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Nova is a fantasy setting adventurer novel that's inspired from the stories similar to IET's novels.

The story takes place in Elementia, a young world that has garnered attention from powers unknown to the inhabitants of it. As the life of the world struggles to survive in their competition with each other, only the strong are capable of seeing all that Elementia has to offer.

Follow Arthur Pyralis from his birth to adolescence to adult hood as he travels the world, meeting new people, fighting new monsters, learning new tricks, and enjoying life to the fullest.


Warnings: This novel will contain adult themes such as bed time activities, slavery, gore, and the like.
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its so rare to see ff that have kids that can describe kids to be well,,,, kids

in here we can see the mc grows as he is matured trough adventure and challange

i only hope that he will mature well and become great person in the future

and please author not to rush his age by adding setting like beastmen aged faster and at 8 year they considered adult or something

just let him stay that way and matured as time pass, timeskip is acceptable but instant growth is bad

will looking forward to see what he will become at the future

and i love the tigers, family bonds that stronger than blood, thats a beauty

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Style: There isn't much to say about your writing style, it's good but it tends to go bad at times when you write timeskips. You use the word "then" too much to link your paragraphs in my opinion, it feels like you're trying to cram too much info in a series of paragraphs. It is understandble since these only happen in timeskips and a lot of things can happen in a few years but that makes those chapters hard to read since it's a succession of informations.

Fortunately those are rare so it isn't much of a problem.



Story: The story takes place in a world of magic, beastmen and adventurers.

It's not super original but I like those kind of world, it's simple and easy to get into.

That doesn't mean that this world is a carbon copy of another, the author gives Elementia its own background and there are also a few twist here and there to differenciate it from other fantasy worlds (nothing major so far though).


The reason I've given 3/5 star to the story is mainly because of the pacing, starting from chapter 5, the story speeds up and rushes through Nova's childhood.

I know that timeskips are used to age characters so that the story can get to the good stuff, but here it was so fast that it made me think it was rushed.

The first one was okay (4 to 6 years old) in my opinion, it's the second one (6 to 13 years old) that I have a problem.

This one feels REALLY rushed, not only there is 6/7 years passing by in ONE chapter but that chapter is also a training arc. The whole thing feels so cramped (as I said in the "style" section), this happens, then this, then this ... It happens so fast I had the impression the author just told me "Oh hey by the way, Nova trained for like 7 years and it was super hard man."

Before that in the story Nova spent his time in the forest and the town, and that was in 7 chapters, in chapter 8 there is the cold mountain and finally in chapter 9 the story takes itself for Road runner and speeds through multiple locations in a few paragraphs.

This second timeskip breaks the flow/pace of the story and ends the first volume on a disapponting note, it feels like you wanted to start the school arc too soon.


It feels like I'm trashing the story but I'm really not, I liked the story.

It's just those timeskips that annoy me.



Grammar:  A few mistakes here and there but nothing major.



Character: I like Arthur/Nova, it's a shame though that after chapter 5 much of his interactions with the other characters can be summed up with him being cute --> him being hugged --> him flailing his arms aroung and trying to escape.

He kinda turned into a running gag that stopped being funny the third time around.

Before the infamous chapter 5, when Nova was still with the cubs and he chased that white rabbit and got stuck on that tree , that was funny and cute, it showed his childish and stubborn behaviour.

Or when he slept for the first time in the camp with the adventurers and searched through their stuff at night , that was funny and cute because it showed his child-like curiosity and lack of manners.

But after chapter 5, it's just hugs and "Oh he's so cute". I know he is cute, so show him to me acting cute, I don't know, the kid lived in a forest for all this time so there were a tons of situations where he could be funny or/and cute.

Like for example if he ate with his bare hand because he didn't know about forks and spoons or maybe if he tried to poop/pee outside because he didn't know about toilets.



Again it looks like I'm bashing the MC when I'm just mad that he kinda became a comic relief when he had the potential to become so much more.



Overall I like this fiction even though it doesn't look that way in my review, it's just annoying that the later half of the first volume brought so much problems to the table when the first half was so good.



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Good story. Looking forward to more!

Style: You do a good job of giving information as it becomes relevant, without making the chapters boring.


Story: The idea isn't the most original I've ever seen, but the way you've written it certainly makes up for that. I also like that you decided to give the tigers their own personalities and language rather than just making them go "growl growl" for the sake of story progression.


Grammar: Lets face it. No one is perfect when it comes to grammar, but you've done pretty good so far. Sure, I've seen a few mistakes here and there, but nothing too major.


Characters: There is quite a diverse cast of characters in this story, from the MC to his 'siblings' which are a rare breed known as Azure tigers. The characters that play major roles have definitive personalities while secondary characters (or ones that only get a few lines) are left with more generic lines (Of course, this is a good thing in my opinion. You should never go in depth on a character that wont be sticking around after all)


Overall: Five stars. Easily an enjoyable read and definitely one I'll be following until it's completion. I wont hold the grammar against you. I just put it at 4 and a half stars to show that it is not flawless, but then again, nothing is :)

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A good and promising MC

A good balance between suspense, action, adventure and a heartwarming fantasy story.
Nice character development and a good background story.

Easy to read and really entertaining

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Well shit another good read

Overall 5/5

A very well written novel that reminds me of a mshup of things like Mushoku Tensei and Wuxia novels. 

Syle 5/5

The way the story is written is extremely easy to follow and read. Each part seems planned out and no event seems useless other than his harem doting upon the main character. 

Story 5/5

Even though I don't really know what direction it's going I look forward to it because revenge has to happen sometime I hope

Grammar 5/5

Stellar grammar in the entire thing I have noticed only one mishap which is amazing. Props to the author and proofreader. (If there's a proofreader)

Character 5/5

I love the character development and considering how much he's doted upon I can imagine that he will become quite the ladies man in the future. The charaacter doesn't start out OP and develops quite nicely which is refreshing. 


A map of the world would be quite nice

He has a harem

Should you read this?

Yes I would say so because even though it isn't too far into the story the potential this has is off the charts

P.S. How much he's doted upon reminds me of the shotacon eroman where the 6 year old kid has a harem of like 6 people older than him >.>

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A outstanding story you do not want to miss out on!

It is very easy for me to say that this ff is one of the best on this website and has much potential. The author has done a great job with world building and character background development. The MC has the potential to be OP, he is gifted, however his powers aren’t just given to him. This is a story of a boy, that will create a Legend through the development of his overwhelming power. If you share my appreciation for wuxia and xanxia novels you will without a doubt love this story. It has all the key elements of a great tale. The MC is gifted and has great potential,  his desire for power is motivated by his and his ancestors tragic past, and finally the hand of fate seems to favour him. This story is reminiscent of IET novels, it has an interesting magic system, character interactions, adventures, romance and has the potential for so much more. Trust me when I tell you to drop whatever you are doing and start reading this right now :)

To the author all I can say is thank you for your hard work, you have a dedicated fan in me and I’m sure in many others as well. It is presumptuous but I ask of you to continue writing and posting as many chapters as you can, simply because I can’t get enough of your amazing story and I can’t wait for your next chapter!!! ;) 

  • Overall Score

My first 5 star rating

Overall: The story has a good plot. The world's background is explained without giving away too much information so there's still mystery about the world just like Coiling Dragon about the world of immortals. The main character is likeable. He acts the way his age is supposed to act and circumstances. He's not perfect from the get go. Like most authors don't give any explanation as to how their mc is the best fighter but also the best tactician. The mc has strengths and weaknesses. His power/potential is explained so you won't be asking yourself how the fuck is he so OP? - Might i add, he is not op yet, he is on the average level but for his age group he is definitely at the top. All the basic training is also done and finished on the first volume. So readers you wont have to read through 20 chapters of training only to be dropped after. He is also taught of how reality works so to those who don't want unrealistic illogical justice MC, you wont find it here. Last but not least, his background/history. Its not overly dramatic. So you won't find another MC whose determination is solely driven by revenge. Maybe apart of him is driven by revenge but not overly so like how most authors portray their mc. The mc was still a child and grew up with another mom so no you wont find a pessimist anti hero mc. - I think most authors here tend to rely on tragedy too much to find a solid foundation for their mc being overpowered - 


The grammar is good, you'll only find 1-4 spelling errors or maybe lack of a better word to use but thats it. all around its almost spotless.