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So, sillyest reason for this being late. I didn't hit the right buttons and so it languished for a bit. On the plus side I at least don't seem to had it on Patreon either, so at least I wasn't double embarrassed by the mistake.


I’m not sure who put the mad scientist in charge of things, but I would like to make a complaint on several levels. One, why would you give anyone access to two knight armor hearts and not also give them lots of unshakeable oversight? Two, why do they have no real knowledge of what’s going on with the only pilot to be able to switch between polarities? Three

I forget what I was going to say for three, but it was probably pretty nasty. These tests have not been good for me. If not for master, I’d probably be in bad shape right now. Emesis has been the foremost of my problems, but not the sole cause of my something. I forget the where that was going. I shall take my rest now.


This can’t really be the date, right? I haven’t lost this many days to the experiments, no, to the after-effects of the experiments of one crazed doctor? Sadly, I can not find any lost entries and even with an example in front of her, Master Alissa didn’t notice any of the sticky notes I like to use.

We didn’t even find any of the small ones I sometimes make equally small summaries on, at least not that related to the possible missing entries. Things I wanted to try eating, things I wanted her to see that were of lesser importance, and notes on where I’d kept the valorizations of my co-pilots both near and far. I’d hoped to not have to use those more than I have till now, but that is hope I am not completely able to do anything about.

In that vein, I think I’ll start on some kind of preface to these journals. I have room on the inside cover, I can spare a page on later ones, and I just need to think of what I’m going to preface these with for while I’m here.

Obviously, once these are collected post-mortem and published, there will be somebody else writing a different, hopefully more appropriate preface. Hopefully it’ll be a bit sensational and talk of the secrets of the trading riches I’d have made, but there’s always going to be the chance that it’ll talk about how the demons finally decided that the world was more important than its absolute suitability for being a pleasure world and I died in valliant defense of this foreign world.

In that case, I hope for a good death and Master Alissa to make a few lifetimes worth of riches. Of course, I’d really like for me to live to enjoy the fruits of my plans, so I’m not looking forward to a good death in battle.


A number of things have had grand re-openings today. Not the school, thankfully for my plans, but at least now the place looks more like a modern town and not an ancient one. Although the loss of drinking and bathing water is definitely a mark against getting back to modernity, the fact that it won't’ all have to be torn up and remade is definitely good.

Now if only the cleaning measures could be integrated safely into the knight armors, we’d have even more safety against para-demon trickery. Para is not the right prefix here, but I’m a bit distracted and writing fast. So I don’t care much to get the proper word.

Have to try and make the tour. Hopefully will write more when we get back.

5/29 addendum

Well, we weren’t really able to get everything in we wanted. Master also attracted some stares, although I’m not sure if it’s for her method of dress or the artistry of her back tattoos. They also serve magical purposes, but there’s not nearly enough knowledgeable people on this world to account for the amount of stares, so it has to be either the artistry or her choice of color contrast between the white outlines and the colors of the tattoos themselves or the skin depending on which half of the rather thick lines you were looking at.. Either that or some of it is offensive here and I just didn’t think to look, but I feel we would have gotten some kind of confirmation, as it were.

Even if it was only people commenting when we should have been out of earshot.

Oh well, that’s not a thing that matters much. We got something of a meal, plenty of materials to invest in later, and a list of helpful books for some of our goals. The greenhouse was the most important one. Even a small supply of fruits, fresh yet out of season, would be a good money maker and being able to grow in winter would be a greater boon still.

Sadly, there will be money lost in discovering the right sizes needed to be safe against harsh winters, hedging against minor misfortunes, and convincing the still absent representative to fund both of those beyond what means I have here and Master Alissa has back home.


A new strike against Canada and the EU. I didn’t have to explain much of the politics of this world (because I know only so much of it) to Master Alissa, a thing for which I am thankful. She only wants to know of the more nearby nation-states and that one doesn’t have a knight armor factory yet.

No knight armor factory means no attacks. No attacks means that I don’t care about the politics between here and that place. And Master Alissa doesn’t think we’ll be expanding to other nations on this world, so the trade deals she’d normally be listening for are not being listened to.

Especially as most of the things she wants to strengthen the bridge are available here and without much interest from others. Not all, of course. Getting gold has been an interesting bit of work, mostly buying old jewelry and claiming I have a desire to do this kind of work after I retire. The reforging has been the hardest part. Thankfully there was no need to mess around with altering purities or the like. Master got and learned the tricks needed to avoid those requirements. They’d be too expensive in normal circumstances, but as we’re posed to make money hand over fist, it’s just a reasonable expense.

The jewels were also a bit of a hard buy, but that’s more because we were limited on this side by the money I could make available for these purchases. Because of that, the bridge stabilization was not fully done. Just enough has been laid down to make sure that Master Alissa alone should be able to keep the bridge from collapsing when the factory here gets restarted.

Not that I’ve heard about it happening, even with a bit of spying, but if the demons strike here again, it could be done after the fact and the numbers faked. Or perhaps they really were testing something that day.

Oh, and the water is going to be back on in a few days, and with it I shall have classes once more. I at least did some of the things I was given, so I should be able to keep pace. If not, well, with Master Alissa here, she can give me some aid. I just need to explain why this is being done to me and why I went along with it.

Although given the lack of being approached, I’m sure she’s already enjoying the comparative lack of visual monitoring I’ve built up to with my ideal behavior.


(not really)

But it feels like that. If I ever get important enough to have a biographer, I want them to joke about having tests into next month at one point during this. I very much doubt I’ll become that important, but it’s a nice thought and fun joke.

Now, as for the test. It was announced as a jammer for the alien teleportation targeting systems. I’m pretty sure that it’s actually the exact opposite, some kind of magical beacon for the demon’s portals.

I say this based on the extremely high amount of attacks I’ve had to deal with in the two tests that I had to protect. Whatever methods it is using are beyond me, or at least beyond what maths I can do at this moment because from what I did calculate, there should be a lasting portal approximately twenty-six miles outside of town from all the other portals I had open. In addition, the Chevalier is going to have to be repaired so much that I’m going to end up with somebody new to accompany Natal. There were no powerful demons.

Just numbers and a very unlucky Opener. I got lucky because the bombing just barely didn’t annihilate me. Chevalier, though, was not as lucky. And due to needling from Master Alissa, the Opener was really unlucky because it’s blasted back to the demon realms.

She was not reading over my shoulder, but instead read my face.

I’m going to rest now. I’m going to have an interesting monday coming up and need rest after all that fighting.


I completely forgot that I fought through most of monday. It’s just as well. I need to work off the excess changes from being in Chevalier and Natal so much anyway. Those changes both greatly amused master and made her want to try getting inside one.

We’ve done some magical writing, but this time there has been no acknowledgment nor action from the shadowy heads of this operation. This worries me more than it worries master. I should probably take some action to get her introduced to what this world has as far as guns go. They are much better than the ones at home, and this means that they’re going to break through any shielding spell that would prevent those bullets.

Indeed, the strongest guns might be, no are, beyond what an unassisted person could ever manage to shield themselves with. Of course, there’s always folds and reagents and ritual works, but at least here the gun and ammunition is cheap enough that it’s going to be more of a winning ratio for the gun.

With the bottleneck of one bridge and government interest, it wouldn’t quite be worth looking into a good rifle to buy a few of and take back with me.

Note to me for tomorrow. Don’t take breaks to exercise and shift while writing. You forget what you were going to say. Not that it was important this time, but it could be tomorrow.

Of course, Master Alissa helped in that she engaged me in conversation while I was exercising more than usual. Of course, I’m being ni-

Well, she’s settling in really well. Master Alissa is messing with me. Of course, without being a person here, she’s limited to cash purchases which I have to take out, and sneaking around so that the nearby cameras don’t catch her exiting here or entering the bridge room. Thanks to the miraculous ability of some fabrics to stretch, she had enough clothing to get a new wardrobe and a great explanation as to why she needed nearly everything.

If the person that was supposed to be my guardian actually spent time here, fitting her clothes in would be quite difficult. But that person hasn’t been, to the point that I think I’d need to look at earlier entries to find out things like name, sex, and I think that’s all I would write about them. I also have about as little desire to go back as I can have, so I’m not going to go back and look. Unless I suddenly find out that I’m going to need that information, but what’s the chances of that? Also, I realize that I might not have even written that stuff down in the first place, expecting a constant flow of low level mentions until that person was driven into my memory. Or perhaps I didn’t.

Doesn’t matter. What matters is getting my figures back into school attending sizes. Master is at least nice enough to make a magical shunt to help.


We will be entertaining the Madorra’s envoy in three days. With help, I won’t need to go to the extremes of staying in the dark as much as possible. I’ll also have to go and make another showing off package to help grease the wheels of getting money and other kinds of aid. Plus I’ll give my positive answer, should the circumstances here not worry the envoy.

So in that sense it was lucky that I had to fight almost non-stop for days under unusual magical atmospheres. Of course, I’ll have to break to check on what I need to get.

I have a shopping list made with master’s aid, and the only thing that’s going to be missing is alcohol. We are unfortunately unable to purchase the stuff legally, and I’m not taking risks with any illegal stuff I might be able to find. Most of it should be gettable in two days, and of course I’m also adding on bottled water. Specifically one of the larger jugs I’ve seen in the stores. There may not be any because of the water issues earlier thi- no earlier last month, but I want to try and get some.

It’ll be a good gift. Oh, yet another idea. Mineral water, both flavored and unflavored. I’ll go do some right now just to be safe. Master can go and do things tomorrow if I wind up occupied again.


Thankfully, there was no need to send Alissa out. Not that I don’t trust my master, but I think she’s, taste-wise, a bit deficient in wine and wants to correct that. I don't’ hold the desire to try new things against her, it’s just the lack of material ways to do this.

Still, if she wants to, I’ve told her the age she needs her fake ID to be at for illegal legal alcohol purchasing and given her places to procure both halves of the equation.

Being back in classes, even for a partial day, was interesting. Most people seemed to think that I’d be more injured after the wrecking of the Chevalier. I hid my magic behind explanations of extra armoring from a previous weapon set for the knight and while the weapon washed out, the extra armor wasn’t removed.

I also hid a few things behind the cover of luck, because that was indeed related, at least a bit, to how I avoided a goo-ed retirement. I noticed a few missing faces, probably because of how much the town got wrecked, but otherwise there was a healthy amount of people back at these partial days.

Ah. I hear some purely magical knocking. I’m going to have to start the ritual soon. I’ve got some shadow power saved from the last day of fighting, I’ve reduced cutting most of the lights to a single flip of a switch, and I’m not feeling nearly as nervous as I probably should be.

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I'm going to hope I don't make this mistake again. It's a silly reason for ruining my posting streak.

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