Pursuing the Demon Lord

by Randoman

Original COMPLETED Action Adventure Comedy Sci-fi Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Chet is your average college student. He works at a part time job to help pay for his education and clips coupons on the weekends to help save a few dollars when he goes shopping. However, dreams of a simple life and working at a decent job are quickly tossed aside as he finds himself transported into what he assumes to be a fantasy world! Everything was going exactly as he expected it to go, as he had read a few novels describing situations exactly like the one he found himself in. But those expectations are quickly thrown out the window when the Demon Lord herself shows up for a surprise visit!


Perhaps this land of fantasy isn't so fantastical after all.

(Updates whenever this funky cat completes a chapter.)

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Master of Funk

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  • Overall Score

I'm surprised this story is not on the trending chart. maybe you just need some more chapters. I love the flip on the classic reincarnation trope but your title and description lean into a sweet surprise twist. it may be working against you in attracting readers. hopefully this this review will help. great story work so far. way beyond what I was expecting

Adrian Shephard
  • Overall Score

A quick review [Chapter 1-12]

A very suprising take on the genere. What may come across to some at the begining as overly snarky as a rebellion to comon tropes in this genre delves into something a bit more serious. All without going too far in the other direction- leaving a very enjoyable adventure full of suprise, great companions, and interesting concepts. It doesn't hurt that the update pace is currently breakneck- so one is not left waiting long for more. Overall great stuff!

Unconfirmed Changeling
  • Overall Score

This is the kind of work that will one day inspire Chip to write his own isekai.


  • Overall Score

Very interesting and upbeat. Breaks the monotony of other "summoned hero" stories. Funny as hell

  • Overall Score

This felt a lot like reading about a more blunt Han Solo style protagonist in a nice twist on the isekai genre, especially as it shows up on RR. 

  • Overall Score

Short and sweet. Every character unique and interesting.

  • Overall Score

Damn great story. 110% enjoyable reading. Too bad there's no new updates.

  • Overall Score

Crude and rude in a good way with a shotgun ending that leaves a lot open ended but still ends at a good spot.