As the group appeared in the Library, Aurius began leading the way to the reception hall, as they walked through the library, people stopped and began watching the beauties in awe. Then they finally caught sight of the one who had the beauties in each hand.

A ethereal azure flash of light caught their eye, as their gazes switched attention, their jaws had dropped even lower. Naturally they had heard about a draconian joining the school, because of Alan, he had already spoken to his lackeys and they gathered to the arena, to see his showdown against this draconian naturally.

The lackeys obviously couldn't help but brag about their leader Alan, most people hadn't believed it, a draconian who was supposed to be extinct would actually show up, They watched the fearless looking 12 year old boy with Shoulder length silver glossy hair, his piercing blue-eyes dressed entirely in black with a spear giving off a terrifying gleam on his back. He simply took their breathes away.

The stature of the perfect warrior, was the impression Lucius gave them. With his look of indifference and unrivaled strength, the arrogance in his movements, made them stiffen up. This was not the presence of a 12 year old boy!

Even though the Headmaster walked in front, they felt as though Lucius was leading! Lucius' presence rung out like the bell of a Cathedral! As the both beauties had the symbol of the House of Lightning on their chests, they drew quite a lot of stares.

Lucius was no better off, he hadn't been around enough women that weren't family to realize, that he was in fact quite handsome. As he drew the stares of many women present, some watch in awe, some with smiles, some with lustful gazes, Lust for power that is! Having a draconian joined their family would give them a few things to brag about.

They made their way out of the library and into the Courtyard, A mischievous smile had in voluntarily appeared on Lucius' face, as he had remembered how he had been here before.

As they walked along the path cleared in the courtyard, they garnered more stares, some people even started following the group to get a better look at the Draconian boy. Lucius ignored the stares and lead the group with haste to the reception, where they registered their names and titles.

"Umm did you know the way here?" asked Krissa suspiciously?

"Whatever do you mean dear elder sister?" Answered Lucius as he twirled a strand of his hair.

"You...walked in front of if you knew the way...." she said not letting up.

" I have a good sense of direction" He answered with a huge grin.

Everyone just let it go and they all had to prepare for their Entrance ceremony.

"Everyone I'll meet up with you later okay? And one more thing when My name is being Introduced, Exit the arena. "
Lucius told them seriously with a harsh warning tone.

Their hearts skipped a beat. They understood they should take this warning seriously.

The ceremony had a ritual where they would be introduced and they had to walk down the stretch to the Arena displaying themselves before the Deities of the 4 Elements, It was called the "Walk of honor" It was more or less done as a show for the Nobles. It was just an opportunity for one to display their mights. After the walk they would engage in a Duel in the presence of the Deities, they would either fight a instructor or a student depending.

Some people brought personally trained armies to walk through the Walk of Honor with them, as a display of might, some brought along with them their finest armor and weapons, Some even brought rare magical beasts with them.

Everything was for the sake of Morale, such events kept peoples heart's burning as they yearned for a hero that would one day save them all from Raz Seph. They never knew that today would be a day they would never forget.

As Lucius was about to turn his back and leave, two pairs of arms gripped him. It was Sky and Aleria, they knew what he was going to do was dangerous. They each kissed a side of his cheeks,

"Be careful....Lucius" Sky said as she clung to him longingly

"..Give it your best" Aleria said as her trembling hands betrayed her words.

Lucius kissed them both, embraced them and he looked deeply into their eyes

"I Will Win" he said in resolution with a cold gleam in his eyes.

After a few hours, Crowds of people began entering the Arena, as people began choosing seats and some were being lead to VIP reservations. After a while the crowd began to settle down. four flashes of light appeared in the Sky.

One was Red, One was Blue, One was Brown and One was Green.

The flashes of light immediately in a flash went to their respective thrones, after the light calmly died down, 4 people were seen on 4 thrones, giving off an entirely powerful aura. They looked like Gods as they sat on their thrones. They air they gave off was clearly one that was different from the masses around them. It was an Aura of a Deity!

On the Red Throne of Fire, was Sauros Phoenix.

On the Blue Throne of Water was Kryssa Blackwolf.

On the Brown Throne of Earth, was Vorkin Earthstone.

On the Green Throne of Wind was Illuyavi Evashiel.

Suddenly a short man with a mustache similar to a mouse appeared with beady eyes to match, he was fat and round so that didn't help his appearance one bit...the man looked like a rat, and he wasn't even a beastman. He had clothes of lower nobility. He was clearly someone not too important, the arrogance on his face however, tried to say otherwise.

He lifted something shaped like a horn and as he held it to his mouth, his voice reverberated around the entire Colosseum, even people in the surroundings around the school could hear

"The Four God's of the Elements have appeared! We will now begin the Entrance Ceremony of the Academy!!"

It was loud and clear as a thunderous applause filled the air.

"From the Windfall clan, Vassal of the House of Wind, Daughter of Duke Ivali Windfall, Lady Ariella Windfall"

A light applause followed up.

As he said the introductions, A beautiful Elf girl appeared down at the stretch of Honor..

She had a bow on her back, two daggers on sides, they were clearly high level gear made from decent materials. She was more cute than womanly as she approached on the back of a Black Tiger, from the sounds of the people it seemed to be a rare kind. She made a happy cheerful expression to which the crowd seems to have been taken in by.

She arrived at the arena and she bowed deeply before the Four element Gods, Then a man wearing a uniformed type robe, appeared he looked like a teacher, He held a staff in one hand and a book in the other, He was a human, so naturally he used Fire.

The elf girl bowed before the teacher, he did the same.

And after a brief silence, The Wind God then looked at them and she quietly said "Fight" but the wind carried her voice to every single person in the Arena. It was customary for the Deity to issue the Fight order if one of their kin youngsters, applied to join the school. As it gave them a sort of morale to have their Elemental God watching over them. The people they aspired to be! They're goals! the Deity they followed!

The elf girl displayed incredible destructive power and accuracy with her wind imbued bow and gave the teacher a hard time. She passed and she smiled as she entered a waiting area below. They had to wait for their formal Introduction at the Accepting Ceremony, which was right after the Entrance Ceremony. The chosen ones would then be able to meet their Deity and receive some advice.

As many other names were being called and the Ceremony was being carried out. Alan was seen sitting in the VIP stand as he watched down intensely trying to find Aleria. When he finally found her, his face distorted with rage, as he noticed the Symbol on her armor was a Dragon through a Stormcloud.

He had rented a private booth, So when He screamed out

No one heard, Alan began to grow impatient. His eyes began to turn red and he began to imagine deluded thoughts.

'What if he already had his way with her? WHAT IF HE TOUCHED MY ALERIA!!'

His face was ugly to behold, as it twisted in terror, agony and hatred, he was going completely insane!

No matter how he searched he couldn't find Lucius. That's because Lucius wasn't there he was in a certain location talking to three dragons but how could he possibly know that? A loud voice interrupted his thoughts.

"From the Stormblade Clan, of the House of Lightning, Fiance to the heir of the House of Lightning, Lady Sky Stormblade"

The man's voice echoed. As people went quiet, they couldn't comprehend what the man said. Mainly only the students knew of the draconian, some nobles present heard nothing of it.

As Sky began walking down, standing beside her Aleria stood firmly, as they both walked forward clearly showing their House of Lightning Symbols. They walked forward as everyone stared in awe at the pretty girls boldly showing their symbols of their husbands. Everyone present Knew what a lady wearing A symbol not from their house meant, she had gotten engaged to be married to someone of that House. They saw their idol for the first time showing a different expression..She was smiling.

Sky had asked Aleria to walk with her as she was a bit nervous, Aleria readily agreed, as she too wanted to showcase herself to the world as Lucius' Fiance.

As they approached the deities, Neither of them bowed and instead Aleria went off to the side, and allowed Sky to await her opponent. The deities clearly took note of it, None of them were really offended except for the Fuhrer of course, The deities had only recently heard the rumor that a draconian had appeared, so when they saw the two girls, Naturally they wanted to see him as well as they were quite shocked that a Draconian had appeared. The fuhrer however gritted his teeth at the obvious disrespect.

Another human teacher appeared, He had the same robe as the first teacher, He bowed to the Deities.


Was the voice he heard roaring angrily in his head as he bowed. The teacher nodded slightly, as he knew the Fuhrer's orders was absolute and this teacher here was hand-picked by the Fuhrer as he wanted someone there who would kill any friends Lucius may have brought with him.


The Fuhrer said with great irritation, as he finished the word, the Teacher had begun to cast, The place where Sky was standing, was vacant. Sky was not there! When he looked to his left Sky was already beside him! In an instant the teacher was sent flying by a thunderous slap of Sky's tails.

The reason why Venastrasia never gave Sky a weapon, was simply because she didn't need it. Her tails were weapons on their own that grew with her, in strength, hardness, capabilities of manifesting mana or lightning and she also had her claws, but one of her most terrifying attributes was her speed. The teacher was already out cold as static danced over his body.

Some people watched her in awe as they saw how easy she dispatched a 5th Grade teacher with no effort at all. After all Sky had learned from Venastrasia and Xiaxinia, also she shared Lucius attributes which meant she gained a fraction of everything, Venastrasia showed her how to maximize that fraction and how to increase it, while Xiaxinia showed her how to control everything she learned. Sky was definitely not weak by any means.

She just did a curtsy to the fallen teacher, and walked to the waiting area, the beastmen let out howls of cheers, especially the males as well as all other males at that.

A few people were already in the waiting area, Sky sat down quietly and waited.

After a while, One of the beastmen that passed approached her, and spoke to her in a harsh tone. He was a wolf type so naturally he had a huge ego.

"Hey, you're wearing the House of Lightning symbol, are you selling out your own race, my family has connections to The Queen Huntress, She'll accept you if you marry one of us "

he then added
"Well my family isn't too bad, So you should--"

He didn't get to continue as he realized she wasn't paying even the slightest bit of attention to him, because in the Arena right now Little Jena was fighting with all she had, and naturally she had no interest in this ragged looking mutt.

As he was about to grab her hands in anger, A tail wrapped around his neck and started jolting him with Lightning, he couldn't withstand it as he screamed out in agony.


She flung him aside into a nearby wall, and watched him with cold eyes and her fangs
drew out just a bit as she watched him and said in a calm voice.

"Try to touch me again, and you will die"

Instantly her face quickly got back it's lovely appeal, as she turned towards the exit and then warmly welcomed little Jena who had just entered, after succeeding with a huge smile and a older sister type hug. Jena had taken quite the liking to Sky, as Sky tries helping her with her shyness.

The wolfman got up, clenching his neck, his fur standing up, he looked like a hairball, his eyes were wide, his face was pale and beads of sweat covered all over him....He quickly and skillfully made distance between them and muttered
"Crazy Bitch"

Attempting to run water magic through his body to heal his minor injuries and make his fur calm down to no avail as the lightning remains constantly attacked the water magic. He currently looked like a panda. Then he went to another girl who was enjoying the show in the arena and said to her.

"Hey it's bad being by yourself, You should have some company to protect yourself there are dangerous men around."

As he went to put his hand on her shoulder


He instantly got kicked into a wall 20 meters away... As he looked up he saw the girl's red hair fluttering in the wind, and her red eyes giving him a cold look, she opened her mouth slowly and said.

"....Get away...Now"....It was a dreadful warning. The girl was Aleria.

He once more got up with puffy hair and a few broken ribs, and begun limping away, once he made enough distance, he mumbled to himself.

"What's wrong with all the bitches today? They're all violent and mean....Could it be?...It's that time of the month? So it's true what they say, women get really do get synced..."

The poor werewolf wondered as he limped away ....while tying a cloth on his head to stop the bleeding, and reduce the fuzzy fur, he broke a branch off a tree in the courtyard and made it into a cane, to help him walk.

He truly looked like a great wise-man as he gain some insight into women, with his traveler like appearance head-gear and cane. He proceeded to walk into the Horizon, into the sun as if he were a supernatural being, and as he disappeared from the sights of all the girls who were scornfully looking at him, He turned his head and said

"Next week I will return..return...turn...turn..urn" his voice echoed as he disappeared.

Somewhere else, where insanity was less prominent, the Entrance Ceremony continued. Quite a few people were being Introduced during the Entrance Ceremony, shortly afterward the announcer once again opened his mouth, and his voice once again filled the surrounding area.

"Ruler of the Stormblade clan, Prince and heir to the House of Lightning, Son of the Queen of Dragons! Lightning Chief, Prince Lucius Stormblade!"

He said loudly and clearly a hint of disbelief in his voice...and well who could blame him? A draconian? More or less dragons? it was unbelievable. As he saw the Crowd looking confused he said it once more.

"Ruler of the Stormblade clan, Prince and heir to the House of Lightning, Son of the Queen of Dragons! Lightning Chief, Prince Lucius Stormblade!"

They seemed to have heard this time but the disbelief was prominent on their faces.



Three Earth-shattering roars were heard. As three huge shadows came plummeting from the sky slowly they glided, with them came a Thunderstorm!

They lowered their altitude high enough for people in the stands to see them clearly! It was Dragons! Three Huge Incredible titanic looking entities! The legendary creatures they had only heard about in story books, were now before them as they plummeted from the sky so did the surrounding temperature in the Colosseum! Fear! Complete and utter silence filled the stand as the fear gripped their throats and stifled them completely.

The faces of the crowd were pale! the Four element Deities trembled in their seats slightly as they tried their best to remain calm, they couldn't let anyone see them falter but the face of Vorkin Earthstone and Sauros Phoenix in particular were incredibly ill, as Sauros knew what this meant and Vorkin was just terrified of Dragons.

Lucius was standing on the head of Xiaxinia in his Black War Armor only his face showed
as he willed it!

As they approached the arena, Xiaxinia landed on the stretch before the walk of Honor, creating a huge crater, but who would dare tell this Fearless creature about the damages of the school when they could lose their lives?

As Xiaxinia descended, Some people fainted under the pressure, Some threw up as it made their breakfast unable to remain in their stomachs, but all had one thing in common, They were extremely terrified.

As the other two Dragons flew high in the skies surrounding the arena, their eyes never left the inside of the Arena and they peered down into the crowd and at the Four Elements adding to the pressure. They proceeded to let out low tone growls, as the lightning protruding from the skies danced with the utmost pleasure.

Making everyone gulp and stare in helplessness. The Four Deities were seriously on edge, this was something they hadn't anticipated. Vorkin slowly reached for his weapon in fear and confusion. Till a voice interrupted the thoughts of the 4 "Gods" of Elements.

"Move or Die" it was clearly a dragon talking to them in telepathy.
Xiaxinia clearly warned them as he narrowed his gaze.

This wasn't a threat. It was a statement, A choice. One or the other.
They clearly asserted their dominance.

Lucius hopped off of Xiaxinia's Head and he began marching along the Walk of Honor, as
Xiaxinia took to the skies, where he joined the other two.

Lucius walked down the cobblestone road slowly, making everyone's anticipations build, as he emerged slowly from the dust as it settled in the crater what they saw was,

A figure emerging out of the dust in A Black War armor, from the body of the armor Gleaming black spikes slowly grew out, while static was present emitting from his body. Slowly lines of Azure started appearing all over his armor. A light protruded from a diamond shaped hole in the forehead of the helmet, A bright, Azure, Ethereal Light shone drawing the attention of all eyes.

Lucius's armor didn't look like anything from this world. It was clearly a dragon's head, but it's jet black appearance, Golden aura and Azure- colored tribal markings appearing all over it only but added to this description.

Lucius gave off the appearance of a Heretic God! Like something created from technology out of this world by an Alien civilization. His Spear was in trident form on his back, giving off a gleam that was coated with Death and Despair. Lucius did not look like a hero, He looked like a villain! The Villain of Villains!

The point of the Ceremony was to showcase upcoming heroes, but here this boy appeared rather than looking like he was going to be a hero and save them, it felt as though he was here to kill them all!

As he entered the Arena and was nearly before the 4 thrones, A silhouette came flying out of the crowd towards him Flaming sword in hand, the silhouette came at what was clearly at about the speed of a 3th Grade Warrior. The spell enchanted on the blade was Searing blade, it was a 6th Grade Pyro mage spell. It was something that could only be done by a Decent mage with talent. It's target Lucius!


It swung at Lucius, Lucius merely side stepped, drew his spear and in a swift, effortless and fluid manner sent it thrusting straight into the chest of the Silhouette, As he Lucius slowly moved his gaze to the silhouette spurting blood from his mouth, A face of golden hair and grey eyes, staring at him in desperation,hatred and fear.

"*Bleh*" he said as he spurt blood from his mouth

Lucius heard a loud voice interrupting his thoughts...

"ALANNN!!!!!" It was the Fuhrer's voice.

Lucius turned to look at the Fuhrer, and saw a face of worry and anger, the worry directed to the man Lucius had dug his spear into and anger at Lucius, Lucius then turned slowly to look at the man on his spear, Naturally Lucius didn't know what Alan looked like.

Instantly Lucius lips curved up into a cruel upward smile as he stared at the pair of insane eyes staring at him intensely. He stared back at the eyes intensely with a hint of insanity as well and a huge grin and whispered in Alan's ear.

"I'll show you what happens when you take from others, Don't worry you won't die yet I have to show you what it feels like to be taken from first, You dare come for my life? Hahaha, If my life was so easily discarded do you think I could face my mother?"

Lucius then with a flick of his spear sent the silhouette of Alan sliding off the spear and crashing into the arena walls, he gripped his pendant poured mana in it and yelled out to everyone present in the Arena.


Instantly memories of Lucius' flew into their minds, and they saw the entire conversation that the Fuhrer had with Lucius. The things he said about the other races and his greediness to kill anyone he wanted, how he planned to commit genocide for the sake of his son's obsession.

As everyone's came back to their sense, they watched the Fuhrer, who's face was ugly to behold as it twisted in bitter anger! Some had looks of pity, some looked betrayed by him, Some had pure hatred for the racial scum.

The Fuhrer directed his gaze at his son, a few of his friends ran over to help evacuate him, Lucius' gaze moved to the group, his eyes flickered with intense hatred.

The face of the Hooded Beastman Aqua Mage changed greatly.

Lucius then returned his gaze to the Fuhrer, In a second


A spear had appeared speeding towards the Fuhrer's skull, the fuhrer sensing the danger immediately flew up.


The throne had all but completely been blown away under such a rooting force!

The Fuhrer rubbed his face as he felt a sting, blood was running down his face, the spear almost went straight through his head.

Shortly after


A Lightning bolt came from the Sky and struck him down to the ground from the Sky completely.

Instantly a tinge of fear filled the Fuhrer's face, as he stared at the abnormal cloud above him, he hadn't realized it before, but that cloud had not moved for the entire day. It had always been there since he had arrived.

As he was Looking at it, A spear had already pierced the air and came approaching him, Once more he flew into the air to dodge, when


Another Lightning Bolt sent him crashing to the floor and once more a spear appeared threatening to embed itself in his cranium. He finally understood and jumped to his feet, where he was at a disadvantage one of the greatest advantages of a Deity was being able to fly in battle and here stood a man clearly at about 8th Grade Warrior and 7th Grade Mage overwhelming him.

The Fuhrer instantly understood, that this was carefully and meticulously planned to a frightening degree. It was this design that scared the Fuhrer he felt as though while on a walk he had stepped on a dragon's tail.

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