Record of Naruto Verse

Record of Naruto Verse

by nayem58

On the verge of death, he activated a certain scroll that he couldn't decipher even researching in many ways.

The name of that scroll is [Record of Naruto Verse].

By using his new gain power his ambition is to revive his destroyed sect and loved ones, and achieve the acknowledgment as the strongest person in the world, his journey began.

[Author Note:]

1] Yep, this story will be fast pace story. So an early warning for that.

2] I have no future plot-plan

3] There will be many plot hole like original :p .

4] It might not be a good story, I just started writing to spend my time and so post here to help you to spend your time.

5] And enjoy.


*** Remember, I also post this fanfiction on by the name of LordNoname. I also wrote the same thing there.

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Word Count (10)
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Table of Contents
84 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter-1: Record of Naruto Verse ago
Chapter-2: Kotoamatsukami ago
Chapter-3: Tsukuyomi ago
Chapter-4: Family ago
Chapter-5: Wood Golem Jutsu ago
Chapter-6: One-eyed Mask man ago
Chapter-7: Smell of a conspiracy. ago
Chapter-8: Re-Birth ago
Chapter-9: The World Only God Knows-1 ago
Chapter-10: I will search your every brain cells. ago
Chapter-11:Confusion ago
Chapter-12: Problem... ago
Chapter-13: Lancelot ago
Chapter-14: Peace... ago
Chapter-15: Limitation of Sharingan ago
Chapter-16: Four ways of the apocalypse ago
Chapter-17: A Curse. ago
Chapter-18: Sera Pendragon ago
Chapter-19: Time for awakening… ago
Chapter-20: The Third Eye ago
Chapter-21: Time for the hunt (1) ago
Chapter-22: Time for the hunt (2) ago
Chapter-23: Time for the hunt (3) ago
Chapter-24: Time for the hunt (4) ago
Chapter-25: Conclusion ago
Chapter-26: The world only god knows ago
Chapter-27: Northern Dragon King ago
Chapter-28: Three Legged Snake ago
Chapter-29: Absolute Dragon Slayer (1) ago
Chapter-30: Absolute Dragon Slayer (2) ago
Chapter-31: Dragon Fault ago
Chapter-32: Azhi Dahaka Spear ago
Chapter-33: Wood Clone Jutsu Released! ago
Chapter-34: Reject! ago
Chapter-35: Amenominaka ago
Chapter-36: Ambassador of Holy Empire ago
Chapter-37: Double Agent ago
Chapter-38: Ayesha Draco and Fatema Drage. ago
Chapter-39: Reanimation Jutsu ago
Chapter-40: Deal ago
Chapter-41: Form of Loyalty ago
Chapter-42: Seal of Eternity ago
Chapter-43: What do you think about it? ago
Chapter-44: Lina Glass ago
Chapter-45: Guts ago
Chapter-46: Konan Vs Guts ago
Chapter-47: Lina's Worry ago
Chapter-48: Oracle ago
Chapter-49: Eva Iquras ago
Chapter-50: Old Generation ago
Chapter-51: Bell Test ago
Chapter-52: Marriage Interview? ago
Chapter-53: Proposal ago
Chapter-54: Shin Sūsenju. ago
Chapter-55: Time Reversal? ago
Chapter-56: White Tiger Clan Person ago
Chapter-57: Cameron White ago
Chapter-58: Grigori ago
Chapter-59: Divine Emperor ago
Chapter-60: Everything in place. ago
Chapter-61: Enter Naruto Uzumaki ago
Chapter-62: New World or Genjutsu ago
Chapter-63: Writing Test ago
Chapter-64: Perfect Marks? ago
Chapter-65: Physical Test ago
Chapter-66: Naruto VS Ruhi Vermillion ago
Chapter-67: Ambitions ago
Chapter-68: Day of result ago
Chapter-69: Opening Ceremony ago
Chapter-70: Gauch Nepolia ago
Chapter-71: Valentica Strada ago
Chapter-72: Devil ago
Chapter-73: Devil Race ago
Chapter-74: Jealousy (1) ago
Chapter-75: Jealousy (2) ago
Chapter-76: Jealousy (3) ago
Chapter-77: Jealousy (4) ago
Chapter-78: Close Door Disciple ago
Chapter-79: PVP Test ago
Chapter-80: Valentica Vs Ikuse ago
Chapter-81: The Ultimate Secret of Gauch ago
Chapter-82: Naruto VS Gauch ago
Chapter-83: National Tournament ago
Chapter-84: Gemstones ago

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Hello, readers.

As MASTERSGTJAMES said,  this is a really rough piece of work, a diamond that need to be polished yes, but if you get used to that stiffness you can really enjoy it, if you can paitent enough, the slow paced of author releasing chaps won't affect you pretty much,  if you can't you can just mark down this Fiction, and come back to it a year later or so :D. 


(it,  author come on release at least 1 chap every week)


To those who cannot stomach bad grammar. Who do not like Stories that read like poorly Machine Translated Web novels. I advise you to avoid/steer clear.

To those who can stomach this. Who can power through grammar to get the diamond in the rough? This may be the story for you. 

Read the first chapter. If how that is written does not kill the story for you, chances are you'll be fine. If not, then stop, cause it does not improve.


good just needs to work on the grammer

just needs better grammer than everthing will be or feel better.👍