Hero of Edea



Chapter 1: Becoming an Adventurer


A note from pandapao

So, I was just reading through the prologue and noticed a mistake in punctuation and fixed it right away and well, I got into the mood to start writing chapter one so here goes.

In all my excitement from being summoned to another world as a Hero, I forgot to eat. Which has lead me to be leaning down on my katana with the blade thrust into the forest floor. On the bright side I have not broken a sweat at all since the beginning of all these major events. Not even from fighting the slimes. Ah, and it just so happens I’m still dressed in the outfit I wore when I was still heading out to the mall: green leather jacket, plain white shirt, dark colored jeans and black rubber shoes. And yes, I am wearing the gloves as well that were given to me by Queen Moira.

To be honest, I could probably keep the shoes in relatively good condition through magic for the long term. I’d just need more shirts, pants and socks. They have those here in this world. Once again I can’t help but appreciate all of the significant contributions of the Heroes and Heroines throughout Edea’s history that go beyond ending some sort of threat.

My thoughts on convenient things is interrupted by the arrival of even more slimes though. Just by eyeballing it, it would appear that there are three dozen slimes this time around. Hmmm, I am quite weak from my hunger pangs and it affects how well I can concentrate but, I suppose one more rush at these starter monsters wouldn’t hurt?

The lowest level of slime in this group seems to be level 8 and the highest this time around is level 15. I am currently level 10 so if levels were such an absolute I’d be having a bit of trouble. But level isn’t everything in this world. Stats and skill matter quite a lot. Also, there’s no way I’d let my legendary adventure end here! Against mere slimes!

I pull on my mana, I choose to spend it all on what I am about to do next. I extend my right hand forward, palm open facing the group of slimes and hold onto my forearm with my left hand. I concentrate on the image: multiple arrows of blue light, spinning wildly and hovering above my head and to the back.

“Spinning magic arrows!” I yell out and almost immediately 36 blue arrows of light that are rapidly spinning materialize right where I want them to.

And in the next instant I send them flying towards all of the slimes in front of me. Every single arrow is directed at the center mass of each slime, and once making contact the slimes are instantly blown to bits and start to disintegrate.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this earlier but apparently there is an auto collect function for inventory so, people don’t have to manually pick up monster drops. All drops instantly go into the inventory of the one who made the monster kill, the last attack being the most significant. Experience however is evenly split so long as all participants land at least one successful hit on the same monster.

After that last fight I have now reached level 18. I wonder if my growth rate is ridiculously fast? Princess Wanda is only at level 38 and in but a mere hour or so I’ve reached almost half her level. From fighting slimes of all things no less.

Hmmm, I guess Princess Wanda hasn’t seen much action in her admittedly short life compared to her parents? And/or the experience bars of most people in this world is much higher in comparison to my own.

Man, being a Hero sure is pretty broken. Not that I’m complaining or anything. Merely stating a fact.

It is now that I am reminded of my current weakness and intense hunger as a surge of pain concentrated at my abdomen makes itself known once more. I stoop forward in surprise at the stark reminder of my negligence.

I swiftly straighten up though, pull out my katana from the ground and sheath it into the scabbard at my side. I turn around and begin to run. I run as fast as my current dexterity allows, whatever value that may be and soon enough my surroundings are but a blur of various colors that go from green and brown to the various colors found in the city of Estriel.

As you already know, the form of writing in this world is the same English alphabet that is used back home, which explains why I was able to read so much in the first place. The common tongue here also appears to be English hence my easy time speaking to the royal family before. The mixing in of Japanese honorifics and terms must be a cultural thing for this kingdom or something but, it’s not like it poses a particular problem for me.

But enough about all that, I need to quickly find a restaurant or bar! I focus my sense of smell, I stop running and close my eyes. Alright, Reinforcement is a great thing in the Nasuverse. The utilization of mana in this world is a lot more forgiving so I should be fine in enhancing my body. I see that my mana has comepletely recovered as well.

I focus my mana on the area of my nose and will it to do what I desire. I increase the efficiency of my sense of smell. Okay… smoke and heat from the local blacksmith… not what I need right now. Enticing floral scents and creamy skin from a brothel some ways away… not the time, perhaps tomorrow? Ah, here we go, the scent of cooked meat and vegetables wafting my way from about 10 blocks to my right!

I cancel the magic of enhancing my sense of smell and open my eyes the next instant. I resume my mad dash for food soon after.


I found the Adventurer’s Guild, the food was coming from the bar that’s just inside on the ground floor. The sign at the entrance had two criss crossing swords over a shield and clearly stated in bold lettering: Adventurer’s Guild. Whelp, I guess I can kill two birds with one stone now: become a licensed adventurer and get some food.

I may not have expressed my thoughts on the matter until now but, I had of course planned to join the Adventurer’s Guild, it’s a pretty common trope in isekai stories after all and I’m just a sucker for such things. It’s also a great medium for gaining more experience (in terms of levelling up and fighting experience), meeting new people in this world by inviting at least one to team up with me and accumulating funds from quest rewards and so on.

There are various tables all around the place on the ground floor. It’s pretty crowded but there are still some free seats if I am really dead set on eating at the bar here. The counter for the bar where you can order drinks and food seems to be at the far back of the ground floor to the right, which happens to be right next to the reception counter for any business that you may have at the Guild. The quest board is to the far left of the room and is currently slightly crowded. There happen to be 4 lines right now at the reception counter but one attendant happens to have only two lining up in front of her..

I walk up to the reception desk, right to the green haired female elf with a sizable bust and sweet looking smile. She also wears fancy looking glasses and has her hair tied in a ponytail. After about 5 minutes of waiting it is my turn to speak to the attendant.

The green haired elf wearing glasses smiles at me with her eyes closed and starts speaking. “Good evening! Welcome, to the Adventurer’s Guild. My name is Tina, how may I help you?”

“Good evening, hello,” I reply. “I’d like to register as an adventurer.”

And from there Tina explains to me the basics of joining the Adventurer’s Guild. Adventurers are primarily classified by the rank given to them officially by the Adventurer's Guild. The naming of one's rank follows by the varying metals used in the adventurer's licensed plate legally (used as identification). Moreover, a dog tag-like plate is given to all who register at an adventurer guild. The rankings are as follows: Copper - Iron - Silver - Gold - Platinum - Mithril - Orichalcum - Adamantite.

Additionally, the material that one’s plate is made out of depends on one’s rank as an adventurer. All new adventurers recently registered into the Adventurer’s Guild are given the lowest rank which is copper plate. When an adventurer’s rank increases, so do the color of their plate changes as well as more missions made available to take on with a higher difficulty rate.

The rank of an adventurer increases by passing a test of the Adventurer's Guild. Basically, the rank increases step by step, but if an adventurer achieves a major feat, it is possible to pull up his or her rank several steps at a time. Becoming a high-ranking adventurer assures better income, reward and social position and the highest ranked, the Adamantite adventurers, are treated as heroes, regardless of their nationality.

Hoh, so it’s the same system as what is used in the work of Overlord eh, cool. So with all of that out of the way, I filled out a form using a quill that never runs out of ink and received my copper plate.

Without further delay after putting on my copper plate I went over to the counter for the bar and ordered a wild boar steak, mixed vegetable soup and some sort of juice that has an exotic name that I can’t quite pronounce before heading to a free table.

I waited to be served. I checked the time on the clock, which uses the same system as back home and then made the necessary adjustments to the wrist watch I had on as I waited for my food and drink to arrive.

Oh that’s right, I suppose now is a good a time as any to update my status or check it at the very least. I know I mentioned how I’d do that at a much higher level but, I’ve got to pass the time until my order arrives somehow and this is as good a way as any.


John Sparks

Level 18 Arcane Master

Exp to next level: 1500

Health - 3200

Mana - 4700

Strength - 250

Vitality - 180

Dexterity - 200

Intelligence - 380

Wisdom - 290

Luck - 100

Points: 170

I see, so people are granted ten attribute points to spend every level gained and your stats go up based on performing certain actions as well judging from how my stats have increased without allocating any points yet. And it seems health and mana gain 100 points per level outside of allocating attribute points.

Well, even without using any of my points right now I should be good in terms of stats for quite some time. I guess I’ll just save up all my points until I come across a particularly strong enemy. Yes, that seems to be the best course of action for now.

“Here is your order, master. Thank you for waiting!” So says the waitress dressed in a maid uniform. Ah yes, the wait staff is dressed as if this were a maid cafe. How lovely.

“Thank you!” I say in reply to the kind waitress who smiles in response and then sashays back to where she came from.

The wild boar steak seems to be cut into these rather decently sized cubes and has some gravy drizzled across them, the vegetable soup is made with cabbage, carrots, onions, and potato and is giving off quite the relaxing sort of aroma and finally the juice smells like a mix between pineapple and orange judging by my own superior senses. I reinforced my sense of smell just a second ago to evaluate my order and I’m liking the feedback I am getting from doing so.

I make the sign of the cross and say a little prayer before I get ready to dig in. I was given a spoon, fork and knife along with my order and I decide to just use the spoon and fork when eating the steak. It’s a Filipino thing I believe, using the spoon and fork to cut and pull meat like what I plan on doing here. The vegetable soup shall be consumed second and then the drink, to avoid getting too full too soon the drink shall remain untouched until all the food is gone.

As soon as I took that first bite of steak I was lost in a world of flavor. And within but mere moments I had already finished the entire dish and was on the soup. It warmed me up quite nicely and went really well with the lingering taste of the steak. I’m not much of an expert on food but I can tell, all of this was prepared really well. Judging simply from how good it all tastes anyway. And finally, the exotic juice drink that smells of pineapple and orange washed it all down quite nicely.

I did not have to ask for the bill since it’s pay as you order here at the Adventurer’s Guild. And so, after eating and drinking my fill I arrange the utensils and dishes in such a way that it will be easy for a waitress or waiter to collect.

It happened soon after all that, a crash was heard and all revelry within the dining area of the room ceased as everyone in the immediate vicinity decided to observe what the noise was all about.

Three tables away from me, there was an altercation taking place. A catgirl demi-human was being beaten on.

The very sight made my blood boil.


The three men surrounding her were rather heavy built with bulging muscles, large swords strapped across their backs and with decent enough looking plate armor. They were levels 30, 28 and 32.

The catgirl they were beating on was only level 15. There’s no way she could stand up to the three Warriors on her own with such a level disparity, not with how the world works in this reality. Especially since her class of Gunner would focus on Dexterity for the most part and less Strength as a result.

“You stupid fucking animal!” Trash 1 said, I don’t bother paying attention to the names of the three Warriors. What’s the use of calling trash anything more than trash? Oh and as he said this he punched the girl right in the face. Prior to this he had been landing a barrage of punches at her arms and chest.

“Because of your failure, we had to run away from that rare monster!” Trash 2 yells and kicks her in the abdomen, quite hard in fact since she was sent flying about 2 meters away from the gathering of tables, towards the entrance of the Guild.

The catgirl crumples on the ground, she goes into a fetal position as Trash 1 and 2 walk over to her and begin stomping on her over and over again.

Then it gets much worse all of a sudden. Trash 3 who has been silent so far growls in frustration and draws his sword. “You’ll repay us with your life!”

Okay, this is really abnormal behavior to me. Was the monster they encountered really that valuable or something? Even then, they’re going to kill her for ruining things? Just like that?

I look around the room to see if any of the other adventurers are going to do something about this. I see disgust and anger plain to see on a lot of them, but they all have on thing in common: fear and resignation at what’s about to happen.

Then I see their levels. The lowest being 15 like the catgirl and the highest being 20. Nobody nearby has the strength to save her. And come to think of it, if they try and call the guild master or something to stop this madness those three stooges may take revenge on them later on…

Guess it has to be me. Not that I mind, these guys are seriously pissing me off. So yeah, it’s Hero time.

Focus. The targets are the unprotected heads of the three pieces of Trash. “Spinning magic arrows!” I yell out with my right hand outstretched.

And with that three burst of light make contact with the three shaved heads and the heads are blown clean off. No blood burst forth since the wounds were immediately cauterized by the intense heat from the magic arrows.

The three corpses then fall to the ground around the catgirl.

I stand up and make my way over to her. Once I reach her trembling form I kneel down and place a hand on her head. I begin petting her and start to speak in as soothing a voice I can muster. “It’s okay, now. You’re safe. The bad men are dead.”

She then looks up at me and I get a good look at her features. She has silky blue hair and golden eyes, but there’s no mistaking those blue ears twitching to and fro as anything else but cat ears. I then focus on her floating information above her head.

Sara Silvermoon

Level 15 Gunner

She had a purple bodysuit on, a black leather jacket, bandages wrapped around her hands and what appear to be black sneakers. Oh yes, and on her right hip she had a shiny revolver holstered. It didn’t seem to be a magic gun so a regular gun that shoots bullets then? Well, I did read that both magic guns and more mundane guns both existed in this world. Magic guns feed off your mana to fire off blasts while regular guns of course made use of ammunition. Magic guns happen to be ridiculously expensive by the way so that’s probably why Sara here opts to use a regular revolver.

“Y-you, s-saved me?” She sounds so surprised when she asks me this. Guess she didn’t expect to make it through that ordeal. “T-thank y-you…” She begins to cry quite a lot and with all her cuts, bruises and bloody nose it makes for a rather gruesome sight.

So I give her one of my health potions. She looks much better within seconds after downing the red liquid.

Then a rather large hand settles on my right shoulder, and when I look up it’s to see a rather old but refined looking man dressed in a business suit looking down at the two of us. “I’m going to have to ask the two of you to come with me up to my office.” Ah, this must be the guild master. Makes sense for one of the staff (I suspect) to have called him up, I did after all just kill three members of the Guild.

Did I mention it earlier by the way? I don’t think I did so I’ll mention it now, there is in fact a flight of stairs of to the right side leading to a second floor. That’s where Sara and I are lead to, going up the stairs and into the room at the far end of the corridor with the label “Guild Master’s Office.”

Inside the office is a rather ornate desk at the far end, with two couches facing each other in the middle with a coffee table in between. There happens to be a table off to one side filled with all the necessary equipment and ingredients for coffee on top of it.

The guild master takes a seat on one of the couches and gestures for the two of us to sit on the opposite couch.

We sit down promptly and it’s the guild master who speaks up first. “I’m Willhelm Everglade, guild master of this branch of the Adventurer’s Guild. So, mind telling me what all the commotion was about? And why it ended up with three Iron ranked adventurer’s getting their heads blown clean off?”

Sara seemed like she was pretty shaken up by the events leading up to now so I took it upon myself to explain what I and several other witnesses saw.

From Sara being beaten to a pulp to the disparaging things said about her to the point one Warrior drew his sword and expressed in no uncertain terms that he was going to murder her right then and there. So, I saved her.

Willhelm began to massage the bridge of his nose and groans in displeasure. “You couldn’t have merely knocked them out somehow to save Sara, John-kun?” Ah, he doesn’t wait for us to introduce ourselves and simply looks at the info above our heads I see.

“I could have, but then I get the impression they would have just victimized someone else down the line.”

“You can’t know that for sure, young man! We’re going to have to clean up your mess now, the Guild that is. We can’t have such a promising adventurer such as yourself locked up for life, so we’ll be paying your bail once the guards come.”

Hoh, so what I did is worth life in prison eh? “You really think I’m worth that much, guild master? Based on what? What makes you think I’m beneficial to the Guild?”

“For one thing, boy, if your testimony is to be believed you took down three Warriors above your level in one hit each. Power like yours, from a rare class such as yours is tough to come by. Therefore, it would serve me and the Guild better to keep you around.”

“... I see, guild master. And what would you have me do in recompense for you spending Guild money on my bail?

“An S ranked difficulty quest, one I’m sure someone with your particular skills are best suited for. All the information about it is on here.” The guild master pulls out a sheet of parchment from within his coat and slides it across the table toward me.

I read the sheet of parchment from top to bottom and commit the most important details to memory. The S ranked quest is entitled Dungeon Core Retrieval. There is a new dungeon that spawned deep within the nearby forest called the Dungeon of the First Blade that no one has been able to conquer yet. It is a level 160 dungeon and so far the number of floors that have been confirmed are 10. The reward for the quest is $12,000,000.

“Guild master Willhelm...wouldn’t this sort of thing be best suited to Adamantite ranked adventurers? Why send a Copper ranked unknown like me all of sudden?”

“Because, John-kun, I have been around a long time. I can tell. You, you’re a Summoned Hero aren’t you?”

Sara gasps beside me and looks back and forth between the guild master and I. “I’d appreciate neither of you spreading that around but yes, I am.”

“Then call it an old man’s faith in the strength of a Summoned Hero. And besides,” he grins as quite the feral grin as he says this. “The commission the Guild will receive upon completion of this quest is quite hefty indeed.”

“Very well, I will owe you and the Guild for covering my bail like this anyway.” I then turn to look at Sara. “How about it? Your last party is wiped out, wanna join me?”

Unexpectedly Sara’s eyes seem to brighten up and she gives me the most beautiful smile I have ever seen to date and says, “Yes! Please take care of me!”

I look back to the guild master. “Is there some sort of paper we have to fill out to register our newly formed party, Sir Willhelm?”

He strokes his chin and looks at us appraisingly before pulling out another sheet of parchment but this time from within his inventory. “Simply sign your names and party name on this magical document and that shall do it.” He also pulls out a magical quill next.

I sign my name after Sara signs hers and then I ponder on the possible party name… “What do you think we should call our party, Sara?”

“Hmmmm, I’m fine with whatever you decide, John.”

Alright, obviously it has to be something cool sounding. The theme should fit with how Sara and I are dressed as well. Green and black...but Sara also has a lot of purple on her…

A Gunner and an Arcane Master…

Nope, nothing jumps out at me as a cool party name. This is harder than I thought.

Oh, I know, I’ll ask the guild master for help. “Sir Willhelm, what are the party names of the Adamantite ranked adventurers in this kingdom?”

“There are three: Silver Feather, Red Fang and Blue Flame. Not all party naming schemes are like this but it just so happens that the three Adamantite ranked Adventurer groups in the Estriel kingdom follow the theme of a color plus something significant to the party members.”

Alright, that sort of pattern works for me. So let’s see, if I use my favorite color green then Sara can just wear a green bandana on her person to fit the theme. As for something significant to go with the color… I’m going to have think on it a but more…

Green Revolver? Sara’s the only Gunner at the moment and she may switch to other types of guns in the future, so no. Green Katana/Blade/Sword brings up the same issue with me being the only one to use a sword at the moment. Plus both names don’t really have a nice ring to it as it were.

Oh, how about this then? “Green Storm, it rolls off the tongue well enough I think and I’ll get around to making some elemental based spells sooner or later to cover the storm part. And Sara, this is for you.”

I reach out to my mana and hold my right hand towards Sara. I imagine a green bandana. Dark green. Like the one that Roronoa Zoro wears! That should hold a strong enough image for this! Blue light gathers at the center of my palm and then intensifies and once it settles down a dark green bandana is held within my hand.

“For me?” Sara asks.

“Yeah, this way we both have something green to match the name of our party!” I laugh as I hand the bandana over to her.

“Thank you, John…” Sara the proceeds to tie the bandana over her head in such a way that her black cat ears are still sticking out.

I sign the name of our party down on the magical document and that seals the deal. Sara and I are now officially an adventurer party. Coincidentally, Sara and I are the same rank of Copper.

“Congratulations on the formation of your party. John-kun. Sara. Now, you best be off and prepare for your quest. Off you go.” You know, he refers to me with a kun honorific but speaks casually to Sara… has Sara met with the guild master often in that case? How much trouble has she gotten into before meeting me like this? Oh well, I could always ask her about it sometime.

“Right, thanks for your time guild master. Sara and I are off to prepare.” I shake hands with the guild master and then take Sara by the hand and lead her out.

A note from pandapao

I hope this was a fun read. Next chapter shall mainly focus on the dungeon delving. By the way, I copied info from the Overlord wikia when doing the part about adventurers, I like the system used there and I am a fan of the series so I went with it.

Edited 08/21/2018 Sara's hair and ears are now described as blue.

Changed spelling of one word to Mithril to adhere to the common way of spelling the word in fiction. 03/23/2021

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