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Okay, found out what the cause was. First test of the new factory. Apparently anyone with magic can feel one of those things being started up. I’d call that really stupid, but the people behind it have all the magic users I know of either working for them or are them.

Also, they want the demon portals to be fairly predictable, so what should be a really bad idea actually works for them. I’m not sure if I like this situation or not.

I’ll wait for more news about a possible arrival from home before I make that judgment. Other than the whole interrupted sleep part of noticing it. That’s horrible and I woke back up feeling horrible.

So horrible that I didn’t notice my overuse of that word in my last sentence until I had to get up to properly finish my sandwich. I have pickles and will use them.

But yes, today has been something of a blur because of both interrupted sleep and what I have to assume is some strange side-effect of all the magical hearts of the factory. Actually, I think it may be drawing in magic on a too rapid rate.

Okay, took a bit, but I managed to think to activate the wards again. It did help my head a bit, so I’m going to go with what I last wrote. Activating whatever it is at the core of a factory (I only assumed it was a magical heart like in the knight armors, only more of them) seems to draw in massive amounts of magic. My current assumption is that the heads of this outfit either are going to eventually have the active factories feed the waking ones or that they’re more aware of when and where the portals are opening and this awakening (and thus each other new factory’s awakening) is an attempt to delay or even prevent a powerful incursion of demons.

Unfortunately for me, the leaders and especially the really magical people have all been well hidden from me. I wondered how they were so close to my age, although younger) the cover had been but now I.

I think the ward went back down. I’ll try and fill the air with magic again and see if I can start thinking better.

Did that. Don’t know how long it will last. The cover was also probably chosen to keep me in one place. My overseer has legal rights over me, and isn’t moving from this city until the city is gone. Perhaps I should just make another useless illusion to keep magic in the air and go to sleep. Without some really good reagents the flow of magic towards the new factory and the drain it puts on me is just not something I can meaningfully stop.

I mean, the difference in my penmanship before and after is such that you only need eyes to tell the difference in. I was almost about to start the bad repeating again. Time to spell and then sleep.


I think that the explanation given to the school and the police was a bit too much in terms of revealing secrets. I could be wrong, and mistaking utter apathy in talking about the (I believed to be) covered-up magical aspects of me, the armors, and the factories for an active attempt to hide all the magic involved in my physiology, the armors’ less known functions, and the factories whatevers.

I specified there because I’m pretty sure my being summoned, some of the functions that the knight armors have, and probably several bits of the inner workings of the factories are secrets for reasons other than being magical.

For instance, my being summoned probably would fall under kidnapping laws considering I wasn’t exactly willing to be brought across. I mean, I didn’t fight back then because I thought I was dealing with a group that could pull the stars to the ground at first and then realized that there were other issues at play.

And right now I’m staying in place because it would make an eventual reunion easier. I hope. Almost everything important in master Alissa’s attempts to make a bridge is beyond the scope of my training under her. The one thing that isn’t, a general receiving circle, has already been completed, hidden, and supplied by my hands and it would have had the smallest amount of impact of everything if the other factory hadn’t been activated.

Now it should at least get her here instead of somewhere in the EU. (Still haven’t found the exact location of the new factory in a confirmable way.)

It’ll still work even if more factories get set up, but there being others planned was the whole reason to set up a receiving circle in the first place. I’m just not too sure how well it will work if the powering up process is active and there’s not enough other factories to feed the new factory.

I mean, I’ve done some math, and since even the most magical master is less magical and has less material than any of the demons that have been invading, so the cross world travel should get through uninterrupted. It may be draining; don’t have the knowledge to figure out how to begin trying to calculate that.

I am also trying to make sympathetic shells for my knight armor. The factory activation process definitely sent some kind of waves through the demon’s invasion area, and that makes me feel that it’s best to start preparing for a rougher invasion some time soon.


Still nothing. Well, there was training today, but I’m talking about on the invasion side of things. No actual invasions, no signs of build-up. I got to be exhausted switching between Natal and one of the Chevaliers, but it means little in the long run.

Well, it’ll probably return my figures to normal, but there were other ways of doing that. Also, the changes may be currently going through review as recruiting material. Which for once didn’t sound like a euphemistic phrase when it was said to me. I’m surprised but strangely happy.

I can’t figure out why.

I think I’m going to take a nap before continuing. I switched between the knight armors way too much today.

The nap did not help. Well, it helped in that I am now more awake. It did not help in that more of today is a tired blur. I can vaguely remember things I wanted to write about, like getting parts of a new knight armor shipped in, but I can’t remember what I wanted to write about them.

It’s a bit frustrating, especially because it’s now late and I’m not tired.


Got to be sanitized today. It was unpleasant as hell.

Another attempt was made to discourage any kind of early response to the demon’s invading, at least here. Over in the EU, it was an actual attack.

I haven’t gotten the details of the EU attack, but considering that my day from about noon on has been spent getting cleaned in a wide variety of chemicals.

All in sealed rooms with breathble air pmpe n thrgh the

Okay. Came back. Had to put some of the anti-iching powder all over because the stuff that couldn’t be removed by safe cleaning started acting up.

Today also means that there’s going to be a scramble to find out how the demon goo managed to get in the cockpit and basically nowhere else.

Given what I know, my suspicion is that the goo was not actually demon made or a degenerate demon. It was something from some other world that they just slung on through somehow. Well, that’s another one for master Alissa.

I think I’m going to powder down my bed and then got to sleep real early. I want today to be over.


Classes were interrupted today. At first it was just by the last bit of the goo making me almost draw blood. Then it was an attempted assassination by magic. Unfortunately for the demon, the lights at the school were more than bright enough to suppress the spell until I could get into Natal.

I could even tell how it was targeted, so I’m going to have to pass things on to people I only know exist because everything about the way this operation has been working tells me they must exist.

This will be very frustrating.

My first attempt has been writing using unfocused spells to leave words in magic. I know I’m going to have to try and leave more. So far my plans are to get more reagents and write on my home, and try some blind dream seeking.

I mean, I’m already doing dream things anyway, so I might as well try. Well, another early night of sleep, assuming traffic is good and I can get back early. At least this won’t result in me waking up early.


I feel like Odette has been pulling my leg over what the next few Tuesdays are. But with how far she went to try and sell the idea to me, and the effects I know it will have on her and Ben, I’m going to go along with it.

Especially because my attempts to get in contact with those mysterious shadow leaders looks like it’s going to end up costing me some of my health and the fit of most of my clothes trying to absorb some of the flow of magic in the knight armor.

Too bad I can’t bill them for my dignity; I mean, they’re already going to be paying for my health if only because the people here seem to be trying their best to do that. I had started this day hoping for a strong demon attack. I’m going to have two reasons for it going forward. Three? I’m not sure how this innuendo works in this particular case.

Perhaps I should ask for some hands on help.

Going to have to use that tomorrow. I’m going to need some kind of distraction and hopefully weak humor works.

I’m going to hope that there’s a demon attack soon that warrants what I’m planning.

Well, planning for commando training tomorrow if nothing else happens.


First truly simultaneous double attack. Makes sense given that my digging for more info was able to reveal that it was failure of the EU portal to properly stabilize that prevented the previous attempt from being a truly simultaneous attack.

On this end, another goo attack. Much worse this time around. I’m writing, ass hanging in the wind, because the thing is like poison oak, ground fiberglass, and a grand Amanaki poison. I am not fine, but the magic drawing I was doing helped me destroy the invading goo quickly.

Odette is not in good shape. Ben’s suffering along with me. I am waiting to hear how the EU attack has gone.

I can’t quite describe the sheer speed of the attack. It was impossible. The gate opened, the demons appeared, I was in range to fire, and then suddenly goo. There was nothing from the gate that my knight armor could recognize that would have predicted to goo flow.

I can’t figure out the direction it came from either. I was most heavily hit, but Odette and Ben got such different amounts in their knight armors that I can’t manage to put together an angle of attack.

Perhaps it will be easier once I don’t want to scratch myself bloody. I’m going to get another wash and then talk to Ben. Anything for a distraction.

4/9 continuance

The wash has helped some. I’m still going to miss a few days due to being too raw and itchy to do much of anything but lie down with soothing lotions all over me. I also know that tonight, I’m going to go as full bore into dream magic as I can. It will hopefully keep me asleep through this horrible night.

What else am I missing? I know I am.

Oh, yeah. That one big thing I mentioned last page. The EU battle went about as well as the early battles did here. The demons were apparently very tough, but that was about it. I think the demons are overestimating how fast a knight armor can be transported in their planning.

They are also underestimating how trained people are going to be now that there’s two areas, or something. I need to hear more about what those two were planning and actually properly identify who they were before I can say much about the training plan they had.

I also need to identify who they were. I was much too distracted for various reasons to really do that. But considering it was past the good security and they weren’t exactly being stealthy, I have to assume some kind of importance on their parts.

Although, with how my general luck has been the last few days, they’re with somebody important as the guys who just throw ideas out there regardless of how real implementing it may be.


I had some audio notes and post-its for today, the tenth, and the eleventh. After review, I decided to go and put the past two days in one entry and todays as its own thing.

Wasn’t able to do too much on those two days. The lotions and numbing agents made things hard to do. And by things, back then I mostly meant things like using the bathroom or cooking. Even eating hasn’t exactly been easy. I wish I had somebody around to make the rather obvious jokes to right now, but the twins are understandably currently almost completely occupied with a little thing called being concerned with the literal lung damage done to Odette.

It’s apparently not going to be fatal like they worried a few days ago, but it could keep her from using a knight armor as most of them have not been built with the accommodations needed for the kind of healthcare devices she may end up needing. I am also a bit ignorant on what those devices are, but even now it doesn’t seem like a good time to ask.

I have several bits about the itching and the pain. It all holds, but now that I’m combining things I can basically summarize.

It goes like this. Fuck my everything itches, even things that normally don’t itch. There also also itches in places that itch once every seven years, but this one doesn’t feel like it’d have a good and simple solution that doesn’t also put me out of commission.

In related news, I want to thank whoever it was that suggested that movie to me. I didn’t remember while I was itching, still don’t remember now, and want to credit properly. It made the hospital food much more tolerable.

Note, I wasn’t hospitalized, but the treatments required aid to properly do. That aid brough hospital food since I couldn’t really go out with lotions and creams for clothing.

I also accidentally broke the house phone and couldn’t hold on to my mobile phone for shit in those days.

I’m doing a bit better with it now, but that’s getting ahead of things as far as entries are concerned.

Actually, I think this whole entry is, but fuck it. Too tired and trying to fit this all in one night’s writing has taken it’s toll.


First day I could wear some very loose clothing. It let me see Ben and Odette. If they weren’t in such bad shape, I’d have been much happier. Ben still has some scratch marks as testament to how bad the goo is if you can’t get rid of it fast.

I need somebody that’s a better teacher than I to get here and teach a wider range of magics. The stars are different here, so I don’t think anyone would have the benefits I did in learning. Which means that they’d need to use methods I didn’t need to learn to get the basics down.

Odette was unable to speak what with the mask, but is at least able to not need sedation. Ben calls it a big improvement over yesterday.

Obviously, they look like crap, their parents look like crap, and there’s not a whole lot to be done. I had been hoping to look into what kind of retirement options were given to them, given that Odette isn’t likely to be returning to duty.

But in the time between getting to today and transcribing todays materials, I’ve found out that only Ben is going to stay. And only until a new replacement can be arranged. It’s sad to say, but considering the powers on both sides of this battle, I was only thinking of losing comrades to death recently.

Nothing of injuries, nothing of fear, nothing but death.

I’m going to probably entertain one last time, but this has managed to really make me sad. Perhaps I’ll fit more into the next entry. Perhaps I won’t. I just need to rest some and do it very soon. The scratching is showing the first signs of coming back soon and I have something more important to do than this writing. Hopefully, I’ll have finished seeing if my shadow-gun idea will work by tomorrow.


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