Dragon Child of Thunder



Chapter 15 : Savior? Or Destroyer?

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As Lucius stood passed out over the once Fuhrer of the Continent of Astarte, the dragons went plummeting down toward him, they then landed softly near him and instantly began to pour divine power over his body, Xiaxinia switched into his human appearance with wings, lifted Lucius and flew next to the tall earthlike structure Lord Vorkin had created.

"You there, Water Deity woman, heal him." commanded Xiaxinia.

The Queen Huntress trembled slightly as she felt the pressure emanating from him, but she would have healed him anyway as she was quite moved by the fight, naturally after hearing the Fuhrer's disgusting thoughts about her tribe, she hated his guts completely and Cheered for Lucius.

As she begun to heal, A group of people moved over to her, It was Sky, Aleria, Jena, Krissa, Aurius, Auriel and Marie. The fear in their faces as they watched Lucius' armor retract and saw the huge hole in his shoulder, instantly tears filled Aleria and Sky's eyes, even Jena cried Krissa just stared wide-eyed,they had truly been worried, they had never witnessed a fight that intense.

"Yeah she definitely smells like him, You red woman, you're Aleria right?" Varathraga called out to Aleria.

"Yes... my lord"
Aleria said respectfully as she knelt on one knee, but naturally the dragons all knew about her being Lucius' 2nd wife.

"No need for the "my lord" and don't kneel we're family now" said Veranthus calmly as Sky walked over to them and greeted them all.

Aleria was happy that Lucius' family easily accepted her, it was something she pondered about occasionally as she wondered if she would be good enough for Lucius, But every time she would ponder about it Lucius would interrupt her thoughts, he would do things to gain her attention. She realized how sensitive Lucius was to his surroundings to notice her perils amidst everything else. It was his random acts of kindness and thoughtfulness towards her that made her fall for him even more. There was also no one out there she believed could understand her like Lucius.

Immediately after the greetings, everyone went over to make sure Lucius was healing properly. They didn't want to crowd around him too much and gave him his space to heal up. Sky and Aleria however, couldn't take their eyes off the Wolf woman who smelled Lucius ever so often with her face that was deep red. Kryssa had been smelling Lucius uncontrollably.

As Sky was about to say something, Kryssa interrupted her thoughts

"I envy you fox girl, to be able to have this smell all to yourself late at night"
She fawned with a drooling grin.

While applying the water with mana and injected with divine power all over Lucius' body. slowly the wound began closing as the remnants of flame inside had been doused.

"Hurry up and heal him and get away you perverted wolf!" Sky said coldly.

Aleria's hand never left her weapon. She only gave off a incredibly high killing intent.

"Oh I don't know about that, see I've taken quite a interest in this fine one here, hehe so powerful and so young, he'd make a great lover, Besides I'm a virgin"
The wolf said as she licked her lips.

"Who the hell would believe that?!" Sky coldly retorted.

Sky hadn't felt threatened one bit, but she still couldn't deny Kryssa's body, It was more womanly and erotic than hers, She had black hair, red eyes, a cute pair of black ears, and a long lush black tail, Her pale skin completely contrasted everything and accentuated her womanly curves.

The Queen Huntress was dressed in a Black Robe, With a Black hood and a Black Leather thigh high skirt with knee high Black boots, she also wore Black fishnet stockings that slightly showed her pale thighs, Enticing any man. She looked in her early twenties, but she was much older as she was the "Immortal Queen" after all.

The three dragons watching this exchange just sighed

"Lucius has it hard huh, Maybe I should have gave him a chastity belt Artifact that day"
Xiaxinia said calmly

"Nah, if it's Lucius he'd definitely enjoy this what he would want is a portable nest Artifact
Bwahahaahha" Veranthus laughed loudly

"Yeah but if he died, he would have needed a coffin, along with three others right right?"
A mysterious voice said.

"Bwahhaha Yeah! Wait....wha--"
Veranathus laughed as he agreed without listening to the voice completely.

Only when he realized what he had heard, and who said it did sweat beads appear on his face. Rather than turn around to see who it was, He decided to look at the reflection in his brother's eyes who stood opposite to him and hadn't said a word the entire conversation. Instantly his face paled as he recognized the blonde golden hair anywhere and the terrifying horns.


Three poor dragons went plummeting towards the ground!

The voice was that of Venastrasia.

She quickly made her way to Lucius and put her hand on his chest and closed her eyes. Upon seeing this did the girls finally relax, as they knew the Queen Huntress had great healing capabilities but they naturally trusted Venastrasia a great deal more. They sensed that she was Lucius' mother as she was indeed stronger than the other dragons.

"First day at school and you already killed a Deity"
Venastrasia couldn't help but sigh and look worriedly at her reckless son.

The people who saw the Queen Venastrasia, were all kneeling, every single entity surrounding her was in a submissive position. They had felt a different Aura besides the three dragon and instantly they knew this aura was incredibly more powerful than the three combined. The only ones who weren't kneeling were the other three dragons and Sky who motioned Aleria to stand up.

"This must be my other daughter" Venastrasia said as she glanced at Aleria.

"Yes my Lady" Aleria said warmly and gently as she bowed.

"No need for the bows and the titles my girl, treat him well okay? He might become reckless at times and he may have quite a few enemies..Don't run away okay?"
Venastrasia warned her in advance.

"I won't leave him even if I die" Aleria said without hesitation and firm resolution.

Because who was Lucius to her? Everything! He had saved her from her monotone world, made her feel as if she belonged, He was strong and he made her blood boil, she loved his smell, the way he caresses her gently when they sleep, the way he can smile carefree, His wrath that seemed to threaten the heavens and that turned her on greatly, though she would never admit it as she was too embarrassed.

As Venastrasia talked to Aleria, a hand reached out and touched Venastrasia's face, it was Lucius' he was still a bit groggy as he looked as though he would pass out any minute. Venastrasia took his weak hand and as he passed out she kissed his hand and placed it back on his chest.

"Sleep now my dear, rest and once you awake we'll talk okay?"

Venastrasia was deeply worried about Lucius, she was a top Lizard's Run having a meeting with the dragons after returning from surveillance in the ruined Continent when she felt Lucius' pulse weaken. Ever since Lucius was small she would always know Lucius' state, even she didn't know how it worked but she could always tell if he was in danger or was greatly injured.

The first time she noticed it was when he had cut himself with Xiaxinia's shedding.

She decided to disregard it as " Mother's instinct".

She knew it had a deeper reason but she didn't have enough evidence. Venastrasia knew that this sort of connection could only exist in Dragons, she was dumbfounded when Lucius had that connection with her. She asked Xianixia and the others if they felt that connection they told her sometimes, when he is angered. A voice then interrupted everyones thought's.

Every living soul turned towards that voice as they knew who it belonged to.

"Aurius...Is....Fuhrer, as....of....today." Lucius declared as he looked at the Nobles of the House of Fire present.

His sight filled with death, his eyes had lost some life, because he lost a lot of blood, so it felt like his eyes were of a reaper it made them all break out in a terrible sweat, it was a terrible look of indifference that sent shivers down the spines of all the 200+ People Present, even the Deities shook.

Lucius was fierce! They felt in their hearts this was one young man they absolutely could not afford to offend, they wanted to speak and nod but his eyes kept them all in a terrified daze.

"Okay, I will make sure they know, Rest now, you need to sleep." Venastrasia said
warmly as she kissed him once more on his forehead.

Lucius passed out shortly after, It was indeed a terrifying battle. What was more terrifying though, was a 8th Grade Storm warrior/ 7th Grade Storm Mage killed a Deity and they all saw the battle with their own eyes! The Potential "God Of Lightning!"

Venastrasia then flicked her gaze on them all viciously, naturally no one dared say a thing.
She lessened her aura to allow them to move.

"I don't need to repeat anything right?"
Instantly they all shook their heads.

The Group all left to go to the Main Academy after looking at the arena one more time. It was entirely covered in flames and sparks were still dancing among the water droplets all over the entire Colosseum. The Arena had been split in half by the last "Thunder strike" Lucius had used. While the "Rain of FIre" caused by the Fuhrer created 100's of craters 20 meters deep amidst it.

A few hours later Lucius was sleeping on a bed inside the infirmary, beside him were Aleria and Sky, While in the main hall naturally a lot of students had gathered and queried about the incredible noises, the older students filled them in and they found it incredibly hard to believe, but when they rushed to the Arena and saw the aftermath, Naturally their disbelief Crumbled into absolute fear.

Outside High in the sky, the Three dragons and Venastrasia were having a chat away from everyone else. They were currently explaining the entire battle about Lucius, and the events before and after it. They explained how Lucius' berserk state had surfaced and Venastrasia had been listening to it all. She also listened to the conclusion Veranathus had come to and she nodded in her head, it seems to be the same as she thought.

She came to a conclusion as towards Lucius' Dragon abilities surfacing. It seems when Lucius was at his most fragile stage in life, he had been exposed to aura overpowering his body constantly adding pressure, naturally a baby would have no resistance to such a powerful aura, and slowly his body began to accept and store the Dragon aura, While being under the effects of the TIme Curse and God's Tear it kept Lucius at a infant age for an extremely long time, thereby extending the window of time Lucius could absorb the Dragon Aura, Every single day he was in the presence of them all, At day he trained with his Uncles Vera, Vara and Xia, and at night he slept in Venastrasia's arms.

When the God's Tear finally created it's Divine core, There was an entire third remaining, after the divine core had been created because of Lucius talent for divine power. The amount of divine power that had remained could not have been completely absorbed in the body!

Venastrasia found it completely weird, that most of the God's Tear would integrate itself into
Lucius' body in the first place! As it had about a third left that was too much to have been integrated into his body.

Venastrasia put her hand on her forehead now that she thought about it

"It is indeed weird! there was no possible way that Lucius could have absorbed all of that Pure energy from the God's Tear in his body alone from the start...Gods I'm so stupid, I should have known! There's still something missing."

Venastrasia immediately flew down with great speed, she went directly to Lucius' room startling both Aleria and Sky. She walked right next to Lucius and sent her divine power through every inch in his body, as she sat there searching and searching after about an hour....She then went to search in his divine core which took another hour then finally...

'THIS IS IT!' she thought as her eyes lit up.

'It was inside his divine core all along!'

She instantly contacted the Three Dragons, who flew down after having a little chat about
their speculations.

When they entered they looked at Venastrasia, and saw the excited expression on her face She then told them where to look in his divine core, Varathraga put his hands on Lucius, and  Xiaxinia and Veranathus put their hands on Varathraga to see what he was seeing.

"THIS IS?!" Varathraga exclaimed as the other two stared surprisingly at the passed out Lucius...

"He's not gonna grow wings and a tail is he?" Queried Veranathus as he found it quite amusing.

"My Queen you must be happy, he gained this because of you, no one cannot say he is not your son." Xiaxinia said with gleaming eyes as he looked at Lucius,

Venastrasia was too excited to say anything, she just sat there looking at him with a huge smile. Lucius had been sired to Venastrasia, In other words he gained an inheritance from her. He had a Golden mysterious cube shaped transparent box inside his divine core, With a strand of golden Lightning inside remaining completely still, this was something only Dragons could have. It was called "Thunder Rites".

It was something A Thunder dragon gave to their young, it was a sort of proof of their existence and they could only give it once in their entire life, it was something only given with the purest of love. When attained it allows the child a chance to rise to the same potential as their parent or even greater.

For a draconian to have inherited it, is something thought completely impossible. This had much to do with Lucius but even more to do with Venastrasia it was proof of her love for Lucius, and was completely irrefutable.

"Could it have been the refining process during the God's Tear?, Indeed I did refine it before putting it inside his body,  My pure refined aura must have been entering all that time" Venastrasia said happily.

Lucius' potential had just increased to that of a Greater Dragon. An existence on the same level as Venastrasia, if he continued to become stronger and train eventually he would become extremely powerful, it's hard to tell if he could transcend to such a entity, but it would all be up to him, the opportunity was clearly there for him to take and Lucius would definitely try his best to become such an entity because if it was to protect his family, nothing was too hard for Lucius.

Venastrasia then decided to unlock the "Thunder Rites" as it could only be unlocked by the parent, the parent had to release everything to the kin. She then sent her divine power to his core and broke a side of the cube, Instantly Lucius body was bursting with a golden light Instantly the Thunder Rites came flying out of Lucius' chest, it had begun rotating in an intense manner, His divine core Also came out flashing right in front of Lucius' face.

The two Slammed together causing An ear piercing sound, as they began merging! The merging caused an intense light and the wind started distorting around his body!

Thankfully Lucius had been put under a deep sleep by Venastrasia, otherwise the pain would have been heart-wrenching and unbearable...Half way through the merge, The light became even more intense and the rotating increased, Instantly every single piece of glass in a 100 meter radius shattered.


As the Oval shaped Divine core and the Golden Cube were merging at an incredible speed, Finally it had finished after about an hour of merging, what appeared was a diamond shaped Golden stone the size of a tea cup, and it was adorned with Azure Colored Weird Symbols. It was Dragonic Language, the words clearly said.

"The Inherited One"

Instantly the diamond shaped Stone flew directly into Lucius' Chest!


Lucius screamed out in terrible agony as he had woken up. He realized his body was going through changes, and he was terrified, Only when his eyes met Venastrasia did he understand she was doing something to his body and he relaxed, he gave her a weak nod and began clenching his teeth, to bear with the pain, His body was growing to support his new power, the body of a 12 year old was not an adequate vessel to maintain and exert such power. His muscles Grew, so did his height, his body had been changing forcing itself to grow, as his body had been reformatting itself to his new power. His muscles Burst and his Bones broke, to make them extended, There was absolutely no doubt that this was incredibly painful. He screamed and screamed it was like beyond crushed again and again, but he endured.

Sky and Aleria watching everything couldn't help but feel worried and showed faces of extreme tears they knew his body was going through changes but they still didn't like the thought of Lucius, going through so much pain to make it worse he had just fought, but it was necessary, Venastrasia didn't know what bad effects could come from keeping that power inside him without merging it for too long. She feared what may or may not have happened as there was no case like this before, she wanted to be extra cautious.

Lucius sensed the power welling up inside him and rather than scream again, his eyes became cold and a huge mocking smile replaced his frown.

"Yes....This...is...It.....WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! COME?! I WILL DEVOUR THE MEAL YOU HAVE PREPARED FOR ME!!" Lucius said in complete insanity.

The power seemed to have a conscious of it's own as it responded to Lucius' taunt, and increased ten fold, but that was really Lucius' fear fading and pores  opening and allowing the mana in his body to destroy his body, and allowing the divine power to recreate, reformat and repair. It Instantly surged throughout his body, as Lucius bit down on his Lip, he accepted it all with a Huge grin.


"Hahahahah....hahahahaha..." Indeed this was the amount of pain to make any man insane, but Lucius continued to endure.

He counted the rippled designs on the ceiling and started over and then counted once more, and repeated the process all in order to keep his sanity. He howled and wailed in agony, as the mana destroyed his body and it repaired itself. After a few Agonizing hours. Lucius finally passed out and it had finished. Lucius now had the body of a 16 year old, He looked more mature and he was well sculpted, now as his facial features had sharpened, He was even more handsome but what was more important were the rank upgrades to 8th Grade Storm Mage and 9th Grade Warrior from his newly acquired Thunder Rites. The Dragons and Venastrasia decided to give him time to heal and repair, Sky and Aleria also felt the same.

The Three Dragons and Venastrasia had all left to give him time to sleep and heal, Aleria and Sky also left with them eventually as Venastrasia had persuaded them to get something to eat and get some rest. Lucius would be asleep for quite a while. When they had all left.

The Golden Diamond shaped Rune once more came out, it flashed another few weird symbols that seemed to be in a similar language to the dragons but it wasnt, it roughly meant.

"The Destroyer"

And it silently went back into his chest.

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