Dragon Child of Thunder



Chapter 20: Heart-Stopping Party.

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At the middle at the top of Mount Lizard's run, A corpse of a boy about 16 years old with white-silvery hair protruding from a keg on top of his head, lay on top a group of what appeared to be corpses, on his stomach lay a Black Coiled Serpent Dragon corpse...these corpses however were not normal ones, they were in fact corpses of dragons. Or at least they appeared to be corpses as no movement was detected and their wings were sprawled over one another and they didn't move a muscle...

The thought of them being corpses was quickly dismissed as low groans could be heard, all of these corpses had one thing in common. There was a huge lump on their heads! It was the Mark of Venastrasia!

As Lucius was quietly asleep, A sudden searing pain arose his body and it was sharp and it exploded causing him great agonizing pain and instantly waking him and Veranathrax up.


Lucius' painful scream woke some of the dragons as they all began gradually waking up after the noise to turn and see what was the cause of this ruckus was. Lucius' body had been covered in liquid-like mana and it had been burning his skin!

'What is this?!' Lucius was frantic as he felt this terrifyng surge of pain. It was Heart-stopping pain!

He didn't know what was the cause so he without wasting a breathe decided to find out what it was, he immediately sent divine power throughout his body to locate the source of the pain but could find none! As he was about to give up and find Venastrasia, he noticed something, his muscles were bulging as if they were about to explode making him unable to move properly causing him immense agony.


'What is happening?!!' Lucius had never once lost control of his body, so naturally something felt off about this pain.

As he stared at this liquid mana leaking from his muscles then it hit him! He had been so busy he hadn't been paying attention to his specs! he had totally forgot about them! This was dangerous! Venastrasia had long warned him about neglecting to check his specs, his mana core and body could be destroyed if he neglected it too long! He had to solve this problem immediately!

He then understood what he was experiencing now was a breakthrough that had started subconsciously due to being neglected, a breakthrough wasn't something that could be neglected. As Lucius look at his bulging muscles and his Dragon Gem had been absorbing mana in the surrounding area as well, he understood that he was currently in the process of two breakthroughs. One as a Mage and the other as a Warrior, the neglecting of those breakthroughs had come back to haunt him!

Instantly Lucius kicked to his feet, ignoring the incredible pain, he quickly used Divine power to heal his destroyed muscles and sped to the peak of the Mountain. As he quickly made it to the top, he let out a sign and sat down.

As he got into his meditative position and removed his clothing aside from his lower clothing. He withdrew the spear from his interspatial ring with one hand and placed it on his lap as he closed his eyes, he began drifting away....

As he entered a trance, mana could be seen being absorbed from the atmosphere into his Dragon Gem, As well as his body, Proving his double breakthrough. If he succeeded he would be a 9th Grade Storm Mage and a 10th Grade Storm Warrior.

Lucius could feel his mind drifting off into a further plane, The liquid-like mana leaking from his muscles began retracting once more back into his skin and muscles but they began being purified, there was no way Lucius was going to allow that Liquified mana to escape, It was condensed and a great source of nutrients that were previously stored in his body.

Lucius gently leaked lightning and mana into his spear as he faded off into a dream, his spear shifted to it's Glaive form and roared on his lap as it created loud static and soft explosions.

Lucius allowed himself to fall into a complete and utter trance listening to these sounds, as the mana outside his body had been constantly destroying his muscles and chipping at his bones, This was a matter of life and death! He had to succeed both breakthroughs or he would die if he only succeeded in one. The liquified mana was proof of this!

It had already begun it's consumption and already started gnawing at his muscles, he was lucky that he even woke up, as he had been drinking and it may have preserved him a bit longer by diluting his body's natural power. If the mana had been formed while he was in a healthy form, he may have very well died. This was a stroke of luck!

Though he understood what he had to do, it was by no means an easy task, to meditate under the pain of breaking bones and bursting muscles...was not something any man could do, but luckily, this was Lucius.

Compared to the pain he felt when he acquired the Thunder Rites, This was nothing. Lucius was a master at body control, he send a large shock throughout his body, disrupting his own nerves in his body without damaging them, making them unable to send messages to the brain. This was the Third Forbidden Dragon Technique Lucius was taught.

The first was Limit Release, The second was Cloud Creation which he used against the Fuhrer, and this was the third, Damage Release.

Damage Release was meant for purposes like this, the original concept was for one to use it during battle to ease any fatal wounds so they could fight at their full potential for a bit longer, by ignoring their bodies pains and screams. It was aptly named as a Forbidden Technique, were it not for Lucius Divine Power, these techniques would have surely killed him.

As the pain subsided Lucius could feel nothing, as he opened his eyes, he could no longer see the world, what he saw was millions of lightning bolts flashing amidst the sky, his eyes looked almost celestial as the millions of energies reflected from his lifeless eyes, this was because of the Damage Release Technique. It separated Lucius from his pain and gave him the ultimate trance.

After attuning himself to the static and the explosion....


A Powerful Golden Lightning descended in front of him and remained in suspended animation before him.

Lucius was familiar with this golden lightning energy.

'It's here once more!'

Every time Lucius sees this Golden Energy he cannot help but feel joy in his heart, as he knew what it meant and standing amidst the presence of something so omnipotent he could not help but feel he was a small tiny piece amongst this ocean. The aura of this Golden Lightning even surpassed Venastrasia.

Lucius once more touched this monument, Suddenly a vision of Lucius' spear came to his mind.

The spear levitated before him with great energy, the spear then launched itself at a stone
amidst the field, leaving nothing but a crater and then it once more returned to Lucius' side.

Seeing this Lucius couldn't help but wonder what had happened, he had to figure out what this meant, though Lucius' body was in a meditative trance his body still moved without his knowledge, Lucius absolutely loved to discovered the mysteries behind these omnipotent energies, he had a great joy in his heart. He felt like he had found treasure when he came in contact with these energies.

Lucius genuinely wanted to know more about these strange elements. He pondered and pondered, Occasionally injecting mana or lightning and even both into his spear. He tried very hard to replicate what he saw but he could not come up with an answer, time was of the utmost essence this time, Lucius had no time to relax.

'How did it lift itself off from the ground? There was no Wind magic involved...there was lightning, How did this happen?'

He became frustrated as he could not come up with an answer that pleased him.

'how did lightning make a spear propel itself...How was it controlled to such a degree?'

Lucius decided he would listen to the static more, this time much more carefully, he knew insight was different from intelligence. You could have high intelligence and have low talent for insight, the opposite was also possible, a fine example of this would be beasts of Zenheim, most of the beasts of the Continents learned to control their elements through instinct alone. This was proven that insight had absolutely nothing to do with intelligence.

As he attuned himself even more, Lucius decided it was all or nothing, not caring about his body Lucius increased his mana and lightning output 10 fold!




The spear on his lap raged as the explosions and the static covered his body, his muscles had never stopped bursting for a second, nor his bones, they were not that forgiving and with the added increase of firepower they recieved they had become even more relentless. They threatened to destroy Lucius.

Every now and then he would have to lower the effect of the forbidden technique to make sure his bones were regrowing properly, as he dared not give himself extra problems during this double breakthrough, but this wasn't easy. Even a few moments of that pain were enough to send any man mad.

The dragons watching this scene could not speak a word, naturally they never had to go through such pain for training, normal people never had to go through that much pain either, because of Lucius' genetic make up his training was much more crueler and painful than anyone else's, with great power comes equal sacrifice.

They stared helplessly as cold beads of sweat surfaced on their foreheads, Venastrasia, Sky and Aleria had long came and was watching the scene, but what could they say?

Veranathrax had climbed and snuggled around Venastrasia's shoulder watching as his body trembled constantly, he and Lucius were connected at the soul, he could naturally tell the amount of pain Lucius was currently under he could feel Lucius' soul shudder, So much that he had to activate a forbidden technique and even though it was active, it still hurt tremendously as there would be certain gaps where the pain would increase so greatly the nerves had no idea how to respond to such pain.

Lucius in his meditative position was covered in red crimson blood as it stained every inch of his body. He then re-activated his Forbidden technique and instantly the pain became a lost memory, he started once more listening to the sound of the static and the explosions....

Little by little he kept hearing a faint rhythm, it was the sound of two different energies they were almost inaudible amongst the explosions, you had to truly listen not with your ears, but your soul and your five senses, you had to completely and utterly attune yourself into the frequency, as he once more slid into a complete trance.

He heard them completely! One was a low tone, the other was high pitched, they were definitely almost inaudible but they were clearly there! Those two energies, he listened and he racked his brain. What are these two energies! Lucius became uncontrollably excited as he felt he was becoming closer to finding out why that spear levitated on it's own.

He recognized he would not be able to delve deeper if he continued to study them both, he had to choose one first. He then decided to start with the high pitched one as it was clearly more audible.

The high pitch whirring sound completely submerged Lucius into his conscious as the sound became more audible, upon hearing the sound in a completely clear manner, Instantly a ball of lightning appeared in his hand.

Lucius immediately began trying to get his lightning to the same frequency. He tried several times and failed, but he did not stop, he either went to high or a bit too low, bit by bit he was becoming more and more accurate. Until--


The Lightning in his hand had become deep blue in color as opposed to it's regular azure color, the blue lightning began absorbing the mana in the area and kept growing as if it were alive! Lucius decided to name it " Positive Lightning Energy" because of it's adding and increasing effect.

'This..This is definitely it!' A wild joy filled his heart.


He instantly shot it out downwards aimed at a crater in a cleared area where the dragons had destroyed by accident when they were asleep,he did so to test it's destructive power.

The blue ball of lightning went shooting towards the crater at a ridiculous speed, It pierced the clouds and went with a incredible speed and slammed into the crater.... but upon making contact with the ground.... nothing happened!

It had no explosive power at all! It just landed amidst the crater Lucius aimed at and just sat there burning it's power away.....

'What? How can this be? Impossible, I'm sure this is it! how can it have so little destructive power? No...this isn't right...something must be missing.'

He refused to believe this Omnipotent Golden Lightning Energy would bestow him something so useless, Lucius believed he just had not understood yet how to do it! This was a lack of Insight and it frustrated him so, but what could he do. Unlike everyone else, he had no ancestors or no hidden family heirloom books. He had to learn all of this from scratch, he could not even ask Anne for help as Sky sent her into the Spirit Lightning Plane to take care of something for Thor.

'I'll try attuning to the Low Pitch Energy Wave now'

Lucius instantly reset his posture and began listening with his body and soul once more, the Low Pitch Energy Wave made itself known little by little, till eventually Lucius could hear them like a rhythmic drum in his ears, he listened and then manifested a ball of lightning into his right palm.

Very much like the previous Positive Lightning Energy, Lucius began trying to attune himself to the right frequency, failure after failure but he still endured, this was the way of training. Even through a million failures, insight will still become clearer, this was the difference between it and intelligence. Failure breeds success in the World of Insight.

Lucius after continuous failed attempts the usually azure ball of lightning flickered as it's color changed to Red. Lucius could finally create a small round Red Colored Lightning ball. He charged it continuously, to test it's max charged power.


The Red Colored Lightning Ball, Flew from his hands at an incredible pace and slammed straight into the crater where the first Positive Lightning Energy ball was currently situated!


An incredible explosion filled the air as the crater became much wider and deeper. This amount of Power was indeed ridiculous! The strange thing was that it automatically tracked down the Positive Energy Lightning...Hence Lucius decided to name the Red Colored Energy, "Negative Energy Lightning"

A crazy war-like grin filled Lucius' face as he found this new Insight to be something incredibly powerful and this made him happy, he had never once seen this sort of phenomenon occur. The Red ball of lightning Accurately chased the Blue ball of lightning that had remained amidst the crater.

'This is incredible! So much destructive power! It was indeed something good, there might be a lot of applications for a move such as this...it even tracked down the Blue Lightning ball without being told to do so....haha...almost as if it were a magnet.."

Instantly Lucius' body shuddered at his own words as his eyes shone brilliantly!
'As....if it were a magnet?'

A huge bulb went off inside Lucius' head!

'Magnetic Force!'

'That's it! That's how the spear floated! These insights..hahaha...they're like a huge puzzle,
every question answered, makes two questions pop up! Interesting!'

Lucius had known laughed wildly with a joy in his heart, He understood what he had to do now, though, it didn't make it easier.

After his training with melding mana and lightning, Lucius' control had soared to a new high, he was much more sensitive to energies, so it wouldn't be much harder for what he was about attempt.

Instantly two balls of lightning appeared in his hand!

One Blue Lightning, the other Red Lightning. He prepared himself for the  oncoming back draft as he tried melding them both into one entity.


An explosion occurred, but this much was within expectations. So he started off with tiny amounts of the two types of lightning as he did with his Thunder Strike.

Instantly Lucius saw the problems that would arise.

The Positive Lightning Energy could not remain a current size, as it involuntarily grew, the ball of lightning would absorb the surrounding mana and change density constantly, the first problem had risen.


No matter how many time he tried it would result in the same effect. He had become frustrated, but now he had to take a slight break, which he hated because losing the current pondering mood during a breakthrough is not a nice feeling, but he had to take care of his other breakthrough and keep a close eye because this time he could die if he didn't pay attention.

He once more released his Damage Release Technique, as the pain rushed to his brain like a blood flow. He let out a few agonized roars and then he looked at his body, it was almost complete. Most of the liquified mana had already been reabsorbed back into his muscles but this time it was refined and became a part of Lucius.

Lucius once more checked his body to make sure all of the broken bones had been regrown completely and correctly, he realized his body had long finished the process, which made Lucius happy but it was still refining all of the impurities and discarding them.


With a cough Lucius spat out a few mouthfuls of blood and he gnashed his teeth!

All of the Dragons, Aleria and Sky watching the scene could only feel a bit of fear and awe even they did not think they could endure such torture, every crack of his bones and every mouthful of blood made their hair on their skin stand on end. Then they saw A small smile appeared on Lucius face, his eyes had opened.


Lucius let out an insane grin as he felt the power coursing through his veins, his open wounds closed and his blood red crimson covered body gave off a sharp red gleam! This was the signal that he had attained Storm Warrior Grade of 10th!

As he opened his eyes, he clenched his fist tightly, the air inside of his fist exploded by the pressure created by the sudden closing of his hand, the air distorted in face of this strength, even the Fuhrer had not attained 10th rank.

Now that he released his Damage Release Technique he could solely focused on his Mage breakthrough with a completely refreshed body!

As Lucius closed his eyes once more and drifted off into a trance, He once more attempted two fuse the both energies, with a few more failures that followed, but Lucius realized something, since he canceled the Damage Release Technique Lucius' sensitivity had increased and now he understood that these both energies were originally meant to be one, they felt like two halves in his hand. He did not know why he knew this but he had a feeling it was definitely because of his Insight.

He then attempted something else, Instead of fusing the energies together after being created he decided to create them together. He absorbed the both energies currently in his hand and placed both his hands together in a cup catching position. Effortlessly Lucius created both energies together...Lucius realized the frequency of both of these energies had been melded perfectly together as they produced a Violet- colored Lightning. They were meant to be introduced together at the same time, every attempt after that would be futile. They must be born as a single entity!

Then with a swift motion Lucius increased the output, he realized when the energy properly melded it was much more controlled. Lucius instantly retracted the energies into his body and picked up the spear that was rested on his lap.

He then injected the Violet- colored Lightning Into his spear, instantly Lucius could feel a connection to his spear!!

While emitting this violet-colored Lightning, Lucius gently released his spear in mid air....and without touching it, it remained in the same spot. His face distorted but not in anger...in amusement...a huge smile had crept upon his face unknowingly. Lucius enjoyed reaping the benefits of his training.


He laughed as he watched the spear float in front of him, With a flick of his finger the spear shot out at an incredible speed that pierced the air and went at blind speed towards a few of the trees in the distance! The spear threatened not to stop as it went cleanly through tree after tree landing somewhere far off into the distance.

Lucius had lost the ability to change it's course after it reached 5 meters.

"Hmmm...5 meters is the furthest I can control it for now...Still...It's an incredibly valuable weapon not to mention the separate energies are quite weapons themselves...If i can master how to make the Positive and Negative Energies mine, The amount of uses I have for them will be incredibly huge...I already have a pretty good idea"

Instantly upon use of the Violet-colored Lightning, Lucius was sucked back into the trance, as his body exploded with mana, but this time it did not come from his muscles or bones, it came from his chest area, which in other words came from his mana core.

The Suspended Golden Lightning Energy once more appeared before him, it came closer to Lucius and he understood what he was supposed to do next.

Lucius placed his hand on the Golden Energy and he opened his mana pores and begun sending an absurd amount of mana into the Energy, and after it refined Lucius' mana, it would make it's way back into his Dragon gem which was a direct door to his mana core,

This process continued as he felt his mana pores being burned and remade, No doubt this was painful but compared to what he had just experienced at his 10th Grade Warrior breakthrough Lucius didn't flinch for even a second. It felt as though someone was stabbing him with a needle all over his body usually it would still hurt but right now, Lucius' body had just gone through much more painful experiences.

His nerves were at their utmost peak of sensitivity but still this tiny mana didn't register. This was how grueling the Warrior breakthrough had been, no doubt it was a much harder road than one of a mage.

Aleria seeing the pain of the 10th Grade Warrior breakthrough clenched her fists tightly with a bit of a fearful look in her eyes, she aspired to be someone who became a Deity through becoming a warrior, so naturally this sort of tragedy scared the living day lights out of her. She bit down on a piece of her red sleek hair, Venastrasia upon seeing her reactions and reading her thoughts briefly, laughed. Not wanting to make the girl's business known to others Venastrasia sent her a mental message.

'It would only be that painful for Lucius, Don't worry yours wont be anything close to that'

She said with a small warm smile that relieved Aleria's worries and she nodded red-faced for being figured out, Aleria was by no means a coward, but that sort of pain anyone in their right minds would fear. Lucius was truly in a category of his own when it came to training....besides no one could really call Lucius sane as his mind was worlds apart different from other people his age.

After a few minutes, The mana exploding from around Lucius' body that was supplied by the Golden Lightning Energy had begun dying down.

With a deep exhale, smoke came out of Lucius mouth as he sent divine power to every crevice in his body, he could feel the change in his mana pores they had become much more thicker and stronger as well as wider, and the intensity of his mana core as well as it's size had also changed and became much larger than before, he could feel his increase of mana as well as it's increase in quality and was happy with it.

Lucius was now a 9th Grade Storm Mage and a 10th Grade Warrior. This made him happy, but what he was most happy about was that he was alive.

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