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It was around lunch time, it was the 5th sun since all the events had occurred. In a Private Infirmary at the heart of Four Elements Academy, In the City of Corinth. It was a separate building from the Academy as it was for the use of the Headmaster only. Students and Staff were forbidden from entering, Naturally Aurius had sent Lucius there so he could be alone and at peace.

In the room there was a single luxurious bed, an expensive looking desk with a vase of flowers, and a window with a magically enhanced curtain which allows full sight outside and it allows the breeze to blow in but at the same time on the outside no one could see in as it appeared to be a wall. Contrary to it's appearance it was quite homely and felt private enough to sleep the day away. On the bed in the middle of the room. A boy was at rest.......along with a harpy.

Lucius' POV:
I yawned as I was about to wake up I felt something pressing against my face, it was soft and warm and it smelt like the rain forest, cool, calm and it had a refreshing warmth like a nest already heated, I knew it was a woman but this wasn't the smell of either Sky, Aleria or Mom, It was the smell of a different woman.

As I slowly opened my eyes what were before me were two beautifully shaped breasts, the nipples were hard and had an erotic feel to them resisting the urge to gobble them up right then and there I looked up to see who's face it was, What I saw was.

Black long Lustrous hair, Black wolf-like ears, she had a slender beautiful face, she had beautiful pale skin that contrast with her hair and ear color that made her seem even more pretty, Her body was curvaceous like a woman's and she had a long lush tail that wrapped around my leg, she seemed in about her early 20s, she was in a few words, An Incredible beauty, to the likes of Sky and Aleria.

'Um......isn't this girl the Water Deity from that time...?' I pondered.

Now that her well as her clothes was off I could see her clearly. While I was thinking I felt her hug tighten and when I looked at her, I realized her eyes were staring directly at mine, with a nice smile she laughed. That was because I was red from ear to ear, Even though I'm not new to the warmth of a woman, new women still had that effect on me...

"You do know I have two wives right?" I told her as my brows furrowed.

"Then you should be fine with three no? fufu" She said playfully but I could feel she was serious.

I honestly didn't know how to reply to that, I stood there dumbfounded when I realized a Blue transparent girl that looked like a spirit was standing in the doorway, she was about 12 years old and had blue transparent like hair that reached to her back, blue spirit like eyes, An expressionless face, a small child-like body, she was dressed in a frilly white gown, something worn only by high nobility. I could tell immediately that this girl was a Spirit.

Now that my dizziness faded and I was more alert, I realized the young girl had been casting a wall of water magic against the doorway, keeping something outside.

End of Pov.


"Lady Kryssa I can't keep them out for long....They're gonna break through soon" The little girl said worriedly in a hustle.


The doorway shattered and from it came Lightning & Fire!

"YOU PERVERTED WOLF WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO LUCIUS?!!" Sky shouted angrily with a red face at The Water Deity.

"You...I'll kill.." Aleria said as her eyes suddenly became darker and her sword had been drawn before anyone had noticed.

The Water Deity woman then instantly put clothes on from a necklace as she got out of the bed.

"I was merely using my magic to heal him, I needed the most body contact possible to heal him, if it weren't for me he would be sleeping here for another month you know, The magic the Fuhrer used was Soul Fire magic, It damaged his soul quite a bit. Though the Lady Dragon healed most of it something else happened after didn't it? Most likely, the Lady Dragon would have came and finished it, but I figured I'd do it, Since I wanted to have a chat with him." She replied honestly with a bit of anger as which made the two feel a bit guilty.

Aleria and Sky nervous because they knew about the transformation and Kryssa could clearly tell his body had changed from before.

"I was just giving back his body the nutrients it needed to repair itself, I Kryssa Blackwolf am not that low of a woman I wouldn't do that kind of magic for just anyone. It's Sacred Magic." She said before heading towards the doorway.

Neither Aleria nor Sky could say anything cause they couldn't do what she just did for Lucius so they calmed down and from that second they sort of gained a new respect for her.

"Wait...I have a question that's a Spirit right? That's the first time I've ever seen one" Lucius asked inquisitively.

"Mhhm, this is My Summoned Spirit, Undina introduce yourself" Kryssa said with a slight smile.

"I am Undina, Lady Kryssa's Contracted Spirit of Water, Pleased to meet you Prince Lucius"
She said in a soft tone as she did a cute curtsy, she had a tinge of red on her cheeks as she was obviously a bit shy.

"Likewise tiny one" Lucius said as he patted her cute little head, which she didn't seem to mind, she closed her eyes and urged her head forward more to find a more comfortable spot.

"Can you teach me summoning magic Kryssa?" Lucius asked curiously, he would love to have a summoned spirit.

"Hmmm, well that depends you see not everyone can summon. Even the Fuhrer couldn't summon, Besides me, Only that Wind girl has a summon. I've heard rumors that the dwarf man summoned too, but who knows if it's true, it may just be a scam to ward people off." She said as she tried to break it gently.

" that there a way to find out?" Lucius asked curiously, of course he would still try, A summon would be a general increase in combat capability.

"Yup, I'll come by tomorrow with a few things and we'll check and see if you can, I have a feeling if it's you, you could do it." Kryssa said encouragingly.

"Yes Lady Kryssa.... he would most likely be able to...I feel at ease around him, so he most likely has the capabilities. The problem is if there's one that's compatible with him, As spirits need a partner that suit them perfectly. There might hardly be any suitable for someone like him....And If there are any, it's probably a High-class spirit or higher, which makes it harder for him to find a compatible one." Undina interjected as she reached for Lucius' hand and placed it back on her head.

"High-class spirit? What are the Level class' of Spirits Undina?" Lucius asked questioningly.

" Well...There are, Low-class, Mid-class like me, High-class, King-Class and God-Class. Though a Low-class can level up to a Mid-class, and so forth but it's usually incredibly hard to do, but I'm pretty close to High-class myself"

Undina said as she urged her head forward for a head rub once more, She seemed to have grown quite fond of them to which Lucius obliged happily.

"Hmm...I understand, and one more question, Where do Spirits come from?" Queried Lucius, naturally Lucius was quite curious about Spirits.

"Well, When a beast who has lived for a long time or is powerful, died in either agony or regret, or even just having a strong attachment to living these strong feelings of not wanting to part strips the soul from the body, and they are reborn as a spirit in the spirit realm, In the spirit realm they are reborn back to the infant stage of themselves and they can only grow once they've found a suitable master. Naturally spirits yearn to come back to this world, So in exchange for a Magician summoning us and binding us to themselves, we must obey our master and become their familiar"

"Familiar Spirits are like-minded beings to their Masters, nobody knows why it's made like that but familiars usually have a lot in common with their Master, personalities match as well as the element they use. Some people believe it's the connection of two souls, these similarities are sort of like the channels used to summon."

Undina added as she climbed on the bed and sat next to Lucius, looking up at him, she then continued speaking.

"The one who set up this Summoning system are the 5 Spirit Kings, we all meet the one who governs our affiliated element at the time of our rebirth, They are also the ones responsible
for issuing the Spirit to the Magician, they are the ones who choose your Spirits for you, they are as follows :

Ifreet The Fire Spirit King,

Garuda the Wind Spirit King,

Bahamut the Earth Spirit King

Leviathan the Water Spirit King.

The Lightning King Spirit Thor, lives in a closed off space where no one else disturbs him, ever
since the Lightning Calamity, he retreated and hasn't allowed anyone to see him." She said with a sad face.

"A Spirit King requires constant contracts in order to maintain the order of their Spirit Planes, where their elemental kin reside. Spirit Energy which is formed due to a contract is necessary for a Spirit King, Without it they cannot materialize their Plane on which their elemental kin live on, eventually the Lightning King's Plane might collapse if he doesn't gain any Spirit Energy, so him blocking off himself is no surprise, Contact with less Spirits preserves his Plane so he had no choice, but the other Spirit Kings are indeed worried about him"

Upon hearing this Lucius couldn't contain himself, he knew very well the struggle of losing one's family, He felt a sort of kinship towards the Lightning Spirit King, who is also suffering from the disappearance of the House of Lightning, Lucius then resolved himself, He was going to gain a summoned spirit, as it would also help out the Spirit King of his element.

" he's suffering from the disappearance of my kin, I should try to summon as soon as possible, I doubt one would make a big difference though, Sky...You'll try as well?" Lucius asked Sky as he looked at her with a warm worried gaze.

"Of course my love, if it's what you desire" Sky said as she curled up alongside Lucius' right side who was sitting on the bed with Undina at his left side.

"Good, Maybe if we summon high class elemental Spirits we may be able to help him out." Lucius said as he gripped his hand tightly and stared out the window as if lost in thought.

Aleria felt a bit sad that she couldn't do anything to help Lucius save the Spirit King, but she didn't let it show for she already had a plan to help Lucius.

After gaining some more information about the Spirits and chatting for a while finally Kryssa and Undina had decide to leave as they had their own affairs to attend to, Lucius stopped them at the doorway.

"One more question, Undina, You said Spirits had common personalities with their Summoners right? How close would you say their characteristics would be?" Lucius asked with a huge smile on his face.

"Hmm....about 90% I think, It's more or less the base characteristics, quirks and such are different." She said honestly.

"Hmm..Undina, you're such a nice and kind girl, I see now, thank you for answering my questions" Lucius said with a smile, he then turn and smirked at Kryssa.

"90% of the Characteristics huh.....Kryssa is such a nice girl" Lucius said with a teasing tone.

Lucius had figured out that that Kryssa's Lustful teasing side was just a facade to hide her true nature, She indeed acted playful and teasing just for people not to take advantage of her and add a air of intimidation.

Kryssa upon realizing what Lucius meant, Eyes opened wide like she had been caught stealing. Instantly, her usual playful teasing demeanor faded and her face went beat red as she turned and left through the doorway without saying another word, with Undina running with her little steps to catch up.

"Ha ha ha ha" Lucius couldn't help but laugh at this revelation as he found it incredibly amusing.

Sky then gave a wink at Aleria and looked at Lucius.

"I have to go see Mother Lucius, I'll be back tomorrow for breakfast, Mom has a few things she has to teach me before she goes back" Sky said with a hint of nervousness.

Naturally she had never lied to Lucius before, so Lucius picked up these changes rather quickly, but he saw her wink at Aleria so he knew the two had planned something.

"Okay I'll see you later my love, tell mom I said Hi and the Three Uncles as well"

"Okay mwah" Sky kissed him and then exited the room

Aleria went with her to see her out and then the two had a brief chat right before Aleria locked the door. She then made her way to the bed and lay next to Lucius. Lucius could see she had been trying to build up her courage to say something, It was hard for Aleria to tell something to Lucius, naturally because she liked him a great deal she didn't want to mess up what she had to say as she knew she wasn't quite good with words. As she opened her mouth Lucius could see her pained expression, she was truly trying hard to say something and for it to not come out wrong.

"I've been holding it in.....but ever since I saw the fight against you and the Fuhrer...."
" and Sky....already-"

Before she could finish Lucius kissed her and whispered in her ear.
"I've always wanted to...with you, but I never wanted to rush anything"

Lucius had decided to relieve her of her tension, for she was indeed Lucius' wife. He more or less knew what she wanted to say, as him and Aleria had that kind of connection, much words really wasn't needed. He knew even though Aleria was a warrior, she was indeed a woman.

"Mm..." was all she replied as she let her actions do the talking.

Soon the kisses escalated and the clothes came off, the cover drawn on their bare skins, She motioned Lucius to lay back, as he did she slowly kissed his body making her way to below his waist. Lucius felt his mind go hazy as he lay back, until he could take it no longer, and he then made his way between her thighs, he thrusted and thrusted, starting off gently and then increasing to the tempo, the two remained entangled until late into the night, As a tinge of red on the sheets sealed the two together, and marked the beginning of their love.

They took a break while they remained still clutching each other's skin, refusing to let go, Aleria and Lucius spent the entire night in bliss, As Aleria released her frustrated feelings and felt Lucius giving her confidence, she erased her worries because tonight she had surely become Lucius' own. That night Lucius had seen every part of Aleria, every expression she had and he had fallen deeply in love with her and it was the same for Aleria. He felt for her the same way he felt for Sky.

Not once did anyone disturb the two, as Sky had already asked everyone to not disturb Lucius as he was resting.....supposedly. Sky wanted her sister to have some time with Lucius like she did.

In the Capital City Corinth, Kryssa and Undina are seen walking along the Market District, Kryssa was dressed in commoner clothing as she didn't want to be recognized as she loved shopping in this district.

"Ah!...I just remembered, Undina usually you don't go around new people you meet, but you instantly took a liking to Lucius....Why was that?" Queried Kryssa.

"Um..Lady Kryssa..I-" Before Undina could finish Kryssa blocked her mouth

"Jeez I told you when we're out here call me big sister, don't sell out my identity" Kryssa said
worriedly as she looked around. She didn't want the whole crowd bowing before her and interrupting her stroll.

"Oh sorry Big sister, Well I'm not sure myself.....he just sort of reminds me of the Spirit King, his aura is like's a very unique aura and it's quite nice to be around, His Spirit will be happy" Undina said happily.

"Like....A..Spirit Kings?" Kryssa looked startled at that revelation. It must mean Lucius has high
compatibility with summoning.

"He's really an interesting guy huh? He isn't arrogant either, he's actually a nice catch, but shoot he already figured me out in less than a day, it makes me so frustrated I want to smack the smirk off his face!...but he's quite a nice guy though..."
Kryssa said as she fidgeted around unable to decide while pouting.

The next Morning Lucius welcomed it with a smile as he stood butt naked peering through the window, as if he had already put Raz Seph's head on a Pike.

"Ha ha ha, What a fine morning. *Deep Inhale**Deep Exhale* The Gods are surely singing songs of joy in the heavens"

He said with unusual etiquette, Lucius was currently speaking the way Auriel taught him to speak in his etiquette classes, with both hands on his waist and a boastful pose, Surely this Lucius was indeed extremely happy.

An already woken up Aleria peered through the sheets trying not to alert him of her awakening, she lightly giggled at Lucius' ridiculous behavior, she could tell she made him happy and that made her feel fulfilled as a woman and incredibly joyous herself as she could finally do something to release Lucius' burdens.

Recognizing her awakening Lucius made his way to her, removed the sheets around her head and kissed her on her forehead as she embraced him once more, Sinking her head into his chest to hide her blood red cheeks. Lucius gently placed his hand on her back and whispered in her ear.

"Good morning my wife"
"Good morning my love" She replied instantly.

"By the way....where did you learn--" Lucius was going to ask as he was cut off when a hand blocked his mouth. Naturally the hand belonged to a red-faced Aleria.

".....I read it in a book..." Aleria mustered up all her courage to answer.

Aleria's mother sneaked a few erotic novels into her bag because she knew Aleria wasn't knowledgeable on the birds and the bees and fearing her daughter who was now opening up having a bad experience and making her reset, she wanted to speak, but she had forgotten...Aleria's Fireblood racial traits made her naturally talented at sex. The descriptions were more than enough to give her direction.

The two greeted once more with a kiss and they then prepared to get ready and go have breakfast, As they both went to get changed and prepared to meet everyone else in the main hall, they had finally released one another.

As they were making their way to the main breakfast hall in the private infirmary, Lucius and Aleria locked arms and made their way through the luxurious halls of high quality paintings and curtains. Upon opening the door a group of people were sitting at the table :

Aurius sat at the head, in order Auriel, Marie, Krissa and Jena on his left. Krissa, Undina and Sky on his right

Upon Lucius arrival everyone stood up, and waited for him to take a seat, this was the way one treated a king when he entered a room. Naturally as Lucius would be considered the upcoming Deity for the House of Lightning, as he was the sole remaining draconian and had already established himself by killing and overthrowing the last Fuhrer. Lucius was undoubtedly a 5th Power in the Continents, and naturally with his Dragon Background he had fierce support so no one could rival his claims.

"Good morning everyone....and please let's not do that, we're all family here, that sort of stuff between us makes me uncomfortable"

Lucius said firmly as it did make him feel distant to them, to anyone else he wouldn't care but to this specific group, Lucius felt compelled to let them know his feelings.

Everyone nodded as they too didn't like it for the same reasons, This group was indeed a close one with the exception of the newly arrived Kryssa, but she was getting there, Undina had already taken a liking to Lucius and vice-versa. Ever since Lucius' arrival they've all treated him warmly, naturally the Flameheart family held a firm spot in Lucius' heart.

After breaking the awkward moment the group engaged in conversation as they ate and many spoke about the fight between Lucius and the Fuhrer.

"That Fuhrer was a disgusting man, many are happy he has been replaced by Aurius," the one who spoke was Kryssa

"Yeah, Grand Father is without a doubt a better replacement than that man, I can't believe what he said about the other races" the one who added was Krissa.

"Ah! Come to think of it, Lucius how did you know I was a Deity? Even the Fuhrer didn't know and I was around him constantly, for you to have figured it out..." Aurius was surprised and had finally remember what he wanted to ask Lucius.

As everyone turned to look at Lucius, he let out an amused laugh.

"It was your smell" Lucius said plainly.

"My...Smell?" Aurius looked curiously as one brow raised above the other and he sniffed himself.

"I can't explain it....I just did, I knew you definitely weren't a weakling, perhaps even stronger than the Fuhrer." Lucius said as he smiled.

Aurius had then realized, Lucius grew up among dragons, he had been in the radius of powerful aura constantly, and as he became accustomed to the Aura of Superior Beings, it wouldn't be weird if the lesser ones became somewhat even easier to tell for Lucius.

"Still it was quite amazing, I thought I had hidden it pretty well, Who knows what the Fuhrer would have done if he had found out I became a Deity, no doubt his paranoia would have gotten hold of him and he may have even threatened my family, that's the sort of man I knew him to be and the only reason I never sought the Fire Throne"

Aurius couldn't help but sigh as he spoke, he knew what sort of man the Fuhrer was because he had been around him long enough to know quite a few of the deeds he's done, but that was precisely why Aurius never moved against him, because he was an incredibly underhanded man, those were amongst the most dangerous kind.

"Well thank the heavens, He's dead" Lucius said with empty eyes as he placed the fork in his mouth. Suddenly a light gleam filled Lucius' eyes and a sudden coldness washed over his pupils as he once more opened his mouth, the surrounding temperature had changed a few degrees.

"I'll tell you one thing though, Yes he may have been a despicable man, But beyond it all he was a hell of an opponent. I might not respect anything about his personality, but because of his power I became his witness and though he may have been the biggest liar in the world, He dared not lie to me, He showed me exactly who he was, His Strengths, his Weakness', His Strongest Attack, His Strongest Defense, His most Sacred Art, His complete Battle Prowess. He came at me with everything he had an fought to the death. He didn't use any puppets or schemes, he didn't try any tricks or tried to run away, He came for my life with the purest honesty and desire. Even in his last few seconds of life, he refused to give up and even when I sent my spear through his neck, the look in his eyes was a fire that refused to stop burning, It raged until the end. I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up as a Spirit, ha ha ha"

Lucius laughed and the table suddenly got quiet at his recollection, only the sound of Lucius knife and fork was heard as he continued eating, not noticing the stares he had received as he was already deep in thought and immersed in eating.

No one knew just how Lucius had thought of the battle, they thought he didn't think much of it and sort of brushed it off, but hearing his thoughts, it sent a shiver down their spines, it was then they realized, Lucius indeed loved battle. Those words were all they needed to know to understand him.

They were aware that Lucius, had two sides to him, One was extremely doting and the other was Incomparable Wrath. It fit the term "Let Sleeping Dragons Lie"

No need to hear what Aleria's thoughts were on this matter, as she slowly reached for her sword and found out it was not there, because Sky had long lifted her sword, Sky would actually love to have breakfast today and not have the entire table minced.

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