Sorry for not having update anything for a few days, had a accident a few days ago and things have been
a bit busy. That's not the entire truth as lately i haven't felt motivated to write like I used to, as everyday I'm being bombarded by negativity from reviews, comments and even PMs and to be honest I'm quite fed up at the moment.
I can't be spending hours to write stuff and only get back hate in return it's annoying. The other day I defended myself from a few comments and reviews and got myself a 10% warning, that's why I no longer read the comments and respond to anything. Give me until Monday and things will resume as usual as this break is thoroughly needed to refresh myself. If I feel better during the weekend I'll upload one or two.

Don't worry it's not being cancelled for those who are wondering, I intend to try and put this garbage of a FF to the top of the list to spite the people who hate it.

Thanks for your time and see you soon.

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WanderingPimp @WanderingPimp ago

Just so you know I truly love your story no matter what anyone says.

jared @jared ago

I like the sereies

rakfalenm @rakfalenm ago

i truly can't understand how can there be people talking bad about a awesome story like yours
just remember that there many more people who love this story than people who hate
good rest and please be back for this is one of the best stories of the site

jared @jared ago

i like this sereis so dont stress out so much

Soromat @Soromat ago

Writte like you feel its your story (and a very greate one) ;)

CrispyNoodle @CrispyNoodle ago

wut? I love this FF whoever says otherwise is just jealous of your success. Flaws in the FF? of course there might some here and there but that's normal because no one and nothing is perfect and I love this FF nonetheless...

blaksitic @blaksitic ago

i love this ff and would be disappointed if it ends..

taylor9944 @taylor9944 ago

why do people always have to hate if they dont like it just dont read it

Zabitan @Zabitan ago

Take whatever time you need. I love this world you created and will wait as long as it takes to see where it goes.

Talaos @Talaos ago

I know it's hard to ignore negative reviews but try not to let it get to you. Anyone can write a negative review or critique a work, but not everyone can write a good story. You're writing  a good story so that puts you on a different level than those haters. I love your story and hope you can keep it up for a long time!