Amidst the great hall of the Four Elements Academy, upon a throne of purple lightning sat Lucius Stormblade, A jet black Serpent Dragon coiled around his neck, a bottle of wine in his hand as he peered down toward the crowd before him inspecting and learning about the other races. Lucius felt a tinge of sadness in his heart. Where was his race? What happened to them?...he couldn't help but feel hatred in his heart for Raz Seph...He clearly remembered the faces of the desperation that fought to protect him.

Sensing the anger in his heart, Sky turned and looked at him, she then shifted her gaze to Kryssa with a flick of her eyes she motioned her to go to Lucius. Kryssa upon meeting her gaze flinched, slowly she turned her head to Lucius who had been staring at a lamp of fire, his gaze seemed to be lost in the flames, anyone who knew Lucius could tell he was thinking of something that disrupted his usual nature.

A nervous Kryssa got up from her throne a bit reluctantly but with a hint of confidence in her eyes and walked over to Lucius, He looked  up and met her gaze and she then proceeded to sit on his lap, which made Lucius speechless, he knew she hated this kind of thing in public. Lucius had indeed been speechless, but not as much as the crowd watching. The musicians stopped playing and the people who had been mingling, stopped and stared. It was not something that they could ignore, this wasn't some random girl. This was Kryssa Blackwolf, the Queen Huntress Water Deity of the Beastrace Clan, The "Immortal Queen".

Her face dyed red as she wrapped her arms around him and looked at the speechless Lucius. Her expression then  changed to a serious one as she turned to face the crowd.

"I Kryssa Blackwolf, Queen Huntress of KanKan Forest, declare to you all here today, that Lucius Stormblade by the tradition of our people and by our sacred laws, has accepted Lucius as my King and husband, The ceremony will be held at KanKan Forest in the coming month, as it is written in our laws, if there is any man who dares deem this marriage unfit, step forward and place your life in a trial of combat"

Silence! Not a word was spoken! Dumbfounded expressions, Curious expressions,  Surprised expressions, expressions filled with hatred, Expressions with envy. yet no one still dared speak a word!

"Then Bow to your King" Kryssa ordered the beast men.

Instantly all of the beast race members fell to their knees, they bowed their heads and took a submissive position.

"Rise" was all Lucius said to them.

They then took a look at Lucius once more, and they were smiling, they were all happy, Who would dare offend KanKan forest now? Except for the beast race girl who gave Lucius food, she pouted but one could still see her a sense of happiness in her eyes.

No one had noticed the reaction of the Wind God, but she had clearly been startled, Sky however was paying close attention to her, as she found the Wind God to be too mysterious.
The Wind God watched the fight between the Fuhrer and Lucius and unlike the other Deities she did not say a word, she never speaks or shows her face and unlike the other Deities she avoids Lucius rather than trying to get into his good graces. Sky believed something was up with her...

'She's barely reacted to anything Lucius has ever done...why is it only now did she react? was it because of the engagement?' Sky pondered as she looked at the Wind God.

'This woman is too strange, I have to keep an eye on her' Sky decided as her eyes revealed a cold gleam.


After a while the surprise had calmed down and people accepted the fact that Lucius stole yet another of their precious beauties, A few disgrunted beastmen obviously males were displeased she married a draconian, but what could they say? How could they possibly answer the trial of combat to a boy who killed a Deity? While the older generation beastrace seemed pleased at the outcome, what more could they ask for? Their clans future was settled and they gained a new weapon.

Lucius looked at her still speechless, he knew she hated this sort of attention but yet still she did it...he pondered why. She broke his thoughts with a few words.

"You were thinking about your race weren't you..the Draconian race.."

"Yeah" he didn't hide it.

"I can't give you back a family member like Thor, but I can make you one...if you accept"
Kryssa spoke in a soft tone as she was unsure of what Lucius would say.

"Of course, is there any reason for me to decline?" He simply reassured her with a kiss on her cheek.


"Then...we have to make a trip to KanKan Forest...your home...soon"


Lucius himself was actually quite taken away by Kryssa's actions and he himself was indeed embarrassed as much as her, so the words they spoke were few.

Her actions finally caught up to her brain, as her black shiny furry ears drooped low, and her face became hot, which made Lucius laugh. He pulled her hood on her head, to hide her.

The Wind God seemed more agitated now the more Lucius pampered Kryssa. Finally as if she couldn't take it anymore. She got up off her throne and tried to make her way out the door, which no one found weird as the Wind God was usually secretive and left events early or would only return at the necessary time, so it did not seem strange. As she had been passing the crowd her eyes happened to meet Sky's who was intently staring at her...

'Aha! so that's it....what exactly is your relationship with Lucius' Sky thought in her head as a huge grin crawled on her face.

'For you to be must have had some kind of past with him? But that is not possible as 500 years ago, he had been with the dragons and never left the nest...Who exactly are you?'

The Wind God shifted her gaze away from Sky, and continued walking, disappearing behind the huge golden doors.


After a while, the Wind God returned to finish what she had originally came to do, as well as the other Deities. They approached their fellow kin and gave them advice about their Elements, about Insights, about combat and how to increase their efficiency, tactics and many other things.

While the bored Lucius decided to take a stroll, he walked and met with the parents of the many students, he asked them questions about the races and got a first hand lecture from many of them, Lucius was grateful and they themselves were happy to talk to this young man who seemed unreachable at first, as he had approached them of his own volition. Not to mention how happy they were that he wanted to know about their races, it gave them a bit of satisfaction in their hearts.

He walked around and met the Dwarven Nobles, who he engaged in many drinking contests with. The Dwarves had grown fond of him as he drunk with them and they realized he wasn't much different from them, he liked to drink and have a good time as well and he wasn't scornful to their drinking habits and loud vulgar jokes like the other races were and laughed heartily with them. After hanging around there for a bit, he decided to leave before he got too drunk as he wanted to hang on to his senses for a bit longer.

He then headed over to the Beast Race section. The Beastmen Nobles welcomed him warmly with a bow and gave him some of their most precious food and finely styled meals, to which Lucius happily obliged himself as well as Veranathrax who sat on top of his head happily eating away. The beastman cheetah girl brought all of the dishes as she asked them to allow her to serve it to him, with red blushed cheeks, she ran up and down in a flash bringing different kinds of foods. Lucius found the girl to be rather cute, but he was not interested in her romantically, he pondered if this is what having a little sister must be like. He pat her head as she brought the last dish which made her purr uncontrollably, upon seeing this Lucius laughed.

He took a quick glance at the human section but he wasn't too interested as he had been versed in human culture by Auriel, also because a few humans stared daggers at him, they indeed held some hatred for Lucius after all he killed their Deity and made them look weak. This was indeed a huge blow to their pride. Lucius just sneered, placing one hand on his mouth and another on his throat clenching it tightly as he didn't want to laugh at them and if he surely had released his throat it would come out. Lucius didn't care for them, Why should he care for people that held loyalty to such a man?

As he headed over to the Elf elders, they looked at him a bit warily, but his warm smile made them calm down. He tried to play the some instruments they had, he learned how to identify a few plants and which ones were helpful for healing himself, though he had no need for it as he possessed divine power, it was still good information to have. Lucius knew how the elves were secretive and didn't want to bother them to much, so after a few exchanges Lucius thanked them and made his way behind the 4 thrones, there was a huge glass door once opened, led to a balcony.

He looked up into the sky and at the stars and mumbled.

" It should be about time now right?"

"Brother? time for what?" Veranathrax asked as he brought his head to stare at Lucius.

"To see her..." A smile came across his face as he thought about his wife who he missed dearly.


Lucius abruptly returned and informed them he was leaving, to which Sky and Aleria got up and clung to his arm,  with a flick of his finger the Purple Lightning Throne glowed and tore itself from the ground, reformed itself back into armor and dissolved into Lucius in a flash. Lucius took the two girls as Veranathrax melded into his soul, they approached the balcony and with a quick flash his armor emerged, he wrapped the feet of both girls gently with his chains and in the blink of an eye took off at a blinding speed leaving a trail of purple in his wake.


They quietly reached the Private Infirmary and the both girls had fallen asleep during the short flight, Lucius kissed their heads an told them he was going off for a bit to see Thor, Aleria was already too deep in sleep to hear, but Sky nodded between sleep and wake as her white ears drooped low. Lucius hopped out the window and landed in the courtyard, he charged a great amount of mana into his palms and as the streams of blue mana converged he instantly directed it into his golden ring with a golden hammer symbol, Instantly--


A blinding light enveloped Lucius as he once more saw the stars and the planets at a blinding speed. In a split second he arrived at the Throne room he had once entered a week ago



Lucius was on his butt, as a silhouette crashed into him, and a golden helmet fell to the floor, Beautiful golden hair covered his face, he knew who this familiar smell was.

"I missed you...I missed you so so much" A teary-eyed Thor hugged him tightly and made his eyes bulge, it was only then Lucius remembered how incredibly strong this girl was.

"Hehe I missed you too, I counted every day and couldn't wait to see you once more"

Lucius pat Thor's head and then held her cheeks and gave her a deep kiss that made her legs weak.

"Well I counted the hours ...." Thor said as she returned a kiss of equal measure.

The both of them stayed in their embrace for quite a while, until..


The sound of someone clearing their throats broke them out of their trance. As Lucius turned to see who, it was Anne, she had been here with Thor taking care of the last bits of problems the Lightning Spirit Plane had.

Anne crashed herself into Lucius in a likewise manner

"Big brother Lu! Big brother Lu! long time no see!"
The positive and bubbly girl clung to him which made him laugh.

"Yes Anne, Long time no see, I trust you've been helping Thor out a bit?"

The bubbly girl nodded and showed a cheeky smile, for which she had gained a loving pat on her head from Lucius... her cute bubbly face then turned serious.

"Lady Thor, now that you two have time, you should tell him...he needs to hear it"

"Yes I know, Lucius you remember the last thing we said to one another?"

"Yes I had a few questions for you"

Indeed how could Lucius forget? He had a lot of questions, the main one being...Why are his parent's not spirits? They were the strongest of their clans and they died with the most regrets, being the King and Queen of a massacred Race, they should have been the first one to become spirits.

"Yes, please go ahead" Lucius felt nervous, His brother had emerged from his soul and sat in his usual spot as if to give Lucius courage.

"You want to know why none of your parents are Spirits right?.." Thor asked cautiously.

Lucius just nodded, his face had not changed but his tightly clenched fists betrayed his emotions.

"There's a reason for's probably because....well...there's a high chance that  they are alive.."

"WHAT?! How is that possible? I saw them die! Are you sure?! That's impossible!"

Lucius could not believe what he had heard, certainly he saw them destroyed by time magic before his very eyes, not only that but he felt the curse effects himself and he knew nothing could withstand such a terrifying spell, except for maybe a dragon who could only withstand it for a short duration, as they only become stronger with age but if their Insight isn't strong enough to withstand their aging bodies they would die.

Neverthless dragons held a high survival rate against time magic, it's as if they were natural enemies, the only reason the black dragon had died is because he had already been fatally wounded and the time magic, increased the wounds effects. This was something Veranathrax told him, the only dragon who felt the full range of his time magic. However if a dragon was young  or had Insight too low to withstand their aged bodies they certainly wouldn't survive it. Time magic against dragons, was like rolling a dice, it was a gamble.

Thor then placed her hand on his mouth.

"Let me finish..there are a few things that bugged me about this Raz Seph, I'll lay the facts before you and you can tell me what you think"

Lucius nodded, a bit of hope in his heart, he stared his fingers trembled so he bound them together with a closed fist.

"First of all, I have seen the memories of every draconian that had died and became a Spirit, coupled together with the memories I got from Lady Venastrasia through you, and I found something incredibly weird...for instance...How did Raz Seph know where you're parents were? They were not in Stormblade City but rather at the foot of the mountain, they were on their way to the Thunder Dragon Festival. When he had turned towards them and caste that time curse, he knew exactly where you were."

"Secondly, he waited till the Thunder Dragon Festival to reveal himself, my belief is that he waited for all the High Nobles to leave as to separate you all from the commoners, the question is why? He could clearly have killed both the High Nobles and the commoners all the same with his power as it made no difference to him...why wait for the separation? it was as if he wanted all the High Nobles grouped together...... that is incredibly suspicious"

"Third is this.."  With a swing of her hammer, Thor along with Lucius and Anne entered a dark room, no the room was not was space! Lucius could see the stars and the planet this time they were not moving, he marveled at it's beauty and wondered how something like this could was clearly a room but it looked like they had been in space!

In the middle of the room was an Orb on top of a pedestal, Thor approached it and placed her hands on top of it, instantly it glowed golden and it displayed several images on the walls of the space room.

"This orb is called the All Seer Lightning Orb every Spirit King has one, I use it to sense Spirits Lucius, but not only Spirits....Every living creature that has lightning in it's veins cannot hide from this orb Lucius..I sensed every single draconian die with few exceptions."

"When the Lightning Calamity happened, I felt the disturbance and I rushed to the orb, I saw countless Spirits enter the Plane while others passed on, but select few did not show up at all as if they had been blocked by something...Lucius the few exceptions were all High Nobles including your parents..... not a single High Noble had become a Spirit! You have to understand this in itself is a very absurd thing! As Stronger entities tend to have a much more firmer grip on life, they cleared both criteria to become spirits! The strange part is, I did feel them disappear but it wasn't from death otherwise I would have known! It was as if they had left the dimension!"

"Something here is definitely wrong Lucius!"

Thor was extremely confident and her eyes were dead serious. Lucius did not know what to say and finally squeezed out a few words.

"A-Are they alive?" Lucius' eyes was open wide with fear, a sliver of hope lay inside.

"I don't know, but at the very least they are somewhere I cannot see"

Thor said dejectedly.

Lucius could not help but feel hope in his heart.

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