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"You all know what you must do." Hidaya addressed Dylas, Ikenga and the old man who would summon Edard in the future.

"Are you sure deleting our memories won't cause any problems?" Ikenga asked nervously. After they'd finalised everything, Hidaya had insisted on using her Mind Compulsion on them. The skill would erase their memory of the whole plan, leaving them with only the compulsion of what they must do. They would remember nothing outside that.

"The enemy is smart. I won't take any chances." Hidaya said. "Besides, the Mind Compulsion will automatically deactivate as soon as you fulfill your missions. I put the same Compulsion on my brother, if it makes you feel better."

"I hope plan A works." Dylas said with a sigh.

"I hope so." Hidaya said. "If it works out well and I break the Deva bottleneck, then there won't be any need for all these. I will reactivate your memories and summon my brother back immediately."

"The Mind Compulsion is necessary. If plan A fails, Hidaya dies and we get caught, what will prevent the enemy from prying our minds for Edard's location. And if the enemy knows where Edard is, they will kill him and annihilate the entire planet." The old man said, looking out through the window of the tent.

"You are right. And thank you for the extremely optimistic remarks." Ikenga said sarcastically, glaring at the old man. "The sun is already setting, perhaps, we should begin the process before we get more of his good remarks."

"It's already done. You will remember nothing in the next... five minutes." Hidaya said, looking at her Timer.

"Really? When did you..? Our minds are all protected by a Mind Loop." Ikenga asked, shocked.

"Lesson 1: never trusts a mind shield." Hidaya said, giving him the same smile a father would give his seven-year old son trying to coax him.


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