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Inside of the hall, were richly made walls, with beautiful designs of each House of Elements. It was decorated grandly and indeed was one of the most beautiful places Lucius had ever seen, There were Silver- tables, silver chairs with grand designs, from the ceiling hung a grandiose golden chandelier that had orbs of fire, wind, earth and water essences that danced around as the chandelier rotated, The tables that had names on them, each table allowed only family to sit with them. Directly after all the tables were Four Thrones.

One that represented Fire where Aurius sat looking at Lucius amused.

One that represented Water, where Kryssa tried to hide her red face upon seeing the well-dressed handsome Lucius.

One that represented Wind, where the Wind God sat, Illuyavi Evashiel, her face was hooded and no one could see her face nor her expression but she was clearly looking towards Lucius' direction.

One that represented Earth, where Vorkin Earthstone sat, his eyes glued on Veranathrax a hint of fear present.

In that order, the thrones had quite a bit of distance between themselves and the crowd that made them feel unreachable.

As the crowd became quiet at the all to familiar introduction, they all looked at the doorway with expecting gazes, many of the young women present who had seen Lucius' fight or heard about it, especially looked forward to seeing him, they had heard Lucius had two wives, Sky and Aleria and they knew he had intended to take other wives.

Most of the young male students however, hated Lucius. Most of them out of obvious envy and jealousy, some because he stole the attention of all the females, many of them had to watch girls they liked readying their best expressions to show Lucius, making sure their dresses were perfect in every way. Using silverware to see their reflections, every hair in line, every seam perfect. This made the young men's hatred for Lucius grow as it damaged their it should. However the older males all liked Lucius, to see such a young vibrant upstart made a fire burn in their hearts.

Many parents hoped to get their daughters engaged to Lucius, being a wife of the newly sprouted Draconian clan, and the House of Lightning was no small matter, if their daughter could become a matriarch amongst a clan surely to flourish why wouldn't they? The also understood Lucius was a respectable young man...but still many of the people here had one thing in common.

They all feared Lucius quite a bit in their hearts, After all his only introduction had led to a massacre and a battle that resounded throughout the 5 Continents. Not to mention the appearance they had seen was not the usual but the Lucius soaked in blood lust, the Lucius that had descended like a Heathen God and slew a Deity. They held their breathes and stared at the doorway.


As three silhouettes appeared in the doorway, the audience could feel their excitement, nervousness and fear flare to a new height. What they saw was..

A young man about 16 years old, Silvery-White sleek hair that flowed like a gentle breeze, blue piercing eyes filled with indifference, his split pupils that looked like lightning bolts, his trademark Ethereal Azure colored diamond embedded in his forehead, he was strikingly handsome and the garment which he wore, was completely made out of Golden Thread that caught the eyes of many high ranking nobles from different Houses.

A symbol of a golden dragon through a stormcloud, that represented Venastrasia and his House of Lightning adorned his chest right near his heart. Wrapped around his neck was a Jet black Dragon-Serpent type creature with blazing red eyes, that added to his mysterious charm. His each and every step was efficient and graceful, like a noble predator. On each of his sides were women whose beauty could only be comparable to each other.

"Oye...Isn't that completely made of golden thread?"

"No...Are you an Idiot have you ever seen so much golden thread before? surely it must have been mixed with another material! "

"No it is indeed Golden thread, do you see the light glow it gives off? Apart from our main business we have a few armor and tailoring shops, I've dealt with Golden Thread before, in my business we learn to tell the real golden thread from the fake ones....that is definitely real golden thread, how he got so much I have no idea, but it surely wasn't from one of the 4 races"

"Wow..I've never seen so much golden thread before....that robe must cost more than my mansion...hell it must cost more than me"

"Shit...even his wives are wearing matching have to admit though, this guy knows how to make an entrance"

"Hahaha...Yeah I'll give him that!"

A few quick short murmurs reached Lucius' ears but he paid no mind.

One had Silver-Azure colored hair that seemed a bit transparent, her purple-azure colored eyes drew many gazes but not as much as her cute white fox-like ears and 9 white-colored tails that had hints of purple at the end. She similarly to Lucius wore a Golden robe with the House of Lightning symbol, the robe clung to her body revealing her curvaceous and seductive nature, which arose many men inside the audience, who dared not look for too long as they feared the consequences of such actions.

The Other girl had long-red sleek hair that looked like silk and deep sharp red eyes, her bust size was larger than the first and she had a different air about her, If the first girl was sugar, then this girl was spice. Her aura was much different from the other girl but seem to complement each other perfectly. This red girl was not any less beautiful than the first as her slender face was shaped perfectly and her slender waist, led to curvaceous hips, her body was obviously one of a warriors but it was perfectly toned and still retained it's feminine charm, in fact it wouldn't be a stretch to say her warrior training had given birth to such a beautiful figure. Her golden robe was more warrior designed which showed off her cleavage as well as her slender soft arms that were toned to perfection and her beautifully pale legs.

The gazes then moved back toward Lucius, as they stared at the mysterious youth that gave off a charm of being from another world. They had never seen anyone like Lucius before...even by Draconian standards, Lucius was abnormal. He had completely blew their expectations out of the water when he appeared as he did. Naturally they expected to see him in a Black War Armor or having a fearful aura, but the current Lucius gave off the air of a High Noble. His graceful and handsome face had completely captivated the crowd.

He gracefully made his way past the crowd, with both beauties in each arm , as he neared, the crowd parted to make way for him. Lucius took a few quick glances and realized he was not welcomed here.

As many of the males just stared at him but he could sense the displeasure in their hearts. Giving them a small grin, they turned their gaze to the floor, some to the ceiling, some pretended to be watching behind him. none offered a seat but Lucius did not care, He did not come here to make friends. As he walked by he said a tone loud enough for the surrounding males to hear.


The females however smiled at him warmly, some made gave off a erotic air as they made lustful gestures such as licking their lips and even the way they stood, brought many men to their knees, these noble ladies were indeed trained to this extent. They indeed knew how to seduce men and how to showcase their charms but as he felt the arms wrapped around him tighten, he only smiled back. Indeed there were many beautiful women here, none comparable to those that clung to him.

Finally the an old man with grey hair, dressed neatly in a butler's style suit, with a warm face who looked like a usher because the small book and a quill which suggested it was to check the list. He was supposed to greet the nobles and lead them to their seats but he had been taken back by Lucius appearance, he finally broke out of his trance and hastily made his way toward Lucius with beads of sweat covering his head.

"I-I'm sorry...we did not prepare a table for you...we had been told that you were not going to attend, as the orders for this years Formal Introduction had been taken care of by the late Fuhrer and no one m-mentioned anything changes, I'm just an u-usher milord, I am not responsible for such things please forgive the Four Elements Academy for such horrible treatment."

The kind old man, apologized quite a few times as bowed, Lucius could tell the old man was lying but he sensed the old man was not a bad man because his apologies were indeed very sincere, he may have lied for a reason was the first thought Lucius had. He glanced around the room till he found a strange open space amongst the tables, there was a clear print in the Luxurious Carpet made of a rare beast, it was indeed prints of a table that had been recently removed. He zoomed in on it, until he spotted a triangular 3 dimensional paper similar to the one each family had on their tables.

Lucius approached the paper and flipped it over with his foot. What he saw was " Stormblade Clan, House of Lightning" It had clearly fallen from a table.

Lucius with a zap destroyed the paper and walked back to the old man, the old man upon seeing Lucius read it, his face instantly paled. He knew what disrespect it was to not prepare  a seat for a noble, The noble being Lucius filled him with terror, he was well aware of this young boy's temper and had not wanted to offend him in any way. Not only that but he could face serious penance and it seemed the old man had his other reasons as to why he did not want Lucius to see it.

Lucius placed his hand on the old man's shoulder and spoke to him calmly.

"Do not fret over something as small as this, this is fine, accidents happen, besides that's not where I am supposed to sit, however tell me something though..Why did you lie? and speak freely and honestly this time, don't worry I won't cause you problems"  Lucius grinned at the old man and assured him to relax.

The old man calmed down seeing Lucius' rational behavior that he did not expect. He had already heard enough stories and did not expect this sort of response, but he didn't know that Lucius had his reasons. However, Upon noticing Lucius was not the sort of man he thought him to be, feeling guilty about the lie the old man confessed.

"Milord, many of the young nobles here greatly dislike you're actually quite famous for a number of different reasons, someone stole the table though I am not sure who, I did not want milord to be upset and start a fight, I know milord's fury quite well as I had seen it with my own two eyes." the old man said honestly as he bowed.

"Okay then please take the rest of the day off, and go sit with my family and enjoy a meal, because of you're concern and placing the bigger picture before yourself, I will not pursue this matter" Lucius urged him to which he did not refute, how could he a butler refuse a Lord Noble such as Lucius?

"Thank you milord!"

The old man graciously thanked him and gave a deep bow but was puzzled when he wondered what Lucius meant by "Where I am supposed to sit" and thought about it a while. Lucius himself didn't want to cause any problems today, as he wanted to be done with it quickly and smoothly, but that did not mean he could not enjoy his time here, as a wicked grin crawled upon his face. Lucius motioned Sky and Aleria to take the old man and to go sit with Auriel's family, he then sent a mental message to Auriel, telling him to receive the old man warmly, the girls happily went over to chat with one another. Sky sat near Jena and Aleria near Krissa, as the old butler took a seat near Auriel who graciously welcomed him.

Lucius however approached the Four thrones, which startled the Wind God and Earth Guardian. However he paid no attention to them and walked in between Aurius and Kryssa's Throne space, Instantly two Dark Curved Blades sprouted from his back and stuck into the ground in a flash forming a base, the black thread chains unraveled and reformed themselves into an elegant throne which gave off a purple gleam as a few purple sparks flickered. Lucius' helmet piece, The dragon shaped head came out and rose above his head and fitted itself on top of the elegant throne. Lucius then sat down comfortably upon the Throne that glowed Purple
in a gentleman-like manner with one foot on top of the other, he withdrew a bottle of Cinder devil rum from his ring and sat looking at the crowd in complete and utter indifference.

Instantly the crowd which had gotten a bit rowdy was immediately silenced as they stared at Lucius, they didn't know if what he had just done was honest or disrespectful, but they dared not say anything as they knew he had the power to claim that seat. What could they say? they could only watch as Lucius drank and looked at the festivities.


As the festivities began, Lucius watched and saw many different cultures, he saw elven culture and heard about their prowess in Alchemy and knowledge of herbs, families brought some to display, some of the herbs had great natural healing effects, some with strange effects, examples such as breathing under water and temporary strength increases, mysterious poisons and many other things, their style of dance which was elegant and displayed their beauty as a race. They also had on display many different musical instruments, the most famous one was a instrument that seemed to be a cross between a guitar, a harp and a flute that was called a " Wind-Flute" because when used with wind magic the sound it created was almost heavenly.

The beastman culture was worlds apart different from the elves, theirs were much more wild and had a naturistic feel to them, as their drums sounded loudly and wildly. They took pride in their foods and cooking methods that were passed down from their ancestors, their many different meats and styles of cooking made Lucius' mouth water uncontrollably, a Beastman girl who seemed to be of tiger descent approached Lucius and gave him a plate, to which he happily gobbled down and gave her a wink. The girl upon seeing Lucius' greedy eating and the wink seemed entranced as she dashed off the stage with a red face, she could tell Lucius had enjoyed her food.

Lucius could feel death stares impaling him, two familiar ones from the crowd over at Auriel's table and one on the stage directly next to his right.  Where a seemingly unhappy Kryssa pouted.


With the clearing of his throat, Lucius pretended not to see them and turn towards Kryssa.

"You know...I wonder if I can try some of your cooking some day" Lucius told Kryssa with honesty as he pondered what it would taste like.

"Hmph! My cooking isn't as good as hers probably!" She coldly hmphed at Lucius and pouted.

"I doubt that, even if it's not as good, I will still eat it and I'm sure it will taste better than hers"
Lucius teased, but his eyes said he was telling the truth.

"Okay...sometime soon..maybe next week...I'll make something for you" Kryssa red-faced, put on her hood to hide her face as she didn't want anyone to notice her change in demeanor, as she was a Deity and had to remain looking like one, and not some lovestruck girl.

Lucius then turned to look at the festivities once more, his eyes fell upon the Dwarves and saw their exchanges and he looked attentively at the culture displayed.

He learned of their knowledge about ores and smelting methods, the Dwarves prided themselves on these things as they had no equal when it came to metal and earth. The thing that stood above it all however, was their Blacksmithing skills they possessed, the techniques they used were worlds apart advanced from others. They showed many finely crafted weapons, and even some Artifacts, If Lucius did not have "Dark Star" he was certain he may have purchased weapons from them. He learned they loved to drink wine, and that was something he could agree with. Lucius loved wine himself.

Last but not least were the Human culture, who prided themselves on their Archeology and their civilized world, Humans had found quite the number of Artifacts, and mysterious objects that were found all over the Continents, some in Dungeons or Digging in abandoned places where powerful beasts roamed, A" Dungeon" was a place where powerful beasts gathered, as beasts instinctively gathered to places where strong mana pulses were, Quite a few Artifacts and mysterious objects are found in these places but the danger of these places was no joke.

"Adventurers" Were humans who left home in search of finding these Artifacts and Mysterious objects, If one found an Artifact of great value, even if one had been a commoner before, finding one of those could instantly make one a noble. Many commoners went in search of these Artifacts and mysterious objects, not only to strike it big, but out of sheer curiosity, granting birth to the "Adventurer Era".

The human culture flourished as people brought these Artifacts back into their home.  Some speculated with minor proof that there were other civilizations as well as other races that once lived on the Earth but nothing inconclusive. Human Curiosity drove them to cover the entire Continents going in search of many Artifacts or Technology from the old civilizations, If one had irrefutable evidence a race existed, just proving it would give one a natural and great rise in status.

They also showcased their charms that lay inside their adaptability and their skill for crafting items. The brought out many Statues , sculptures and paintings of many sorts of things, The artwork was so clean and beautiful some even looked alive. Humans indeed were on par with other races.

Watching all these things, Lucius sat on his throne and peered down at them.

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