Dragon Child of Thunder



Chapter 14 : Battle In the Arena.

WorldSerpent: Extended chapter enjoy!

In the middle of the Colosseum of Four elements Academy, two figures can be seen facing off against one another.

As the Fuhrer begun to realize that his life was indeed in danger, a red bracer ornament around his hand lit up and in a flash it had became A Dazzling Red Sword surrounded in flames, The sword was indeed an Artifact. A pendant around his neck lit up, and instantly a Red Armor covered him completely. This was no ordinary armor either as the glow it gave off proved so to be the case. Instantly the Light faded and It looked like a Molten hot Armor.  One side of his Helmet had flames while the other was molten.

Sensing the Fuhrer began to realize his position, A smile curved on Lucius face.

'That was faster than I thought, It's clear he's at least not completely stupid'

Seeing the mocking look on Lucius' face the Fuhrer was enraged, his Killing intent had risen, the Fuhrer had a plan he wanted to test the range of the Lightning bolts that descended from the sky...he tried to draw Lucius into a mild fight to play around until he figured out the range.

In a flash he charged at Lucius, while constantly keeping his eyes to the skies, But his opponent was Lucius....

The second he tried to look up--

*Whoosh* *Whoosh*

Two quickly stabbing after-images came at his head and heart. To which he blocked with his Flaming molten sword and responded with a counter-attack,

His sword began to rapidly gain a Raging fire on it, It was a ridiculous amount heat! It was Immolation strike!  The Deity version of Searing Blade! It was aimed in a horizontal direction as it went chopping downwards toward Lucius' skull!

As the Fuhrer slashed back at Lucius, thinking Lucius would certainly dodge this lethal strike. Lucius did something he didn't expect, he had advanced towards the strike! Certainly this is what Lucius would do! This Erratic behavior was Lucius' Strength!

Instead of a spear, A Trident form had came at blinding speed towards the blade, The Trident was soaked in lightning, In a split second the two edges had clashed but Lucius twisted the Trident at the second of impact, using the Thunder effect on his attack he knew he couldn't match the power of A Deity's Lethal strike, but this was nothing Lucius hadn't dealt with before.

He used the Thunderblow effect to offset the Attack, and sent the explosion deflecting off to the side of him. This was something only someone with nerves of steel and complete control of his body could achieve!

Veranathus used force equal to a deity many times when he sparred against Lucius, because it was the lowest he could lower his power in order not to harm Lucius! Naturally Lucius came up with ways of fighting such power, he knew deflecting was the key.

**CLANG** **BOOM**

As the explosion went off to the side, In a fluid motion Lucius retracted the Lightning from the spear, and inserted mana, the Trident form instantly turned to a spear and went straight for the Fuhrer's carotid artery!

This all happened in a split second!

What Most people saw, was an Incredible hot searing blade going straight at Lucius, it got caught up in the Trident and it was purposely unhooked from the Trident at an offset angle and was blown to the side as it passed diagonally near Lucius' shoulder, cutting and burning piece of his hair, While the Trident had turned to a spear and went straight on it's original path to the Fuhrer's neck!

In complete fear and surprise  the Fuhrer leaped back and hadn't realized he had climbed at an altitude.


He immediately went crashing to the ground once more covered in Static, creating a huge crater. The Fuhrer was furious!

A little distance away, Everyone had finished evacuating, Vorkin Earthstone as well as the other Deities were watching him, Also quite a few strong willed people as well, some nobles, some students. All watching in awe and horror. Never before had they seen a deity been attacked, naturally they didn't know what to do, but they were sure of one thing, they wanted to watch.

Sensing no one was about to move, Vorkin made the earth underneath the crowd of people rise high into the sky about 10 stories high, enough to clearly see inside the arena. As he made a sort of Balcony around it, Aleria, Sky Jena, Krissa, Auriel, Aurius and Marie were all watching in complete awe and fear.

Suddenly the Fuhrer, Started gathering mana at the edge of his palm. It rapidly grew from just a small ball into a Huge deep red flaming ball. It was bright and leaked of mana, as the surroundings were scorched when he summoned this monstrous mana, it was indeed a Deity level Magical Technique!


He finished gathering mana and a Huge ball of fire flew into the skies at an incredible pace as it reached it's climax, it exploded and from it came hundreds of searing pillars of flame that came crashing towards the arena!


Seeing what he was doing Lucius had created minor thunder effects beneath his feet, Lucius was already quite fast using the minor thunder effects he increased his kick off speed greatly. He sent mana through his veins, arteries and muscles and increased his speed even more while dodging as he realized the heat from those pillars were nothing to joke about. Lucius felt a bit of fear, but as he felt it he smiled. Naturally had enjoyed an enemy that could make his heart falter, though the Fuhrer was a disgusting man, Lucius could not deny his power as a Deity.

This move had all but clearly stated what a Deity was, as the arena became completely destroyed under such terrible fire.

As he was dodging the pillars of flame,


A blade came chopping at Lucius' temple. Instinctively Lucius had jumped back to dodge, he indeed succeeded in dodging the blade, But realized he had been pushed into the trajectory
path of one of the Pillar's.



Lucius screamed in agony as the huge fire Pillar let out an incredibly large hiss as it devoured Lucius, and covered him completely. Instantly a Lightning bolt penetrated the pillar of flame and attacked the clouds above and the abnormal one as well. The abnormal cloud absorbed this lightning and turned an ever darker grey almost becoming black in color.

*Drip, Drop*

Instantly as if it waited for Lucius signal, Rain began to fall, It was heavy torrential rains!


A thunderous shockwave emitted from the pillar of fire burning Lucius, the fire immediately, blew apart to both sides. The shockwave spread out the fire evenly to both sides, and their stood an angered Lucius amidst a crater, with burned armor, his skin had also been burned. The armor was more steaming red, rather than burned. Lucius had stomped the ground and sent a shockwave to clear himself after the fire was weakened by the rain.

Lucius knew he had been damaged by that hit, but slowly, the rain cooled his armor and a faint golden light was seen wrapped around Lucius' body. Healing not only his exposed skin, but the scorched pieces of armor, though the flame didn't damage the armor at all that it was more red in color as it had been heated to an powerful degree.


The Fuhrer roared in surprise and anger, he found out just how dangerous this fight had become, he himself possessed divine power and naturally he knew of it's healing properties.
He also knew only Deities can possess Divine power.

"I..WILL ...KILL...YOU" Lucius said in anger.

He truly felt that blow Lucius also learned that dealing with this man would not be so simple. Yet he was enraged at the damage the man caused him. He felt like he had been toyed with, because the Fuhrer fought him as a warrior and not as a mage until just now, he thought the Fuhrer was underestimating him. How could he have known that the Fuhrer truly considered him dangerous and was being cautious.

At first the Fuhrer, tried to be cautious and gauge Lucius' power in a melee battle but he realized he could not defeat Lucius in melee, His style was too erratic and Unpredictable and the most frightening part, was that it always targeted his vitals! Never once had the spear, aimed for a spot on his body that could not kill him. It was then he decided he would keep his distance from Lucius and use his total advantage as a Deity Pyro Mage.

Even though the Fuhrer was a Grade 9 Flame Warrior, He had been a Deity for about 200 years so obviously he had a lot of time on his hands where he decided it wouldn't hurt him to train as a warrior, but he didn't really take it seriously as no one had ever gone beyond the 10th rank, he just wanted the increase in his attributes, If only by a margin. Lots of people ignored Physical Arts, because they couldn't reach the Deity level and instead focused solely to their magic.

It was this way solely because becoming a Deity or reaching a high enough level of power that could increase one's lifespan greatly was already something that one would take quite a number of years, even decades to achieve, so naturally choosing between Physical Arts and Magical Arts was not a hard choice, One had the potential to become a Deity as the other nobody had been able to breakthrough to become one.

The Fuhrer was thankful in his heart that he decided to train in it now because as Lucius was his opponent he was able to correctly gauge Lucius strength, and even though he stood a whole entire rank above Lucius, and his strength and his body make up was more superior to Lucius,

Lucius' Racial trait speed from his lightning and his unorthodox style of combat warranted praise high enough for him to deem him at least 10th Grade, though he clearly knew it wasn't so, Lucius was just that dangerous at close range.

After Lucius received some damage from the move, he felt a tinge of confidence, and started firing off spells one after the other, one of the advantages of a Deity mage was his ability to Instant-cast, though they would still have to generate mana, it was much quicker than a chant.

Seeing several tens of fireballs with immense heat coming at Lucius, He began dodging and the ones he could not, he was able to slice apart with his mana imbued spear, thanks to the rain weakening it's effects, it also acted as an insulator for Lucius' moves.


A couple broke through his defense and hit him sending him flying into a wall, by now the Fuhrer  had learned the distance of the lightning, and was making complete use of it's barriers. He flew at a height that wasn't too far off the ground, thereby making his flight usable, and a complete advantage to the current situation. He mocked Lucius as he flew and continued firing spells of Intense heat. Some were just regular fireballs, but even a Deity's regular fireballs were dangerous, especially to a lower-ranked Lucius and as he could cast them quickly it put no burden on his body.


"What you can't even stand up to regular fireballs?" He mocked him as he continued his barrage
of low level spells.



Lightning began to cover Lucius whole armor, It was the Natural Lightning he stored in the mountain! His once Golden Faint Aura, Changed to Blood Red. The Stone in his forehead, Changed to Black, As the Blue Lightning inside it that used to thrash about, came at a complete standstill.

The lightning created what seemed to look like an eye! It looked directly into the Fuhrer's soul! It's gaze sent shiver's down the spine of Varathraga and Xiaxinia up above! To make the likes of a Thunder Dragon Shiver, Just what could that possibly be!!

"Hmmm..that's about right...that's what you get for terrorizing Lucius" Veranathus said with a huge grin and devilish eyes.

"Brother just what in the Gods is that?" Said Varathraga with a hint of curiousity and surprise.

"Veranathus did he learn that from you?" Xiaxinia queried as his eyes showed he was deep in thought.

"Nope" Varathraga said nonchalantly.

"Then how-" before Varathraga could finish his sentence, he was cut off

"I don't know how it happened, But here's what I think, it's because he had been exposed to us for a time considered to be long to a humanoid lifespan, Think about it, ever since birth he had been exposed to us, constantly soaking up divine essence from us, Everyday bathing in our Aura, being at such a young and impressionable age, it's quite likely some of our aura seeped into his body over the course of years, not only that, He was born at a high altitude and remained there all of his  500 + years of life reforming his body, but the biggest factors were the Time Curse and the God's Tear that kept his body from aging, making his body evolve, haven't you found it weird he was able to learn Dragonic Magic Varathraga?"

Said Veranathus with a sly tone and narrowed eyes, he then added,

" There was a time when we were sparring, and I was playfully mocking him and toying with him, his Dragon gem changed to black, and his mood instantly changed, he was no longer angry, instead a frightening calming silence came over him, the first time I saw that eye appear in his Dragon Gem, I subconsciously almost killed him, as I sensed a threat, Well I was able to stop the blow when i regained my senses, I begged Lucius not to tell the Queen, Ha ha ha.

But you know him, he was quite sorry he had attacked like that, though he knew it wouldn't have hurt me anyway he didn't care I almost killed him one bit. He was more sorry that he attacked me with bloodlust, Bwahahaha can you believe that kid, Anyway back to the story, when his Dragon Gem turned black and the eye appeared, It was like his focus had suddenly increased, Every single unnecessary movements had faded, Even his thoughts, He was like a complete puppet being used by his own mind.

It's A berserk state similar to ours, yet different from ours. Instead of acting more ferocious and increasing his instincts, Lucius increases his focus and cuts off everything negative, he uses every means he knows for victory, Even his own body if it comes to that, It's quite terrifying."

"I once told the Queen about it, not telling her about the part I nearly killed him of course, she said she knew already the day Lucius learned about the Lightning Calamity, His wrath had surfaced, and Venastrasia did see his Gem flicker black for an instant, it was only when she called him he snapped out of it and suddenly got really calm and spoke in a calm calculating tone."

"Certainly....It does sound plausible" as Varathraga stared at Lucius ponderingly,

"Hohoho, you know without my help it would have never surfaced, now that I think about it
that level of Focus had to have been my doing"  Xiaxinia said as he pointed his nose in the sky

The two brothers couldn't refute. Certainly that level of focus was cultivated by Xiaxinia, but it was Lucius' potential. They stared at him angrily as he laughed like he had won a trophy.

Instantly Lucius brain stopped, his eyes once filled with fury and anger, now calmed like the eye of a storm. It was an eerie look of coldness that held no affection, or any type of ill feeling whatsoever. It had no specific desire but it's gaze was directed at the Fuhrer!

This made the Fuhrer's body shudder and on his face beads of sweat had appeared, He felt as if a reaper had just met his gaze. Sensing the incoming danger, He decided to use everything he had he could no longer be cautious, He had to risk his life and win! It was his chance of survival and he currently had the upper hand!

Instantly he started gathering mana in his both hands, while his body exploded with tremendous amounts of mana and Fire, His Aura covered the entire area and He directed his both palms at Lucius



Instantly a huge Molten Ball of Fire was sent Speeding at Lucius, Lucius' armor was already at that time exerting an incredible amount of Lightning Natural Energy, some of the lightning around Lucius started entering into his body, his eyes had shone with a deep Azure light. The most of it wrapped around his spear in it's  Trident Form!

As if that wasn't enough, Lucius then used his Divine power to focus it all on repairing his body,he then sent a lightning spark straight into his own brain disrupting the synapses and sending a false message, A message to release it's limiter!

This sort of magic as you probably guessed has an incredible defect, and indeed would cause Lucius' body damage, but in his berserk state, he did not care one bit for his own safety as the Divine power was there to stop that from happening and increasing the time he could spend in his Limiter Released state.

The power emitting from the Trident was far beyond that of a Deity, It was a power that had increased 100 fold. The preparations were way too meticulous! It was an unbelievable feat!

This was Lucius' plan from the beginning! Though he didn't account for the berserk state, it granted him the precise timing and carried out everything smoothly and perfectly.

As he focused the Trident towards the Meteor, His eyes flashed and A large Amount of Lightning, took the shape of a Huge Claw, As Lucius firmly gripped the floor with his feet, The muscles in his legs bulged and tensed, as it sent a rippling effect through the muscles in his loins, they expanded and tensed, the power went into his shoulders as they flared, then to his arms as the muscles present pushed against his armor.

The spear in his hand began distorting as he thrusted forward with Incredible strength, The Claw Shot out at the speed of Light!

"Lightning Dragon Claw!!"

Immediately it split the Meteor in two.

The thunderous effect from the Lightning pushed it away even further!

But it wasn't finished! It went straight towards the Fuhrer as it curved to him, Sensing the danger the Fuhrer was about to dodge when


A lightning bolt from the Sky struck him down and paralyzed him for a split second, but that was all it needed for the Claw to come slashing down obliterating his armor as a loud scream filled the air!

"ARRRRRRGHHHHHH!!! HOWWWWW?!!!!" He screamed in agony and disbelief.

The Fuhrer knew he was out of the range from the Lightning bolts in the Sky, Then in the midst of his pain and agony as static lightning riddled his body, he looked at all the water on the ground and the rain was still heavily pouring.

'Rain? Water?'
A thought seemed to hit him, He realized the entire time he had been playing into Lucius' hands.

Lucius' magic wasn't just ordinary lightning! It was Storm magic! Which meant the entire area, had already became his lair once the rain fell! As Lucius looked at him and realized he noticed everything. He found it was no longer time to draw this out.

The Fuhrer got up with half of his armor totally destroyed, burns present throughout his body as the divine aura began healing him, the Armor was irreparable. He was panting heavily and the static was dancing over his body. Before he could catch his breathe he had realized the cloud in the sky no longer continued to hide it's intent, It start striking everywhere around the Fuhrer creating a cage and Lucius jumped into the cage, right now his body limit was burning at it's utmost. Naturally he didn't want to waste anytime chatting.

Lucius discarded his useless thoughts as he knew it was time to fight with everything he had, his original plan had already beared fruit, he had shaken the Fuhrer's defense and his confidence, this was more than enough. It was now or never.

He charged straight at the Fuhrer, who had thrown off his armor as it became useless as well as his helmet. The two engaged in an incredible melee battle, The Fuhrer realized right now his magic would be useless, The current Lucius was too fast he would catch him before he could Generate any mana, and naturally the Death cage of a cloud in the Sky wouldn't allow him too. He would have too many things to worry about.

He decided to gamble it all on his 9th Grade Warrior Abilities and his Most powerful spell.

"SOUL FIRE!"  he said as his posture changed and he took a warrior pose,

He used an Ancient Fire spell he had learned, his most powerful spell of them all, the one he was most famous for. Instantly, A calm eerie white flame came from his chest and Gathered on his sword, As he swung his blade the entire surrounding earth melted.

Lucius took note of the dangerous move and change, but did not halt his charge, He thrusted and 10 after- images appeared, He was outdoing his limits, The Fuhrer used the Explosiveness of his blade to repel the attacks, and both were fighting on par, Every time Lucius' attacks halted, the Fuhrer would counter-attack while pumping his mana into the white flame.


Lucius received many burns on his legs as the White flame was sort of liquid- like and everytime the blades clashed a bit of it would soak onto Lucius. Currently the Fuhrer had the upper hand.

"AHHHH** Lucius screamed as the liquid fire ate at him.

But even in the face of excruciating pain, he never once let up as His Divine power was working full time to repair his body! Now was not the time to let up, He could only maintain exerting his limits for only a limited amount of time and his Divine power wouldn't hold up forever, as it was already a very small pool compared to the Fuhrer's, Not to mention the Lightning cage he trapped the Fuhrer in wouldn't last forever and eventually once the Fuhrer could fly it would become a lot harder or even impossible for Lucius.

The Fuhrer himself didn't get away scot-free either, As Lucius attacked with Natural Lightning energy imbued on his Trident, He also had used his own Lightning and it projected through the spikes in his armor and attacked the Fuhrer Directly!

This was one of his reasons for which he needed Natural Lightning Energy! He used his lightning to stop the Fuhrer from getting too comfortable and interfering with his vicious attacks, but it still damaged the Fuhrer as well.

The Natural Lightning was used for Offense and his was used for Defense.

As Lucius Released yet another flurry of thrusts, he realized that just for a split second just now the Fuhrer's reaction time had slowed. Instantly his cold calculating eyes flashed as it saw a weakness.

He tried to figure out what caused it, as his recklessness increased, The Fuhrer sensed Lucius was trying to figure something out, naturally he didn't want to entertain Lucius' queries. But what could he do? They were both fighting at their limits.

Sword against Spear. Fire Against Lightning.

Lucius began engaging in the fight more deviously than before, He increased his strength once more, As he created 12 after-images, but it could be clearly seen he was straining to do so.

He was desperate to find out what delayed  the Fuhrer just now sacrificing his unshielded parts as he continued his relentless assault on the Fuhrer, attacking at every position and every manner of attacks that defied human instinct, he also received quite alot of damage and incredible heart-wrenching pain! As he charged the Trident, he swung it like a mace thundering directly towards the Fuhrer's face, The Fuhrer then used his mana to explode the Soul Fire.


The sound of the steel clashing reverberated around the entire surrounding area, as it caused a gigantic shockwave and a huge crater was created. Blowing everything away Surrounding the Arena in Flames and Dancing Lightning waves.

Lucius then realized, the sparks from the Natural Energy was causing Slight Paralysis to the Fuhrer, as the Natural Energy lightning soaked into the storm-like moist atmosphere, it invaded the Fuhrer's lungs and bloodstream with every breathe, So long as Lucius kept damaging the Fuhrer, his divine power would only be directed to his currently damaged parts, it will stop filtering his blood of the lightning!! This was all thanks to the different Properties of the two different Lightning Mingling, His body became incredibly susceptible to it, being surrounded by the rain water indeed did not help either.

The Fuhrer was acting like a wire right now, a wire with an expiry date. Lucius had an idea, and began attacking the Fuhrer much more vicious than before

Instantly the Lightning on Lucius' spear disappeared as it once again pierced towards the Fuhrer, the Fuhrer sensing a great fear, Instantly kicked the ground and fire Exploded from the ground beneath him.


Disrupting whatever Lucius was trying to do and sending explosive damage to Lucius' body. He then followed up with a direct Soul Fire blade attack!


This attack caused Lucius great damage!! As it sent him crashing into a blazing wall! Luckily he had lifted his spear in time and blocked the blade at the last second.

'He definitely tried something but failed! Whatever it was I had a really bad feeling, I damaged my leg letting out that move just now, but somehow I feel, I just saved my life"

The Fuhrer instantly jumped a bit away and Looked at the burning Lucius.


Lucius screamed as he once more used a Thunderous Swing to Expel the flames, this time he had taken quite bit of damage. His face darkened as he stared at the ground, The Fuhrer thinking the boy had some sort of strike to his moral didn't think twice. The Fuhrer naturally didn't wait for Lucius to strike a pose to continue Fighting, He charged at Lucius that was on one knee gripping his Trident pierced in the ground.

He was unable to see Lucius' face, if he did he would have seen the Incredible huge grin and his Dragon Gem had changed back to an ethereal azure color. Lucius had regained his senses when he saw the weakness. When his eyes passed over the wound on the Fuhrer's Leg a hint of happiness appeared in his eyes.

'That looks like it will take quite a little while to heal, How perfect! It's as if the God's wished you dead'

Lucius thought to himself a bit amused.

As the Fuhrer Charged towards Lucius, Lucius got up and the cage surrounding them both in a second got smaller, seeing the change the Fuhrer raised his guard, but continued non-the-less. He thought it may have been done to put fear in him to halt his charge as Lucius had been clearly damaged and he believed he was trying to buy himself some time.

Instantly Lucius raised his spear, But...there was still no Lightning..As soon as the Fuhrer got in range. Lucius' spear finally turned to a Glaive. Seeing the new shape the Fuhrer's heart jumped!  Something wasn't right! In a second the clash had happened!

"THUNDER STRIKE" Lucius yelled


A loud bang filled the air, sending the Fuhrer's arms widely and helplessly toward the sky still clenching his sword.

Then Lightning came out from Lucius's Black War Armor! He had switched the Lightning! His own Lightning was now held in his spear and the Natural Lightning went back to his Armor. This was what he attempted the first time but failed! Naturally he had never moved two different kinds of Lightning so openly within his body before, but after he played with it a while he understood how to do it.

Instantly they jolted out and zapped at the Fuhrer, Natural Lightning was indeed frightening as it contained many impurities that were not mana born, and that was the reason for the paralysis! As the water-lightning based mist continuously entered the body of the Fuhrer unknowingly it acted as a sort of Lightning Poisoning.

Completely taking the Fuhrer by surprise, He was instantly paralyzed for a moment, Long enough for Lucius to regain his strength and His Glaive once more was filled with mana and Lightning, He swung it again.




It connected to the Fuhrer's chest and sent him flying into the Lightning Cage, Instantly the Lightning cage contracted and delivered Constant blows all over his body damaging him even more, his body convulsed and shuddered, burn marks appeared all over his body as static danced over him, Not waiting another second Lucius charged in front of him and came at him again. He charged Lighting and mana into his glaive once more and stood directly over the Fallen stunned Fuhrer!

In a last ditch effort to survive, The Fuhrer with his bloodied and gashed chest, showed minor signs of healing but nothing quick enough to save him as the Divine power couldn't decide if the Lightning Poisoning or the  gash on his chest was more dangerous, and the Fuhrer directed it to his external wounds, A smart choice.

He raised his sword to block another Thunder Strike in a last effort to survive, and imbued mana with his entire body he braced himself, his face pale, his eyes wide with fear.


The Fuhrer was pressed directly into the earth as his back created a huge crater, he spurt out a mouthful of blood

"ARGHHH!"  he screamed out in agony

The Glaive once more was charged with Lightning and Mana,

"THUNDER STRIKE!!!!!" Lucius yelled as he refused to let up, A hint of desperation in his eyes as he could feel his power fading.

The Fuhrer recognizing Lucius' loss of power, clenching his sword once more he used his entire strength and sent it piercing right through Lucius' shoulder imbued with Soul Fire. The Fuhrer had dealt a Menacing blow!


Lucius screamed as he felt like his pores were set on fire!

Instantly Lucius switched Lightning Once more, and using up the last bit of energy he had left. He focused his own lightning into his body once more! and sent the Natural Lightning Energy to his spear,to free his mana from use!

He for the first time planned on using Thunder Strike with Natural Energy! This was his original plan! When he learned Thunder Strike and it's necessary requirements of needing Lightning and Mana to match perfectly, He knew the power of this attack would be limited by his mana capacity, as he had to split his mana capacity in two, to create both equally.

But he thought, What If he had an external source of Lightning! Then he would be able to use the move with his entire mana capacity! How fearsome would that be!

As Lucius stood towering over the Fuhrer, with a sword penetrating his shoulder and burning away at his flesh at an alarming rate!

Lucius' eye's grew incredibly cold as Lightning and Mana filled the air, His raised glaive aiming towards the sky had a terrifying energy surging from it! The Glaive gave off a cold gleam as it reached towards the heavens,

The Fuhrer sensing his impending Doom withdrew his blade from Lucius shoulder and tried to back away but was too badly damaged to do so, His divine power couldn't keep up with the repeated Thunder strikes. So he raised his sword once more to block but---

The cold gleaming Glaive came slashing at the Fuhrer's Carotid, when his sword connected with the slashing glaive.


The sword had been cut in two! The Slash went straight towards the Fuhrer's neck, seeing his death coming in rage, turmoil and desperation, the Fuhrer yelled out to Lucius

" I AM A GOD!!!!!!!!!...KEhhhhh"

As his Head went flying from his body at a unimaginable distance  and rolled in front of a corpse, when he looked at the corpse it was Alan's. Alan was long dead, his eyes displayed incredible fear as it was cold and lifeless parts of his body charred all over, but his face was enough to recognize even though it had been distorted in agony, he had been completely healed from the spear wound, but sometime during the fight Alan had long been killed, judging from the wounds it was a stray attack from his own father.

"In the end, this is how much he cared about you when his own life was in danger, I pity you"

was the last thing Lucius said as he passed out standing up clenching his Spear pierced  into the ground. His face darkened and his body completely covered in his own blood, he passed out with eyes open staring at the Fuhrer's corpse.

Seeing the fight come to an end, The three dragons watched in pride at their young kin.

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