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Lucius begun focusing his Divine Light wave into the red orb, it created a trail and Lucius decided to follow that trail. Rather than go out in a 360 degree spherical blast like last time Lucius decided to form his Divine Light wave into a line, thereby increasing it's distance over 1000 times. It would indeed be narrow but it could be used as a seeing eye that could pinpoint places of great distances. However that was not what he was doing currently, what he was doing was following a trail, he did not need to control it as it pushed on ahead on it's own and Lucius allowed it.

Finally Lucius realized it had become a lot denser and as he closed his eyes, he realized it was coming closer to it's end, the place where the signal was the most dense, instantly he dimmed and lessened the Divine Light wave till it was invisible and minor. This required incredible mental fortitude, something Lucius had well cultivated. He could hear voices and it starting coming out of the red orb that was beside him and the dragons. They all listened quietly....while Lucius released tiny bits of Positive Lightning Energy in little droplets, the tiny blue streaks were barely visible.

"My Lord, someone activated a Dark Knight orb a few minutes ago"

"Really? Who one of those Lizards?"

"I don't know...I don't know what that thing was, it felt differently my lord"

"Differently? How so? "

"He felt like one of those guys over there, a dragon and one of us...not just any one of us either, he definitely achieved Timekeeper form. though whatever his form may be I do not know because I've never felt something so absurd before."

"Are you joking with me?"

"No my lord..."

"Did you get the signal?"

"No my lord...something inside of him devoured the soul of our brother and the connection had long been cut shortly after"

"Hmmm...a mix between, a light  bug , a lizard and a Timekeeper? HAHAHAHA, this is amusing"

"My Lord Raz please calm down, you'll destroy the castle and our merchandise!"

Lucius had then increased the power of his Divine Light Wave ten fold and then returned it to it's invisible state making the orb shine for a brief moment, this was all a plan to make the hooded black man hand Raz Seph the orb!

"Ahh!! My lord the signal is back up!! It seems he's sending a message!"

"I can't see his face! I don't have enough power my lord!"


The black hooded man handed Raz Seph the orb and he began powering it himself, instantly the orb in his hand shone brightly and Lucius quickly increased the dosage of the Positive Lightning energy!

The orb shone white with a noticeable hint of blue but the Conqueror ignored it and laughed.

"The orb turned almost blue, this new power source we've gained is amazing, it's so concentrated it's better than anything we've had in a long time Mikaelus, the last time I used one of the orbs it was only white, it didn't have this blue lustre"

"It is as you say my lord, the power these ones possess naturally is indeed incredible"

The Conqueror was sure his own power had created the weird color of the orb, as the energy had been increased Lucius had seen the man's face clearly, even though he was currently in a more smaller humanoid form it was still indeed Raz Seph. The man had looked at Lucius as clear as day but he could feel no familiarity, he had never seen him before. Raz Seph was smiling but only for a his eyes lay upon the young man's forehead, he felt his heart shook.

Lucius had heard him speak of "Power sources"...Lucius wasn't stupid he had an idea what these power sources were and it filled him with rage. Instantly Lucius' Dragon Gem turned black as the blue lightning inside came to a complete standstill and created what seemed to be a terrifying eye, this time however the eye was much more distinct than before it had became much more clearer and the power inside of it seemed to have increase.

It had split pupils like a reptilian's but inside of it was the more frightening part one could feel it piercing their soul and judging every inch of you, the sheer coldness of the eye met the Conqueror's gaze and he instinctively knew that he shouldn't be amused. It peered into his soul and striped him bare, he felt completely disrespected because the gaze he usually gave others stared right back at him at this very moment.

Lucius was the first to speak as his voice came out icy and uncaring,it was cold as ice! His lifeless eyes stared at the Conqueror Raz Seph who could feel his heart tremble, those eyes did not lose to his own in any aspect in fact it may have been much more petrifying. He knew the boy's power was indeed insignificant in his eyes but there was a feeling he couldn't shake, a foreboding feeling of impending doom. He listened to the young man's words carefully with equally cold green eyes.

"So in the end this is what you all are... I see now. You are all Parasites that can't survive on their own. I understand how you work now and I promise you one day when you least expect it, I will come for you. Every dark corner, every shadow you see you had best pay attention. Revenge is a bitter thing, it's bitter like the finest wine but it gets you high all the same. You may look at me as insignificant now as my power is indeed low and it hurts me ever so much but after all you should know best that time can cure all wounds. I'll sit and bide my time until I'm strong enough but in the mean time I'll hunt your minions, I'll hunt them down and devour them all one by one."

At this point Lucius had a Thorn Spike Shedding hidden behind his back! This was a detachable one from his Black War Armor! More specifically it was the one from his helmet, which was indeed the most powerful shedding Lucius had at his disposal, it was created from his mother, Venastrasia, the strongest Dragon in existence!

Lucius began pouring Negative Lightning Energy inside of the Thorn Shedding! Instantly the Thorn was covered in a thick dense layer of Red Lightning and it soaked all the way into the core and eventually it shot out of Lucius' hand and left the cave in a great speed!

The Conqueror then spoke..



While the Conqueror was raging and getting drunk in his amusement.....A few thousand miles away....A Spike covered in a dense layer of Red Lightning Energy broke the sound barrier and released a terrifying glow in it's wake heading towards the Ruined Continent! The closer it became, the stronger the magnetic pull had increased making it go even faster!


"You think you're safe don't you? Surrounded by your hordes of minions, hidden away in a castle like a coward on top that throne that's not yours. You really believe no one can harm you...How wrong you are you foolish parasite! Since you love that throne so much THEN I'LL NAIL YOU TO IT!

Lucius screamed as the mana in his body exploded and his hair flared up!


An unidentifiable object covered in a dense red static burst through the ceiling of the Raz Seph's castle and went slamming directly into the orb in the Conqueror's hand! His eyes opened wide in fear as he had been taken by surprise! The Entire room had been covered in a dense red static!

As the Conqueror had been supplying power to the orb via his hand, Lucius leaked Positive Lightning energy into the orb and sent most of it directly into the Conqueror's hand!


The Thorn Spike Shedding that was moving at a supersonic speed collided with the orb and destroyed it in a single hit, the destruction caused the powerfully made orb to shatter and disperse like shrapnel as pieces of it cut Raz' Sephs face, before he could roar out in his fury--

The Negative Lightning in the Thorn Spike shedding had not slowed down one bit! It broke through the orb not losing a single bit of it's power and launched itself to the source of the Positive Lightning Energy in the Conqueror's hand at the same speed, easily it broke through his skin and left a huge gaping hole in his hand!!


He screamed in hatred and anger as he looked at his hand

It however did not stop there, finally as the Negative Lightning Energy collided with the Positive Lightning energy. It exploded with a huge


The power of the explosion granted the thorn incredible penetrative power and increased it's speed even more!

Venastrasia's spike impaled his leg and stuck his leg to the throne which made him scream out in pure agony! His Armor was not active and he had felt the full attack!



By then Lucius had been long supplying his magnetic lightning force into the Divine Light Wave, which changed to a golden-violet color.

He took pleasure in hearing the man he wanted to kill scream out in pain.

Raz Seph yanked out the Thorn shedding that cut his hand once more, it glowed a purple-violet color and it then flew out of his hand, tearing his skin once more and sped off at a slower speed than before at the direction it came from but it was still too fast to be caught.

Had it have been any other weapon it definitely would not have caused Raz Seph pain nor would it have pierced his skin, but it was a Thorn Shedding from Venastrasia so needless to say it cut his skin like butter. Usually what Lucius just did would be unthinkable, but because he had a perfect receiver being the orb coupled with his Divine Light Wave he made full advantage of it!

However, in the castle, Raz Seph sat on top of his throne, anger and fury clearly prevalent in his face, he no longer had the face of amusement he once had. The orb in his chest began pulsing and he began healing his wound and stared at the departing thorn.

"Mikaelus, Mobilize the black army and attack all four Continents harshly! Find out where he is! FIND OUT WHERE HE IS AND KILL HIM NOW!!!"

"Yes my lord"

The black hooded man in a flash left the throne room.


Back in the cave at on top of Stormblade Mountain, the thorn had just arrived and there were still remnants of blood on it which Venastrasia asked for, to which Lucius quickly handed it over as he knew it might be important. This blood was a precious sample as they had retrieved the Death Knight body to late to do any testing but this was a fresh sample and it was from Raz Seph no less. Lucius, the Three Great Uncles, and the others dragons watched as carefully as Venastrasia begun flooding the blood on the thorn with Divine Magic, she was currently inspecting it for abnormalities...

Finally after a few hours she stopped and turned around and spoke to everyone.

"Lucius I think you are right, they are indeed using one of those Electrically Powered Artifacts to enhance their bodies this blood is as if it had been rapidly aged multiple times. It was evidence enough when we saw him on his throne in a smaller state and with all of the abnormalities you mentioned, now we know how to counter them and we know where it's found but still we have to devise a counter measures and that will still take some time"

Venastrasia said with a cold light in her eyes, finally she had some insight into what those things were.

"Mom...judging from what those guys said...I should be able to do that as well...."

Lucius mentioned as his eyes seemed to be in a daze.

"Probably...but if it's you, you should be able to control it so I'm not worried"

Venastrasia hugged him and kissed his forehead.


When everyone left the cave Lucius went down to the lake below, with the thorn in his hand he was going to make sure it was clean because he had to put it back in his body after all. Before he placed the thorn in the water he stopped, and then spontaneously he licked some of the blood! Whether it was curiosity or instinct he didn't know why but he had done it anyway.

Instantly he felt like cogs and gears were turning inside of him, he felt like something was opening and then..Lucius felt it had stopped a bit before the halfway point and he knew it had a great deal more to be opened he didn't know why but he just knew. He then waited for a few minutes to make sure nothing happened and then he entered the lake...the monsters here were quite familiar with him already and dared not approach him. He washed the thorn and placed it back in his body.

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