Well then, I see quite a few people asking a few questions so i'll answer them here, if this post bothers you because you followed it then I don't really care, if you enjoyed the update...I love you my fans who has been here since the beginning and the new ones who tolerate my first FF thank you very much for the support.

These chapters so far has only been Lucius' introduction in to the world, that was why I mainly focused on him for these 20 + chapters. I have no intention of making this a short FF as I have said multiple time and ever since reaching to the capital, all of these events have taken place in less than a few weeks, I can't introduce Lucius to the world and develop the girls at the same time it just doesn't work and it would make every chapter much much longer than I can handle currently, so sit down patiently and wait for the arcs...I mean..Lucius hasn't even gone to school yet..So please relax and enjoy the ride and can't know everything at just the beginning of something.

As for the girls development, if you have realized they have all started coming together.

With the latest information, it will enter into a training arc.

Sky doesn't need to train as she is a divine beast and insights are natural to them as I said earlier.

Aleria will have her development alongside the MC, some people seemed to couldn't wait and already started judging that however the sword has a big part to play in this...... btw I wonder why...when in (CD) Delia took quite a few books to gain any development and then shot up to being a Deity..but my too slow? (I have a special surprise about this by the way, A huge surprise )

Thor's world has become fixed and can now be used for training which I mentioned previously.( she is already absurdly strong comparable to Venastrasia)

Kryssa is already strong but alongside them, she will enter her own form of training.


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tkg_es @tkg_es ago

author -sama dont forget, rest is important.
hope you always healthy.cuz writing is very demand thing and more hard than hard labor.

Chun Ma @Chun Ma ago


Penna02 @Penna02 ago

It is really tiresome, so sleep when needed.
And your pace is good, not to slow or to fast.
Waiting for the next chapter!
Thanks for the notice!

agallardo @agallardo ago

I think it is great that you actually have an idea of where your story will head. Unfortunately, many authors simply write at the spur of the moment or simply do not think that far ahead resulting in works that quickly become stale. Keep up the good work and good luck!

Reneul @Reneul ago

wohooo thx for the update . Love your story so far

jusso @jusso ago

I wonder why...when in (CD) Delia
What is (CD)?

superloner @superloner ago

I don't think your pace is slow.

agallardo @agallardo ago

03/05/2015 23:09:40jusso Wrote: [ -> ]I wonder why...when in (CD) Delia
What is (CD)?

Probably referring to the wuxia Coiling Dragon

xatoatox @xatoatox ago

in CD Delia there was less interaction wit Linley which makes us feel like she is just a side character... we didn't even know if they will be a couple or not... as for your fic they are already married so..... I think the development should've started when they got married...

tkg_es @tkg_es ago

03/05/2015 23:09:40jusso Wrote: [ -> ]I wonder why...when in (CD) Delia
What is (CD)?

it COILING DRAGON wuxia. good story just google it