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Inside of a ruined building with no roof and four walls blasted apart stood three silhouettes. One a hooded young woman who was noticeably shaking with fear, A black dragon not paying attention to his surroundings as he greedily chewed and swallowed and repeated the process with a gleam in his eyes, the last a boy about 16 years old with white-silver that swayed a bit lower than his  shoulders, a palm on his forehead as he looked at the black dragon.



A weird sound filled their ears as the dragon chewed, which made his eyes bulge as he began choking, With a swift thrust of his palm Lucius hit his little brother's back and something shot out.

*Cough* *Cough*

"Seriously...take your time little brother, his essence isn't going anywhere" Lucius urged as he laughed at his brother.

Veranathrax looked embarrassed as he tried to regain his proud look and quickly replied.

"That's not it brother, that stupid thing I couldn't devour for some reason" he pointed over to the object which he choked on.

Lucius took a glance over and finally noticed what flew out of his mouth, it was a huge blood red orb that was the size of two tea cups. Instantly it piqued his interest as it certainly came from the old man Salran's soul.

Excitedly Lucius ran over to check the treasure of this life and death match. The blood red orb was emitted a flame that wrapped around the orb evenly and looked like a tiny burning sun. Lucius poked it and realized it was not hot, he then picked it up and began examining it.

'What is this thing?' Lucius thought as he probed it with both mana and divine power.

The orb showed no response but Lucius could clearly tell it was quite a powerful orb, he then stored it in his interspatial ring as he figured he should ask his Mother or Uncles later. He figured he would not be able to figure it out on his own unless he spent quite a bit of time which he did not have right now.


Lucius then turned to the young visibly shaking hooded woman and spoke gently as he realized the girl was under pressure of the old man before and wondered if she would speak the truth now.

"I know this man had you suppressed when I asked where Astriel Firesong was, now he is dead, where is she?"

"U-um" She replied as if still taking in the situation around her, clearly she was stupefied that the old man had died.

"Big brother asked you a question" Veranathrax was not as kind as he glared at the hooded young woman which broke her out of her confusion.

" Ah! Come this way please!" The hooded young woman took off towards the alter in a manner of urgency which they both followed directly behind.

She ran through the door behind the luxuriously dressed altar and down a flight of stairs, the flight of stairs seemed long as it spiraled down all the way.

Finally at the ending of the staircase stood a huge metal door that did not fit the luxurious build of the the church and Lucius understood that something was up. Guarding the door were two silhouettes. Immediately Lucius knew that the two silhouettes did not belong to the church as one wore black armor and the other a black mage robe and their faces were covered.

As the Silhouettes noticed the approaching people--

**FZZT** **FZZT**

Two purple colors flashed swiftly towards them and before they could react, it was already inside of their heads. The hooded young woman flinched for a second but continued running as she found out that this young boy was indeed ruthless and killed without blinking in an eye, but the strangest thing she noted was that he didn't even blink and had a look of indifference as if he had swatted two flies.

Upon reaching the door, she pushed it open quickly as a bright white light flashed. She made a few steps inside in a hastily manner and then lay her body in a submissive permission on the floor and cried while she spoke a few words.

"I'm sorry...*sob*..I'm so sorry Lady Astriel *sob*..."

As the light faded and Lucius looked inside, what he saw was a woman with red hair that reached the length of her waist, a pair of beautifully shaped golden eyes that seemed gentle and kind with an everlasting radiance.  She was dressed in a beautiful golden white robe that hugged her body in her curvaceous areas and loosed everywhere else. The lower half of her face was covered with a white silk like scarf but one could easily tell, she was a rare beauty that was comparable to the likes of Sky and Aleria. However, she was chained by four totems with weird symbols that stood in the four corners of the room.

"Marcia?..." The surprised Lady upon seeing the hooded woman called out.

"I'm so sorry *sob* I-"

Before the young hooded woman could finish speaking, she was immediately held in a warm embrace by the Lady Astriel.

"You silly girl...this wasn't your fault, if he harmed Finny because of me, I would never be able to forgive myself! The only way he could have gotten to us was to threaten the children, if he hadn't held your child hostage it would have been another and so forth, you are not to be blamed Marcia" The woman spoke gently as she rubbed and patted the girls head who sobbed in her arms.

Finally upon noticing Lucius and a black dragon on his shoulder she grew a hint of alert.

"Aren't you going to introduce yourself young warrior?" She asked a hint of nervousness in her voice.

Lucius approached her while not speaking and it gave her a bit of fright.

He withdrew his spear and fear could be seen within both the hooded young woman's eyes and the Lady Astriel, though she tried to hide it.


Before the young woman could cry out, a flash of light and a large swirling energy force made them both jump as a  icy  glaive covered in azure colored energy swung at them. They both closed their eyes in fear and huddled closer together.




As the both women huddled closely together with an expecting look of fear, they gradually opened their eyes and realized that the chains that bound Lady Astriel had been completely cut. The Lady Astriel in particular had huge eyes as she stared at the broken chains as she was all too familiar with the power of this formation that bounded her, she knew all too well it's formidable power and stood in awe.

Lucius felt a spike in her aura and was a bit surprised as he noticed she was a Deity comparable to the likes of old man Salran and thought to himself no wonder the old man had to restrain her.

"My name is Lucius Stormblade, heir to the House of Lightning and current Lightning Chief. Lady Astriel I've come here on behalf of my wife Aleria Stormblade who is of Fireblood descent. I've killed both the Fuhrer and his father and I know the details regarding the Fireblood clan which I learned from Marie Flameheart"

Lucius then took out 'Solar Blade' and showed it to her.

"This is the blade I intend to give to my wife as I wish her to become the successor of the Fireblood clan"

Lady Astriel upon being informed of the situation had complex emotions. She wanted to know how Lucius knew so much about the Fireblood, she also wondered if Lucius wanted to revive the Fireblood clan to take control of it, then she showed complex emotions as she looked at the sword that had been missing for generations. As she had been locked in here for quite some time she had no news of the current developments and did not know of Lucius.

The hooded young woman Marcia, whispered a few sentences in her ear which seemed to shock her. Astriel took a few glances at Lucius and then at the stone on his forehead and displayed even more shock. Lucius did not interrupt them as he wanted this woman to be updated on current events and had not the time to play around.

She then pieced it together as she thought for a minute about Marie Flameheart and as if something clicked she hurriedly asked.

"Marie Flameheart...she descended from Eileena Fireblood If I'm correct?"

Lucius nodded.

After confirming Lucius was not an enemy after hearing about his much more powerful background did her suspicions fade and she began to see her savior in a new light. She had heard how proud and noble Lucius was, and knew that Fireblood clan would be much safer under his observation as she found out Lucius dearly loved his wife Aleria and felt sort of akin to him as both of their clans had been met with calamity.

"Okay then, I will gather the rest of our remaining members and we will come to the city of Corinth to meet her" Lady Astriel spoke in a submissive manner as she realized she had been a bit rude as she had yet to thank him.

"Thank you Lucius Stormblade for freeing not just me but the entire Fireblood clan from this terrible nightmare, this servant of Ifreet will never forget your kindness"

"Not a problem Lady Astriel"

Lucius gave a light bow and then turned his back to leave.

"You know that the Phoenix family will seek revenge right? You not only killed the face of the Phoenix family, but their pillar as well"  obviously referring to the Fuhrer and his father respectively.

Lucius turned and gave her a mischievous smirk, his eyes however weren't smiling and spoke in an icy chilling tone.


The mini sized black dragon on his shoulder had stars in his eyes,  drooled leaked from his lips as he spoke.

"You mean..there's more?"

He then turned around and left leaving a stupefied duo. Lady Astriel laughed shortly afterward and mumbled a few words.

"That boy...he's quite vicious isn't he...he didn't even consider them a threat...well with his power and backing...It's strange though, I didn't feel even the slightest tinge of arrogance from him"


"Who do you think did it?"

"Probably the Lady Astriel, who knows"

"No you guys are wrong! It's definitely gotta be that draconian kid some people said they saw him flying around right before"

"What would a big shot like him be doing down here?"

"Don't you know! Don't you know! His wife is Aleria Flameheart of the Flameheart family!"

"Hmm, certainly that is a known fact but why would he kill him in the first place?"

"What! No way it has to be Lady Astriel, I heard the High Priest's fame inside the church was rising and maybe she got scared he would become the High Priest?"

Lucius heard quite a few voices as he came out of the church he noticed quite a few guards and citizens staring at the old man Salran's corpse, they were giving assumptions and guesses as the guards blocked them outside forcefully. He heard quite a few misleading rumors and decided not to leave it up to their imaginations as things could get quite misleading.

Lucius equipped his Dragonscale Armor and approached the entrance in plain view, some of the blood was still over him as Veranathrax sat on his shoulders peering into the crowd. As he walked out the crowd became deathly quiet and stared at him intently.

"Salran Phoenix died at my hands"

Lucius declared to them as his armor became engulfed in purple static, he quickly shot into the air and took off. The guards just stared at him and said nothing, what could they say to the man who had slew a Deity in front of the governing powers.


Lucius was currently flying in the skies quickly towards Corinth leaving behind a trail of purple and violet gleam. He had Aurius in mind, he had to find out about the "Frontline situation" that Raz Seph had mentioned. While in the Sky, he decided to make another detour and changed his direction towards Stormblade Mountain where his family of dragons resided.


"I WILL GUARD HIM THIS TIME! Both of you are too slow! " Veranathus yelled out as he sent his powerful blow towards Xiaxinia.

"Huh? if I remember correctly you the last time we had a race in the old mountain you lost Veranathus"

Xiaxinia playfully mentioned as he stuck out his tongue and dodged Veranathus' blow followed by a swift counter attack.

"Not only that, last time he almost killed Lucius when he nearly made him swallow the orb. If you ask me, he's the worse one to guard Lucius. " Varathraga added as shot out an orb of thunder at the two.

Upon hearing their accusations Veranathus' face paled as he knew the first time he was tricked by them both during the race and the second time was undoubtedly an accident.

"Y-You!" Veranathus got angry and couldn't contain his composure as his intensity increased and couldn't stand the low blows anymore and roared out with terrible strength.


A short way off into the distance...

Lucius finally upon reaching the mountain saw three dragons fighting, this was by no means strange as he know who they were. He face palmed and continued approaching as he knew they were probably fighting over something ridiculous. A silhouette approached from behind the three as a fist raised like the scythe of a reaper and enclosed on their skulls.

*Nock* *Nock* *Nock*......*Nock*

"Why ....two?" one of the corpses muttered as it fell to the floor and died on the spot.

Quiet then filled the night air as the three corpses lay on the floor a noticeable lump on their heads while poor Veranathus had two. Clearly, Venastrasia was annoyed with the noise and had not forgiven Veranathus fully yet and he was quite the loudest one.

Venastrasia then shifted her gaze to the sky as she had sensed her lovable children had arrived and gave a huge excited smile. Lucius reabsorbed his armor and fell directly in front of her an gave her a huge warm hug as Veranathrax licked her face and rubbed his head on her shoulder. These two were quite spoiled by their mother and loved her greatly and the same was true for her.

"Lucius! Vera!" Venastrasia exclaimed as she hugged them both tightly and gave them both a kiss on their foreheads.


Inside of the furry cave, Venastrasia sat looking at the blood red orb that gave off a fiery feeling. Lucius and his little brother Veranathrax sat intently looking at her waiting for her to say something.

"Oh! These! I've seen them a few times, there used to be humanoids stupid enough to challenge us, when we killed some of them these little orbs are what fell out"

"Your three uncles had a pile of them but who knows what they did with it, you should ask them"

Lucius and Vera quickly thanked her and exited the furry room heading towards the crater as curiosity took them. They made their way towards the three corpses and after an hour or waiting, it finally moved.

"Ah! Uncles I have a question"

"Hmm? Lucius?" Xiaxinia was the first to awaken.

"Where are we?" Asked Varathraga in a dizzy spell.

"What happened?" Veranathus asked as he rubbed his head.

After the three uncles recovered they switched into their human forms and were informed about the orb.

"Oh these! We had quite a few of them back in the day but we ate them" Veranathus answered.

"To us they don't have much value but to you is a different story, however this is a Fire Deviant Orb. What would work for you is a Lightning Deviant Orb however, you can't get any of those for obvious reasons, however this is quite good for Aleria" Varathraga informed Lucius and then taught him how to use it.

"Hmmm....these orbs only drop from the people who have surpassed Deity stage, you killed one Lucius? Judging from this orb's power, the holder had to be at the peak of his Demi-God Stage almost close to his breakthrough to Pure God. " Xiaxinia said with a bright light in his eyes.

Lucius nodded and told them the full story as well as how Vera had saved his life because he lacked a soul attack.


"Hmm, I see. A soul attack huh? Well us dragons don't need soul attacks as our divine state allows us to directly interfere with souls....however in your case, you won't be able to achieve one until you reach the Deity stage" Varathraga told him helplessly.

"Unless...." Xiaxinia interjected with a gleam in his eyes as racked his brain.

"Unless what?" Veranathus asked hurriedly as his curiosity peaked.

"Unless we activate Lucius' Timekeeper form" Xiaxinia said with a laugh.

Even though he laughed one could clearly see he was thinking of methods.

"Idiot if we could do that we would have already, we still don't know how to trigger it" Varathraga scolded.

"Unless..." Xiaxinia said once more with a slowed tone, everyone present could clearly tell he was provoking Veranathus.

"UNLESS UNLESS WHAT?!!! IF YOU KNOW SOMETHING SPIT IT OUT!!" Veranathus unable to control himself became angered at Xiaxinia's provoking drawbacks.

"I have an idea what may activate it, but I'd prefer not to do it" Xiaxinia said solemnly.

Varathraga seemed to pick up on what he meant an answered in his stead.

"You mean his 'berserk puppet form' ?"

The rest were astonished.

"When Lucius enters that form, his mind stops it's thought process and re-prioritizes everything. It's as if his body moves at will for victory. This berserk form is at the highest level of concentration and I have feeling once Lucius activates it for the first time he'll be able to control at first with difficulty but at will in the future."

"However this is the problem in and of itself, Lucius has no control over his berserk form either." Xiaxinia interjected

"Yeah and judging from what we discovered about the Timekeeper forms, it's supposed to be an evolved and mutated version of a person's soul and he is currently unable to access his soul as he is not a Deity yet"

The group of 5 talked for a while longer before Lucius accompanied by Vera decided to leave and headed off towards Corinth.


Standing in mid air above the Mount Stormblade--

The Three Great Uncles waved Lucius off as his purple silhouette disappeared, Xiaxinia continued looking towards the direction he left in as if lost in thought. The Two brothers recognized this and Varathraga asked.

"What's wrong Xia?"

"Nothing....I was just thinking. Have you ever wondered what our nephew would be like once he entered his berserk state together with his Timekeeper form? You are aware that he is only in the first stage of his berserk mode right?

Even though his base lifeform was a draconian, it had changed almost immediately after his birth. Even though he ages differently from us and his maturity rate is different from us one must not forget he is still part dragon and does have some of our most defining traits"

"You saw his Divine soul core didn't you? It's shaped like a Golden Blue Dragon, what would that mean for his Timekeeper form? His soul is obviously already mutated beyond a degree even we don't understand" he added.

This question astonished both Varathraga and Veranathus who contemplated on their own. After a few minutes sweat beads appeared on their foreheads.

"A-A Greater Dragon?" Veranathus asked curiously.

"No he already possesses the potential of a Greater Dragon due to his Thunder Rites...who knows what it would be like...think deeper." Varathraga looked a bit more shaken up than the other two.

As Varathraga's skill of deduction was on par with Xiaxinia, he understood the direction Xiaxinia was leaning towards and dared not utter the words and forced them right back into his brain and could only think to himself.

'Chaos Flash Wyrm!'

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