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In the air, A violet colored blur can be seen moving at an incredible speed through the air. This blur was indeed Lucius Stormblade, he was currently on his way back to the Capital City Corinth to attend his school. As he flew through the sky a noticeable bright fire in his eyes lit up, he couldn't help but think about his earlier encounter. He had a few questions he needed to ask Aurius about what Raz Seph had mentioned about the front lines. However, he needed to make a tiny little detour in the City of Auguste first.


A hour later, Lucius had arrived at the City of Auguste, his destination- Auriel's Mansion. In an instant he flew over the city walls and the Nobles Quarter which made the city guards quite nervous as they were well acquainted with the Black War Armor, to them that armor was a terrible omen of doom that was not to be taken lightly. He landed at the main entrance of Auriel's Mansion while retracting his armor, the guards at first startled but then gave a proper greeting and salute as they knew who he was.

"Welcome Master Lucius"

"I've come to see Auriel..." Lucius said plainly with a yawn.

"Right this way milord" the guards quickly led Lucius to the main door as two more took their places.


As Lucius entered he was greeted by a familiar face, the grey-haired butler named Steven. He took a firm bow and then greeted Lucius in his gentleman-like fashion.

"Ah Master Lucius, it's good to see you again.. I presume you've come to see Master Aurius?"

"Ah Steven likewise, Yes indeed I have a particular matter I'd like to discuss with him"
Lucius spoke honestly.

"Ah I see, right this way then" The butler then quickly made his way towards Auriel's study chamber.

*Knock* *Knock*

"Lord Auriel, master Lucius is here"

"Oh! Send him in Steven!"

The butler opened the door and let Lucius in while making a final bow and closing the door.

What Lucius saw before him was a half naked Auriel hugging a sculpture of an old chubby  gentle-looking woman with a warm smile on her face, one hand in her pocket and the other  out front and open with her palm facing upward.

"Ah! Lucius my son what brings you over today?" Auriel asked as he rubbed the sculpture's head and gave it a warm gentle kiss.


Instantly Lucius withdrew his spear.

"What sort of perverse?! Auriel you idiot have you lost your mind?! I will not allow you to bring shame to Aleria and Flameheart family! Release the sculpture or die!!"

"WAIT!! WAIT!! This sculpture is an artifact!!! In order to use it, you have to hug it like this and give it love for 24 hours!!"

"Are you sure you're not committing some sort of sin to tarnish your family name?" Lucius asked as his eyes narrowed on the half naked ball of sweat.

"I swear! I swear!"

"About just now....I was only joking"

"You weren't joking were you...."



....A few hours later.


A golden coin rolled out of the old woman's sleeve and landed in her palm.

It was only then Lucius had stored his spear back into his ring.


**Knock** **Knock**

"Ah Steven come in"

The butler entered the study with a cart and drew a cup of tea for both Lucius and Auriel.

"Thanks Steven" both thanked him as he made a final bow and closed the door once more. Instantly both the faces of Lucius and Auriel became serious.

The two were now currently sitting face to face in the study room, both intently looking at a thin golden-red blade with a red snake symbol wrapped around the handle. Just by looking at it one could tell it was an artifact of great power, not only that but it had been remade to perfection by Veranathus.

"So the Fuhrer had this huh....I wonder what Marie will say. Lucius, usually once this sword has an owner it will instantly burst into the flames very much like many other artifact swords of fire. This one however has a different flame but while the Fuhrer who had low compatability used it, it looked like any other weapon and we weren't able to see it's design nor the blade itself. Naturally we had no idea the Fuhrer was in possession of it even more so not to mention we never really saw him use a weapon, he was a Deity after all. It's not like Deities fight everyday. "

Lucius nodded and couldn't help but ask.

"Hmm I see, can you tell me the story behind this blade?"

"Sure, you're family now so these are things you should know--"

**Knock** **Knock**

Before Auriel could speak they were interrupted by a knock and the door opened shortly after. The figure of a curvaceous woman with blood red hair and red eyes came into view, she looked like an older version of Aleria but was still very much dazzling as she fought age valiantly and one could not see any wrinkles.

"Good day my son it's nice to see you, you should drop by more often and bring Aleria along with you next time so we can have a family day out! " Marie greeted Lucius warmly as she gave him a tight hug.

"Good day mother Marie" Lucius in return greeted her warmly with an embarrassed expression as he still hadn't gotten used to the fact that he indeed had become the husband of 4 beautiful woman, but he did indeed enjoy the warmth of family.

She then turned towards Auriel and coldly glanced at him.

"What do you want, why have you called me here Auriel? Have you finished your perversions and realized that she can't cook or her breasts are made of stone!!"


Naturally she was angry that her husband wanted to spend 24 hours hugging a statue of an old woman rather than spend some time with her now that he had finally given up adventuring. However, he still had his position as a teacher at Four Elements Academy and had to leave Auguste for a few days every week.

"I'm sorry my dear beautiful wife, I just had to find out if this artifact truly worked..It was causing quite a stir...but it turns out it was just illusion magic...*Sob*.."

"It saps mana from you little by little without you noticing over the 24 hours and then it produces an illusion"

"Hmph!" She was still not pleased.


As the two began finally settled down and explained to Marie their current situation she showed a range of emotions upon seeing the sword. Anger, Hatred, Sadness and even happiness.

"So that despicable man had it....and he dared tried to marry his son of to Aleria? I can't believe he killed so many of our people for this blade"

Lucius was instantly startled.

"He killed them? Didn't you say they died in the initial war against Raz Seph..?"  Lucius asked in a confused tone.

"Yes I know...but seeing this sword here and now answered several questions of mine, Now I understand why the Fireblood clan had fallen. It was the Fuhrer's doing"

Lucius understood how greedy the Fuhrer was, he knew that Aurius never mentioned to anyone he had become a Deity solely for this reason.

"Lucius the Fuhrer was a paranoid man whenever he noticed people who would become a threat to him in the future, he weeded them all out without mercy"

Lucius nodded as he knew this all too well.

"The Fireblood clan was a powerful clan, we had many uprising talents but the most promising one was the one who wielded this blade before. She was a woman by the name of Eileena Fireblood, my great grand-mother. She was the second in line for the Fire Throne before she took off to go to battle and in that battle many of our clan members died. The clan had found it incredibly suspicious that most of the outstanding talents that died were from our clan, and launched their own investigations, they began to have suspicions the Fuhrer did was doing it on purpose but they had no evidence.

I heard they brought up to this issue to the Fuhrer and he simply said they were needed or else the enemy would have broken through the front lines. How could they have argued against the Fuhrer? However it was passed down from parent to child, never ever to teach our arts or marry into different families as the secrets of our clan are highly valuable. There was even an unspoken rule, that none of us should ever marry into the Fuhrer's family. Luckily members of our clan had disbanded and went separate ways in order to increase our chances of survival, it made it seem as if we were really dissolved."

Lucius listened intently to the history of the Fireblood clan and it's downfall and couldn't help but feel a pain in his heart as he thought of his own situation.

"Actually if we had not been dissolved I probably would have been hunted down, I have a feeling that the Fuhrer knew that I descended from the Fireblood clan that was probably the primary reason he wanted his son to marry Aleria. He wanted to claim our blood rites for his own."

Marie couldn't help but make a sour face.

"Now that my mind is cleared and I know for sure that he was the one that sent them to their deaths. I should once more gather the Fireblood clan and revive it from it's grave, with him dead we can rest easy and I forgot to properly thank you that"

"Thank you" Marie did a curtsy and let out a chuckle.

Lucius and Auriel just laughed awkwardly as they found this woman extremely terrifying.


Auriel then remembered and excitedly mentioned to Marie. Once it was something to do with Artifacts Auriel was sure to be attentive, for he was a man who sunk himself into countless piles of dusty books and records for days never eating a thing!

"Oh Marie, Lucius wanted to know the story of the the sword as well!"

"The sword huh, hmm I forgot to mention it. The sword was called "Solar Blade" not much people know how it was created, but what we do know is that it originated from our clan. It was made to fully adapt to our Fireblood traits, as for the secrets of the sword no one really knows either. Actually it's quite a strange weapon, it chooses it's master and not the other way around. I heard stories about my Great-Grand-Mother, Eileena Fireblood could have fought the Fuhrer at a standstill when she was only 10th Grade Warrior, many people believed she would become the first Deity through Martial Arts."

This made Lucius open his eyes wide in astonishment! Didn't that mean she was roughly as powerful as Lucius! He simply couldn't believe it but he knew she was telling the truth, certainly if he could do it then maybe someone else could. Marie continued to speak

"It certainly had something to do with the sword but no one knew as they never spoke about the Solar Blade in fear of other clans learning of it's power. However over the years many people had tried to steal the blade but it never accepted anyone that wasn't a Fireblood clan member. It's almost as if the blade was alive...This sword is quite ancient and it's origins are unknown, however what is known is the frightening power it wields."

Marie let out a chuckle as she mentioned this part as she was clearly proud of the Solar Blade.

"....From what I had heard when you fought against the Fuhrer one of your attacks broke his blade, and if the sword the Fuhrer used was indeed Solar Blade then it was this one that broke right?...You intend to give it to Aleria?"

Marie deducted the situation to which Lucius nodded and then replied.

"Yeah, I thought the blade was a good weapon it easily received my attacks and what's more I felt like it had hidden power within it surging and the Fuhrer was unable to use it. So I figured I would give it to Aleria as a present . The strange thing is that the moment I had the thought of giving it to Aleria, I felt her aura emitting from the sword It clearly felt as if she was right there with me. Instantly I knew she had a connection with this blade."

Lucius spoke honestly which made both the parents astonished.

"...It felt like Aleria? Can you explain more in detail?" Auriel spoke as his lips dried, naturally he was quite excited to hear about it.

"Well there's not anything in detail I can say, except it literally felt like her"

"Then there's no need for questions is there? As my Great-Grandmother was it's last chosen wielder it's not strange the sword would yearn for Aleria"

Marie calmly stated.

"Take it to her my son, I'm sure she will love it"

"I will mother, please take care of yourselves I will return to the Academy and get it to her"

Lucius then said his farewells to his family and in a instant his armor materialized and in a flash of purple-violet he disappeared from their sights.

"Honey...It seems Lucius intends to resurrect the Fireblood clan with Aleria as it's focal point....He knows something and he didn't tell us...well more accurately he probably doesn't know for certain..It looked like he wanted to tell me something but held his breathe." Marie was as sharp as Sky as she hit the nail on the head.

"What? How can you tell?"

"Did you not see his eyes as I told him our clan's story?...they had shone with a beautiful blue light...beautiful but cold and resolved."


Although Lucius had left the mansion....he did not leave the City of Auguste! Instead he made his way to-- The Cathedral of Auguste! More specifically the Chuch of Fire which was ruled by Astriel Firesong. They worship the Spirit Fire God, Ifreet also known as the Spirit King Ifreet, an equal of Thor.

These men and women are known for their devotion to their God and the power of such an organization even made the Fuhrer wary but he could take no action against them. Astriel Firesong was a thorn in his side that he could not remove and had to limit his views because of them.

Lucius was going there for a reason, he had felt the same type of aura the sword and Aleria gave off from them but he didn't know then what he had known now. Lucius knew that Fireblood clan members had been seeking refuge here because after he had came into contact with many other human's that practiced their Fire techniques he realized the difference in Aura. Were it not for his exceptionally trained sensitivity to aura caused by his dragonic nature, he much like everyone else would not be able to tell the difference.

As he approached the doors which were already open he was greeted by a woman with black hair and brown eyes, her face was covered and she wore a beautiful glamorous red and golden dress. She smiled warmly at Lucius until she noticed the Dragon gem in his forehead which made her startled at first but she slowly regained her composure.

"Welcome to the Church of Fire, However...I don't know what I can do for you as you are a Draconian"

She gave an awkward chuckle, reasonably so. Why would a draconian show up at the Church of Fire?

Lucius smiled and then showed her his ring with the imprint of a golden hammer which Thor gave him, the woman looked at it for a few seconds and when it finally hit her what the ring was she looked at Lucius with a stupefied face. How else would she react? A boy that wasn't even a Deity was married to a God that was on equal strength with the God she prayed to.

A voice then broke the two's dialogue--

"A ring of a champion?! How is this possible?! Where did you get that ring?!"

The voice was filled with disbelief and a hint of anger and envy, all of which Lucius did not miss.

As a man walked out from behind the woman, Lucius was taken by surprise but it did not show on his face, he did not detect the man at all! Lucius was certain that he was a Deity! Lucius began to believe that there were more Deities in hiding as he found it much too strange that there was only one per Continent to begin this, he began to believe there was a much deeper reason for the Deities hiding. Only because he had an unparalleled perception of aura was Lucius able to know this!

'First Aurius, now this man? There certainly has to be more in hiding'

As the silhouette appeared before him, Lucius was able to make out the man's features. He was an oldish man that looked in his late 40s, he had golden grey hair and white eyes, Lucius instantly despised the man as he found him to resemble the Fuhrer a bit too much! Not just his appearance but his aura as well!

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