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Deep inside the Lightning Spirit Plane, On top of a mountain surrounded by Lightning Spirits of many kinds, near an altar stood a group of people. It was Aurius, A confused elf, Kryssa, Undina, Krissa, Jena, Sky, Aleria, Thor and of course, Lucius.

As Lucius opened his eyes what he saw before him was a Golden Egg the size of his Torso. He stared at it intently wondering what it was, but he knew it was his Spirit, he could feel the connection strongly.

"Go and Pour as much mana as you can and a drop of your blood my chosen"

Thor said with a red face, she was indeed a tomboy and tried to act as formal as she could but was completely smitten with Lucius, her fidgeting slender body sold her out, Sky could only facepalm and Aleria found it quite amusing.

Krissa and Jena at some point in time, decided to make some sort of gambling contest to see who could come closest to figuring out how many wives Lucius would get. Aurius stood there scolding the two before but his right hand totally did something else as it took out a few gold coins and placed it on a number.

Auriel had once told Lucius his father was an incredibly addicted gambler, and he earned quite a name in Pleasure Hall, A spot in the Capital filled with every vice imaginable, it was famous for it's Auction/Gamble House. He is a respectable man by day and a drunkard gambler by night, some say this is why the Private Infirmary was built, as students never dared venture near it because they heard the sounds of moans of a creepy old man they believed to be a ghost late at night, nurses in the building started talking and it was only later it was found out, The Headmaster Aurius was in with a hangover.

Presently however, Lucius stared at the egg and then once more streams of mana started converging into his right palm, he used a fingernail and cut his finger and at once he rested his palm gently onto the egg. As the energy flowed the egg began absorbing all of his mana and the drop of blood, the egg became like a vacuum constantly sucking mana out of Lucius, but Lucius seemed unphased indeed his mana had increased once more. Lucius had yet to check his latest specs since his transformation! He had been busy since he woke up and had not remembered!

Recognizing the abnormality, Lucius only laughed, he made a mental note to check up his specs once he got time. The egg however remained draining at an amazing rate, Lucius then had an idea, What if he also sent Divine power to the egg, Clearly the egg required nutrients to finally hatch, Lucius was going to try to give him Divine power as well. Lucius was excited to see what exactly was in this egg, so he naturally thought of ways to make it quicker and more efficient.

He then injected Divine Power into the egg, suddenly a single golden stream came from his heart area and began converging along with the dark lustrous blue mana streams in his right palm. The Egg began to react as if it had been fed the greatest meal it had ever tasted as it greedily paid more attention to the single golden stream.

Thor upon recognizing Lucius had Divine Power was shocked. She knew Lucius was not a Deity yet, so how could he give off Divine Power indeed it was a small amount but still having it was simply astonishing, then she realized from his memories she saw his fight with the Fuhrer and saw him use Divine Power, that calmed her down. The memories flooded her  quickly so she hadn't absorbed everything quite yet. She felt a hint of pride in her heart as she watched Lucius, she had indeed married someone with unfathomable potential.

Lucius had been sending quite a huge amount of Mana and Divine Power to the egg, he begun to physically feel how much had been absorbed as his face grew a bit tired and a bead of sweat appeared, This Spirit was indeed something incredible. Lucius placed his other hand on the egg, Instantly his Dragon Gem begun to shone, as he released all of his Mana pores in his left hand, The Mana begun shooting out an even more alarming rate. Lucius looked to the sky, and let out a smile because he had another idea.

He withdrew his spear from his ring with his left hand, Instantly it begun to spark,  and it became a Trident. Lucius aimed the Trident to the Sky and begun gathering Lightning and Mana he shot out the orbs of Thunder into the sky, Lucius had gained quite a bit of insight when he fought against the Fuhrer, and he felt his mana had gone up, Lucius was correct when he thought that fighting the Fuhrer would have gave him some insight, only through fighting with everything would one learn to increase his own knowledge, power and experience.

Using the Thunder Orbs he sent them, around the mountain in the sky, as they all were set at a location that seemed to create a circle in the sky with the mountain in the middle.

**BOOM** **BOOM** **BOOM**

The Thunder Orbs exploded! Sending all of the surrounding clouds in the Area directly towards the middle of the mountain Lucius then placed his spear back in his ring, and aimed his left palm towards the clumped together group of clouds, as orbs of mana begun to leak and head towards the cloud! This was Storm Magic!

Creating clouds would take too long and too much mana, so he decided to use the ones already present.  As Mana soaked the clouds bit by bit they started becoming more and more grey in color and lightning begun striking. A Storm had been created.

Lucius withdrew his spear once more in it's Trident Form and raised it into the sky. As the Trident charged it's power, it released a Powerful, Incredibly fast Lightning bolt towards the clouds.

Acting as a magnet, the lightning bolt drew the attention of the clouds, the reason for this lightning bolt was to spread the static effects of Lucius' Storm Magic to create a single path for all the Lightning to travel along, like he had done against the Fuhrer.


Lightning bolt after Lightning bolt went slamming towards Lucius' Trident as it was the most dense source of the Storm Magic, Lucius' Dragon Like Black War Armor surfaced, scaring everyone present. Naturally the only time they had seen this Armor was when Lucius killed a Deity and some actually felt a bit of dread in their hearts as they saw this Armor, Especially the elf as her face distorted in fear, indeed this is how Lucius' Armor looked.

Thor saw the Armor in his memories and quite liked it, she thought he looked valiant, She especially loved how the armor would absorb the Lightning around the area,  How the Lightning twirled around Lucius and sparked, Thor felt as though Lucius was loved by the Lightning, She also knew that since she fell in Love with Lucius and married him, As the Lightning Spirit King, Lucius would be blessed even more with affinity towards Lightning. He was indeed a child loved by Storm, Thunder and Lightning,

Lucius allowed his Black War Armor to absorb the Lightning and then used it as a converter, converting it to mana, he had learned how to do this courtesy of the Fuhrer, he was learning to remove the impurities from the Natural Energy Lightning and convert it into mana, he had to learn to do this in order to switch the Mana-based Lightning and Natural Energy Lightning within his body using his Black War Armor as a middle man.

The same as an engineer would learn to build something he had taken apart, this reverse engineering process Lucius had begun to master as he had learned not only how to remove impurities but how to add them! This was an incredibly frightening thing! It meant in the future he would be able to create Natural Lightning Energy if he added the right impurities! The effect on the Fuhrer that it had, If Lucius could become able to control that, he would definitely hold his rank as a monster among monsters.

If Lucius could create Natural Energy Lightning that would indeed be something to be terrified about! Lucius did not know, but his biological mother was capable of doing it, had she gotten to the Deity level like her husband, she might have been an existence of a terrifying level, she might have been able to hold Lucius' father at a standstill the man hailed as the  God of Lightning. Her control was said to be beyond that of a genius as her lightning had seemed to be alive.

Lucius used this opportunity to refill his Black War Armor and let the rest convert into mana which was sent towards the egg. The scales on his Armor , crackled and popped as they started changing red in color, Lucius had filled half the Armor when he noticed the quickly charged clouds were fading he then once more stopped absorbing the mana into his Armor and focused the mana channels into the egg completely.

After a short hour.


Cracking sounds began coming from the egg, the clouds had long faded and Lucius stopped feeding mana to the egg. He took a step back and looked at the egg intently, everyone upon noticing Lucius excited face couldn't help but smile, Lucius was still 16 years old after all, he couldn't contain his excitement about gaining a Spirit.

Lucius was excited for different reasons, He was happy to have gained more combat power, a power he could trust. and rely upon, sticking to the advice of his uncle Lucius had not much care for other races as he realized they were all shallow. Society disgusted Lucius, as they were all immoral and their laws did not match with his.

To Lucius society was nothing more than a group of liars and bandits, willing to do anything for their own selfish gains. Naturally he did not care for anyone out of his circle, and he preferred to have it that way. What he wanted was personal combat power he could trust, and what better than a Spirit?


As the first piece of the egg shell cracked open, a small head with a tiny spike that was shaped like a round mound and had not formed completely, on his snout peered out. The head was completely jet black and looked like an infant head, as the eyes were yet to open and only part of the head had emerged, it looked a bit like a turtle's head.

Lucius couldn't help but say out loud.

Upon being called a turtle, instantly the infant-like eyes opened in fury.
"How rude! Someone capable of summoning me should be a bit more smarter! How dare you call me, a proud dragon, a turtle!"

The infant-like head looked so cute when angered, Lucius couldn't help but let out a laugh and rubbed his head to which the little dragon did not refute, he was angry but he enjoyed his head rub. Instantly, when Lucius touched him, a flashback appeared in Lucius' mind to the day of the Lightning Calamity and remembered the young black dragon, his older brother, that had perished. Lucius face immediately changed. The dragon as well stopped arguing and looked at Lucius intently, both their gazes had met and they became extremely quiet as the mood had changed, they both felt a sense of familiarity towards one another and it had nothing to do with the Spirit Contract. This was something amongst Dragons!

"You smell like mom!"

"You have mother's scent!"

They both said in unison as their eyes became wide, Naturally Lucius' Aura was similar to Venastrasia, when he inherited the Thunder Rite Rune, It became even more so. Naturally the black dragon had felt this aura before, and he knew somehow or the other he was connected to the draconian in front of him and the same with Lucius.

"You....You're name is Veranathrax?"

Lucius stared wide-eyed as he asked young black dragon and the dragon slowly nodded trying to figure out what was
going on.

Instantly Lucius broke the Dragon out of the rest of his shell and hugged him tightly, tears unknowingly flowed from his eyes as he grit his teeth, Lucius was happy. His brother that had died in battle, was now before him how could he, Lucius, not feel a great happiness? The dragon had not said a word, he felt Lucius' aura was  calming and he could tell they had a relation of some kind, he wanted to know what it was. Lucius' following words, made him jump in surprise.

"Welcome home Big Brother" Lucius said as he finally released the black dragon and looked at him in the eye.

"I can't wait to see how Mom will react when she sees you"

Lucius felt happiness in his heart, he then looked at Thor and gave her a warm smile, Thor's face reddened as she looked at the floor and twiddled her thumbs.

"Big brother?" Veranathrax was stumped, as he asked curiously.

"We should be able to share memories right my beloved?" Lucius turn and asked Thor to which she nodded, red faced.

Lucius placed his palm on Veranathrax's head and could feel the connection between master and servant, Lucius then placed two fingers on his temple and sent a series of images towards Veranathrax's mind.

Lucius decided to give him a little time to absorb everything, and went walking towards Kryssa.

"Kryssa..." Lucius said as he looked into her eyes.

"mm..." Kryssa replied, she had been feeling embarrassed about how she had been teased about her engagement to Lucius by Sky and Aleria.

"Would you like to get engaged here, while we're at a God's Altar? Kryssa?" he asked.

"Lucius, I wanted you to see my home and where I grew up, and I wanted to get married with our traditions. I also have a family I would like you to meet....would it be too much of a hassle?...we can do it here if you want"

Kryssa said timidly as she looked towards the ground with a red face as her ears drooped low. She found it hard to make eye-contact with Lucius because of her earlier out-burst. Kryssa looked incredibly cute right now as she fidgeted a bit.

Lucius couldn't help but laugh at her reaction, since he destroyed her teasing demeanor she used against him, she had became a lot more submissive towards him, but Lucius liked this, he liked all sides of women.

He brought her into an embrace, kissed her cheek and replied

"Okay I understand, I too would like to see where my beloved grew up, and assure your family that you will be loved and cared for as I, Lucius, will protect you with my body and soul forever, we'll wait and make a trip there soon as things settle down okay?"

To which she simply nodded as she got even redder as her black lush tail wagged a bit, she looked as though she were about to explode. She had never experienced this sort of treatment before as she was a Deity, she realized only Lucius could make her heart thump like it never had before.

After a while, a little black dragon who was seated on the altar, Flew towards Lucius, In his spirit form the Little black dragon had the upper body of a dragon, with two claws, wings and the lower body was Serpentine, as it coiled and wrapped around Lucius shoulder, he looked like a winged-serpent more than a dragon, if it wasn't for his dragon-like facial structure and his front claws, he could be mistaken as one. Needless to say Lucius in his jet Black War Armor with a Black Serpentine-like Dragon coiled on his shoulder looked incredibly intimidating.

"So...I have a little brother huh, but that's not quite right. I died, so I should be the little one now as I was just reborn."

Veranathrax mused as he realized Lucius had become the inherited and acquired the Thunder Rite. He knew what this meant and was surprised that a draconian had acquired the Thunder Rite he was supposed to have, but he did not care towards such a thing because, he already owed Lucius too much. He saw how much his mother loved Lucius and he saw how much Lucius loved his mother, that was more than enough for him.

A Thunder Rite was only an assurance that a child would rise to the potential of their parents or greater, But Veranathrax was no ordinary dragon either, he was fully capable of dispatching one of Raz Seph's Dark  Knights when he was a youngling, so naturally he would have reached Venastrasia's level after a periodof time. He was just that powerful.

Right now Veranathrax was currently happy to his extremes, to once more be able to be in the world again. Thor had explained to him long ago, that him getting summoned was probably more than a one in a billion chance, not only because of the recent news about the Draconian race almost becoming extinct, but someone capable of summoning a high rank Spirit was already unusual.

However it wasn't that simple, for Veranathrax's case was different, he was a High-rank Spirit with natural born God-rank Potential, he was a Monster even amongst Spirits. Upon hearing this Veranathrax felt a bit of helplessness in his heart as he thought he might never return to the other world. He had secluded himself in the Lightning Spirit Plane,  deep inside a mountain awaiting his painful end.

People who could summon that sort of Spirit could be counted on one hand, and because of the extinction of Draconians, he was sure he would never have been summoned and lived in the Lightning Spirit Plane forever until it collapsed, but not only was he saved in the Spirit Plane, the one who had done it was someone who was considered his younger brother, and he was even summoned by this young man, and if that wasn't enough he would be able to meet his mother and his clan once more, he realized that he would never be able to repay his little brother's kindness, Right then and there, Veranathrax decided he would protect his little brother with everything he had.

The brother that not only calmed his mother's heart but saved him as well, Veranathrax now knew everything there was to know about Lucius.

"Well, as of today I will be the little brother" Veranathrax calmly stated, as he was indeed in his infant form. Yawning as he wrapped around Lucius' shoulder and rested his head upon Lucius' head.

"If you say so then little brother" Lucius said happingly laughing as he rubbed Veranathrax's head who sat on his shoulder.

Lucius and Veranathrax then engaged in conversation as they completely forgot their surroundings and no one dared disturb them as they knew this was a joyous moment for Lucius. As the two brother's talked about many things, they discussed Lucius' life, the Lightning Calamity, their beautiful mother, The three idiotic dragons, The Fur Poaching Calamity. The two spent hours laughing heartily and genuinely enjoying one another's company.

A little off into the distance, Sky and Thor stood at the Altar, it was Sky's turn to make a contract. She approached the Altar with Thor and they both assumed a prayer stance as they knelt and in an Instant Thor swept across Sky's memories. She then used those memories as summoning channels, and searched for compatibility using her Divination senses.

A series of figures had appeared inside her mind, but she ignored those frantically searching for one she had intended to give to Lucius, but he was not compatible with her, but upon discovering the young black dragon and Lucius had a connection she changed her mind, well it would be better to say his compatibility with the young black dragon was exponentially much higher than the one she had in mind. Her eyes seemed  to reflect the Knowledge of the stars as she searched for the one.

Sky on the other hand, had many Spirits she was compatible with but Thor was pressed on finding the specific one. After a little while, Thor finally found the one with an excited expression she thought to herself. 'Ah! As I thought! Sky is much more compatible with this one than Lucius!'

The figure Thor was looking at in her mind suddenly appeared in a ball of light behind the altar, she was a young girl about 10 years old with black hair and brown spirit like eyes similar to Undina, she had a Silver diamond like stone embedded on her forehead, it was indeed a Dragon Gem. This girl was a  Draconian Spirit. She was beautiful and did not act her age as her eyes showed maturity beyond that of a 10 year old similar to Undina. She currently had a transparent like form as the contract had not been completed yet.

She did a curtsy to Sky and was quite surprised at the appearance of Sky but was also overjoyed. Naturally this girl had already been aware of the Lightning Calamity and was surprised that she had been summoned, very much like Veranathrax she knew about the collapsing of the Lightning Spirit Plane because of the Calamity and the death of all the Draconians. Her being summoned could only mean a Draconian was alive.

Thor motioned Sky to complete the contract, Sky cut her finger and held the girl's arm as she started injecting mana, as the girl was a mid-class Spirit not much mana was needed, after an hour or so the process had completed. Sky hugged the young girl, to which the girl didn't refute and as the contract had completed, the girl lost her ethereal like form and became solid and her appearance became like a young girl similar to Undina.

"What's your name little one?" Sky asked the little girl gently.

The girl thought for a second before trying to respond.

"I am Anne...Master" as the girl responded she placed her hands on her throat and was surprised as if were the first time she had spoken and heard her own voice.

"Hello Anne, I am Sky, I'm your master and I'll be taking good care of you" Sky said as she hugged the girl tightly.

"Master, may I ask a question?" Anne asked Sky curiously.

"You just did...fufufu" Sky teased the little girl, to which she became red-faced and stared at the ground.

"From today, don't call me master, call me Big sister, or Big sis, or Big sister Sky"
Sky said as she went into her own world. It seemed she rather quite enjoyed being called big sister as she once more held the cute tiny little girl.

"You can ask anything you want" Sky said as she gently released the cute girl.

"Big sister how is it did you summon me? You aren't a draconian" The little girl was dumbfounded, Only Draconians could summon Lightning Spirits. It was weird that the girl who summoned her had 9 tails as she figured beastmen could only use water.

"Oh..My Master and Husband is a Draconian, I'm his familiar, but I'm sort of a special existence, I'm a 9 tailed Elemental Fox, It's because of him I can use Lightning and make Lightning Spirit Contracts" Sky said honestly as she replied to the girl.

Instantly the girl jumped in surprise as her face changed to happiness!

"You mean...some of us survived?! Please tell me, did the King and Queen of the House of Lightning survive with the Young Prince and the Queen Mother?? How many survivors are there?? Did the Otherworlder Die?? Please tell me about the current affairs of the Draconian race Big sister!" the girl had bombarded Sky with questions.

Naturally The Lightning Spirit Plane had no contact whatsoever with anyone for the 500 years it had been closed off. Lucius' group had been the first to contact them since. Naturally this young draconian girl, who had died in the Calamity wanted to know the state of her homeland. Sky understanding the reasons for the young girls questions calmed her down.

She rubbed the girl's head and brought her into an embrace.
"Take it easy, Don't worry I'll answer everything"

The girl instantly understood it was bad news, tears couldn't help but form at the side of her eyes.

" The entire draconian race was wiped out by Raz Seph except for one Draconian who was taken under the wings of the Dragons, My master and husband Lucius Stormblade."

The girl instantly let out even more tears, upon hearing the heart-breaking cries, it instantly grew the attention of the entire group. As the girl calmed down she remembered Sky saying her master was alive and he was a draconian,
she still felt a small trace of hope in her heart. Sky then opened her mouth to ask a question of her own.

"You seem to have a connection with the Royal Family, how did you know them and how were you connected to them?"
Sky asked gently as she tried not to be intrusive but she was naturally curious about the young girl.

"I was a Personal Maid for the royal family at the House of Lightning....I served them for as long as I can remember *sniff*"

The girl managed to calm herself to get out a reply as she once more cried heavily.

The group had already made their way to see the ruckus, As the girls gaze shifted towards the group she couldn't help but spot a 16 year old toned but muscular, white-silverish haired youth with piercing dark blue eyes and a azure colored Dragon gem stone on his forehead, instantly her tears stopped. She knew that Variant Lightning was something only the Royal Family possessed. She could not utter a single word as she stared at him with mixed emotions, it was shock, joy, then back to  surprise and once more to tears of joy. She resisted the urge to run up to the young man and hug him, Sky then interrupted her thoughts with a teasing tone.

"You didn't let me finish ~ This is my Master and husband, Lucius Stormblade, Prince and Heir to the House of Lightning, Son of the Queen of Dragons, His biological parents were King Rayne Stormblade and Queen Lyssel Stormblade."

Upon hearing his introduction Lucius moved towards the young cute girl with a wet face filled with tears and begun  patting her head  with a warm smile, Lucius understood this girl was a Draconian like him and she was a Spirit, he knew the pain she was feeling.

"Hello there little one, Don't worry our Race will once again flourish someday and reclaim our glory" Lucius said with resolved eyes and a assuring tone. The girl had not heard a single word he said as she was still stuck on the introduction.

'Prince and heir of the House of Lightning? Stormblade? Child of Queen Lyssel and King Rayne? ....they only had one child...wouldn't that make him the Prince I took care of? But that's impossible...he still looks young and it was 500 years is he alive? even if he had gotten to the Deity level he would still look older than his current appearance...Is this.. really him?'

The young girl seemed to be thinking a lot of things, Thor then approached her, and with a touch image upon image filled her tiny head as she saw Lucius' entire past, suddenly the look of disbelief crumbled away bit by bit as she absorbed the information. The girl then launched herself into Lucius' arms and started crying.

"I...*hic* am Anne Statis, I was the personal maid of your parents....*hic*...and your babysitter, I cleaned your diapers and changed them..*hic* I sang to you and kept you from your father...*hic*...when girls came to marry you I kept them away with a kitchen knife..*hic*...I sang to put you to sleep...*hic*...I cleaned your diapers *hic*...I was supposed to be your personal maid.....Uwaaaaaaaaaaa"

Lucius was a gentleman he dared not tell the girl she had said she cleaned his diapers twice, so he opted to ignore it, but he could not ignore the rest of what the girl said, right now she was unable to catch her bearings and was rambling on, people could barely understand what she was saying, except for Lucius who listened intently. So many things had changed, all the people she had loved both Family and friends were dead but she had gained a new gleaming ray of hope, the young Prince she had once taken care of was now before her.

"Thank you for taking care of me, I Lucius am happy to have had such an amazing caretaker, Truly it would seem my family has an eye for people of great value"
Lucius responded with a bow which made the young girl flustered.

"NO! Please your majesty! Don't bow to me!" Anne said as she yelped.
Well then from today on, call me Big brother Lu" Lucius said firmly.

"No I couldn't possibly--" as she was about to refute, Lucius stopped her.

"If you cannot call me Big brother Lu, I will bow to you every single day"

She was about to open her mouth but then stopped, as she became red ear to ear, she then said
"Big brother Lu..."

To which Lucius happily nodded and let out a laugh.

Lucius was happy to finally meet another Draconian and upon hearing the girl had taken care of him, Lucius couldn't help but feel attached to this young girl.

His meeting a Draconian Spirit also brought up quite a few questions in his mind, he decided to put on hold until he had some free time with Thor. Anne cried for a bit more in Lucius' arms before she calmed down and then stared at him intently.

Lucius asked Anne many questions about the House of Lightning, about Draconian culture, about his Parents and what they were like. The two engaged in a long, reminiscent conversation and spoke about many, many things.

It was finally time for Lucius to leave the Lightning Spirit Plane as right now it was fragile and couldn't support the increase of living lifeforms yet, once it had enough time to be able to strengthen it's position then Lucius
would be able to visit as he pleased. It was time for him to bid his farewell and return to the other world.

Everyone gathered together and made sure they had all of their things, as Thor transported her and Lucius to a private section away from everyone, naturally everyone gave the couple their space as they knew it would be some time before Thor would be able to see Lucius again, Aleria, Sky and Kryssa felt a bit of sadness in their heart, as they always had Lucius around but Thor would be lonely and she wouldn't be able to see him until the Plane repaired itself a bit.

Looking at the beautiful maiden in front of him, he could see she was disturbed, she truly didn't want to part with Lucius yet, she still wanted to talk with him and spoil herself with him more. Not wasting anytime Lucius brought her into a warm embrace and kissed her lips.

"Thor, I have to go now but I will be back as soon as this Plane is repaired and I can return, I will miss you dearly my beloved"

Lucius' words greatly affected her, his complete honesty and feeling in all of his words was unlike anything she had experienced, Thor' was completely beat red from ear to ear and despite her shyness was able to go on the initiative for another kiss.

"I understand my chosen, I will miss you as well, please don't take too long and come back as soon as possible"

The current Thor didn't hold anything back, she knew it would be a little while before she saw him.
The two remained in an embrace, kissing each other as they finally leaned their back against a wall, and slumped down to the ground. They kissed and embraced a bit more before finally standing back up again. This was indeed a lover's embrace unwilling to let one another go, but alas time was against them right now. Lucius had to leave.

"Lucius one more thing before you go, I know you have a few questions I can guess what they are, but that is a subject for another time, as we don't have the time to discuss it right now. In a week, the Plane should have generated a surplus of Spirit Power from the contracts. Visit in one week time and I'll tell you what you want to know...I wanted to tell you earlier but, because of the reunions it was hard to find time to speak about it"

Thor said as she looked down dejectedly.

"I know it's fine my love, do not worry, we have all the time in the world don't we? Next week for sure, I will come, do you think I would enjoy not seeing you for so long? As soon as it's time, I won't need a reminder, I will surely be waiting and then I will come"

"O-okay, then please be careful and be safe" she fidgeted around at his straight forward and honest answer that melted her heart.

Lucius had never realized the attraction he displayed to women, he only spoke the truth when he spoke to them and he was always respectful. Lucius had never noticed his words were like honey to women as they could feel the honesty in his words, they couldn't help but melt whenever he spoke to them. Lucius was a natural at handling women.The red-faced Thor then gave him a last parting kiss. With a swing of her hammer, A blinding enveloped Lucius and the group a distance away.

As Lucius disappeared he saw the once happy Thor's face, became a bit sad with a lonely look in her eyes that she tried
to hold off until Lucius had gone, but that look made Lucius' heart heavy. He knew she would miss him dearly.

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