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On top of Lizard's Run as the morning came the sun rose above the highest peak of the mountain, and brought a cool shade upon the crater...a few minutes later the full blast of light completely lit up the crater awakening the beings slumbering inside, except for one who was already awake.

Lucius was up with a groggy look in his eyes as he yawned and stretched a few times his silver white hair falling on his shoulders, he turned and looked at his beautiful wives quietly sleeping and let out a small grin. The two looked like angels that had descended from the heavens. He kissed them both and made his way to the center of the crater.

Upon reaching there he realized Venastrasia and the Three Great Uncles were in the middle having a chat about something.

"Umm Mom..Uncles..Is everything alright?" Lucius asked as they turned to look at him instantly their faces became happy.

"Lucius, well truthfully, us Dragons had no idea sheddings would be useful to you, only when we made the spear did we realize the uses it has. " Xiaxinia was the first to speak.

"Mhhm, when you left over time we had quite a few ideas, and we decided to come up with something else just for fun" Veranathus grinned as he handed over the fixed Artifact sword to Lucius.

"Thanks Uncle for repairing this, I'm sure Aleria will love it " Lucius smiled and then his thoughts drifted once more.

"So Uncle what new ideas? Don't keep me in suspense" Lucius was excited.

Certainly the spear was made from a whim, nobody knew how effective of a weapon it would be for Lucius because it had simply never crossed their minds but after his battle with the Fuhrer they had seen how effective it was when it broke an Artifact. Artifacts were by no means easily breakable, it would require being hit by something with a superior build. Something like at least at the level of an SS Artifact. However "Dark Star" was an SSS Artifact.

"Well Varathraga and I also wanted you to have weapons made from us, It's not fair Xiaxinia's spike alone becomes your only weapon as we who trained you, you must recieve something equal, and we made something you could use in combat without having to replace your spear...hahaha, My Queen if you will." Verananthus was in a confident mood.

Venastrasia brought the Black War Armor over to Lucius, At first it didn't look any different, Upon touching Lucius the Armor wrapped around his body naturally as if it were a living creature and covered him completely.

Lucius didn't understand what Veranathus meant, he sent mana through the entire Armor to pick up on any differences, he could tell the Shedding Thorns of the Spike variety on his shoulders, elbows, knees and the single one on his helm, all were detachable like he had asked for...the teethed ones however remained on his back firmly as he decided he would only need the spikes and not the teeth, it is better they remain firmly in place.


Lucius felt it, A strange change in the Armor..
He could tell part of the back armor had been hallowed out and been replaced with something else so at first it wasn't noticeable by eye at all. The size of the Armor had not been changed one bit.

'What is this? There's something attached to the back'

Swiftly turning back to look at the affected area he saw lines that clearly made two rectangular boxes that camouflaged itself into the armor and leading into the boxes were black like threads that were bound together and though they looked light and easily breakable, the the way they gleamed and how they were braided together like steel locks of  on a chain, clearly proved it to be a different case. He stared in surprise pondering what it could be.

Upon noticing Lucius surprised face, Veranathus' face crept into a huge smile.

"Try Using Magnetic Lightning on it!" Varathraga added as he looked at Lucius with a similar smile.

Instantly Purple Lightning sparked and went directly into the countless fine black thread chain, the rectangular boxes opened and From it shot out two black curved blades, around the end of the blades the black thread chain was connected firmly and it was obvious this was not a weapon to be wielded in the hands. The two blades floated at the side of Lucius' head giving off a purple gleam. He instantly understood! He could use these two for offense or defense if his hands were occupied and naturally if he mastered it, it would be a terrifing weapon to have.

"T-This" Lucius was dumbfounded as he stared at the two blades and moved them freely slicing at the air.

"How did you make this?" Lucius asked curiously, the excited expression on his face made them puff their chests with pride.

"Those threads, are made from our whiskers in our True Form after having been exposed to condensed mana, instead of sending it to a Tooth or a Spike, we tried doing it to the whiskers as well, naturally they can't hold as much as a Spike or a tooth but the increase in hardness was not something to ignore, it is about 1/10 the hardness of your spear, but banded together like they are.. it wouldn't be a longshot to call them unbreakable."

This revelation left Lucius dumb-founded.

Varathraga said with great pride.

"The Blades are made from Teeth from both Varathraga and I" Veranathus added.

"This way you can use a weapon from each of your teachers" Xiaxinia laughed as he found those blades to be quite an incredible tool.

The sheddings themselves had great attunement to lightning and incomparable hardness, sharpness and overall ability. He couldn't help but feel they were creating a monster. He could already see the many applications such a thing could bring about. As Xiaxinia was responsible for the creation of the black thread shedding chains. He knew very well how capable it was. Forget the blades attached to the threads, even the threads could be used as a weapon if one wished.

"Thank you Uncles, this is amazing" Lucius stared in awe at the two blades as they twirled around his body slicing the air, with incredible speed, Lucius immediately started integrating the capabilities into his fighting style.

He stabbed at the air tearing it and creating ten easy after-images, Between each stroke he would attack with both blades that came at a lesser speed, but that did not matter, as they would create an opportunity to rest after the thrusts from his main weapon "Dark Star". Not only that but he could use them as a defensive line.

Hours upon hours Lucius trained integrating these weapons that needed no hands, He altered his combat style and fused the new variations into his Spear style "Instinction". The end result was astronomical, Lucius felt as though he had gained incredible combat power from this seemingly minor alteration.

Aleria and Sky were long watching Lucius train.

Eventually they walked up to him and told him it was time to leave, the Formal Introduction Ceremony was soon. Lucius had once more lost track of time, He gathered up everyone and said his Thank you's and bid them his farewell, he gave a bow to his uncles and hugged his mom and as he was about to turn and leave.

Veranathus asked if he needed a lift. With a huge smile Lucius shook his head. Such things were not needed anymore. Lucius' chains wrapped lightly around Sky and Aleria, and with a huge blast of purple lightning focusing on his Black War Armor, Lucius in a flash of light took off and went at a blinding speed toward the Capital.

Watching his departing back, A thought finally crossed Venastrasia's mind she had forgotten to tell Lucius something. Instantly using her overpowering divine aura, Venastrasia reached Lucius and sent him a message.

'Lucius, The other dragon Clans will be gathering in a month okay? Make sure to come back before then so they can meet you'

A hint of surprise showed in his eyes. He remembered his mother telling him about the other Dragon clans and she had sent word to them 500 years ago after the Lightning Calamity. 500 years is not a long time for a dragon rather it's actually quite short. Certainly there were other dragons! For millions of years, when Dragons almost never died as there were no other creatures that could pose a threat for them not to mention they were natural born immortals how could there not be more?

A smile involuntarily climbed upon his face. Sky upon noticing this asked him

"Lucius what's wrong?"

Aleria as well showed a curious face with a tilt of her head.

"The other dragon clans will be gathering in a month, so we have to go back and meet them when the time comes" he replied excitedly

"Lucius you have to be careful though....Venastrasia's Dragon Clan is one thing but others may not accept you because Dragons aren't known to be too friendly with any other race...."

Sky said worriedly as she warned him, Aleria upon hearing this had concern clearly visible in her eyes. This was something they both found troubling.

Dragons were indeed such a race, and usually a terrifying existence, but as the Dragons of Venastrasia's Clan knew the story between her and Lucius, they accepted it whole-heartedly. There's no telling how the others will react to Lucius, but Lucius was not scared of them. Lucius knew he wasn't a dragon but that did not change the fact that he was Venastrasia's son. A fact that he was proud of. So what if the other dragons may or may not like him?  They were not the ones he cared about.

"Don't worry It's just a brief meeting they won't hang around long and I don't think they will attack me at the very least, I'll just be respectful in their presence and won't make too much of a fuss, besides If i'm introduced as mom's child I highly doubt they will take any action that could harm me" Lucius said to them while trying to put their minds at ease.

He increased his speed and flew off toward the Capital, leaving a purple fuzzy flash of light trailing behind him.


Upon reaching at the Capital, he quickly made his way to the Private Infirmary. He landed at the fountain in front of the entrance and gently released the two beauties onto the floor. Shortly after he absorbed his Black War Armor into his body.

As he entered he saw a grey-haired old man with his hair in a pony tail in a neatly dressed butler suit, this man was  Head Butler Steven the Auriel's mansion, he waiting at the door.

"Please enter Master Lucius, Lady Sky and Lady Aleria...Master Auriel and Lady Marie as well as Master Aurius are already here" Steven bowed as he motioned Lucius and the others to enter.

"Ah nice to see you Steven and please lead the way"

Upon entering he lead them down the hallway to the lunch room where a group of people were having lunch.

The group consisted of, Kryssa, Undina, Jena, Krissa, Aurius, Auriel and Marie.

Upon entry the room got quiet as a silhouette flashed towards Lucius and hugged him, it was Undina.

"I missed this smell" Undina said as her cheeks flushed red and she clung to Lucius bury her face into his leg.

Lucius laughed and rubbed her head, which she thoroughly enjoyed.

"Hey...You're my spirit how come you don't cling to me like that?" Kryssa's voice rung out with jealousy.

"Huh? What are you talking about Big sister, it's because I'm your Spirit I cling to Lucius"
Undina replied in a teasing manner which made Kryssa flush red.

"S-Shut up and get back here and stop bothering Lucius" the red face Kryssa pretended nothing had just happened.

"Ah Lucius, It's good to see you've arrived on time, I was beginning to get worried that you might be late" Aurius spoke as motioned Lucius to grab a chair.

Sky and Aleria followed suit and sat next to Lucius as the family had a chat about what they did for the past few days. Lucius laughed and enjoyed the warm atmosphere, but they couldn't talk for long as they had to prepare to get ready for the Formal Introduction.

Auriel and Marie had to come as this event included the appearance of the family of the registered Students. So naturally they were here. Lucius didn't want to ask Venastrasia to come and bother her with this minor event. The way he saw it, he wanted to hurry up and enter the school so he could enter the library and gain help with Insights.

Shortly after they all left to get ready, and so did Lucius.


As Lucius finished his shower, he put on his High Nobility clothing that his aunts had made him out of 100% Golden Thread. This was a event where he would have to show his social appeal and he understood this, though he didn't like it. As the Golden Clothing rested upon his body, Lucius as opposed to his usual intimidating presence, looked quite the opposite today. He looked incredibly handsome.

The Rich Golden thread was something nobles dreamed on getting their hands on, as it was quite a rare thread and few people had bits of it. None could even dream to have one completely made of Golden Thread. His beautiful silver-white hair freeflowing past his shoulders down to his back, with a flash of light Veranathrax came out from his soul, aiming for his usual spot he wrapped around Lucius' neck, resting on his shoulders and let out a yawn.

"How long was I asleep? Hrm? We're already back at the Capital?" Veranathrax asked dizzily as he yawned and his cute little face stared into Lucius' eyes.

"Haha yes little brother, I have to go do my Formal Introduction for School, we were in a bit of a rush, sorry I forgot to wake you." Lucius laughed as he rubbed his little brother's head.

Shortly afterward.

Lucius left his room, with Veranathrax in tow and left to meet the group already waiting downstairs. Upon reaching there the group entered a carriage and then all left towards the Main Academy building.


As they approached the Main building, What Lucius could see was a huge luxurious building, that which surpassed any building he had ever seen before. This was the breeding place of warriors that were meant to stand against Raz Seph.

It was easily at least 10 times as huge as Aurius' Mansion, To the right of the main building stood a tall a tower that reminded Lucius of the House of Fire, Mage tower where Aurius stayed. Aurius explained for Lucius and Sky who were new to the place, It was the Mage tower where mages studied, To the left of the main building, there was a Colesseum much smaller than the one he had fought in against the Fuhrer, It was obviously the Warrior Training Center, though it looked a bit too quiet as if no one had ever trained there before, only a few of the dummies were worn from hitting.

Aleria then mentioned that some of the worn dummies were her doing which made her red in the face. She then explained explained that barely she's ever seen any warriors training there, Usually she would see a few beastman and the occasional elf practicing their arrows but compared to the Mage Tower it was quite the quiet place.

Lucius laughed as he found it funny, He thought a Colesseum should have noise and a Mage Tower should be silent but here it was the opposite.

Finally they approached the Main Gate of the Main Building, A pair of guards, one female and one male, upon seeing Aurius, and his family immediately stepped aside.

A flicker of an ethereal azure color flashed at the corner of their eyes,as their eyes landed on the source and noticing Lucius...they clenched their spears and grit their teeth as beads of sweat appeared on their faces. Fear! They were Afraid of Lucius! Of course they would be afraid! He knocked on their door and killed their God, and replaced him as if he were trash.

Lucius walked forward with a fearless smile, When they noticed his calm and cool expression along with his handsome appearance in his high nobility clothing as opposed to the first time they had seen him in his frightening Black War Armor. Their intensity calmed down a great deal and the female guard even threw a few winks at him, to which he smiled Lucius had to admit she was pretty...and he was then bitten on both arms by Aleria and Sky who had been holding them.


As the doors opened a blinding light filled his eyes he cleared his voice and stepped forward into the light. What he saw before him was a hallway luxuriously designed with golden pillars and the walkway had been decorated with precious gems on both sides leading to two huge golden doors, where a Rat-looking man stood, he had a round body and whiskers, indeed it was the same man who had done Lucius' Introduction at the Entrance Ceremony.

Lucius instantly understood that all the people had been gathered behind there. Auriel, Marie, Jena and Krissa walked forward first and prepared to have themselves presented. Kryssa, Undina and Aurius did not need to do presentations for obvious reasons so they entered through a different route.


"Presenting the Flameheart Family, Lord Auriel, Lady Marie and their daughters, new student of 1st year Jena Flameheart and second year student Krissa Flameheart. The Royal Family of the Fuhrer of the House of Fire." The rat-looking noble yelled to the crowd as the trumpets played.

Instantly a loud applause filled the air, Indeed the Flameheart's family status rose by leaps and bounds after Aurius' coronation as the Fuhrer.

As they entered they slowly walked down the stairs and were greeted with hand-shakes and marriage proposals almost instantly. The noise died down a bit as they were interrupted by the rat-looking nobles voice! This time it was clean and clear without doubt as he dared not offend the person!

"Presenting the Stormblade Clan, Lucius Stormblade, Heir to the House of Lightning, Son of the Queen of Dragons and Lightning Chief. Accompanied by his fiances, Queens of the House of Lightning Sky Stormblade and Aleria Flameheart"

Lucius took strides forward fearlessly as he stepped through the doorway with two beauties on each arm, a slight grin on his face and a look of indifference in his eyes.

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