are several humanoids with distinct animal features. Dogs, cats, lizards and so on all gathered in their own little crowds. All staring at me expectantly.

“AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” I hate crowds! They make me nervous, dizzy and just all around terrified! And what’s more, they’re animal people?! What the hell is going on?!

Okay, calm down Sobbie. Let’s think about what to do here. I’m in an unknown place. I’m on my own. I don’t have much stuff with me. Think, think, think, think. Ah, I need to establish communications with these humanoid animals. Oh wait, I do believe in fantasy stories they are called demi-humans? Right, I need to establish communications with them!

I walk up to the dog looking demi-humans first. I should speak in a way that they will understand me… “Arf, arf, arf!” There, the sound that dogs make. Hm, they look like they’re confused for some reason.

Okay, next! I walk up to the cat looking demi-humans next. I try to communicate with them in the same way. “Meow, meow, meow!” Huh, they’re not saying anything in reply either. And for some reason, I think that they look rather annoyed?

Oh well, they’re not saying anything so I should just move on. Next, are the lizard looking demi-humans! Oh wait. What sort of sound does a lizard make anyway? “Sssss-sshhaaaa, sssss-sssshhhhaaaaa!” All I get from them are dumbfounded looks.

I don’t get it, why can’t any of them understand what I’m trying to say?

“Ahem,” someone coughs into their hand to get my attention. They are standing by the doorway to the side, which I just noticed now. In fact, I now notice that I seem to be standing on a rather intricate looking circle of some sort. “My dear hero, we can speak the common tongue like any other major race, you know?”

Common tongue? Isn’t that English he’s using though? What the fuck is going on here? Oh yeah, the one who said that is a goat demi-human. With horns on his head, a goat-looking face, dressed in a butler uniform and shades looking all refined and whatnot.

Oh shit, I just realized. I just insulted a bunch of demi-humans by assuming they couldn’t speak like me and could only make animal noises didn’t I? They must think I’m a racist or something!

“S-sorry! That was incredibly rude of me!” I bow over and over again at the the demi-humans gathered in this rather large room. I know the action is heavily influenced by anime but, somehow it just felt like it would be the right thing to do.

“Hahahaha!” The goat butler just laughed it all off. “Apology accepted. It must have been quite a shock being surrounded by so many demi-humans with severely animalistic characteristics right? I’m sure now that you’ve apologized all is forgiven. Isn’t that right, everyone?” The still not named goat butler addressed the assorted demi-humans that greeted me upon my arrival here in this strange place.

The gathered group of demi-humans all gave either nods of affirmation or said yes in some way and then proceeded to laugh it off like the butler did.

Anyway, I suppose it is time I addressed the proverbial elephant in the room. “Excuse me,” I turn to the butler that seems to be the most prominent individual right now. “My name’s Sobbi Chua and I’m really confused right now. Could you perhaps explain what’s going on here? And wait, did you call me a hero earlier?”

Now that I think about it, it’s that isn’t it. I’ve read manga like this before. A guy from Earth gets transported to another world with swords and magic and stuff. Basically, I’m in a real life Hero Summoning story. Fuck! But I’m not a hero! Not in the ways that usually count anyway!

“Ah yes, of course. Greetings, Sobbie. I am known as Alfred Miller, the head butler of the royal family here in the demi-human kingdom of Raithril. As for what is going on I suppose I should start with the crowd that was gathered here. They are all citizens of the kingdom that wanted to get a first hand look at the hero we would end up summoning, once it was publicly announced by the royal family that the summoning ritual would take place. Following me so far?”

I nodded with what I thought was a deadpan or serious look on my face. Okay. So, this hero summoning business here in this demi-human kingdom was made to be a public event of sorts and this group here is the audience in attendance. I have no clue as to why something like this was made a public event but, the royal family can do what they want I guess.

“At any rate, it would be best if you follow me, Sobbie. The royal family wishes to meet with you and explain things as it were themselves. Come along then.” Alfred gestures for me to follow him out the door and up some stairs. All the while the crowd of assorted demi-humans were murmuring about this and that among themselves.


I didn’t bother memorizing the path to wherever the throne room was. I wasn’t really interested in knowing my way around this palace. What does interest me is the fact being in this fantasy world means I don’t have to deal with my difficult life back home on Earth anymore do I? At least until I get transported back somehow, I can just live a relaxing life in this world. Of course, I’ll need a steady income and whatnot but that sort of stuff I can figure out later.

Because let’s be honest here, I’m not cut out for being a hero. So whatever it is the royal family wants from me as a hero, I’m going to have to decline. Politely. Because they could probably have me executed or something for being so rude to them. Or something.

After several minutes of walking around the place Alfred finally leads me to a large set of doors, being guarded by some heavily armored tiger demi-humans. These ones look more human like however in the case of their facial features but they do seem to have tiger fur along their bodies as well as a tail.

Now, this is something that actually peaks my interest. I love animals on general principle. They never did anything to purposefully make my life back on Earth miserable, and for some strange reason most animals have always taken a liking to me right from the start. And well, humanoid animals are just seriously cool when I think about it.

What I am wondering about now is, how come some demi-humans look more animal than human? “Alfred, if you don’t mind my asking, how come some demi-humans have such strong animalistic traits while others seem to look more human? How does that work exactly?”

“Oh, it’s quite alright, Sobbie. Your curiosity is not without precedent, you come from another world after all. Of course you’d be curious about such things. You see, when the demi-human race was created by the gods they made it so that it would be randomized whether a demi-human would have a lot of animalistic traits or not. So as a result, some demi-humans look more like their animal counterparts that are humanoid while others seem more human in looks but still having at least one trait of some form of animal.”

Okay. So there are multiple gods in the pantheon of this world. That’s interesting to know at least.

And as we talked a bit we finally reached just a short distance away from the two thrones at the end of the room. I spared a glance or two at the decorations of the throne room, but everything seemed par for the course for such a place. This was the royal family of the kingdom’s main place for entertaining guests they had to speak to. Of course it would have a lot of expensive looking paintings, statues and whatnot decorating the place. But again, I didn’t care much for any of it.

The first thing I noticed was this super cute looking dog seated at one of the thrones. He looked like an adult aged Siberian Husky, slightly larger than average anyway. He looked so damn fluffy!

I immediately rushed on over and began hugging and petting the dog. “Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy? You are!” I couldn’t help but say the stereotypical lines because hey, he really seemed like he was a good boy! Like most animals that I have come across over the years, he was behaving and seemed to take a liking to me.

“Assshhaabubu!” I went on and started to baby talk the doggy, I couldn’t help it. He started to look like he was smiling at me! Awwwww, so the royal family has this guy as a royal pet or something huh?

I look to the other throne and see a rather buxom beauty with platinum blonde hair and large dog ears. She seemed to find something really funny if here amused expression was anything to go by. I could also clearly hear her giggling and she had one hand covering her mouth as she did this. She must be the queen.

“Excuse me Sobbie but, how long do you plan on treating the king like some regular household pet? You as well, my dear king, I think it’s time you stopped with your usual practical joke.” Alfred said all of a sudden.

Huh? King? What was he talking about? This cute doggy is the king of the demi-human kingdom? How?! Why?!

“What?! The king is just a dog?! How does this?!” I gesture to the supposed king who still looks like a dog to me. “End up with marrying this?!” I gesture to the extremely hot queen with the platinum blonde hair and really insane figure that would make most models back on Earth look terrible in comparison.

I took several steps back as the doggy ended up poofing in a cloud of smoke and started chuckling in a rather deep voice. “You sure have one hell of a mouth on you. It takes guts to speak like that to the royal family, of any kingdom!”

When the smoke cleared I saw a rather muscular, tall, broad shouldered wolf demi-human with white and gray fur. He wore some really nice looking leather armor. Probably enchanted or something if I had to guess.

“Sorry about that, I just can’t resist playing that joke on every single human most likely not in the know about the special trait of the Raithril royal family. We can shapeshift between our canine form and our werewolf form. Hahahahaha!” The king had explained things.

“Ah, okay that makes sense then. Looking like that, I can see how you ended up marrying a queen like that looks that hot.”

“Fufufu, I think we shall take that as a compliment.” The queen said.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this sooner. The queen was dressed in an honest to goodness chainmail looking bikini armor. Exposing a lot of her creamy skin. It was a really nice sight to behold. I wonder why the king is okay with the queen showing off so much skin like that? Oh well, I’m not complaining. And I won’t question it out loud or anything.

“Anyway, Sobbie, allow me to introduce the King Rudiger and Queen Elaine of the royal line of Cloudmourn.” Alfred gestured to both the king and queen in turn.

“Hi, I’m Sobbie Chua!” I greeted them happily. What? They seem like they’re pretty chill people based on what happened with the king’s joke so, I can take a more relaxed tone with them. I think.

“Hello there, dear hero.” King Rudiger said in reply. “I’m sure you’re wondering about why it is you were summoned and everything yes?”

I nodded. “Yes, that’s right.”

“Very well then, it’s like this…”

And so King Rudiger and Queen Elaine took turns explaining the reason for my summoning into this world.

To sum it up, it was because of some bullshit prophecy regarding a demon invasion that will happen in about 5 years time. They want my help as much as possible to ensure a win for the side of Edea (that’s what this world is called) and to make sure that the death count is as low as possible since heroes tend to have the potential to become serious powerhouses on their own.

“I refuse!” I shout after they are done explaining everything. Crossing both my arms in an X shape in front of my chest for emphasis. “I can barely bring myself to kill wild animals, what more demons! And I’m terrible at fighting, as in I’ve never even been in a proper fight in my life!”

“Hahahahaha!” The king and queen laughed at my sudden outburst. It was the queen that spoke next. “That’s fine, Sobbie. We’re not going to force you to do anything you don’t want to do. But, could you maybe give it some thought? You do have five years to think about it after all. And in the end, even if you don’t decide to actively help out, all the major kingdoms have a treaty in place to band together when the time comes and combat the demons.”

“Ah, that’s good then. Thanks…” I guess that’s fair then, it would be really appreciated if I do end up helping but I won’t be forced into it or anything. “So, what happens now?”

“Well,” Queen Elaine said. “Now, we try to awaken your power. By activating your magic core, which will enable you to make use of the system in place on this world. Alfred, if you would.” She addressed the goat butler and he seemed to know what to do right away.

Alfred steps up in front of me. “Just relax, Sobbie. The procedure is a painless one. And it won’t take more than a few moments. I’m going to have to place a hand on your chest though, is that alright?”

“Uh yeah, sure.”

Alfred places one hand on my chest and then I can see that it starts to glow blue in color. I then feel this warm sensation in the middle of my chest that then spread all throughout my body.

“Ohhhh! I feel the power!” I then stretch one hand towards one of the far walls to the side. “Fireball!”

And nothing happens. “Huh? What gives? I thought that would awaken my power?”

“Oh dear, this has never happened before.” Alfred looked really worried about something and he looks to the king and queen for guidance.

“Sobbie, your power is still sealed. For some reason, we can’t unlock it through the only method we know how. I’m deeply sorry…” The king said to me.

“What was supposed to happen if it worked anyway? And how do you know for sure my power is still sealed?

And so they explained about the system in place on this world. Basically it worked like a game. If my power had been unlocked like it was supposed to be, I would have been able to see the information that floats above everyone’s heads in this world. The reason they are so sure my power has not been unlocked yet is because my class is still displayed as question marks and my status blatantly says SEALED in all caps.

“But why?! I thought I was supposed to have some sort of amazing potential? Why won’t my power be unlocked?!” I couldn’t help but yell at everyone gathered here. This is so unfair! Even if I don’t have the traits of a hero, I should have the actual power right?! I was summoned and everything!

“I’m sorry Sobbie, but there’s nothing that we can do. This sort of thing regarding a magic core refusing to be awakened has never happened before. Is there anything that you want so that we may send you on your way to live out your life?” The queen tried to reassure me.

Sigh. I guess it’s not fair to take out my anger on them. It’s not their fault my power can’t seem to be awakened. I’ll have to find some way myself to get it unlocked.

“Sorry, sorry. It was rude of me to try and blame all of you regarding what happened. Anyway, could you possible give me some form of funds? I have no money of this world after all. Some basic supplies in a backpack would be appreciated as well. Oh, and if it’s not much trouble some spare clothes?” Gee, I hope I’m not asking for too much.

“Alright, that’s all fine. Alfred, please see to it that Sobbie gets everything that he needs before sending him on his way.” The king addresses Alfred first and then looks back at me. “And Sobbie, if I may make a suggestion, if there’s any race on Edea that can help figure out how to activate your magic core then it would be the elves. Find a way to reach them somehow and I’m sure they can help you out.”

“I see. Very well, then. Thanks for everything so far.”

Alfred gave me a change of clothes which is this set of dark brown and dark beige, with the shirt having something that looked like some sort of cloth wrapped around the torso area. I was also given a backpack that was greatly larger on the inside filled with red and blue potions that were apparently health and mana potions, although the mana potions would be useless to me until I unlock my power I was told, a nice looking well made dagger, and even a good amount of toiletries.

As for funds, I was given just one gold coin. Isn’t this too little? Shouldn’t I have been given a lot of gold coins to last me a while? Are they being stingy? Oh well, I should spend it on something good then. I don’t want to complain about being given only one gold coin and appear ungrateful or something to Alfred.

“Alright, that should take care of everything that you may need for now. Will there be anything else, Sobbie?”

I think on this for a bit. Given the supplies, the clothes and the gold coin I think everything I may need for the short term until I get settled in this world are taken care of. “No, I think this is good enough. Thank you, for everything, Alfred.”


I walked around the city for a good while, thinking about what I needed to do in order to figure out a way to get to the kingdom of elves somehow.

I really needed to get my power unlocked and as soon as possible, I may actually need it in order to survive sometime in the future. I was after all in a fantasy world setting, who knows what sorts of dangers will come my way at some point? I had to be ready when the time comes. And if in case I am unable to find a way to unlock my power, I’ll have to survive on my wits and stuff or something.

It was while I was thinking of these things that I stumbled across a rather nice looking tent pitched in the main plaza of the city. This is the main place to go if you wanted to buy any sort of wares since the major stores were located here but there were also tents in place for the ones who sold cheaper and/or exotic stuff from what I can see.

Anyway, there was something about this tent that seemed to draw my attention no matter what. As soon as I got a good look at it, I couldn’t look away for long and I kept thinking about it. I’m not even sure why, sure it was a nice looking white and gold in color, looked rather big in comparison to the other tents in the area and had a nicely decorated sign that labeled it as “Misty’s Fortune Telling,” but it shouldn’t have kept my interest to this extent. It just seemed impossible.

Oh well, I might as well go inside and have my fortune told I guess. There’s no harm in it. It could even be fun and interesting.

I walked into the tent after raising up the front flap of the entrance. Inside it was rather dark, but there were floating candles all over the place giving it a rather ethereal look. It was enough light for me to find my way around the various tables filled with mystical looking stuff though.

The materials ranged from oddly shaped ingredients, bowls, mortar and pestles, jars filled with various liquids, various types of crystals and so on. Considering that there were honest to goodness floating candles in this place, looks like I really am in a world filled with magic. So a lot of this stuff probably does something mystical or other if used correctly.

I made sure not to touch anything. Who knows, some of this stuff could be cursed or something and I don’t want to end up being turned into a toad, having my tongue disappear or having my gender changed all of a sudden or something. Best not to tempt fate with such things so yeah, not going to touch any of this stuff.

Soon enough, I found the fortune teller. She was at the very back of the tent, seated at a table with a cloth over it with nothing but a stereotypical crystal ball at the center. Oddly enough there seemed to be a door behind her.

Oh yeah, and Misty was dressed in white robes with a hood that even had a face mask that covered the lower portion of her face. I couldn’t really tell what her body was like or what race she was for sure since everything but her eyes were covered up. And the robes were rather loose fitting so yeah.

“Greetings, traveler.” Misty the fortune teller said. “I see that you do not have your power awakened yet. Do you perhaps seek a way of having it unlocked?”

“Okay, obviously you can guess enough from just seeing the info above my head so I won’t count that as actual fortune telling just yet. But yeah, I do want more information regarding how to get my power unlocked.” I reply to the fortune teller.

“Very well then, first off introductions are in order. As you may have guessed from the sign outside I am the fortune teller known as Misty. And you are?” Misty gestures to herself before asking me for my name.

“Sobbie Chua. Supposedly a summoned hero.” I chuckled at the end of my statement.

“Alright, before we begin it is standard procedure for me to receive payment before we starting my service.”

“...this is all I have, will it be enough?” I show Misty the one gold coin that I was given as funds from the royal family.

“Ahh, yes. That is the exact amount needed for the special package. I shall tell you your fortune, and then you shall be given the full course of my extra service.” Misty purred at me.

Extra service? And with the way she said it… it’s sex isn’t it. This fortune-telling gig of hers is just a front for her to sell her body for more cash. Ah well, from what little I can see from her clothes she most likely has a nice figure. And for some reason, when I think about rejecting the offer of the extra service, I start to feel light-headed and then afterward I just accept it. Weird.

Ah well, if this fortune-telling session does lead me to where I need to go in order to unlock my power then, I guess spending my one gold coin will be worth it. I hand the coin over to Misty without any more hesitation.

So, Misty began waving her hands this way and that way close to her crystal ball which started to glow with an ethereal blue light. “Ahh, you have a great destiny ahead of you. The details are hazy but you will be encountering many battles, adventures, mobs of angry citizens, disparaging insults, and so on.”

“That sounds terrible! How is that a great destiny?!”

“I was not done. Although you will face many hardships, you will also find great friendship, love, and when you finally unlock it you shall have great power as well. One that can shake the very foundations of this world.”

“Okay, that stuff does sound rather good. Anything else?”

“Yes. In order to make sure you fulfill your destiny you must seek out the Grand Elder of the elven village Ikuru.”

“Great, any idea on how I can get there?”

“Well, after the extra service session I can promise you that you will wake up where you need to be.” Misty smiled behind her face mask, or at least I got the feeling she did.

“Okay? That sure is a weird and mysterious thing to say.” I couldn’t help but blurt that out.

Misty begins to chuckle. “Anyway, it’s time for the extra service session. Please, follow me.”

Misty stands up and walks to the door behind her. She opens it and I am instantly stunned at what I see in that room.

It looks like a really fancy love hotel room, with the heart-shaped pillows, king-size bed, decorative lights, oh and there were a bunch of strap-on dildos, regular dildos, ball gags, handcuffs, whips, and tubes of lubricant on a large table to the side. And various other things I wasn’t sure of were on the table as well.

The major color scheme of the room was different shades of pink.

Huh, so Misty is bisexual? Because based on what some of the items I see here are used for, she must entertain female customers as well. Good to know.

“What are you still doing dressed like that?” Misty asked from somewhere to my left, as I was looking at the large table to my right.

Oh yeah, the lighting in this room was really good. It was using a white light bulb. All I can say is that magic sure is amazing, having a room like this inside of a tent. And there even seemed to be a bathroom there off to the side. Handy.

Ah, right, Misty was talking to me.

I then looked at her and she seemed to be a redheaded elf. She had brown skin, golden-colored eyes, and a curvy figure that would make any man’s jaw hit the floor instantly. So, this is a dark elf.

She sauntered over to me, her hips swaying from side to side.

She got down on her knees and started to unbuckle my belt.

Pulling out the hardened length of my shaft she gazed at it with wonder in her eyes. “Wow!”

It was a magical experience. Honestly. She gave really good head, expertly using her tongue up and down the length of my pole, even giving attention to my balls every now and then.

And she made sure to swallow. And when she swallowed, she left nothing behind.

One of the best things we tried besides the 69 and doggy style position was when she revealed that she could use the shadow clone technique due to her class. She didn’t say what her class was exactly, but she said that because of it she could use a technique like that.

She made only one clone though. And she made the clone put on a strap on dildo. The clone and I proceeded to double team the real Misty over and over again,

We went at it for hours until we both decided enough was enough and we had to get ready for bed. I got to say, showering with Misty and her shadow clone was so much fun.

We went to sleep after a good meal she took out of nowhere. I was surprised at first and then remembered that the inventory system was a thing and yeah.

The food we ate was some sort of steak with a mixture of vegetables and a healthy amount of gravy. We washed it all down with some water.

We went to sleep after brushing our teeth and stuff.

When I woke up, I was dressed in one of my new outfits. My bag of supplies was beside me, nothing missing.

Oh, and I was in the middle of some unfamiliar forest.


How did Misty bring me all the way out to some forest?! Magic?! It was magic wasn’t it?!

Also, why?! Is this supposed to lead me to my destiny?!

Sigh. I guess I might as well just pick a direction and start walking. Maybe I’ll find some shelter somewhere in this forest?

A note from pandapao


Sorry if the sex part is awkward or whatever. It was an idea that just occurred to me as I went with typing. Anyway, I hope this was fun. Sobbie’s adventure has just started, will catch up to current events next chapter I hope!


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