Hello and Good Night.

Sorry that there hasn't been an update recently, things have been a bit rowdy but they finally settled down. I was about to begin writing again when I took a quick look at the reviews and saw the review made by "The group" and couldn't help but laugh. However I intend to move from this site the minute I find one to my liking as there seems to be a lot of things wrong with this site. Judging by the reviews and the ghost accounting as well as the "hidden figures" behind the voting and reviewing makes this place really disgusting and it stinks of dictatorship. This site has no leniency towards upstart and new authors at all and honestly it's quite depressing to put up with. The "hidden figures" who conduct this site has absolutely no care either and are favorable to the "viewers" / "themselves" rather than the authors and it's obvious at this point that they try to control which novels are continued and which are discontinued by trying to "Break the heart" of the author.

I pretty much realized by the pattern in the dislikes and likes that this is a controlled site with a "hidden community" of people. I understand what the author of "Sephirah" was complaining about and I see why he chose to make a bunch of accounts and screw over other people. I can also see why he isn't planning on returning to the site anytime soon.

"" Royal Road Legend
Welcome to, the home of Web Novels and fan fictions! In our amazing community you can find various talented individuals, who write out of hobby, or even professionally; artists who create art for them, and many proofreaders and lurkers" ----

^This is the Royal Road logo.

Note : " In our amazing community you can find various talented individuals, who write out of hobby, or even professionally"

what it should be is,

" In our amazing community you can find only the greatest talented individuals who write professionally."

They act as though they are welcoming new writers however it is a huge lie. Unless your work is top grade it will be demolished by said "hidden community". These people expect the best work out of you as if it were your job and the sad part is the authors don't get a single dime out of anything, but they do. Very soon this place will become even more scarce and barren and eventually people who came here to try their hand will learn their various skills, improve and then leave to another site because of these useless individuals. You aren't allowed to defend your own work from others because then you get +10 for toxicity.

One of the biggest problems however is this "the group" thing, I pretty much knew they would show up sooner or later so I wasn't phased in the slightest about their remarks. "The group" is sort of like the face of these "hidden figures" and it's so stupid and easy to recognize because it gained the most up votes in the entire review section in the shortest period of time and made it's way to the top of the review page. When your not being attacked by these "hidden figures", your under scrutiny of other authors because you have one more star than theirs and it infuriates them I guess.

These guys work hard with their punctuations and their grammar to get 5 stars, while the plot has half a star because they lack the imagination/brainpower and wonder why they can't cross the 1000 average views mark and so the envy burns and your work becomes a target thereby adding to the fire.

Do not worry this work is not cancelled, it's not even on hiatus. I intend to stay here for a while and soak up the votes to break into the top 10 to see if they will prove my point. Either I will move up when I past the votes of the fictions above me or I will remain below the top 10 even if my votes exceeds the ones on top of it and prove my point.

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Volrith @Volrith ago

Glad to hear everything calmed down. The other things are saddening however. Why don't you try wattpad, or wordpress there are a few authors from here that have moved to those platforms. Hope to see updates soon. Love this fiction no matter how "unprofesionall" it is claimed to be. One of the best stories on here imho.

1jayds @1jayds ago

First! nooo took too long to answer. damn always wanted to say that. Don't worry  world serpent you have my vote personally I like dragon child of thunder .

LegacyBot @LegacyBot ago

well, I will support and continue reading your work wherever it goes. :p

Abyssdarkfire @Abyssdarkfire ago

I'm not gonna comment on the validity of "the group" or any other member(s) of the "hidden community" . I will say that the rate and review section needs a major overhaul. Royal Road can be very unpleasant and disheartening to new and upcoming authors. Last thing I'm going to say is my opinion that this fiction belongs in the top ten.

cadu_ @cadu_ ago

If you leave this, please remember to post the new site here so that I can know where to read it.

As for "The Group", I dont think I ever saw them give more than 2 stars to someone so you should just ignore them.

lucifuge @lucifuge ago

Sry dont pst much love story

Thecode @Thecode ago

Why not try Japtem?

Zabitan @Zabitan ago

Glad to hear you're keeping the story going, it's one of my favorites here. I promise to follow wherever that prince and his family go until you finally put the "pen" down.

superloner @superloner ago

Please post a link when you find it.

Fosk91 @Fosk91 ago

I don't know much about writing, but when a story that made it to the top 5 for number of visualizations gets a half star review, that's an obvious troll =|. If i were in your place, i'd either ignore them out or spite or throw the story on wattpad until i find something else, no point in remaining here