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Deep within Lucius' conscious he appeared in a white room, the white room had a single crystal orb upon a pedestal, Lucius knew what this power was, he had an inkling that this was the power from within the orb. He had no idea the battle he went through to even be alive this moment. He began approaching the orb, when a voice drew his attention.

"You're finally awake big brother..."

Lucius turned around as he recognized that voice. What he saw before him was Veranathrax only this time he was indeed a bit larger and he lost his serpent form, he now looked like a Dragon but maintained his Spirit-like form. Lucius was surprised and couldn't help but to ask him.

"Brother? What happened to you"

"I became King-Ranked"

Lucius was astonished...Veranathrax once more broke his thoughts.

"The orb had lodged itself in your throat trying to make it's way to your stomach, but uncle Xia had stopped it if you can remember, however the essence had already leaked it's way inside. It turns out the essence was an orb containing being possessed by the soul of a Death Knight. He tried to corrupt and manipulate you to take control of your body, however...I devoured him as Souls are a sort of food for Spirits...though...what you did was really reckless use your lightning in such a really would have died you know!"

Lucius nodded as he remembered his uncle forcing the orb out of his throat and shook when he thought of dying..He thought he indeed wouldn't want to die, at least not yet. Not until he kills the one man responsible for all of this.

" really was indeed dangerous..."

"Well go ahead brother, you were going to see what treasure lay in the orb right?"

Veranathrax let out an all knowing grin as his eyes shone, he himself was excited to see what the orb held. Lucius smiled wryly and instantly made his way across.

As he touched it, he felt as though the orb was a piece of him, Instantly a few images flashed in his mind. It was an image of a tree swaying in the wind...leaves fell off the three as a strong breeze drew, a few seconds later a small wave blurred through the area and the once quickly falling leaves slowed and came to a complete stop simultaneously.

As the wave passed by the leaves completely they once more regained their speed and fluttered across in the wind, where the ending of the images followed. Lucius opened his eyes and the orb was no longer in his hand, but he could clearly feel it was inside him.

Lucius had regained his consciousness and for the first time since the incident, he opened his blue fierce eyes. He turned to look at his side as he felt a presence there, sure enough his mother lay down asleep her hair disheveled and her face stained with tears and kissed her on her cheeks. Venastrasia awoke and upon seeing these pair of blue eyes staring at her, she came to her senses and hugged him tightly and asked him worriedly.

"Are you feeling much better?....Are there any....changes?"

"I think I gained a new ability but I still feel there's something else...I just can't put my hands on it"

"...I see, are you hungry"

Lucius nodded, and they both left the cave and Lucius realized instantly they were on another mountain. He turned to Venastrasia and asked.

"Mom...this isn't Lizard's Run is it?"

Her face instantly went red with embarrassment, of course it wasn't..she destroyed it. A bead of sweat appeared as she spoke nervously.

"Uhh..No..eheh..Veranathus broke it"

Lucius let out a laugh and turned over to look at the dragons who were in their human forms. They were all up as it was about midday and were currently preparing lunch, Lucius made his way over where he spotted the three uncles over at the edge of cliff. The other dragons upon seeing Lucius up and about gave him a nod with a smile and some ruffled his hair. He felt a bit embarrassed as he could clearly tell they were all worrying about it.

Lucius then walked up to the The Great Uncles and spoke to Veranathus who had not noticed his presence as they were deep in worry.

"I heard you destroyed Lizard's Run Uncle, what happened?"

When the Three Great Uncles who were currently wallowing heard this familiar voice they instantly jumped and turned around. Veranathus was just about to explain he wasn't the one, but Venastrasia's blasting aura and cold stare made him take the fall.

"Ahh yes..haha...I did it..."

The three uncles, then burst out in tears and hugged Lucius as snot came from their nose to which Lucius fought valiantly but could not avoid it...the snot and tears soaked on him like a cold shower. These guys were incredibly hopeless, they indeed were the ones that doted on Lucius the most aside from his mother.

After speaking about what happened inside him to the Three Greats and his mother, Lucius asked his Uncle Veranathus for a favor.

"Uncle I need you to attack me, there's something I want to try and you must aim to hit me"

At first he was hesitant and he looked at Venastrasia who nodded with a smile as she came to terms with the fact that it wasn't his fault.

"Okay but I'll use the lowest power I can use though, a Deity-level strike and speed should be enough"

"No I need you to use more power than that, please uncle" Lucius urged.

After thinking he reluctantly gave in and decided he would use a strike with a little more strength than a Deity. He was certain if Lucius failed whatever he was attempting he could at least survive the strike with only a few broken bones. Xiaxinia stood where Lucius would be flung in case he failed so he doesn't hit the wall or go off the cliff, Venastrasia stood near him and prepared to heal him instantly.

Veranathus and Lucius stood facing each other in the middle of this new mountain crater, and Instantly Veranathus' human hand turned into a huge Dragon's hand that came parting the air at a terrifying speed that did not match it's size in a horizontal swipe towards Lucius' right side.


As Lucius sensed the incoming blow, he closed his eyes and recalled that sensation of the wave that distorted the tree and it's leaves. Instantly his eye opened as they shone with a white light, a bright white shone brightly and intensely in Lucius' left palm as it took the form of a rotating white orb that made a whirring sound, Lucius aimed the orb with his left arm and instantly sent his palm to collide with Veranathus' blow.


Veranathus' open hand stopped right as the white orb collided with it, Creating a huge white-crystal colored transparent shield wave which made him freeze, instantly Lucius hopped over the claw and landed on the opposite side of the Dragon's hand and almost exactly after the hand regained it's freedom as the shield wave broke and  the hand exploded the air!


Veranathus was dumbstruck! Lucius had stopped his blow! He had a feeling that was what he was attempting to do but never in his wildest dreams did he believe that Lucius would actually pull it off and be able to stop the blow completely! He thought at most he would reduce it's damage with a new move he did not expect him to succeed much less so perfectly done! The dragons watching just stared, they themselves did not understand what just happened.

Lucius gave out a chuckle as he tried to catch his breathe, it seemed to have drained quite a bit of mana from him, he turned around and laughed at Veranathus, he could clearly see the surprise on his face. Veranathus licked his dry lips and couldn't help but ask.

"D-Did you just stop time?"

"Hehe, well sort of.. more specifically, only the time of the surrounding area of your attack for a split second"

Everyone was instantly shocked! They knew that stopping time was no ordinary gift, regardless if it was just enough for one blow, it was indeed a weapon that could bring victory in a split second. If Lucius learned to control it properly how formidable would he be? Lucius enjoyed watching their reactions, Veranathrax came out of Lucius' soul in his enlarged form that stood 2 meters tall and 3 meters long for a while he stared at Lucius shoulder unsure of what to do. He then condensed his spirit and took a smaller form and comfortably sat on Lucius' right shoulder, proud of finding a solution to his problem and content with his knew spot.

Venastrasia had jumped upon noticed how huge he had become, couldn't suppress her curiosity.

"Vera, did you grow?"

"Yes Mother, I became King-Ranked, I remained in Lucius' soul to absorb the rest of that Death Knight"

He said as he stuck his nose in the air which made her laugh and he was rewarded with a head rub. Lucius laughed as he watched the happy exchange and decided to go take a bathe and get rid of all snot he was covered in.

He instantly hopped over the cliff as his Black War Armor emerged and was covered in a purple static, his armor shone purple as he sped off looking at a huge right below.

Upon reaching the lake He took off his Black War Armor and his Black Leather Armor and fell straight into the water in his birthday suit.


Creating a deep splash and disturbing the inhabitants, he withdrew his spear and imbued it with purple lightning as he lay down and allowed the water to cleanse his body. Many creatures came rushing at the disturbance, but a few purple flashes later they had all died. As the Lucius soaked in the water, the blood began to rise from the lake and so did he. He then used lightning to heat the water on his body and instantly steam rose from his skin as he was completely dry. He once more equipped his Black leather Armor and Black War Armor and returned to the top of the new mountain, his new home.

Lucius yawned and was still feeling a bit tired so he decided to go sleep but was stopped midway by a familiar voice.

"Lucius! Come quickly there's something you need to see!"

As he turned around he saw his Uncle Xia with a serious face, Lucius nodded and quickly made his way over, Xiaxinia led him to a cave with the other dragons.

There they seemed to be surrounding the red orb that initially came from the heart, the darkness inside was missing and everything seemed to be clear enough to see inside. Lucius saw something flashing inside the orb, not knowing what it was the dragons had not touched it since they went looking for it and brought it back, luckily the orb was not hard to find, all they needed to do was emit lightning in the area and they felt a pulling current that led them to the orb.

Lucius saw many knots and bolts, cogs and gears inside of the orb, and a sort of dial in the middle, he could feel a strange frequency coming from it. He tried entering regular azure lightning but once more it whirred softly, he tried Positive, Negative and Magnetic Lightning energy but it was still whirring softly. He then realized what he needed was a new insight.

So he struck a meditative position and sat near the orb, he focused on the weird frequency and had totally attuned himself to these weird waves, Lucius began feeling a new insight he had never felt before. To the dragons, nothing seemed to be happening but to Lucius he could sense These waves that went out as far as he could see, it was certainly emitting a faint sound and the pulses were incredibly powerful.

Instantly millions of lightning bolts appeared from the sky within Lucius' mind as a hint of joy filled his face.

'It's here once more!'

He thought as he let himself fall deeper into this frequency waves as he did so a golden lightning bolt appeared from the sky and stood directly before Lucius in an instant imagines flew through his mind, what he saw was static filling the air, the static calmed down and became a fine clean wave of light that pulsed throughout the atmosphere....and then it faded. The images came to a halt and the Golden Lightning once more disappeared as it was not yet time for another breakthrough.

Lucius opened his eyes and began creating an azure colored ball of lightning in his hand, through trial and error he tried imitating the frequency he had been picking up from the orb, failure and failure, until finally the azure colored lightning began to change into a golden color. As Lucius got accustomed to the frequency, it began forming much more stronger and condensed. The Golden ball of lightning then exploded sending rays of light waves through the entire area reaching as far as Lucius could see...then at a blinding speed it came straight back as it converged right back into Lucius' palm.

Instantly images filled his head, too many to count he clenched his head and grit his teeth as the images of insects, animals, beasts and even a human family, but the images were far too many and his head felt like it was going to  explode, so he tried focusing on only the strong beings with increased vitality and strength and succeeded in being able to target whatever he wanted. Lucius learned this Golden-Wave could find any living creature within  a huge radius.

He decided to call it, Divine Light Wave, as it was golden in color and obviously because it of it's appearance.

Lucius then once more focused this Insight into the red orb, and it created a trail in the air...A trail that lead to the ruined Continent.


"My Lord, someone activated a Dark Knight orb a few minutes ago"

A hooded man in black knelt before a man on a throne facing downwards, the man on the throne had green lifeless eyes as if it absorbed the souls of billions of people. The rest of his body could not be seen as it remained shrouded in darkness.

"Really? Who one of those Lizards?"

"I don't know...I don't know what that thing was, it felt differently my lord"

"Differently? How so? "

The green-eyed man queried impatiently.

"He felt like one of those guys over there, a dragon and one of us...not just any one of us either, he definitely achieved Timekeeper form. though whatever his form may be I do not know because I've never felt something so absurd before."

"Are you joking with me?"

"No my lord..."

"Did you get the signal?"

"No my lord...something inside of him devoured the soul of our brother and the connection had long been cut shortly after"

"Hmmm...a mix between, a light  bug , a lizard and a Timekeeper? HAHAHAHA, this is amusing"

The green-eyed man laughed as his composure broke causing the castle to shake intensely.

"My Lord Raz please calm down, you'll destroy the castle and our merchandise!"

"Ahh!! My lord the signal is back up!! It seems he's sending a message!"

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