Which should I do?
Wait and rewrite plot for DCOT before releasing chapters.
Go with the flow and write as I see fit.
Work on Glory to the All-Father which has no prewritten plot.
Yo Yo guys how you doing? long time no see right? Well actually something pretty unfortunate happened. During the break I took, I was playing a game called Heroes of Newerth that a friend encouraged me to play, I got pretty hooked on it but it pretty much fried my lappy which was pretty crappy anyhow, I'm not in the best situation so it took me some time to buy a new lappy. What is bad however is that I lost everything....the 5+ chapters I did for the break as well as all the plans I made for the story, I can remember a few ideas but the entire drive was wiped and couldn't salvage anything..sigh...Been in pretty low spirits since, been trying to get a lot of the details back together but a lot of stuff is still missing. So I have a choice to offer right now and I'll open up a poll.

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chobann @chobann ago

Hope you'll not abandon the story. I liked it alot.

Siar @Siar ago

Love the story, dont give up dum-ass! Ill transfer my powr to you for some inspiration *raises hands to the sky*

Don_King_Pup @Don_King_Pup ago


missed ya story but i can wait for you to post chapters again

wezard @wezard ago

ty for the notice we are glad to have you back :grin:

ps. so do you have a chapter for us just a notice :D

deathrow @deathrow ago

love this story one of my top 10

BlackToTheFuture @BlackToTheFuture ago

fight on dude, keep writing this awesome story.

BoMann @BoMann ago

did you make that new blog/site you wanted to?

WB! (also dota/dota2 > lol > HoN)

aluciun @aluciun ago

Glad to see you back! It is a great story and though it has been a wait for it to continue, I would rather wait a little while for you to plan it out again. It is a great story and it deserves time and thought put into it rather then winging it which might drop the quality or even ruin it. I am a big boy and can wait.

nprogramista @nprogramista ago

Glad to see you're back