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As Lucius got up, he could feel his new refreshed body, he took a few deep breathes and peered down down to the world below, his sight was clear and he could clearly make out the trees and the plants, he could see beasts of the night flickering from here to there. A smile crawled upon his face involuntarily as he noticed his new senses, and he could feel power welling up inside of him.

"L-Lucius?" Sky broke him out of his trance as she asked worriedly.

"Oh...Sorry" Lucius turned around embarrassed.

He had totally gotten lost in this new feeling, it was like switching from a rock bed to one made of the finest softest silk, his body was even more completely comfortable than before. He truly wanted to remain seated here and toy around with The Positive Lightning Energy and the Negative Lightning Energy more, but what he craved the most was a meal, his body was starved and required a good bit of nutrients.

"It's should be the lunch hour by now, we should have some lunch, I am completely starved, I'll go take a bath in the lake and hunt something good" Lucius suggested as he stretched

His legs felt a bit strange as if he had been seated for a while. The reason for this was--

"Lucius...It's been five suns" Sky informed him with a giggle.

Lucius was dumbstruck, 5 suns? It certainly had felt like hours, after thinking for a bit he nodded, maybe the effect of the forbidden Damage Release Technique had affected his sense of time as well. It was certainly alarming, but Lucius found it a bit amusing, he truly enjoyed training that was probably also another factor.

"Five suns huh...that reminds's almost that time..."
Lucius muttered as he stared at the stars.

Certainly he had been thinking of his wife that was all alone, the long-haired blonde and armored beauty, certainly he could talk to her through the ring, but he felt it would be a sort of torture as well, not being able to see her beautiful reactions.

"I'll be back...I'm going to take a shower and hunt something"

Lucius then with a great leap, dove off the top peak of the mountain without a second thought, his body angled in a way to penetrate the air and send him down even faster, alarming everyone around him. Xiaxinia had a gleam in his eyes which seemed to say, Do not underestimate his student. As Venastrasia sprouted her wings and was about to go to him a hand stopped her.

"What?! Move your hand!!  He's not even close to the cliff to break his fall!! XIAXINIA MOVE!!"

She looked at him furious and it sent a shiver down his spine.

"Wait my Queen, please just watch him. I have an idea what he is trying to do...Just trust in him my Queen, I've watched him for 500 years, and he has always surprised me time and time again....even if he fails to do what I think he is planning, he will most likely use Thunder Strike to break his fall"

"....You better be right about this.." Venastrasia said as she growled, Xiaxinia panicked...and hoped and prayed Lucius would succeed or at least use his Thunder Strike!

Lucius then in a flash brought out his Black War Armor, Suddenly Purple Lightning oozed from the spike sheddings on his armor, that protruded from his shoulders, his spinal cord, his knees, the two from his elbows! Increasing Lucius speed even faster going speeding towards the ground!  Just as he was about to hit the ground--


Lucius in an instant changed direction and was going forward! His feet were off the floor! Lucius was flying! At an Incredible speed! Though a bit slower than the Fuhrer, he was still flying and he wasn't a Deity yet!

(Decided to call the Sheddings on his Armor, "Shedding Thorns")

Instantly the faces of the audience changed greatly! From fear to astonishment as they watched the currently jet Black War Armor give off a Purple Glow as purple static flowed from the Shedding Thorns different from when they had last seen it, First it had a natural Golden Aura, Then it had a Red Aura when charged with Natural Lightning Energy, Now a Purple one had surfaced! If he looked like a Heathen God before! Now he looked like Celestial Lightning Spirit moving through the plains!

He disappeared from their sights after a few seconds as they saw the purple glow heading off behind the trees...

"....He flew...." They all pratically said it at the same time  with dumb-founded expressions, Lucius' talent was just way too frightening! He had already perfectly grasped the nature of the Purple Lightning Energy which he decided to name "Magnetic Lightning Energy". If he increased his Mastery of it then it would be an even more terrifying weapon.

"Bwhahahahaha what kind of dragon doesn't know how to fly" Veranathus said trying to sound unphased at Lucius' brilliance.

"...Liar..." they once more said in unison as Veranathus became bright red from embarassment.

" knew he would fly?" Venastrasia asked with confidence as she realized he probably predicted this.

"Nope, not one bit, I'm surprised as well, I thought he would fall and do some sort of cool move, He really is quite bril--"

Before he could finish speaking, The silhouette of a dragon went plummeting from the ridge, A noticeable bump on it's forehead.


A good few miles away Lucius was seen swimming in a lake a few hours had passed and the sun had already long set, he had lost track of time as he truly enjoyed this peaceful time, he lay there soaking in the water in his birthday suit, the creatures around him in the water dare not attack as they could sense the lightning running through his body. He had quite a peaceful bath and as he was making up his mind to leave... just then he could sense a presence trying to threaten him, it was probably the "King" of this Lake. Only that creature would be this arrogant as it saw Lucius as a trespasser.

Lucius sensed a deep bloodlust coming from below....In a flash it came at him in a blinding speed! Yet he did not move. He calmly started pouring mana into his right hand.


A flash of purple Lightning emitted from Lucius' right hand and a object that moved too fast to see flashed beneath Lucius as he lay upwards gazing at the many stars in the night. Now that he was out of the Capital and out of all the city's lights, and he was once more out in the dark wilderness he could see the stars once more clearly and he had forgotten it's lustre....It was indeed quite a lovely night.

Instantly the bloodlust stopped...Blood leaked to the surface of the water.

The body of a large creature, it had a shark-like head with the lower body of a crab it surfaced, and had a clean huge hole in it's forehead that went straight through. It was called a Shell shark and was famous for it's ferocity as well as it's delicacy, they were quite rare.

The unidentifiable object then returned to Lucius' hand and it was only then clearly seen, it was his beloved spear...

"Come to think of it...I never even gave you a name huh..."

Lucius said as he gazed at this fierce weapon that had stayed with him through everything. A weapon made from one of his masters blood. He indeed treasured this beautiful thing.

"I think I'll name you Dark Star"

Lucius smiled as he looked at his reliable spear, it gave off a cold gleam from the moonlight as if accepting it's name. He then once more stored it back into his ring.

Lucius then materialized his Black War Armor and picked up the corpse of the huge Shell Shark and then with a swift motion, Magnetic Energy once more oozed from his now protruding spikes and launched Lucius forward and instantly he climbed altitude aiming for the peak of the mountain with a flash of light he left the area.


After a few minutes Lucius reached the top of the mountain with the Shell Shark on his back, he landed in the middle and upon his arrival he met everyone there around a bonfire talking, Aleria and Sky had been talking to the Dragons and Venastrasia watched them all with a smile on her face stroking Veranathrax who was calmly awaiting Lucius' return.

Noticing the corpse on Lucius back, the talking stopped as their eyes bulged...Shell Shark's were indeed incredibly rare....and everyone knew of their deliciousness...

Instantly drool left everyone's mouth, Lucius laughed and had already begun preparations, he begun gutting the Shell Shark and Separting the meat from the shell, he took the pincers and left them as is that was the best way to eat it after all, It was similar with every crab type creature,Xiaxinia whipped out a huge metal pot from his ring, As he was no stranger to cooking his meals. Naturally dragons could eat it raw, but they enjoyed cooked food because  it was a different taste and they enjoyed the spices, also because of Lucius they had grown quite attached to eating cooked food.

As the huge metal pot came to a boil, they placed the meat inside and the pincers as well and let it cook. Xiaxinia had quite the number of spices as well as vegetables to go along with it, so it became quite the feast, Lucius gave his mother a pincer and he shared the other between Aleria and Sky, who in return fed Lucius half of their shares each, they wanted to feed him the whole thing but he refused wanting them to taste the delicious food.

As Lucius became a bit tired after the events he wanted to get a rest, because he had somewhere to be tomorrow.

It was the Formal Introduction Phase of the Academy Entrance Ceremony that had been held back because of the damages. Lucius had to attend, if he wanted to gain access to the school. Naturally Lucius could gain entry either way, but Lucius believed in doing things the right way and not becoming arrogant.

This was a lesson by Xiaxinia, to rely on one's past achievements to gain new ones is foolish! Arrogance is Ignorance! Both Arrogance and Ignorance hinders strength!

He truly wanted to attend this ball, it also peaked his interest as he would be able to see many other cultures at the ball, surely he had seen them walking around but this time it would be under a different atmosphere...also he could tease Kryssa as she was supposed to give advice at the Formal Introduction to young aspiring beastmen. This was the reason she left with Aurius, to prepare for this.

After a bit of chatting everyone was finally ready to get some sleep, the mountain had changed quite a bit there two more caves, one where the male dragons slept and one where the female dragons slept. Obviously in the Male Dragon Den were the Three Greats and the other males, and the Females Den were the Aunts. Both had fluffy beds, a symbol of their missing Lucius. Lucius, Venastrasia, Sky and Aleria all headed to the Venastrasia's Furry Den, and they all slept on the same bed, Sky had to relinquish her hold on Lucius' right side which she seemed to know already and instead changed to her fox form and shrunk to a tiny fox that slept curled on Lucius' stomach with her nine tails curling into a ball, Aleria firmly held her left spot with a red face and fell asleep. Veranathrax had quietly melded away into Lucius' soul for a quiet nap there, he quite enjoyed being there, it was his Spiritual Instincts kicking in.


As the sun rose and light once again shone into the caves, Lucius was already up, Dark Star in his hands thrusting through the air and piercing it with incredible penetrative force, he realised before he had to burn beyond his limits to achieve 12 after images, but now he could effortlessly produce 10, if he tried hard he could produce 15. He had no Idea how much he could create if he burned his limits, he calculated and thought maybe about 25. It was clear his power had risen by leaps and bounds. Satisified he withrew Dark Star and realized his Three Uncles were already up as well as Venastrasia. Lucius made his way over to them.

"Morning Mom and Uncles" Lucius greeted as he approached the group of 4, they had been watching his practice.

"Morning my child, did you sleep well?" Venastrasia replied as she hugged her son and gave him a kiss on his forehead.

"Morning" the uncles had replied in unison.

"Yeah I did, ever since the breakthrough my body has been feeling way more comfortable than before" Lucius assured her.

"Actually I wanted to ask two favors, Mom..Uncle Veranathus" Lucius turned to them.

"Sure ask away" Venastrasia reliably puffed her chest, which made Lucius laugh.

Remembering his prior conversation with Lucius and telling him to call him if he finds himself in danger and the offer to do a massacre for Lucius, all of a sudden Veranathus started speaking like a shady merchant from Pleasure hall as he inched up towards Lucius trying to keep his voice low so the Queen wouldn't know.

"Tell me nephew..Nethin u need, wedda  it's a  CT or a continent'  is no problemo okay? jus' point it out on da map and nobody needs to know Nethin, it'll just disappear jus' like dat, boom no problem"


" *Ahem* As I was saying what is it do you need help with? I won't help unless it's something of education value or for the sake of your well being"

A lump on his head brought back his intelligence instantly.

"Mom..I wanted to ask if you could make these Sheddings on the Black War Armor detachable, to be able to equip and take them off at will," Lucius asked honestly.

At first surprised then quickly nodded.

"Sure I can do that"

Lucius took off his Black War Armor and handed it over to Venastrasia who made her way to the Female Dragon's Den, to get a few helpers.

He then turned to his uncle Veranathus and quickly brought something out of his ring, It was a sword that had been cut in half, it was the flaming sword that belonged to the Fuhrer. Lucius believed that the sword had a connection with someone he knew and he wanted to make it a gift. On his rest day he sneaked outside and went to retrieve it silently, luckily no one had seen when the sword had been destroyed and sunk in the earth, which was then covered by the explosion of Lucius' final attack or it would have definitely been taken.

"Is it possible to repair this?" Lucius asked curiously and nervously.

Veranathus took the sword and looked at it from different angles for a while and then he laughed.

"Lucius...No matter how I look at this..Your spear skill is earth-shattering, you cut it so cleanly that not a piece had shattered anywhere, it was cleanly cut in two and it can be perfectly repaired, well by a blacksmith of my calibre of course, in fact i'll even make it stronger"

He said with a hint of pride in his voice.

"Yes uncle I'd very much like that, I intend to give it to Aleria" Lucius told him honestly.

Veranathus nodded and took off at the speed of light to his smelting Volcano.


"Aleria? you said the sword had a connection with someone right? how did you come to that conclusion?" Xiaxinia asked curiously.

"I got the feeling that sword isn't that weak, the Fuhrer made it weak as it was obviously not suited for him, I saw grooves going along the blade and a small little blade near the hilt where it is obvious one was supposed to trickle one's own blood down the blade's grooves. The only clan I can think that would use a sword with such a design is the Fireblood clan. So instantly I thought of Aleria, I have a feeling when a Fireblood clan member uses that sword, it's true effects will show"

Lucius told him his basis with complete confidence Xiaxinia nodded as he thought about it.

"Certainly that does make sense, now that I think about it, it's quite possible the sword held a grudge against the Fuhrer, Artifacts aren't supposed to break so easily, it's as if it were alive.."

"That's what I thought I could feel a faint life from it when I fought the Fuhrer"

Lucius then once more bid his farewells to his uncles and head into his Den, where his two beautiful wives were soundly asleep he kissed them both and slid right between them and laid there.

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