Yoo, guys what's up I promised I'd give you guys a spoiler.
To those who wondered about the ascension to a higher plane
the answer is


Lucius will indeed ascend to not just one but several different worlds.
Raz Seph, is a low-ranked general.

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Hesteria @Hesteria ago

WTF Raz Seph is only LOW RANK @@

Deraxus @Deraxus ago

Ok so that confirms my thought on this atleast being a 200+ chapter series

Ariakan662 @Ariakan662 ago

We need more! Hopefully Luscious will befriend nd the other deities. It would be nice to see the world fight and kill Raz Seph.

AndrewRL @AndrewRL ago

Ohhhh, that means nobody important has to necessarily die in the fight, YAY Venestrasia, don't die. o/

Nekosama @Nekosama ago

o.O wow low rank could wound a dragon queen and destroyed a whole race. what kind ruler the have o.O
then more harem and more race XD

ForeignNinja @ForeignNinja ago

After thinking about it, it kinda makes sense. Lucius is already a new species, and there's are a lot of suggestions that he will become stronger than the dragons. Didn't expect Raz to be low rank though. I was thinking mid, maybe lower high rank.

Chun Ma @Chun Ma ago

Plz dont make his ascension too fast or too slow like with Qin Yu

LengZai @LengZai ago

Well that just makes things more interesting ...I mean Lucius will have a chance to fight someone stronger than where Raz comes is still a mystery so I wouldn't be that surprised if there actually someone stronger than Raz appear.

imram @imram ago

I hope in the dragon clans meeting he will have a dragon girl as a new wife .