WorldSerpent : Yoo guys what's up, I just wanted to let you guys know later tonight I'm gonna drop two posts tonight.

1) A huge spoiler you read at your own risk.

2) The prologue to my new Virtual Reality/ Reincarnation FF.

As I said earlier, the new FF is going to be a trial and it will update slowly as I intend to focus on DCOT. If you're not a fan of Villainous MC's then this won't be for you! Sorry! It's about Vikings and they're not known for being heroes! However I can promise you the same as DCOT No NTR!  Thanks for your time!

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LengZai @LengZai ago

Ok..Ima see how it is.

216581 @216581 ago

plz for the love of god make an mc that can steal a portion of a monsters states when he eats it op is bliss

Darkbeowulf08 @Darkbeowulf08 ago

I thought that you posted another chapter T.T

Glitner @Glitner ago

Whats the name off rhe new ff?

Wienberg @Wienberg ago

Vikings! Me from sweden likey likey

lootl @lootl ago

im all in for an evil MC, especially if its done right and badass.

atl92 @atl92 ago

Evil MC's are fun in their own ways.
Hell I love cocky villainous Main Characters.

rakfalenm @rakfalenm ago

every author should make this same promise