Will drop another chap tonight folks don't worry, I know this one is a bit short but because of the ending, If I continued you were bound to get cliff-hanged and I'm trying not too do that too much

Back in Corinth, inside of the Private Infirmary. Two girls lay sleeping on a bed, one with 9 white silky tails with a hint of purple at the end, and the other a beautiful red woman with exotic curves. With a flash of light Lucius had returned in the courtyard along with Anne, He spent some much needed time with Thor and finished up their discussions. About 12 hours had passed in the Spirit World, so roughly only two hours had passed since Lucius had left.

With a leap Lucius hopped up unto the floor of the balcony while carrying Anne who had a gigging look on her beat red face, and took a peek in to make sure the girls were still sleeping peacefully while at the same time allowing Anne to enter and go sleep with Sky. After confirming they were fine, he sat on top of the ledge of the balcony in a cross-legged position and stared into the stars he then closed his eyes and entered into a trance. Lucius' heart was in turmoil, hope was indeed a painful thing. He could not help but wonder about the state of his parents and grandmother, he also felt bad for the other nobles who were surrounding his parents at the time.

He started replaying the memories of the Lightning Calamity over and over in his head, because these were not normal memories but magical ones they had not eroded and were just as fresh as the day it happened. He watched every single detail calmly and collectively. Little by little while playing over the memories he could not help but in his heart feel a bit of hatred every single time it was played. He watched the battle repeatedly, he truly hated this man Raz Seph. Lucius stared at the man in his memories with complete and utter hatred for hours till the sun rose, and then he noticed something!

The man's Armor was strange! Nobody had taken much notice of it as they figured he was from another dimension so the armor would obviously be different but there was a crystal orb adorned in the middle of the man's armor, he then shifted his gaze at Raz Seph's axe, it too had a strange crystal orb implanted at the handle. Lucius thought these orbs were too strange, he then shifted over the memories to the 12 Dark Knights and they themselves had orbs in their weapons!

'What are these orbs!'

He thought as his hope was now reinvigorated and he pressed on ahead, ignoring his feelings and brushing his hatred aside just for now in order to absorb more information.

He watched and watched, and he noticed something during the battle with his mother and Raz Seph, His mother had only done damage to Raz Seph whenever she hit the skin on his body rather than his armor, certainly he should have still received damage from such attacks! He watched when his brother fell and his mother retaliated in rage with her lightning imbued tail, the conqueror had only moved his head and didn't mind receiving the attack in his armor! In fact when the attack came down towards his chest he had a slight grin!

'Something was strange about those orbs after all!'

Lucius felt like he learned something of extreme importance but he did not stop there, he wanted to know more!

He once more dove into the memories as he closed his eyes, he paid close attention to every time his mother hit Raz Sephs Armor, every time it hit the same thing happened, he would receive the hit but no damage! He then focused his eyes on the strangest them of it all, the crystal orb! It was then he noticed every single time he was hit on his armor, the orb flickered with a tiny light! It was absorbing the lightning!

He looked even closer and realized that Raz Seph had not been casting! He was definitely charging but their was no mana involved! Raz Seph had no mana! he could clearly see from the orb, streams of calm lightning that flowed like water were being evenly distributed to this weird armor from the orb. This was the first time Lucius had ever seen this sort of lightning that flowed with such calmness. This weird armor had veins of sorts that were clearly moving and distributing the calmed lightning! How could he have missed this!

'So that's why he went for us! It was our lightning capabilities! Our lightning powers their weapons and armor!'

'That calm this how they harness it? how do they do it?, his time magic was also powered by that calm lightning'

'Mom must have been so furious at the point in time that she did not notice the man used no mana'

'I know that he utilizes the lightning but what bothers me is how does he use it to power the time magic? Does he have a hidden orb somewhere with other effects?'

Lucius decided to call these orb adorned weapons and armor 'Electrically Powered Artifacts'

Lucius finally understood what this man was after and not a minute too soon he could feel Venastrasia coming towards him!


As the beautiful golden-haired woman appeared before Lucius in a flicker of light she approached Lucius--


"I thought I told you to tell me whenever you disappear!"

Venastrasia was clearly angry, as a lump on Lucius' head proved so. A teary-eyed Lucius rubbed his head as he responded.

"Mom sorry about that, but it was a good thing I didn't because then you would have never came here, mom there's something we need to talk about, I want to talk to the uncles and the aunts as well"

Seeing Lucius' determined face, Venastrasia nodded.

"It seems serious"

Lucius nodded to answer her suspicions.

She swiftly changed into her dragon form, and Lucius hopped on her back and made his way to her head and rubbed it as he had not sat there in quite a while which made Venastrasia let out a low purr, in a flash of light they both disappeared.


As Venastrasia landed  on top of Lizard's Run, she sent a message to all the dragons telling them to gather around, group by group they left the caves and surrounded Lucius and Venastrasia, the Three Great Uncles approached as well and stood before them curiosity ever present in their eyes. Lucius hopped off and looked at them and opened his mouth to ask a few questions to confirm his suspicions

"Before we begin, I have a few questions is that okay?"

The dragons all nodded, clearly they were wondering what was up.

"Okay..During the Lightning Calamity, when the first two Death Knights were killed and the power of the other 10 had increased, the power they gained would you say it was equal to the amount of 2 Death Knights equally distributed?"

Stumped by the questions the dragons all looked around but then eventually nodded,
Xiaxinia seemed to have caught on to something along with the Three Great Uncles, the four then nodded.

"Okay...secondly do you all still have the corpse of one of the Death Knights?"

Venastrasia was the one to reply.

"Yes Lucius, we supplied it with divine power to keep it fresh, every now and then we keep supplying it....where are you going with this?"

Her curiosity was clearly burning at full throttle.

"I'd like to hear what you learned about it, as well as I'd like to see it, don't worry I'll tell you all everything I knew soon, I have a few things to confirm first"

"Well nothing much actually, it seemed to be a corpse and we have no idea how it even moved in the first place  much less accumulate so much power. Their bodies are made out of a different material than any humanoid i've ever seen and their genetic make up is different from ours, you can tell just by looking but the strange thing, is that when we fought them while they were alive their attacks were always in unison"

Xiaxinia replied swiftly as he seemed to want to move up the pace and find out what Lucius knew.

"So you guys didn't cut him open?" Lucius asked curiously

"There was no need we used divine magic to pick up anything strange, but in the end we didn't find anything"

Varathraga replied as he furrowed his brows.

"That is where we will start....what I am looking for is something that isn't affected by magic of any kind except lightning....can I see the corpse?"

They then led Lucius to a cave on another part of the mountain, it was a bit lower than the crater as they did not want to keep it near them.

As Lucius entered the cave he saw a hooded being wrapped in a black robe that was probably the Death Knights cloak, Lucius instantly unwrapped the man and stared at this creature that seemed to be long dead and started removing the man's armor. Lucius analyzed every single part of this man's armor but his had no crystal orb. Lucius truly wanted to find one of these orbs. He searched around and did not see the man's weapon.

"Uncles you guys don't happen to have his weapon do you?"

Lucius asked hopefully, to which they shook their heads.

"Then do you remember anything funny about their weapons?"

Xiaxinia thought for a moment and then spoke

"Yeah, this guy here his sword rotated"

"Rotated?" Lucius inquired further.

"Yeah, it had tiny blades that covered the blade and they rotated and made a whirring sound"

Lucius nodded at this as he confirmed, they indeed used the lightning to power their weapons.

Lucius then began to explain everything about from what Thor told him to all of his suspicions and the things he found out, Venastrasia shared her memory once more to the surrounding human formed dragons and Lucius acted as a guide as he pointed out the weird features and his beliefs, the dragons began nodding as he spoke because it indeed made sense, Venastrasia felt as through a puzzle in her brain had finally began clearing and she showed a face of surprise along with all of the other dragons.

He told them especially about the possibility of his parents surviving, and they too seemed to agree, if this electrical energy really was so precious to them,  they would no doubt have kept the high noble Draconians alive, but the question is how? 500 years had passed and many of the nobles were not Deities but they were stuck at the 10th Grade mage it was enough to keep them alive until now but they would probably be close to dying of old age, with the exception of his family of course.

Xiaxinia deduced they must have been kept in a time barrier that allowed them to freeze time and maintain the current flow of electrical energy. Lucius upon seeing the dragons agree with him felt more confident in his belief and then decided that nothing would hold him back now.


Two Curved black blades then emerged from Lucius' shoulders. They instantly began slicing the man apart, the dragons looked at Lucius as if he was insane but understood Lucius  wasn't! He was currently worrying about his biological parents and had been moving with the utmost efficiency since he had arrived, they noticed this and realized he had long made up his mind to free his family.

However they sat and waited because they too believed that these guys were definitely powered by lightning and that they definitely had a secret!

Lucius instantly launched his hands into the man's chest, green blood spurted everywhere as he pulled out all of the creature's organs, he saw a liver, a spleen, kidneys there weren't that different from him, the shapes they had and their colors however were indeed abnormal.

Lucius learned the anatomy of humans from Auriel and knew what should and shouldn't be in a body. He shredded and cut opened every single organ and pieces of tissue till finally he brought out the heart, with a quick slash--


That was not the sound of a heart, they all instantly froze, as a tiny red orb a size smaller than an egg fell from the enlarged heart in Lucius' hand and rolled on the floor in front of them.

This meant many things but the most important thing was....They knew how these Invaders worked!!

Lucius picked up the orb and then looked at it at eye level, finally he got to see one up close.

What he saw inside was tiny nuts and bolts, gears and cogs and a weird colored black sphere on the inside, the black sphere rotated and it had a dim glow. This was definitely how these beings are powered.

Lucius began experimenting with the orb, he tried injected mana to confirm his suspicions, mana had no effect on it, he injected regular azure colored lightning and it whirred but it wasn't being used at it's full capacity, it still needed other requirements.

Lucius approached the entrance of the cave and held it up into air so that the light from outside would give him a better view inside the orb as he saw darkness inside of it. As it became much clearer he saw sparks inside of the darkness which made his jaw drop, he brought it even closer to his face to see what was going on inside, Veranathus who had been fidgeting since the beginning finally walked up behind Lucius as he couldn't contain his curiosity any longer, he placed his hand on Lucius' back who had been completely absorbed in the mystery of the he was quite startled at the interruption and it fell from his fingertips an into his mouth. He choked and instinctively and accidentally swallowed the orb.

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