Dragon Child of Thunder



Chapter 17: Tears of the Lightning King.

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In the Courtyard outside the Private Headmaster's Infirmary, stood a group of silhouettes around a magic circle, in a plain grassy section of the field. It was Lucius, Sky, Aleria, Krissa, Jena, Kryssa, Undina, Aurius and a few students that had came to meet Aurius as he held the Headmaster position, They came to discuss the damages of the school.

One was a Silver-haired Elven girl with blue-grey eyes, She dressed neatly and her hair was in a ponytail, indicating she was a serious-minded person, She seemed to have an air of importance around her. Her body was slender and she had proportions that fit her, her beauty was indeed visible as elves were naturally beautiful, so she was quite easy on the eyes to look at. Her Academy uniform gave her even more of a feel of authority. she was currently having a chat with the Headmaster Aurius.

Two of the others stood next to her, One was a Beastman and the Other was a Human, The Beastman kept shooting lustful glances at Sky, while looking at every inch of her body and the Human kept Looking at Lucius with a hidden hint of hatred in his eyes.

The Beastman like Kryssa was a Wolf-type, as wolves were quite huge in number in the beastman Tribe it wasn't too uncommon to see them, He had Blue ears, blue eyes and his tail was blue as well he was quite slender, but a slender meant for power and speed, as he was incredibly toned and a bit handsome.

The Human was robed and his hood covered his face slightly, but his features still showed he had brown shoulder-length hair and hazel colored eyes. He was quite frail looking and he was indeed as handsome as the Blue wolf. He kept looking at Lucius and subconsciously releasing tiny bits of killing intent, he tried to hide his displeasure with Lucius using his hood to cover his eyesight and never changing the direction of his head.

Lucius stood with his back turned on them in the middle of the summoning circle under the instructions of Kryssa, as the others were giving him a bit of space.

"Okay Lucius, you have to put as much mana as you can into the circle to activate it, based on the amount of mana you put in it will determine how long until you summon the Lightning Spirit King, Well that's only if you succeed, if you do, don't forget your manners and treat the Spirit King with respect." Kryssa warned him as she instructed him.

"Okay I understand, But before that....You" Lucius said as he pointed at the robed human with fierce blue beast-like eyes, the eyes of a complete vicious animal who's intent was to massacre.

Under these eyes, the temperature had dropped significantly as Lucius' change in demeanor suddenly put everyone around on guard as they stared at him, Lucius' posture had changed to a threatening one as he withdrew his spear from his ring and his body looked coiled as if a Viper was preparing it's attack.

"If you continue to stare at me like that and releasing killing intent, I will separate your head from your body" Lucius said as his voice easily pierced the incredible pressure, with a darkened face he stared as if into the soul of the human mage whose legs were shaking uncontrollably as his pupils contracted instinctively.

"And you, if you continue to send lusting stares at my wife, I will rip your tail from your spinal cord, and feed it to you" Making the beastman shiver as his tail went between his legs, and water trickled down as he created a puddle of his own making, this puddle was not water magic.

"Aurius who are those students? They seem to be some sort of Authority in the Academy" Lucius said with a cold gaze as he scanned them.

The two students had finally realized the trouble they were in because this draconian did not care how things worked here, and he would freely be able to kill whoever displeases him without consequence, He had already killed a Deity and He also had the backing of Dragons! He was basically the Prince of the Four Elements! An unreachable existence!

"They are Members of the Student Council President, They take care of the Student Body and other various tasks to do with the Academy" Aurius said helplessly as he placed his palm on his forehead, He had pretty much already figured out where this would end.

"The Beastman and the Human, replace them with someone else, There is no way people with such filth protruding from their lungs can possibly serve anyone with care, Thrash like that disgust me"Lucius said coldly.

The Elf girl then interjected angrily.

"Wait! We can't just change them! Do you know how hard it is to find someone who can do these jobs and already know what to do, it will take quite a long time to find someone to replace them right now as the Arena is currently in need of repairs and many other parts of the school had been destroyed by debris, I need these two!"

"Either remove them, Or I will kill them both, You have a choice, two new workers or two old dead ones, One sent threatening stares and released killing intent towards me, I don't need to tell you how I respond to those that threaten me, That is something that is absolutely unforgivable and is never allowed where I am from," Lucius said with a cold furious glare as his gaze changed and landed on the Beastman.

" The other sent coveted, lustful stares at my betrothed, Ignoring the ring in complete sight and ignoring my presence. Has he lost his mind? Perhaps I should plunge my spear inside his head and try to find it." Lucius said as he spat in front of the wolf who dared not move.

"Be grateful that I let the two of them leave here with their lives! Now get out of my sight before I change my mind! just thinking about it makes my hands itch!" Lucius said Angrily, as his teeth ground and static distorted the space around him.

Lucius didn't know much about the social side of life, he didn't know how nasty society was, people would usually look at other peoples wives and so forth, as long as they didn't touch them they did nothing wrong by law, someone was allowed to threaten another once he caused no harm then they acted within the law....but those were laws, something Lucius learned through Auriel but he did not care one bit for them as they did not apply to him. He found those laws weak and passive, As he examined them closely he figured they were bias towards those with power and money.

Why should he have to obey the rules of the corrupt? If his life was threatened he would kill, if someone disrespected him, he would crush their bones. If he knew someone was a threat and intended to hurt him or his family, then that person would die. This was Lucius' Logic, The Logic of the Wild he grew up seeing every single day!

Lucius was a child of a Dragon! Such folly would never be tolerated! Lucius had no need to obey the laws of man when he obeyed the laws of nature! The laws above the eyes of men!

The elf girl lost her composure immediately upon seeing the anger in Lucius' face, his eyes were telling her not to say another word, accept the opportunity and make them leave. Before she could even think about saying anything, the two immediately retrieved the badge from their uniforms and handed them to her as they slowly backed away a few steps and stood far away from the group, they had to wait still because they all shared the same carriage with the Elf, the Academy was indeed very large.

Fear filled the faces of the two as they faced another direction, beads of sweat covered over every inch of the faces of the two. They had both been called out in front of their Deities, they knew they had shamed themselves and even worse to them, they had nearly died.

As Lucius once more returned to focus, He stood amidst the circle, As mana covered every inch of hisvbody, he blocked off all of his mana pores except the ones in his right palm, the streams of mana then all turned into streams of mana that all converged into his right palm like streams of water, only someone with incredible body control could do this, every one including the Deities present didn't have such control as they stared in astonishment, Lucius' eyes glowed blue as the static around him created small flickering dancing bolts of Lightning.

In an instant Lucius' right hand slammed into the middle of the circle as every single line was filled with a dazzling blue flash of light, After a few seconds the entire circle gave off a bright white light and hints of golden could be seen mixed into the white as well which made Kryssa gasp in surprise.

'What rank was it? Crap..I couldn't tell, the light was too bright!' She thought in confusion.

Suddenly the Area around the group of people turned white, as if they had been teleported.

Where the group appeared was a huge luxurious hall filled of Expensive gems and pillars made of gold with lamps on each side, the lamps however, instead of giving off fire were giving off maintainedbursts of sparks that illuminated the entire hall, the lamps went in rows of two all the way to a Golden Throne with diamonds ,where a slender silhouette in complete golden armor sat, With a huge Golden hammer beside him, the hammer gave of an aura of divination, the silhouette looked like an incredible powerful figure as the eyes that were seen from the helmet appeared celestial-like, the sight was indeed something to behold! The presence was similar to that of Venastrasia!

'How did we end up here?! Usually the Spirit King just appears from the circle and grant you a spirit to make a contract with and he oversees everything I've never heard of being teleported to the Spirit Plane!" Kryssa stared around in confusion as she once more shifted her gaze to the Lightning Spirit King remembering not to be disrespectful.

This being was indeed the Lightning King Spirit. The being gave off immense power which made those present covered in beads of sweat, except Undina and Lucius. Undina bowed at the Lightning King, and did not lift her head as everyone else followed the bow, Lucius did a light bow himself as he respected such a person with a power similar to his mother and then raised his head to meet the gaze of the Lightning King Spirit....



A figure crashed into Lucius as a golden helmet went rolling near his feet.


A girl in her late teens crashed into Lucius toppling him over and covering his head with her breast as she clenched onto him tightly, Lucius had no clue what was happening. The girl however was crying in joy and happiness as she hugged him.

"Umm.... who are you?" Lucius asked as he made a bit of room and looked up to her while his hands reached to her head and started rubbing her head, he somehow felt a connection to this girl and instinctively did so as she was crying and he could somehow feel her pain, He wanted to comfort her a bit.

The girl finally realizing her outburst, released Lucius gently and started rubbing her eyes as she sat in a kneeling position in front of the now upright sitting Lucius, she spoiled herself a bit more to respond to the head rub she then calmed down and looked at Lucius but she still couldn't conceal her smile and her tears no matter how much she tried to calm down.

What Lucius saw before him was a girl with Blue and Golden hair strands about 19 years old. Her eyes were light blue and her pupils were golden, she was curved marvelously and she was dressed in a ceremonial type golden War Armor made of a light mail like material, She was extremely beautiful, one that matched Venastrasia, though Venastrasia's body was indeed much more curved, this girls figure was lighter and had more than enough for a man to be pleased with, she was simply astonishing.

Though her proportions were that of a beautiful noble princess, One could feel the power that her body wielded, it was by no means a farce. Her golden-blue hair free-flowed and her hair ends were a bit fuzzy as one could tell it was caused by an extreme amount of stress.

A few breaths later she regained her composure but found her head still buried in Lucius' chest. After a few minutes she finally spoke

"I'm Thor The Lightning King Spirit...*sniff*...Thank you for coming, Thank you so much"
She said as she stared at Lucius teary-eyed and sniffling.

Everyone was shocked by this revelation, From what they remembered Undina referred to
Thor being a male. They all looked at Undina, the shy and embarrassed Undina then spoke.

"I didn't know Lady Thor was a female, the name sounded male and only the other King Spirits have met one another, I never met any of the King Spirit Gods beside Lady Leviathan and she doesn't talk about the other King Spirit Gods"

Undina said with a beat red face, She was not wrong to assume such, As Thor was indeed a male name.

"Thor is what the other Gods call me as they said I was a tomboy, it's short for Thorvalia"
The Lightning Spirit King interjected as she finally regained herself.

Lucius hadn't removed his hand once from her head, Lucius quite liked rubbing people's heads, it's what Venastrasia used to do to calm him down when he was young, she turned back to him and gave him a warm smile, usually people would be shaken by her identity, but he wasn't phased, she knew he probably had powerful teachers and she could feel his power as well as a bit of his potential which made her pleased as she could finally have someone to operate powerful contracts and potentially save her Plane and all of her kin along with her own life.

As the misunderstanding had been cleared up, they got down to business.

"What's your name young draconian?" Thor asked him with a curious gaze, while she did not change her posture, she very well couldn't go back to playing the part of a powerful entity as she already showed how much she favored Lucius by charging at him as he made his way to the Planes and appeared before her.

"I am Lucius Stormblade your majesty" Lucius got up and said as he removed his hand and put his right open palm on his chest as he made a light bow. This was the Salute of the House of Lightning.

"No need for the "your majesty".....COME HERE!" Thor said as she grabbed him and brought him close to her chest once more, her strength was incredible even if Lucius struggled he would not be able to free himself. Lucius himself didn't know what to do as he had no idea how to handle new women. Everyone all watched this present scene but didn't know what to do, what could they tell the Lightning King Spirit? All of them felt a bit of sadness towards her as they knew her predicament.

"You know what happens to an Elemental Plane that loses it's power Lucius?"

The one to break the silence was Thor as her face got serious and a hint of sadness appeared in her eyes. Lucius simply shook his head, he had an idea that it would be destroyed but he didn't know how.

"When a being becomes a Spirit, Spirit's no longer use mana to cast spells, They use Spirit Power as they are no longer living entities, but when a Spirit uses up it's Spirit power during a battle or for some other reason in the other world, they are immediately sent back to their respective Spirit Planes to rejuvenate and regain their lost Spirit Power" She then took a breathe as she bit her lip and spoke once more.

"But if they are unable to regenerate the lost Spirit power, Then First the Spirits lose their Spirit Power that's integrated into their Spirit like bodies that made them Spirits in the first place as a sort of last resort, That in itself is one of the most agonizing pains a Spirit can ever endure, or anyone for that matter, it's like having your skin peeled off bit by bit."

Her eyes gradually becoming more hollow as she continued to speak.

"Gradually, little by little until there is none left it will consume every last drop of Spirit Power, Then in a final attempt to save itself, A Spirit will consume it's own soul, Which is indeed as painful as the first one but lasts even longer, then after it's consumed the essence of our beings disintegrates into a few mounds of dust...We are completely reduced to nothing! If the pain wasn't bad enough our beings are destroyed to nothing as if we never existed!"

Thor said as she clenched her teeth, her eyes showed that over the past 500 years, she had suffered to see many of her weaker kin die, She believed she had lost all hope and that their deaths would be slow and painful, but now she had been given an opportunity to save every one of her kin and someone had finally shown up to save her. This made her tears of sadness become tears of joy. Right now there was nothing she loved more than the sight of Lucius. She then added a few more lines as the positions were switched and she began stroking Lucius' head, then her hand stopped and she spoke once more.

"Lucius, When Spirits die, they move to the stars, where they live there until their soul is cleansed and their memories are purified, leaving nothing but the soul, which is then reincarnated, There are some Spirits that upon reaching the edge of becoming God-Ranked they have the option to be reborn back to the land of the living though they lose all of their power from being a God-Ranked Spirit they retain their original form and are once more reborn into a young infant stage of themselves."

"I don't need to say it but a choice like this to these children is extremely valuable, many of them want nothing more than to return to the land of the living and once more live a life like they originally wanted. However, events like these a rare because the one who has to make the choice isn't the Spirit but the master as the Spirit becomes the Master's Familiar. Many of those selfish contractors choose power of the God-Ranked Spirits over their familiars well being, but let's not stray off topic.

Spirits are unstable beings as well as they are fragile beings Lucius, we all yearn for something, whether it be return to life or reincarnation, Spirits each want another shot at life, that's why this torture hurts so much. The fear of being absolutely nothing, losing ones soul, and being unable to pass on scares us greatly, It's the equivalence of hell, Lucius, many of my kin has already died, I can't take it anymore...*sniff*"

She said as she sunk her head down and put both her hands on her head and tears once more streamed.

"Well thank the Gods that we're back then, Lady Thor, I, Lucius Stormblade wish to make a contract with the Lightning Spirit Plane under the observance of the Lightning King Spirit" Lucius said with a warm smile.

"We both lost some things during the Lightning Calamity...I want to help you as best as I can, From the looks of it you and your kin have already suffered too much, I don't know how much I can help with one contract, but thankfully my fiance is a Lightning Type Elemental Nine-Tailed Fox. Hopefully she can make a contract as well"

Thor rubbed her eyes and then looked over to the direction Lucius motioned, Seeing Sky she sent a little wave and then motioned her to come forward.

"Oh, he has a wife already.." Thor muttered under her breathe

"Huh? Did you say something Lady Thor?" Lucius asked curiously.

He indeed had clearly heard but wanted to be sure what he heard was right. Sky immediately came over and sat next to Lucius facing Thor

"Oh I was just saying what a surprise I hadn't expected a second person to make a contract with"
Though grateful a second contractor came along, when she heard the title of being Lucius' wife she jumped and suddenly a change of emotions could be felt, to sadness and hopelessness Thor sighed in helplessness.

'Maybe I'm being too greedy, He'll already save the Plane, can't ask him to save me too can I?'
She thought as she dismissed the thought to stop it from ruining her mood.

Sensing the change in her mood, Sky was watching the discussion between the two, she had naturally felt the mood change at her introduction, she knew something was up, she wasn't a fox for no reason.

"Umm..Lady Thor, How exactly have you been maintaining the Plane until now?" Sky asked not allowing the dismissal.

Thor jumped a bit in surprise and lost her composure for a bit, she bit her lips as if deciding whether to say anything or not. She then looked at Lucius whose eyes gave off a resolved look, a look which said he would help however he could easing her burden. Feeling reassured she then moved her hand to her armor.

Thor then started removing her Golden chain mail and showed her stomach to Lucius and Sky instantly their eyes filled with fear and pity, Lucius felt like he had been shocked to his core. What he saw was darkness covering half of her body in many patches around her stomach. It looked as though she were fading into darkness.

"Using... you're own... body...?" the words fell out of Lucius' mouth which made the others behind Thor exclaim in surprise and fear, Undina looked scared.

"Hehe....there was no other option...It was either that or let them all die while I survived, to me that wouldn't be living" she said with a bitter smile and a dry laugh.

Getting right to the point, Sky then asked another question.

"Is it curable?" She asked with a hopeful voice.

"There's only one option...but it's not something you will like"  Thor replied with a resigned face as she shifted her gaze to Lucius a tiny bit of hope in her eyes.

"Let me be the one to decide that then, I've already decided to help I won't go back on my word" Lucius replied firmly which startled Thor.

"Hehe....you're quite a reliable man huh?"

Thor asked him teasingly as Lucius turned his gaze in his embarrassment and cleared his throat, in the end it was still a bit hard for him to handle new women that teased him.

"Lucius may I speak with her alone for a minute?" Sky asked Lucius, to which he simply nodded.

The group then all went a distance away to give them their privacy, After a few minutes chatting with Thor, Sky waved at Aleria to come over, to which she abruptly left to go sit near Sky facing Thor.

"The only way for me to live is if I choose a champion...."Thor said as she looked at both Aleria and Sky.

"A...Champion? You mean like a Chosen Warrior?" Sky asked curiously, Aleria was also quite curious as she stared intently at Thor.

"Yeah...But it's not what it sounds like, it's not like choosing a warrior..it's a stronger contract...A Soul Contract, This is the only way I would be able to survive as it is the Highest level of contract. It's a marriage of the soul. Where I choose one who I deem worthy to link my soul with. A King Spirit can only choose one Champion and it is a permanent binding. There is no summoning that comes along with it, it is not considered a summon even though he can summon me for a short period of time, if our souls are linked it doesn't count as a summon as I would be connected to his soul directly.

This contract is much different, as I can only appear in the other world for a short period of time if summoned, There are perks though, Lucius would be able to move freely between Your world and My Lightning Plane. He will also be recognized as a Champion by other Spirits, this will allow him face with them.

The closer to my strength he comes the longer period of time he will be able to summon me, eventually he might even be able to summon me Indefinitely, if he becomes strong enough though. This is a lifelong contract, it persists even through death, If Lucius should die then he will be brought directly to the Lightning Spirit Plane, that's why it's considered a marriage, rather than a high level contract it's called a Soul Contract."

"This kind of contract is acknowledged and sanctioned by Gods, where two souls are linked to one another, even if Lucius accepted me being a third wife, how will you guys fare? Knowing our marriage would be a deeper symbol than yours that was sanctioned by humans? No woman could endure that...I don't think even I could."

This is what truly bothered her, she didn't want to steal someone's beloved especially the ones that came to help her. Thor looked down with a heartbreaking expression.

To which both Aleria and Sky giggled and replied.

"If that's all then it's no problem, I am Lucius' Familiar my soul was already linked to his, I know how much Lucius cares about me, it's one of the perks, fufufu" Sky added happily as she smiled.

"The same with me....My people believe blood is more valuable than the soul...Lucius already made a Blood Oath with me...My blood chose him...I know how he feels about me as well...even if I didn't have this blood Oath...I can tell how much he cares for me by the way he touches me....Even though I'm a 5th Rank Flame Warrior  and my body is by no means weak ......when he touches me....he holds me as though I were made of glass...careful of every single movement.... always aware of my surroundings"

Aleria said with love in her eyes as she removed her wristband and showed a hexagonal symbol with a flame in the middle tattooed on her skin. It had only appeared after Lucius and Aleria had engaged in their night of pleasure, it was the last part of the Fireblood Marriage Ritual but it was never spoken out loud as it was implied.

"Lucius loves us both evenly...We both in turn love him, and Lucius will indeed have more wives some day, this was something both Aleria and I knew when we decided to love and marry Lucius, Aleria and I created a system with Lucius' blessings." said Sky as she smiled.

"Only if the girl gets along with us.....is Lucius allowed to marry her....She must be able to be a sister to us and be devoted to Lucius' goals....." Aleria said with a warm gentle smile.

"Lucius is different from the usual man, He wants to recreate the House of Lightning and for that he needs many wives, Lucius, Aleria and I decided that the number should be 7 wives, that way every day one of us can have him and they must be able to get along with us and I don't mean in the acquaintance sort of way, We must all absolutely love one another as sisters, if a woman cannot share Lucius without jealousy, she will have no room in our circle"

She said firmly as Aleria also nodded alongside her.

"You are like us, you had clearly thought of asking Lucius to make the contract with you didn't you? but when you heard my introduction as his wife, I saw your expression change to one of hopelessness and sadness, I recognize those eyes anywhere, It's the kind my mother once had before she was killed, It was then Lucius had saved me from the one who killed her"
Sky said with an extremely fierce gaze.

"Y-You both....really love him a lot don't you?" Thor asked in earnest as she could feel the bond between them.

"Yeah...." Aleria said softly with a red face as she looked down to the ground.

"Of course...More than anything in this world" Sky responded without hesitation.

"Then....shall we call him?" Sky asked with a wink as she looked at Thor.

Thor blushed and nodded, unable to say another word she couldn't believe she was about to get married.

"Now there's only one more matter to deal with Aleria" Sky said giggling as she looked at Kryssa

Aleria then let out a loud laugh as she found the situation similar to when Lucius showed up at her front door, he had gotten engaged to her shortly afterward. A warm laugh that was filled with happiness accompanied by one of Aleria's most beautiful smiles.  Aleria then moved her gaze to Kryssa and gave a devilish smile.

This loud laugh was something she had never done before, which drew Lucius' gaze as he stared at her in surprise and his lips couldn't help but curve upward, naturally he loved seeing another new expression on the face of his beautiful wife.

'I wonder what made her laugh like that?...I should find out..I want to make her laugh like that too'
Lucius thought to himself.

A voice then interrupted his brain

' Lucius can you come over for a bit? There's something we want to ask' Sky called him over through telepathy, their link had already cleaned up and they were able to talk to one another freely. Lucius could also read her mind but it was something he never did as he respected his wife as well as loved her.

As Lucius approached he sat next to them, they were currently sitting in a square like manner, Able to see each other's faces clearly. They had begun explaining to him the situation and how it could be cured, about the marriage and the Soul Contract, even the details about Thor's fears about the marriage. Lucius simply nodded while listening with a serious face.

"Okay, I agree" he answered without hesitation.

It came out straight-forward and simple he had figured it was something along these lines as Sky had asked to speak to Thor alone and even called Aleria, there was only one thing they could all have in common, as Lucius could tell it had nothing to do with the summoning, Lucius was not oblivious to the feelings of women.

"If Thor is okay with me, then I will love her as my own" Lucius firmly stated as he brought Thor into an embrace and kissed her cheeks. Which made Thor light up completely red, this tomboy had never felt the warmth of a man before, naturally she was a Spirit God such actions she had never done until today. He knew his wives were okay with this as they were the ones who set it up, this was the deal they made with Lucius after all.

"Of course, I am okay with the one who's going to save my kin and myself, You have no idea what you've done for me today"

Thor said as tears begun to roll down her eyes, Today turned into the best day she had in 500 years, quite possibly the best day in her entire life as she was about to get married to a young man she had to agree was quite an exceptional young man that had appeared before her, to Thor this young man was a hero that she had prayed steadily every day for.

The group of four then moved to the group that were awaiting them. Kryssa, Undina, Aurius, the dumb-founded elf, Jena and Krissa.

"Okay, Thor and I are getting engaged, Will you all bear witness?" Lucius brought the news to the group.

"EH?? EHHH?!!"

Was Kryssa's reaction as she was surprised more than the rest present. When she told Lucius she wouldn't mind being the third wife, she knew she said it playfully and teasingly because she thought it would have been hard to get Lucius to accept her, she didn't think it was something the wives would openly discuss so easily, she had taken the wrong turn! it wasn't Lucius she had to please but his wives!

Sky ate up her reaction completely with a huge smile, Aleria couldn't help but giggle at her as well, as she finally saw a tormented look on Kryssa's face who had toyed with them earlier. Sky and Aleria had long ago discussed Kryssa's engagement to Lucius, After realizing her potential to heal Lucius and she was someone they needed on hand in case Lucius had gotten badly damaged, they needed someone with her skill, as she was indeed only beaten by Venastrasia. However per Sky and Aleria's request Lucius had not mentioned anything to her.

Seeing Kryssa's pained expression and finally having their revenge. Sky and Aleria, finally stopped laughing at her and then Sky opened her mouth to speak.

"Today we will have two engagements, Thor and Kryssa will be engaged to Lucius "

"Mhhm.." Aleria added with a nod.

"What?!?!" Kryssa said in surprise

"What you're not happy? should we take it back?" Sky asked with a taunting voice.

"NO!" Kryssa replied with a deep red face, she was incredibly embarrassed as she realized that both Aleria and Sky had been toying with her and they indeed had took her seriously.

"Hmmm...Lustius you seem to be creating quite the harem there" Krissa couldn't help but poke fun at the situation as she found it incredibly amusing.

"B-b-big brother Lu...is it l-l-legal to h-have so m-many wives" Jena asked with a red face as she seemed to be thinking of too many things because a cloud of smoke appeared above her head which made her faint.

Lucius couldn't help but laugh at the situation, He had met so many wonderful women, Lucius was happy to have wives of such caliber. They're beauty and their strength was indeed top of their peers.

After it all settled down Thor motioned everyone to come together, as the hammer that was once laying beside the golden throne came shooting towards her, she caught it effortlessly. As she swung the hammer, the throne room as if split in two opened and completely disappeared, as the group had appeared on top of a mountain, The entire place around the mountain was coveredin fog as Lucius could tell they were incredibly far up as he grew up on the mountains. Only the area on top of the mountain itself was free of fog, as there stood a structure of stone, it was built in an altar like manner with a single Orb in the middle.

Thor then took a gold chain from around her neck that was hidden from sight,  as she pulled it out two rings dangled from it as she retrieved the two rings. She knelt prayed in front of the Altar, Lucius walked next to her and knelt to the Altar as well as he could feel something telling him what to do. He too prayed.

When they were finished they both stood up at the same time, She gave Lucius a ring and she motioned him to put it on her finger which he did and she replied in kind.

"I, Thorvinalia Vallenheim take Lucius Stormblade as my champion and loved one, I will become his and he will become mine, Our souls as from today henceforth become one!" Thor said loudly but the mana in her throat gave off a loud thunderous sound that echoed miles and miles away, alerting the inhabitants around it.

"I Lucius Stormblade take Thorvinalia Vallenheim as my Spirit God and Loved one, I will become hers and she will become mine, Our souls as from today henceforth become one!" Lucius voice similarly echoed through the

Instantly tens of thousands of Lightning Spirits appeared filling the skies surrounding the Altar, They all began releasing Lightning into the Sky, if one looked closely they could see damaged Spirits still releasing weak Lightning. As the strong ones sent out their fiercest Lightning. This was how happy they were, that someone had came to save their plane.

In an instant light engulfed Lucius as the Orb began glowing brightly, The Lightning which was once released Came crashing into Orb! The Orb then shot out a Thunderous Lightning bolt at Lucius which distorted the surrounding area.


Thousands of Lightning bolts crashed into him clearing the fog from the mountains and pushing it far away. As the fog cleared one could see the damaged ripples of the space of the Lightning Plane covered in a similar darkness to the one on Thor.

The lightning felt as if it were searching his entire soul, It then shot back out into the Orb with an even more powerful force, The orb then received and shot the lightning bolt of immense power into Thor, she stood receiving it and then it searched her soul in a likewise manner and then shot back out into the Orb, The color of the Orb had changed to golden as it started making a whirring sound as if it were charging,


Large pulses of Electro magnetic waves were sent from the Orb in a 5 second window apart from each other. The pulses covered the sky and slowly sealed the rips. As a burning hissing sound could be heard, the large darkness slowly got smaller and became totally and completely transparent until it eventually disappeared!

The Lightning Spirit Plane had been saved! She looked at the place being healed as tears filled her eyes, she saw her kin hopping around in happiness and she felt so happy words could not describe, Thor then remembered her wounds,  She then turned her back to them all and lifted her chainmail, she saw that her wound of darkness had already disappeared and tears of joy filled her face even more.

As it came to an end, Lucius saw his ring given to him by Thor change shape into a hammer symbol similar to the hammer she held in her hands. He felt the ring had incredible power.

"With this, the ceremony is complete" Thor said trying to sound formal with a red face.

"You mean our marriage?" Lucius asked teasingly, Thor only nodded and placed herself in his chest.

"Now time to summon the Lightning Spirit huh?" Lucius asked.

"Nope that was done just now during the prayer, you felt it didn't you? close your eyes Lucius"
Thor told him with a smile on her face, she wanted to surprise him.

As Lucius listened to her, Thor quickly made her way behind the Altar and picked up a large golden glowing egg. She placed it in front of Lucius

"As thanks for not only saving my family, but giving me one as well, I will do the same and give you something similar in kind"

She said as she smiled widely. During the Prayer she searched Lucius memories, she searched the Spirits that were
compatible with him and to her surprise she found something that she knew would make him smile, the only spirit that was compatible with him...was a single black dragon.

Naturally she had spoken to this dragon before when he died and became a spirit she also heard about the Lightning calamity, but when she searched Lucius' memories and saw the same dragon in his memories as well as Lucius' connection with the dragons she felt that this was the hands of fate turning. She wanted nothing more than to give Lucius back his big brother.

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