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WorldSerpent: Hello hello, I decided to open up this specific little space here for any questions that need answering or many that will come, as the direction of the story is going to become a bit more serious, the actors are more or less getting into position, and even I'm not sure about some of the things that are going to happen. I originally had a specific plot planned, and only made the smallest of alterations but I got a bit of Inspiration. Don't worry about the quality of the story dropping, I won't put something half baked and half thought of in here. What I can tell you though.....

Lots of Wars will be had!
Lots of Blood will be spilled!
Lots of Death will follow!

I'll try my best to answer as many questions as possible and I'll try to check this post at least once a day.

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Chun Ma @Chun Ma ago

Is the otherworlder the final opponent? Or will there be a continuation or new villain/challenge after his defeat???
Ooh and I need MOAR CHAPTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


WorldSerpent @WorldSerpent ago

23/04/2015 04:15:15 Wrote: [ -> ]Is the otherworlder the final opponent? Or will there be a continuation or new villain/challenge after his defeat???
Ooh and I need MOAR CHAPTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hehe. I'll give you the answer I gave the other fellow.

"The answer is within the mechanics of the Dark Knights"

Skoll028 @Skoll028 ago

Can I have my cake and eat it too?

Edradred @Edradred ago

I should be fine with whatever you do, as long as you don't make it too dark and overbearing. Just keep it at about the same level of darkness, a bit darker if you feel the absolute need. And also, don't keep things too predictable. You don't have to make him lose random battles for the sake of unpredictability, because that will just leave a bad taste in my mouth, I am speaking more to unpredictable plot developments. Like him getting his older brother as a familiar, never saw that coming. So, liking it so far, aside from feeling you are aging him a bit fast, I think everything is great. A little corny, but still a great read.

AndrewRL @AndrewRL ago

Quote:A little corny, but still a great read.

Lol definitely a little corny, but when you consider he's a 500 plus years old child that learned his ruthless nature from dragons, (who don't go around scheming shit when they can just blow it up), then you throw in a noble teacher for a few weeks of training and his utterly truthful but at the same time corny way of wooing the ladies seems believable. xD

Honestly my only hope for the story is that you don't kill Venestrasia, (even though it's highly possible due to the storyline), as she is one of my favorite characters, probably second only to Lucius. As for fight scenes, keep doing exactly what you are doing because they are FANTASTIC.

P.S. I lied, I would also like it if more male characters around Lucius's age were introduced. I mean harem is good and all, and it's done well here, but not having a good mix of characters still detracts from a story for me no matter what. Hopefully Venotrax, (not sure what lil bro dragon's name is), will help this though.

blaksitic @blaksitic ago

well i hope for more EPIC battles and expect some good love story with his harem along the way!

ButcheredSoul @ButcheredSoul ago

Damnit I failed to see that one of your tags is 'tragedy'. As how much I love reading great stories, I hate seeing the demise of those close to the MC. Do you plan to have the demise of his wives? I would much rather see his friends fall rather than his wives :/

That said, a good mix between the genres would surely enhance your story, Do not dwell on one focus of your story to an extent. Looking foward to how you progress with your story :)

Blazingfrost @Blazingfrost ago

question! before when they talked about the spirits they said those that reach god-level can be brought back into the old as infants now will they just appear like random baby in my blank or do they need to be born the old fashion way if so Blacky will need a dragon to birth him so perhaps lucius and his mom? now before someone goes"incest your a freak!" they have no blood relation and lets be real having a Queen of dragons as a wife will stop people from trying to crush the house your trying to rebuild also if thats the case being old fashion how would other dracians be reborn since it seems like a good way to up the population but there is a lack of dracian females like zero unless they only need a host body so they can develop in wich case all current wives can legit give birth to a nation


More romance, more epic battles, more harem!
*cough* More detailed mature scene with the girls please? *cough*

Ariakan662 @Ariakan662 ago

To be honest, I would like to see some of his schooling. He is going to the academy to learn potentially how to wield some of his magic. If all he needs to do is fight, then we could of skipped the academy route all together.

I love this story, I always hope for the next chapter. But, it would be nice to see some interaction with people his age. To make new friends and maybe some he doesn't like also. For him to succeed in the future, he should have some good connections with other folks. He can't do it all with just his own power. He has the dragons, but they can't live his life for him and he needs to leave the nest someday.

Really, with all his power, which I am loving, please just don't make him an asshole. Other stories have failed when they make the MC all powerful and turn him into an ass. Keep him humble and loving to his family and friends.