Against the heavens.

by Shiranui_shukumei

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Romance Male Lead Martial Arts Wuxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

"Through time and space, through life and death, I will chase after you. I will face the whole world just so that I can grab your hand once more!”

These were the last words Li Yang spoke to Fang Ying, planting a soft and gentle kiss on her lips as a rain of attacks landed on their bodies, ending their lives. But Li Yang meant those words, so when he was given the chance to reincarnate and chase after her, he accepted without hesitation.

In their last life, they had been hunted by the world and killed. He would not allow that scenario to repeat itself, no matter what he would have to do- He would firmly grasp that soft hand and never let go of it. If the heavens decided that they were forbidden from being with each other, he would carve open the heavens and force it to kneel to him.




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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Cultivation Levels. ago
Interlude 1: The dream of the Burning Monk. ago
Interlude: The reborn girl. ago
Chapter 0: At the top of that small hill. ago
Chapter 1: Another chance, no matter the price. ago
Chapter 2: Liang Tribe. ago
Chapter 3: Affinity crystal. ago
Chapter 4: Fire and ice. ago
Chapter 5: Choosing a weapon. ago
Chapter 6: Entering the Cloud Wilderness. ago
Chapter 7: Reed Vine. ago
Chapter 8: To the Demon Plains. ago
Chapter 9: Demon Plains ago
Chapter 10: Alone in the Cloud Wilderness. ago
Chapter 11: Titanic figure. ago
Chapter 12: Golden Crow Versus Torch Dragon. ago
Chapter 13: Monarch reborn. ago
Chapter 14: Power of the runes. ago
Chapter 15: We will meet again. ago
Chapter 16: Xun Zhi. ago
Chapter 17: Royal Dragon Pavilion. ago
Chapter 18: Cloud's End city. ago
Chapter 19: Entry mission. ago
Chapter 20: Entering the bandit camp. ago
Chapter 21: First battle. ago
Chapter 22: Completing the mission. ago
Chapter 23: Four Monarchs. ago
Chapter 24: Towards Mourners Refuge. ago
Chapter 25: Mourners Refuge. ago
Chapter 26: Cursed realm ago
Chapter 27: Soul's Rest. ago
Chapter 28: Mention of an old foe. ago
Chapter 29: Poisonous Demonic beasts. ago
Chapter 30: Corrupted by poison. ago
Chapter 31: A meeting to melt the cold. ago
Chapter 32: A lone grave. ago
Chapter 33: The first test. ago
Chapter 34: Reborn in fire. ago
Chapter 35: A familiar face. ago
Chapter 36: Towards Time's March. ago
Chapter 37: Entering the second trial. ago
Chapter 38: A sweet melody. ago
Chapter 39: Walking through time. ago
Chapter 40: The betrayal of the Thunder Monarch. ago
Chapter 41: Killing someone with their own blade. ago
Chapter 42: Terrifying ability. ago
Chapter 43: Second attempt. ago
Chapter 44: Jing Yimu finishes the trial. ago
Chapter 45: Returning to the emerald volcanoes. ago
Chapter 46: Towards the final trial. ago
Chapter 47: Entering the last trial. ago
Chapter 48: Horde of beasts. ago
Chapter 49: A spear for the lost. ago
Chapter 50: Tian clan. ago
Chapter 51: A grand mausoleum. ago
Chapter 52: Death breeds life. ago
Chapter 53: Twin dragons of monarchy. ago
Chapter 54: Back in Cloud's End. ago
Chapter 55: The Demon's offer. ago
Chapter 56: Demon Warriors of the Cloud Wilderness. ago
Chapter 57: The greatest monster. ago
Chapter 58: The hunt begins. ago
Chapter 59: Abyss Eye race. ago
Chapter 60: Fan Long. ago
Chapter 61: Golden Dragon Prince. ago
Chapter 62: Gathering the groups. ago
Chapter 63: Finishing the job. ago
Chapter 64: At the peak. ago
Chapter 65: Three Ways. ago
Chapter 66: Fire Cloud city. ago
Chapter 67: Future rulers. ago
Chapter 68: village hopes ago
Chapter 69: Start of the contest. ago
Chapter 70: Interesting laws one after another. ago
Chapter 71: Joining a clan. ago
Chapter 72: Yuan clan. ago
Chapter 73: Sect eradication mission. ago
Chapter 74: Ghost Banner sect. ago
Chapter 75: The might of that one sword. ago
Chapter 76: Flame Step. ago
Chapter 77: I won't play along. ago
Chapter 78: Such annoying people. ago
Chapter 79: Third in command, second in command. ago
Chapter 80: Six month agreement. ago
Chapter 81: From mountain to rubble. ago
Chapter 82: Frozen God's Tomb. ago
Chapter 83: Teng Shinsu, array expert. ago
Chapter 84: Crystal droplet. ago
Chapter 85: Humanoid Divine Beast. ago
Chapter 86: The day of the agreement. ago
Chapter 87: Full might unleashed. ago
Chapter 88: Perfect attack. ago
Chapter 89: The demon's smile. ago
Chapter 90: Aftermath of the battle. ago
Chapter 91: Meeting the elders. ago
Chapter 92: True arrogance. ago
Chapter 93: Body and soul cultivation. ago
Chapter 94: Rank-up test. ago
Chapter 95: Lightning fast trick. ago
Chapter 96: Second trial of the rank-up test. ago
Chapter 97: Completing the mission and returning to the clan. ago
Chapter 98: Preparing for the grand competition. ago
Chapter 99: Start of the grand competition. ago
Chapter 100: Finding a clue. ago
Chapter 101: Cloud King city. ago
Chapter 102: Once again, that sword. ago
Chapter 103: A different appearance, the same look. ago
Chapter 104: Nice, grand, and quick. ago
Chapter 105: Let's cause some chaos. ago
Chapter 106: Opening of the Ocean God's Graveyard. ago
Chapter 107: Silver Dragon Prince. ago
Chapter 108: Palace garden. ago
Chapter 109: Devil's Grasp Vine. ago
Chapter 110: Creation Sealing Array. ago
Chapter 111: Divine Beast tracks. ago
Chapter 112: The throne room. ago
Chapter 113: Panther nest. ago
Chapter 114: Prison cell. ago
Chapter 115: Awaken. ago
Chapter 116: Herald of the apocalypse. ago
Chapter 117: Escaping the island. ago
Chapter 118: Paragons. ago
Chapter 119: The arrival of the third. ago
Chapter 120: Meeting again. ago
Chapter 121: A chat with Tian Zheng. ago
Chapter 122: Wraith Contract. ago
Chapter 123: Volcano's Core. ago

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The Loon
  • Overall Score
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As of chapter fifteen I have dropped this novel.


Rather than reading and experiencing a story, it's more like reading a first draft that never got fleshed out; it's dry and bland. Scenes that should be exciting or entertaining end up being dissapointing. I would suggest to the author that they watch some videos on the 'show, don't tell' technique.


It's your average xianxia story as far as I have seen. Unfortunately though, it's as if the author has a list of tropes he's trying to check off, with nothing to really differentiate this story within the genre. I will say this though, you know from the very beggining what the main characters goals are, and where the story is going; that's an improvement over a lot of other xianxia.


Nothing much to say here. No glaring mistakes that I have found. Punctuation could use a bit of work though.


In the fifteen chapters I have read, the only character you really get a look at is Li Yang, the main character. My only impression has been that he's a boring character.

Final Thoughts

I did skim through some later chapters and there was some definite improvement; I'm not going to suffer through to that point though. If the Author got an editor and started reworking early chapters, then this could be a good story.


  • Overall Score

This is a great story that has the same type of feeling and story writing that the wuxia and xianxia genres are supposed to provide.


Keep up the good work

  • Overall Score

Im really enjoying your writing. I hope you keep up the great work. I'm looking forward to the future reunions =)


This is a great story and well worth the time to read if you're looking for a good binge.