As Lucius found himself in a weird place, he got a sudden feeling....that people were calling him corny...

He gathered Lightning and Mana in his he sent a fake electrical command to the synapses in his brain to release it's limits, overriding the brain and sending his body into a terrifying state as mana and lightning gathered through out his body he charged his strikes and send thousands of orbs into the sky


Instantly hundreds of readers began to fall from the sky, Lucius snorted coldly and looked at them.
"Your mom is corny!".


WorldSerpent: Sorry for the late chapter guys, worked on it a great deal, feel free to post any errors in the comments or any criticism is welcomed and i'll fix them as soon as I can. Enjoy and once more sorry about the wait.


As the blinding light enveloped Lucius, He saw for a split second the stars and many planets
they all looked like a blinding blur as Lucius was once more enveloped in another bright light.

When Lucius opened his eyes once more he was back in the courtyard with a fountain, a few
trees and the large Private Infirmary where they had left, however judging by the sun not much
time had passed since they left, it was strange because they had been there for quite a few
hours. Lucius figured that time flowed differently in the spirit world, as his senses came to, he
remembered the heart-breaking expression Thor had, which left his face with a noticeable change, Lucius greatly cared for his wives.

As he looked around he noticed the entire group was here, Veranathrax made his way over to Lucius with a flap of his wings and coiled around his shoulder once more as he rested his head on Lucius' head. Lucius had noticed a pair of silhouettes standing near a luxurious carriage with fine black stallions at the lead near the front gate. It was indeed the Beastman and the Human from earlier.

Lucius walked over to them calmly and stared at them coldly.

"How long have we been gone?" he asked with a calm cold tone which made them shiver.

"A-An H-hour Milord" The Human spoke as he bowed and dared not look up at Lucius, as
the currently devilish jet black figure coiled up around his neck with red eyes
as bright as the sun stared at him. In truth Only Lucius found Veranathrax to be cute, to others he looked incredibly menacing, as his jet black scales and serpentine appearance coupled with his spikes protruding nd his terrifying dragon-like face made them go absolutely pale. Though small, the black dragon had astonishingly powerful aura.

The Beastman just whimpered as he dared not say anything, his both ears drooped low and he remained here shaking like a leaf on a tree, As Kryssa watched him she couldn't help but feel bad him, how could shenot? He was a Beastman after all.

Kryssa had never been on the receiving end of one of Lucius' death stares that's why she had no idea of the uncontrollable bloodlust that Lucius could emit, certainly she knew at times he could be terrifying but being the target object of that terror is a totally different thing, Kryssa wasn't an idiot she understood that to some extent.

Lucius then turned his back as he walked back towards the group, he understood the time difference between his world and the Lightning Spirit Plane held a time difference of 6:1, which made him a bit happy as soon he would be able to enter and leave as he pleased and this would be a valuable thing for training. He then explained to the group about the time difference.

"Huh...6:1, that's quite something" Aurius said as he stroked his old white beard in deep thought.

*Yawn* *Rumble*

Jena then yawned as her tummy rumbled to which made her incredibly embarrassed.

"Well that seems about right..Jena is such a greedy girl only an hour has passed
and you're already this hungry " Krissa laughed as she poked fun and teased Jena.

The red-faced, red-haired girl could only blush with a teary-eyed expression, as fumes
began coming out of her ears and she passed out shortly after causing the group to burst
out in a fit of laughter, Luckily Aurius was there to catch her.


Lucius could see a massive golden aura that shone as bright as the heavens appeared frantically searching the area like a spotlight, he knew this familiar warm aura, it was indeed his mothers, the bright golden aura upon landing on Lucius, suddenly became concentrated as it landed upon him like a beam of light. When the aura found Lucius it immediately calmed down and became more relaxed. Instantly Lucius understood that she had been looking for him.

Lucius let out a wide smile as he looked at Veranathrax who noticed the aura himself and held an excited expression, He then spoke to Veranathrax mentally in fear of her hearing.

"Mom is coming, Materialize into my soul brother, we need to surprise her but not here I
want her to be in a private area alongside our kin when we re-introduce you, Ha ha ha"
Lucius spoke with vitality in his eyes.

Veranathrax nodded heavily as he understood what Lucius meant, he too wanted his mother
to be at ease in privacy when their family reunited.

Instantly his black scaled body became transparent as he faded within Lucius' chest cavity area.
With a "Whoosh" He had entered Lucius soul and remained there, like this no one would be able to notice him.

A few seconds later, a silhouette of a woman curved to perfection with a pair of golden wings, and horns protruding from her heavenly beautiful golden hair appeared, The silhouette was barely visible to some but as the speed she had been traveling with is unlike anything anyone had ever seen, the silhouette had already become visible by a great margin, it had been charging directly towards Lucius.

In a split second Lucius found himself buried in two soft warm mountains, as she hugged him tightly.

"Where have you been Lucius?! A while ago I suddenly felt as though you had vanished
from the world! It scared me to death! Where have you been?!?!"

Her voice turned from worry to a bit of anger, Lucius could tell she was a bit angry he disappeared, naturally she held a strong connection to Lucius, and when he disappeared into the Lightning Spirit Plane Venastrasia had been on the ruined Continent, when she felt a disturbing presence as if she had lost something important but didn't know what it was, she instantly knew that it had something to do with Lucius when she felt Xiaxinia came speeding towards her as he had been tasked with watching over Lucius. A cold fear had been rushing through her heart.

Xiaxinia had been distracted as he had entered the Capital and went walking around, His aura was naturally around Lucius, He would know if there were any changes, or if a strong foe approached Lucius, even any strong emotion that surfaced he would know, but when he felt Lucius disappear his heart shuddered.

Chasing after Venastrasia, three silhouettes of humans came a minute after Venastrasia had reached. It was indeed the Three Greats as they landed near Lucius, A noticeable bump on Xiaxinia's head, that indicated Venastrasia's fury. Watching the two embrace they finally let out a sigh, they knew all too well how precious Lucius was to Venastrasia, and how she would be if he was still missing.

"I'm sorry mom, when we were doing the Spirit summoning I was called to the Lightning Spirit Realm, I didn't know I would have left Zenheim, I thought the Lightning Spirit King was supposed to appear before us, but instead we ended up teleported over there"

Lucius said as his voice was muffled when he finally looked up and saw the weary face that been dyed with worry he felt bad on his end, to make his beautiful mother worry so much, that for the first time he had seen her face so worn out, but gradually it softened as she continued to hug him and it once more regained it's glorious grace.

"You...Went to the Lightning Spirit Plane? Well that would explain why I felt the disappearance, however next time you intend to do something like that let me know okay?" Venastrasia knew what she was asking was unreasonable, who would know when they would drift off to another world, but she still said it non-the-less with a red embarrassed face. That feeling of loss, reminded her of a similar event, never did she want to feel it again.

"So...what Spirit did you get? I want to see it!" Venastrasia was curious as well as her eyes lit up with an expecting look, three uncles who stood there in curiosity, similarly had lit up eyes.

"I'll show you it later mom, I have a few things I need to tell you first" Lucius said with a huge grin.

Lucius then proceeded to tell Venastrasia about everything that happened in the Lightning Plane, about his marriage to the Lightning Spirit King, Thor, about the Draconian Spirit-like girl who stood near Sky's side. Everything except about his Spirit, his brother Veranathrax. He even spoke about how close the Lightning Spirit Plane had come to becoming annihilated.

"Oh...I was that bad huh, Certainly that monster did cause this amount of chaos, one day though we will definitely pay him back .......also well I'd like to meet my other daughter once we can as she took care of my most precious treasure"

Venastrasia said with a tinge of anger followed by a smile as she mentioned Thor, she once more brought Lucius into a hug and pulled his cheeks as she stared at him a bit longer, to which Lucius gratefully accepted, she distorted his face into many funny looking shapes before she let out a few giggles. Lucius himself laughed, as she hadn't pulled his cheeks like that in a long while, it was something she did quite often when he was younger.

"Mom can you gather everyone later at Lizard's Run? I have something I'd like to talk to you all about"

Lucius said with a bead of sweat on his head, as he never lied before, he was quite terrible at it. Which made her laugh even more but she nodded and pretended to play along. Venastrasia had naturally picked up on this lie, but she was curious as to what Lucius was doing.

" learn something about the Lightning Calamity?" she asked trying to pick his mouth a bit

"Something like that" Lucius said as laughed nervously.

"Okay I'll head back then, You three stay here and bring Lucius over in about an hour"
Venastrasia said as she once more turned into a blur of light and went speeding towards the
silhouette of the mountain far off into the distance.

As she departed the three uncles immediately turned to Lucius.

"'re definitely hiding something." Veranathus was the first to comment with a smile.

"Yeah, you definitely are" Varathraga added as he had been overtaken by his curiosity.

"Hmm...You've never lied before, what is it that could possibly make you do it now? Suspicious...very suspicious." Xiaxinia was having fun with the situation.

The Three uncles commented as they slowly approached Lucius, with hands aimed in a grabbing manner as their eyes lit up with curiosity.

Lucius instinctively backed away, as he knew what these three idiots were capable of, then a
thought appeared, 'if they really want to know...then I should show them!' Lucius made a small devilish smile as he sent a mental message to Veranathrax. As the two were now Master and Servant there was no need for them to speak out all the time.

Suddenly as the hands were about to latch onto Lucius, A Row of sharp tiny spear like teeth, bit their hands simultaneously. It wasn't enough to pierce their skin, but it still hurt like hell as if they had been stung by a bee.

"AHH!" the three yelped as they looked at the small, jet black dragon. Then upon looking at him clearly, instantly the mood changed. What they saw before them was a black dragon that looked similar to their prince they had lost when they failed to protect him, the three could feel their heart stop as they stared at him.

"L-Lucius...who is that?" Varathraga managed to find his composure to ask.

"Ask him yourself!" Lucius said mockingly as he teased Varathraga who could barely find himself.

"Who're you!" Veranathus had no time to put up with Varathraga's lack of composure
and ventured to ask in a hurried manner. One could see he was happy but he still had
to make sure.

"You...You're Lucius' Spirit" Xiaxinia who seemed to be catching on instantly understood
why Lucius had sent his mother back, he wanted their reunion privately done around his
family, nevertheless, Xiaxinia himself was elated very much like the others.

Dragons living as long as they have naturally knew about Spirits, They also knew a Spirit
could be reborn into the realm of the living, as an infant once more. Though it sounded easy
it is indeed harder than it looked.

A spirit becoming God-ranked was by no means a small task. However, the fact that they could be revived is not something to ignore, this is what grabbed Xiaxinia's attention, this meant once more the young black dragon could possibly have another life and with Lucius being the master, the chances of that happening were much higher than the average Contractor this was also because Veranathrax possessed natural God-Rank Spirit talent because of his previous life as a dragon.

"Uncles...I, Veranathrax have returned." Veranathrax's eyes filled with tears as he looked at them, his tail coiled an even tighter grip on Lucius subconsciously in his excitement.

Instantly the tears of the three flowed as they looked at the dragon. Dragons weren't accustomed to their kin dying, as they had natural born immortality and there weren't any existences that threatened them, A dragon dying was a rare occurrence or something that probably only ever happened a few times in history. That's why a death of one of them would of course make them feel a dread pain in their hearts.

"It's been too long young prince" Veranathus was the first to speak as a laughed happily.

"Indeed it has Young Veranathrax" Varathraga followed up as he made a light bow.

"Hmmm, No wonder Lucius wanted to hide you, welcome back young master Veranathrax"
Xiaxinia said as he happily welcomed back the young black dragon.

"Yes, it is indeed good to be back to the living, all thanks to my big brother" Veranathrax
spoke warmly as he nestled his head into Lucius' White-silvery hair.

"I was surprised myself, my wife Thor has given me something I can never repay"
Lucius said as he peered off into the distance and remembered her lonely face.

"Big brother?" the three dragons asked skeptically.

"Yeah, I decided I would be the little one, since I am reborn anew" Veranathrax said happily
as he grazed in Lucius' hair.

"Haha, I'm glad to have a little brother" Lucius said smilingly as he pat the tail wrapped around his shoulder.

The Three Great Uncles, Lucius and Veranathrax had a long chat together as the rest of the group watched from a far and gave them their space.

Stopping to look at the sun for a moment Lucius decided it was time to go, he didn't want to keep his mom waiting, plus there were a lot of things Lucius needed to get done, Aside from entering the Academy to complete his Formal Introduction in the Accepting Ceremony which had been put on hold to finish repairs as the school had been badly damaged, Debris from the fight had completely destroyed the main hall, Some students didn't even get to do their Walk of Honor as Lucius had pretty much stolen the show.

"Well it's about time we should head over to mom, let's not make her wait too long, I want to see her face light up when she sees little brother"

Lucius said hurriedly, Veranathrax who was nestled on his head nodded as well, he wanted to see his mom just as much.

Before they took off to go, Lucius walked over to the group a bit away near the fountain at the entrance of the Private Infirmary.

"Sky, Aleria, Kryssa....I'll see you guys soon or do you want to come with me?" Lucius asked them with a hug each, to which they shook their heads, they wanted Lucius to have his time with the family, even though they looked like they wanted to go. When Lucius turned to go, Sky and Aleria had refused to let go and stared at him blankly as if they hadn't realized they were still clinging to him, when they noticed they both went red.

Lucius let out a laugh and grabbed them both by their waists.
"Then it's settled let's go...Kryssa are you coming?"

Kryssa then shook her head with a bitter smile and opened her mouth to speak.

"No, I have to go meet the other Deities with Aurius now, we have a few matters to discuss, I wish I could..."

Lucius nodded, walked over to her and gave her a deep kiss, which made her red in the face and her tail wagged with excitement. Their intertwining tongues were slightly visible if one looked close enough.

"W-What was that for....W-were not even e-engaged yet" Kryssa fidgeted as her pale skin turned completely red, a few low breathes could be heard as steam rose from her lips, Lucius only gave her a wry smile and responded

"So? we're already engaged in the heart, ceremonies are just formalities, could it be? You disliked it? What a terrible man I've become." Lucius taunted her, which made a vein pop up on her head but she could not say anything to refute.

Naturally she couldn't have said a word, she fidgeted around and looked high and low to find her composure. She couldn't speak a word because....she had stuck her tongue in Lucius' mouth first...

"I'll see you later then...In a few hours okay?" Lucius told her with a reassuring tone.

"Mm, have a safe trip then...Lucius, I'll see you soon" she then stepped back a few steps as Lucius, Sky and Aleria all got onto Xiaxinia's head.

Lucius sat in the middle as Aleria sat in the back and clung to him, while Sky sat at the front using the grooves between his scales as seats. They then abruptly sped off as the other two uncles flew at the sides. Watching his back depart, Kryssa stared at him and muttered with a red face.

"Why does he like teasing me so?" as she walked off with a red face and a noticeable vein raised, Undina nudged at her robe and looked at her with a smile and said teasingly.

"See....I knew you liked him too"
Undina giggled as she watched the flustered face and poked fun at her.

"Ugh! Two people making fun of me in one day, come here!" Kryssa pulled down Undina's cute hat which covered her face completely and tied the ends, making the small girl wander around until she fell on her butt, gathering a few chuckles from the rest of the group as they watched the antics with a light heart.

Far away off into the distance, At a blinding speed the Three Great Dragons made their way to Lizard's run. Upon seeing the mountain a bit closer, Lucius couldn't help but form a smile, he was now at the one place he considered home, even though it didn't have anything luxurious, it was where he was raised. He couldn't help enjoy the nostalgia of it all.

As they arrived, the landed amidst the crowd of the flight of Dragons.
(Using Flight of Dragons as the collective noun)

Upon their arrival Venastrasia upon sensing them made her way out of her and Lucius' furry den to greet him.

"Mom I'm back, Uncles and Aunts, this is my 2nd wife, Aleria Flameheart"

Lucius said as he introduced her to them. They each looked at her and nodded, the aunts as
well as Venastrasia went over to her and engaged in a conversation with her, While the Uncles pat Lucius on the back and made perverted eyes with huge wide grins, although Aleria was quiet and a bit shy to new people she wanted to make a good impression on Lucius' family, she had been building up her courage the entire flight, she made sure to answer every question truthfully and made sure to be respectful, the aunts had taken quite a liking to her as she was similar to Lucius. Venastrasia in particular had also liked Aleria as she could
sense how strong Aleria's feelings toward Lucius were.

Lucius then interrupted everyone with a loud projected voice that caught everyone's attention, a huge smile on his face, where happiness was clearly present.

"Everyone, I have an announcement to make, I went to the Spirit Realm recently to retrieve my Spirit, and there's someone I'd like you all to meet"

The ears of the dragons all perked up including Venastrasia, curiosity ever present in their eyes.

"Mom....brace yourself" Lucius said with a wry smile.

--Suddenly jet black scales emerged from Lucius' chest area and coiled around his shoulder as a familiar jet black face nestled upon Lucius' head staring intently at Venastrasia...who could not even blink, she thought she had been dreaming and it wasn't like that for her alone, the entire clan was quiet.

"My brother, Veranathrax...Mom..He's back" Lucius giggled as he watched his mother's dumbfounded reaction, she clearly didn't know what to do but Veranathrax eased her tension as he flew towards her and hugged her with tears in his eyes. Venastrasia still stared at him blankly but her hands instantly cradled the flying creature and nestled into her arms as she still remained silent and kept looking at him.

"Mother! Mother! I'm back...I'm finally back...Big brother saved me from the Lightning Spirit Plane"

he told her, only when his voice and his words had brought the familiarity in her heart did a constant stream of water fall from Venastrasia's eyes, she hugged him tightly his eyes bulged as she used such strength as if to never let him go, her painful cries could be heard but no one dared say a word, this is precisely why Lucius wanted to have their reunion privately, this appearance of hers was only for family to see.

Her beautiful voice was now laden with painful cries that echoed and her tears didn't stop,
most only watched as it sunk into their brains that the young prince was alive, tears came from the aunts that knew how much Venastrasia had been hurt by his death and many cheers
came from the uncles as they watched the reunion in extreme bliss, a good few of the dragons nodded to Lucius to which he nodded back. He knew what those nods meant, it was gratefulness.

After a few minutes of her tears and her heart stopping cries did she look at him intently, and kiss his snout, she finally was able to form a few words.

"Y-You're real right?" she asked to make sure.

"Yes mother, I'm real, though in Spirit Form one day, big brother will get me to God-Ranked where I can become a Dragon once more and be reborn"

Veranathrax was sure his big brother would be able to do this. He knew Lucius was no ordinary Draconian, he was different and had been blessed with dragon traits, this wasn't something one could achieve by any means. Dragonic DNA Entered his bloodstream directly and forced a evolution unto Lucius, as Veranathrax was combined with his soul, he knew more about Lucius than even Sky or his mother did. He had been directly into Lucius' soul and body, he knew that calling Lucius a Draconian felt somewhat wrong, as he had already left that category, Lucius was a hybrid, how he became this Veranathrax did not know how but was grateful non-the-less all it meant to him was that he and his brother had a lot more in common.

Venastrasia then looked at Lucius as her gaze warmed to a degree he had rarely seen before and she pulled him into her cleavage and kissed him on his forehead. She hugged her two sons and their eyes had bulged but they dared not say nything of the sort, as they felt the love in this tight embrace, it wasn't something they could rebuke. Lucius felt the tears drip on his shoulder. Venastrasia mumbled

"Thank you Lucius, for bringing home your made me the happiest mother in the world now that I can have you both, I'll never let you two go again. Finally...we are a complete family...every member is here once more"

Venastrasia felt thankful to no ends...she didn't know how to thank him and could only hug her son.

"Haha no problem mom, but no need to thank me, it's natural if I had the opportunity to save my brother I would but the one you should be thanking is my 3rd wife Thor, She was the one who presented him to me" Lucius said modestly as he praised his 3rd wife.

"Yes I have to thank her as soon as we can, I owe her so much already...Lucius you found many good wives, remember though I don't have to tell you as I know how you are already, make sure and take good care of them okay?........and a few grand-babies wouldn't hurt either!"

she told him as her teary eyes and embarrassed face turned into an expecting
one with stars in her eyes, to which Aleria and Sky began fidgeting with red expressions.

Aleria shyly raised her hand and said "...I agree....", Sky giggled and nodded as she gave Lucius a seductive look while she licked her lips "Me too!" Lucius was dumbstruck, he himself had gotten red from ear to ear, and moved his gaze to beyond the mountain to hide his embarrassment.

'Where did these request for babies come from? Certainly...even Lady Marie sent me a note saying she expected grand-children'

He thought to himself but he nodded in his head he didn't want anyone to see him agreeing as it would make him more embarrassed.

"Well then...we should make this into a party no?" Sky jumped up as she noticed the mood was perfect for bonding.

The dragons nodded at her suggestion, Lucius and Aleria as well as Venastrasia and the Three Great Uncles.

A few of the Uncles flew off the cliff and went hunting for food, as the aunts prepared a bonfire of sorts amidst the crater of the mountain. Xiaxinia flew off to the Capital, while Varathraga and Veranathus prepared Skewers of sorts.

Lucius sat with his little brother who coiled around his shoulders by the edge of the mountain crater away from everyone's ears. Lucius' eyes was suddenly filled with an extreme sadness, his lifeless eyes stared off into the distance and he opened his mouth and spoke a few words that made Veranathrax's spine shiver. Veranathrax stared at Lucius wide-eyed and dumb-founded but then reluctantly nodded. It was said so low that it was inaudible to any who were not directly next to him.

Venastrasia was talking with Sky and Aleria about Lucius he was younger and the strange things he used to do that made her laugh, Like how he used to climb into the noses of the dragons and how he tried to jump off of a cliff once to fly, all of the cute things he did as a child when she fell a sudden chill run down her spine, turning to look at the two brothers sitting at the edge without a worry, she exhaled with relief, had she seen their faces, she would not have thought so.

'What was that just now? Why did I suddenly sense a strong disruption in Lucius' soul?..Was I imagining things? must be the shock from today....right?'

The sun went down, as it signaled it was around dinner time, and the bonfire had already been going.

As the Uncles returned with their animal meat of many kinds, Xiaxinia had himself returned from the Capital as well as the Veranathus and Varathraga with their spear sized skewers and make shift dinnerware made out of wood. They all chatted as Lucius and Veranathrax basked in their mother's warmness and remained spoiled in her hugs as Lucius lay his head on her lap and his little brother sat on his stomach coiled, After a bit the group had split into two sections as the Females wanted to speak amongst themselves about the topics males shouldn't hear...lots of "Kyaas" were heard but the uncles wouldn't lose to them.

Lucius and his brother likewise in a similar manner had been chatting with the Uncles happily, as he hadn't seen them all in quite some time, and they missed him quite a bit as the once lively place had calmed down a bit after he left, they had grown too accustomed to having Lucius running about and keeping them company. Veranathrax in his usual spot around Lucius' shoulders, with his head nestled and peering from the top of his brother's White-silvery hair, occasionally sipping from Lucius cup.

They all had a few laughs, Xiaxinia brought out alcoholic drinks he had procured from the Capital, with a flick of his finger a few kegs had appeared from a silver ring, It was without a doubt an interdimensional ring. The three uncles then talked about the fight with Lucius and the Fuhrer with vitality in their eyes and great pride, cheers could be heard during the fight as they heard how Lucius fought valiantly and bravely with pride, they passed around the rum and drunk keg after keg, the story started becoming more and more exaggerated as the alcohol had taken it's effect.

Suddenly the cheers turned to drunkenly slurred "Oooo's" and "Aaaaa's" as Lucius wore a keg
on his head, a small hole on top of the keg with a jet black dragon head protruding who wore a cup on his head. Lucius had quite a few drinks himself as he realized he quite liked this thing called Alcohol, it was Cinder Devil Rum a specialty created by a master wine maker in Astarte. Xiaxinia apparently broke into the man's cellar and took all of his rum and left, however the man was probably not angry because if he opened the door to his cellar he would be overrun by gold coins. Dragons had no need for money, and they had quite an abundance of it....well because it was shiny.

The then incredibly drunk Lucius made his way staggering over to the to the edge of the mountain as he motioned the uncles to follow him. They all began peering over the mountain...for absolutely no reason!

"Well now..*Hic* Uncles, I don't think I remember the mountain spinning so much? is this earth magic? the dwarf man is he here? *Hic* are we under attack?....let's get to the main point ..I need to refill...*Hic*"

In his drunken state the cup spilled and his rum wasted, a few tear drops fell out his eyes as he raised his cup in anger!


Lucius shouted as he wore the keg as a Helm and the jet black dragon roared for them to enter battle.

The uncles were no better off, they had all retracted their Divine power into their bodies so they could feel the full effects of the alcohol and had taught Lucius how to do it.

Crashing sounds could be heard as Dragons fell off the mountain trying to find a dwarf that was supposedly casting the earth magic. Some rammed into the mountain itself, claiming the mountain was a Dwarven God. Vorkin Earthstone should be happy he was no longer in the Continent of Astarte and had already went home, he probably would have died today.

Venastrasia watching the group of idiots, could only facepalm...but what could she say? The people leading the group of idiots were her sons.

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