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Are Crystal Spires the new trend, I ask as I Write?


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Well, it wasn’t a total loss. They ended up even more embarrassed when the ‘steam bath’ got interrupted, but that interruption didn’t matter. The bare minimum got done, we are going to be protected from some more esoteric tricks that might be overlooked by a society not familiar with demons as anything but myth, and there's going to be some kind of luck on the horizon.

No attack, just ‘normal’ interruption. I’m pretty sure that being interrupted isn’t normal, but the security (?) person made the excuse of ‘just checking to make sure everyone is alright’ so I’m not going to doubt anyone too vocally.

Especially as the twins didn’t seem too used to the idea or the experience and probably would have overstayed a bit even under my eye. Definitely not going to let them do this without me and not just for their reactions.

It may be the degree, but they certainly couldn’t take my response. It’ll be good fun ribbing them about it later.

Also had a very long short conversation with somebody that was in on the magical side of this operation. I use that rather badly worded phrase because while he was in on the magical side, it was a very near thing. Dozens and dozens and dozens of words where used only a few were needed.

The amount of talking around a pair of subjects that could have easily been directly asked about was enough to stagger a truck. It’d have killed a horse.

With somebody more knowledgeable, I’m sure I could have had that conversation in an hour, at most.

But if there was an ulterior motive, like I’m thinking, then there was somebody listening in and evaluating what I said. I’m just not sure if it was for truth or for learning.




I’m going to count getting a group assignment and working out outside of class and work with the twins as good luck for me and also as good luck for them; they just aren’t recognizing it as good luck for them.

I’m not sure if it’s the outfit I wore or the fact that after the demonic invasion I kept wearing it that got them wound up. Can’t wait for this newest armor to be finished. The frame I could see looks much heavier than any other, even if it’s rather small at only ten feet tall. It’s also the most bestial of all; the lower half lies on the ground like some great lizard or dragon. The arms look to be bigger than the ape like arms of Nyx or Linorm.

I’m hoping it ends up armed like Nyx. Now that I’m more sure about the magical numbers, I want to try firing even larger shadow bolts or cloaking the bullets in shadow. Well, shells, even at that size.

It also lets the bosses indulge Odette by having me use both male and female knight armors. I am going to mark this page, after some consideration.

The invasion was a number of very small, very weak things I’m not even sure really count as demons. They’re more like beetles and sick looking rabbits. We crushed enough to collapse the one way portal, but I can’t help but fear the obvious possibility there.

I’m going to have to try and breed some enchanting materials for my anti-demon ward. A normal ward is still beyond me, but I know I can work an illusory one if I can get a properly magical bit of wood.

Seeing as there’s no magical breeders around, I’m going to have to work on a lot of things. I think I’ll need another notebook just for this one. And I’m going to really be hurting for how large this place is.

Goal for once I finish: Think of something happy to distract from the sympathetic aches of my future purse.




This assignment has truly shown that, academically, we three are less than the sum of our parts. Probably because of the strain of constant, minor demon invasions. Well, as constant as it can be.

Three a day is almost enough to end up with the bridge becoming two ways, despite whatever efforts are being made to keep us from counter-invading.

I think the shocking-glass-ball like towers are being used to keep the levels of magic high because that’s the most simple way of doing what they’re claiming; keeping the demons from invading.

After all, these experiences mean that the demons have to know about the advances in firearms and explosives, so opening up for a possible face full of shell is going to keep the portals closed while the magic stays in the air.

Also, I don’t believe I mentioned their priority in getting repairs (and I’ll check soon to remove this if I did), but Nyx and Hofud are being moved to the EU to get a factory open ahead of schedule. I had assumed one would stay here for me because the new one was being overlooked for them, but no. I am wrong.

This also makes me fear that the new one will also be moved elsewhere, as I’ve yet to learn its name. Oh well, nothing I can do there but wait.

In the meantime, I’ll work on getting that group project up to snuff and also looking into the other groups. Just was so used to not being forced to change that now I’m getting even more tired by it.



Got woken up by the twins. Ate. Thanked them. Have to do some kind of checking for the thing.



Had an assassination attempt. It failed due to… something. I’m still feeling the after effects. I have things to copy down later. For now, gotta rest up again.




Gas weaponry. It was something of a joke, other than a few really ambitious spells, back home. Here it’s not only a thing, but a thing that has had international treaties made about their use. Unfortunately, it seems to apply to nation level actors, so I’m not sure that there’s going to be worse stuff leveled against the person that tried this on me.

My survival with no lasting side effects probably burnt all the luck the blessing ritual would give. Unless the thing is that they were incompetent. Then it may not have.

This is the deep question of how a blessing works.

I’m not going to try copying whatever this weapon is called. The word is long and complex. I looked up the name of the most famous gas weapon. Dichlorodiethyl sulfide is the name. This gas weapon had a longer name by two words and at least one of those words was as long as Dichlorodiethyl.

Chemistry will not be my thing, I think.

Had to miss two demon attacks. I, along with everyone else, suspect demon cultists have made their appearance. Their really, really lucky for us appearance.

Now, obviously, I didn’t get to see either attack. But worse, nobody recorded it and nobody’s willing to talk about them. That only makes me want to know more. How can I plan if I can’t know anything about the two demons I missed?

Not that the demons have been doing anything that requires the kinds of planning I’m going to do, but I’d like to get it started before illusory wards are needed in large numbers. And I guess shadow traps? I can’t estimate how much or how little they’d do unless I can make an estimate. And to do that, I need to know more about the demons.

I can use all the lacks to try and fix other estimations I may make.




I would love to say that life has resumed with no difficulties. Love, love, love to. While there was no lasting damage from the gassing physically, socially is a different matter. I’ve gotten token apologies from people I never even saw before. While not all of those have turned into more questions, enough have that I’ve ended today more than a little annoyed.

Have to thank the twins more. Timely, if awkward, interrupt on their part by taking me out of the conversation by lifting me up and carrying me out of the conversation.

Also, got to hear some rumors about me. It’s pretty funny to hear people wondering about a basic fact of life. Well, to me it’s a basic fact of life. To just about everyone else, somebody changing sex like that is a thing of fantasy stories.

Incidentally, I took some time to read a few of those things. Didn’t finish any, but I need to do more research on succubi and incubi.

Research is the wrong word. I just want to see the popular perception now that I know more about where to look. Some of these ideas are just hilarious. Some are just hilarious in terms of my formerly-local politics.

Elf nation on the decline is just so apt. Granted, in that book it’s far less than any of the major elf nations have fallen back home, but still.

Also, that’s just one book. There’s many many others; I just heard that one is one of the classics. And yes, with that amount of emphasis from what I was told.

Fortunately, I wasn’t asked too much about my own reading habits. It would have been awkward to just make up names or try and fake knowing about anything that was mentioned to me.

Just found something searching the sea of information that is the internet. (Also, audio books, are great both for efficiency and as entertainment when writing.)

Well, well, well. This is a very salacious bit of words about succubi. I’d call it harmful propaganda if the writer actually knew about succubi. And it was less salacious. Far less salacious.

As it was, it’s just bad yet well written reading that makes me want to go out and be sociable. Unfortunately, the kinds of places I’ve read about that make me want to go there need a few more years on the fake that I was given.

Perhaps I can entertain the twins, but separately. I don’t think they’d want split attention.


3/18 addition

Of course, it’d have to wait for the weekend.




If this is the start of a series of demon attacks intended to solely irritate, I will be most cross. The magic level is still high, so there will be another long period of time before a weakling passes over. This still does not sooth the irritation of this demon’s visit.

My throat aches, and the taste of blood is unpleasant. There is no harm, but constantly feeling like I am coughing up blood is harm enough.

It will fade, but this

I have an interruption to note. The curse spreads. My nose hurts now. Surprise of surprises, it also feels like I’m bleeding.

The only consolation is that - I wrote that already. And I’m out of correction fluid. I am not sure when that happened. Oh, well, it’s a thing to get tomorrow.


Woke up again. I may not actually be bleeding (and I’ve checked) but it feels like it when I lay down. Just noting this so that I can remember to mention it tomorrow.




Had a very nice cake today. It’s made me think that I should visit one of this world’s grocers more directly. I may not have (much) control over the fees I’m being paid as part of the oh-so-advantageous-to-them background the secret masters have set up, but I do have some. I’m not sure I’d actually be able to take full advantage of what control I have, but the fact that nobody else shared my opinion of the cake is telling.

Although, on second though, it shouldn’t surprise me. Preserving milk, after all, implies a rise in things that have milk in them. Cakes have milk in them. One plus two is three.

Actually, let me check the seas and see what the local stores have.

Pineapple. Whole pineapple. Whole pineapple on sale at prices that the common man can afford, at least by comparison to other things it also sells. Perhaps I should search more and see if this isn’t some kind of high price store.

I know it isn’t, and the search confirms that, but I had to find out. The sheer shock of pineapple being available enough to be sold as a food and only a food is- I’m leaving that one in. I got the correction fluid, but if I ever get to show this to my master I want this paragraph kept in. I want to share the shock, although I’m not sure I can.

It’s definitely a thing to be skeptical of if you haven’t seen this other world. I think I will buy a pineapple and just enjoy it this weekend. No, get two and enjoy one with each twin.




Thirst. A condition I’m suffering from and have taken steps to cure, at least according to some of my classmates. That conversation also helped me get a few laughs. I have admitted to a twin fetish to the locker room, and from that my enjoyment of the side effect the knight armors have on me.

I have also crushed a few people’s dreams by revealing that’s the internal name for the things. I may save the actual names of individual armors for later. The reactions would be great, or the lack of reactions would be joyless.

Bleeding feeling was back, but it’s not nearly as much. Unfortunately, I’m reliant on the knight armors and their anti-demon features because while illusory, this is also the result of a curse. So while I could break it magically, it would just come back until the knight armor eventually removes the curse.

My guess is that the parade being scheduled for soon is to try reducing the impact of this curse on the people around. I can’t tell if they want to try maximizing the results, or if there’s studies and spying being done to see if the curse worsens.

Much as it sounds crueler, I’d prefer if they’re checking to see if the curse worsens. It’d be more information and make things easier for later treatments. At least assuming that the treatments are more, larger parades.

That’d be either overkill or not enough, depending on how you look at things. Definite overkill on the number of parades, not enough for curse breaking if my recovery is typical. Of course, it may not be.

That loose demon might have discovered that I’m a succubus and is taking steps to make the curse worse on succubi and incubi. It could also be that curse was an attempt to see the strength of the anti-demon warding on the knight armors or that it was designed to be leech some energy from the knight armor and it’s only the overwhelming might of the cores that wore the cuse away.

On better news, after I write this, I will be waiting to entertain Odette. I’m hoping for a good time.




Well, had both of the twins. And found out that, at least in this case, I managed to be entertaining enough for both of them at the same time. The pineapples didn’t really come out when or as much as I’d wanted, but that was fine.

Benjamin was fun to tease with it though. He really does enjoy the fruit. I think I’ll make sure to invite him whenever I have a pineapple and want to eat it. I need to look into my partners more. It’ll make entertaining easier.

What else? What else?

Really, it was all just the main events today and I can’t quite manage to say much about it. I’m still taking everything in. I think I may start to enjoy having teammates that can manage to move me about with such ease. It’s exhilarating.

Almost got to squish the free demon. It was threatened and revealed the ugly truth to the world. Unfortunately, the foul thing managed to run before soldiers could be properly massed, much less a knight armor deployed.

A few police men and women shot at it, but the comparatively small numbers mean that they may as well have been trying to assault the thing by hand.

I’ll have to try and commandeer better recordings of it.




Miracle of miracles. I actually managed to get a better look at the transformed demon and at almost no cost to me. The good news is that this demon is rather weak. The bad is that it had very strong and noble colors to the marks it had.

Weak demon royalty means all kinds of indirect problems. It won’t fight, but will eventually manage a better grade of assassin at minimum. This changes the estimation I made of the curse in a big way; I think the curse was meant to be worsened by the royal.

Of course, the knight armor acts as a very simple but extremely powerful curse breaker so I can laugh at the curse and the royal. Especially as any greater curses it may know will be washed away by the difference in power and only serve to frustrate the demon.

That actually raised my mood considerably after the effort I had to go finding at the person that ended up giving me the video for so little consideration.

Considerably may be an exaggeration.

Of course, when the levels of ambient magic start to sag (and they will), I’m going to bet that the first thing that comes out is a powerful demon, hell-bent on getting the spires down.

I’ve decided to call them spires now. New outer casing makes them look like that. I’m going to be so tired once they do come down.


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