WorldSerpent: An extended chapter!

That same night, Lucius began thinking.
'This man dare come for my life! Forget playing around, I will kill him!, to threaten my life because he wants to force Aleria to marry his foolish son? I will definitely Kill him!'

Lucius was furious. To dragons threatening to take one's life was taboo! It was to declare yourself the ultimate enemy! Lucius was raised by dragons!

'I won't fight you fair, haha, it will be a one on one, but I will use every method available for victory" Lucius said with a smile that would make babies cry. Lucius had begun plotting.

He silently exited the mansion in the darkness, and he used his incredible speed and strength to leap over houses, no one saw him as he used his camouflage feature on Xiaxinia's Black Leather Armor. He had his mask on and he quietly left the City, He climbed a nearby Mountain in a matter of minutes as this was nothing to him. As he got to the top he released a breathe as he tried to catch his breathe, in a few seconds he was perfectly fine, this was Divine Power.

He then sat in a meditative posture and began releasing mana into the sky. He instantly drew out his Black War Armor as the black terrifying armor emerged so did a bright golden light. This was Venastrasia's gift too him, this war like  Armor would strike fear into anyone who saw it. He continued feeding mana into the sky.

After a while a storm brew, this was Lucius' variant Magic, Storm Magic! Lightning began striking all around, Lucius then Shot out a lighting bolt from his hand into the cloud with immense power, As the clouds absorbed the Lightning bolt, It began striking Lucius' Armor.

**DOOM** **DOOM** **DOOM** **DOOM** **DOOM**

It struck him many times over and over, But the frightening part, was that the scales on his Black War Armor Was absorbing it all! It was like a battery being charged! Lucius needed Natural lightning! Not the mana created one, as it would interfere with his plan if he charged it himself, because mana needed to be controlled Natural Lightning did not! He relied on his trained eyesight and reaction time for 500 years observing and accurately destroying the path of lightning bolts from the sky!

The Black War Armor was beginning to shine Rather than gold, it was red, A deep scarlet red. The scales convulsed and the armor shuddered, Lucius wasn't feeling exactly well either,though the lightning could do him no harm, It still hurt as the sheer force was nothing to joke about. He spat blood ever so often, and his face was pale, he could feel his muscles being struck with terrifying force as they felt like being slammed by an oak tree.

But he endured he began stimulating his divine power, relying on it's healing effects and he withstood it for an entire 2 hours, Lucius felt like he himself had also broken through to the 8th Grade Storm Warrior. He felt completely refreshed as the storm disappeared.

Lucius then withdrew his Armor, and put his Black Leather Armor on, and he could feel how much his speed had increased, with a huge smile on his face behind his mask, he made it into a jester clown face with a huge smile and tears coming out of it's eyes. It looked Sinister, but thankfully he had used camouflage and after a while he made it back home.

By that time the sun hadn't yet come up but Lucius plots didn't end there. When he reached home he woke Aurius in his chamber's he told him that he was going to leave early to get to the Academy, Aurius was puzzled.

"Why?" he asked curiously,

"I Have something I need to do, please just trust me" said Lucius firmly.

"But I can't wake everyone else up thats..." Aurius said reluctantly

"No, it's for me. Let no one know of this. I'll return before sun up."
which made Aurius even more curious.

"Lucius what are you plotting?" Said Aurius with a tad of fear.

"That's a secret" Lucius said with a warm smile.

"I promise you'll like it" He added.

"Hmm, fine but Lucius don't do anything too rash okay?" Aurius had finally agreed, if he had only knew what Lucius was planning Aurius would have never allowed it.

Aurius then took Lucius to a room in the mansion with four totem like statues pointing to the middle of the room and there was a magic like circle. The circle had many shapes and weird symbols on it, it looked quite ancient.

'it is definitely an Artifact' Lucius thought.

"Here, when you wish to return go back to the circle you were sent from and imbue mana into this scroll, It will instantly teleport you back here." Aurius told him and sighed.

He knew Lucius was up to no good but he didn't think it would be anything to over the top.

"Relax Grandpa I got this" Lucius said cheekily.

He was still a boy after all, He quite like Grandpa Aurius, he would always make surprised faces that made his face shrivel up and Lucius called it his "Grandpa form".

Aurius sighed
"Fine, let me send you off so I can go back to bed"

Aurius imbued mana into another circle directly in front of the Huge circle Lucius was standing in and A light then enveloped Lucius and slowly he began to disappear before he disappeared he said a few words

"Today all hell will break loose"  he said as he put on his Jester mask

Aurius felt like he had finally waken up when the killing intent flooded the chamber.

"What is he planning? Something terrible I suppose, but since his goal is the Fuhrer, Did he contact the Dragons or something?" Aurius said worriedly.

Aurius knew how unforgiving those beasts were and he knew Lucius' connection with them.

But how could he possibly have known Lucius intended to Do this all on his own, While making the Dragons just appear for their original purpose which is to make their presence known. Pouring pressure on any who would dare to try and join the fight.

As Lucius appeared in a tall building, immediately he hid is presence, and activated his camouflage and what he saw was a a lot of books on shelves,  surrounding him, and directly under his feet were circles exactly like the one's in his mansion, the halls looked expensive, there were few people but thankfully none had noticed him. They were all reading.

They all had the same Uniform but Lucius didn't bother to pay attention he had a mission to do. He put two and two together and figured out this was probably the School's library. He then searched for a window, spotting one just a few meters away. With incredible speed, No one saw thing and even if they did all they would see was a light fuzz fly out the window.

He then dropped out and made he was in a Courtyard, The school was quite big what he needed to find was the Arena that the Ceremony was going to be held in as their was a certain part of the ceremony where the Leaders of All the Four Elements had to be there, to see the new recruits in the Academy.

He made his way to the more forested part of the Courtyard and began adapting as he had been thought by Xiaxinia, sticking to trees and moving like a ghost through the forest, Not making a single sound, He kept peering through the bushes as the Courtyard circled the entire Academy looking at every building scanning them to see if they were the one he was looking for.

After a half an hour of constant searching he finally spotted a Colosseum type Dome.
'This must be it!"

Lucius climbed a building and avoided the people below perfectly, The capabilities of the Black Leather Armor was terrifying, it was indeed an Artifact.

As he made his way building to building with leaps of calculated power, His landings were quiet like a drop of water. He finally started climbing the Colosseum as he got to the top, what he saw were stands and rows of chairs and then directly opposite to him on the highest side of the Colosseum were four large thrones!

'This is it!' His lips turned to a curve in a upward manner almost to match his mask as his eyes flashed with a cold amused light.

He then went to a secluded corner, in the Colosseum and Struck a meditative posture, and then began sending Orbs of Azure colored Mana into the sky, concentrated Using his Bodily Control opened his pores and began releasing it at an alarming rate.

They gathered and gathered and formed a perfect cloud! But it showed No signs of any lightning at all. This was one of the Dragonic Magic Lucius could learn from Varathraga! To create a personal Cloud of Lightning, This drained quite a bit of mana from Lucius though. After a hour or so his face was pale, but Lucius had completed his task.

He immediately got up and launched himself forward and dove directly, over the Colosseum and kicked off the wall and landed on a building opposite to him from there, he continued he realized he had used too much mana and couldn't maintain Camouflage for much longer.

He increased his speed even more as he made it back to the Courtyard Forest, He sped through , leaving nothing but blurs and a soft breeze until he saw the tower where he came from.

As he climbed up and peered through the window he left he saw several people standing in his way blocking as they spoke amongst themselves quietly, He ignored them as soon he entered the window his camouflaged faded, but with a  huge stamp, he kicked forward and the loud stomp caused a thunderous effect so it disoriented everyone in the surrounding, Lucius ran to the circle took the scroll out of his ring, imbued mana into it and in an instant the scroll burned and Lucius disappeared in a red Light.

The students looked in horror at the after image of the Jester's face, Lucius had quite an imagination. This mask was indeed a monstrosity in looks, the cruel sadistic smile would make anyone shiver.

Lucius then returned to the room in a flash. He then reabsorbed his armor and left the room. He headed straight for a shower. After his shower he went to his room, As it was still very early. As he entered he saw Aleria was asleep and Sky looked like she was up a while and she was pouting, while looking at Lucius. He went and sat on the bed next to her

"Could have at least told me you were going" She said a bit angrily.

"I'm sorry, I had a few preparations to take care of, and you looked so cute when you sleep I thought I could return before you woke up" He said honestly

She wagged her tails a bit at the response but then got back firm.

"Okay but next time tell me, Don't just leave..." She said with a sad expression.

"Alright I promise" Lucius said as he sensed her uneasiness.

He hugged and kissed her on the lips. They were linked after all, instantly she woke up when she didn't sense Lucius anywhere near.

"....Me too.." Lucius heard from a voice behind him

it was Red-haired, Red-eyed beauty with stunning curves, Aleria grabbed him from behind and pulled his head into her cleavage. With a red face she kissed him on his lips, but he didn't refuse.

"Sorry to you too Aleria" Lucius said as he laughed, it was obvious they had missed him greatly.

He went to the balcony afterward and hopped down to the Courtyard clearing in the Mansion he previously trained at, he struck a meditative posture to regain his mana. He withdrew the spear in one hand and now and then he would thrust his spear forward with either mana or lightning.

Lucius once again began to ponder about this spear, He would strike and then ponder. He tried using Mana and lightning but the spear would choose whichever one was stronger and rebuke the other. He figured there should be more to the spear than meets the eye.

'It was capable of accepting one or the other but not both?'
He thought that was strange.

'There should be a way to make it accept both'
He refused to give up the thought.

He then thought, what If I put the same amount of mana and lightning in at the same time? He knew however that would be no easy task and even if he did succeed, he would need to be extremely careful not to get the mixtures wrong or it could cost him dearly during a fight.

Lucius then rested the spear on his lap, while he drew mana out with his left hand, and drew lightning with his right hand. He tried to put them together but they exploded, it hurt him like crazy he tried it over and over, enduring through the suffering painful blows of force from the explosions Lucius pressed on, he began to get the hang of it as he was able to maintain it for a bit before exploding, eventually he could do it for about 10 seconds.

He then stopped took a deep breathe and continued meditating to regain more mana, as he sunk into his a trance, in his mind as he opened his eyes, Millions of Lightning bolts appeared, In front of him was a Huge Golden one.

'It appeared!! Once more it appeared!!' Lucius was extremely excited.

Lucius had only seen the pillar once before, when it remade the mana pores in his body and now it had appeared once more. Certainly this was something for him to celebrate about. Then he stopped and began thinking..

"Why did it appear now? Could it be?...The training of Melding the Mana and Lightning triggered it?... I gained some Insight? "
He said happily and questioningly.

Instantly he snapped out of it and touched the Golden lightning that seemed to be frozen in it's place.

He could feel a shape taking form in his mind, it was Mana and Lightning mixing together it exploded and exploded, it gave birth to a powerful mist and gust of air. Lucius recognized what it was it was Thunder!

He began to immerse himself in the sound of the explosions and the sight of the shapes subconsciously it began registering into his mind, the averages of his mixtures of Mana and Lightning. He learned this was one way he could use his Storm Magic. It brought him an incredible joy, he could now attune them both without problem.

As he awoke from his stance, He thrust his palm forward and a loud piercing crash was heard as a shockwave exploded in front of him in a cone and sent static rippling throughout wherever the shockwave had been. A hint of excitement in his eyes.

He then picked up the spear once more, as he injected both mana and lightning into the spear, Instantly a light flashed and the edges of the Trident came lined up near the spear, It had taken the form of a Glaive, It had a crooked and ragged but terrifyingly sharp edge! Mana and Lightning condensed in the edge of the glaive and made it give off a petrifying presence.

As he increased his output into the Newly formed glaive, He slashed at the air with tremendous force and a loud and thunderous

**BANG** followed after.

The Glaive had incredible destructive power! and it carried the force of Thunder and Lightning, It was truly a formidable weapon, and Lucius' Insight made it even more so!

A wild joy filled his face as he did it a few more times.

**BANG** **BANG** **BANG** **BANG**

He learned his Limit was 5 as It consumed a great deal of mana, and with that he made his way to the breakfast table.

The next day, A carriage is seen going along the streets of Corinth, A young man about 17 years is seen sitting down slouching, giving off a clear arrogant air about him, another man sitting opposite to him, was an Older man that looked to be in his early 40s.

"Father, A draconian you said he was?" Said the young man as he  clenched his teeth.

"Yeah, he'll be arriving soon as Aurius has a Teleportation Circle in his Mansion connected to the school" The old man said calmly with a hint of a smile on he face.

"I'll kill him you know father, I don't care how people view me as second year student bullying him, He dare to make a move on my Aleria, That is unforgivable" Said the young man with a distorted face.

"Alan calm yourself, you will get your chance. During the opening ceremony of course, for the Dueling section, elder students can nominate themselves to test the applicants, Ha ha ha, mistakes always happen during these tests, you are my son Alan Phoenix, rid us of this trash, Let him know the time for the Fire people has come! His kind is not needed here!"
The fuhrer barked the order at his son!

"Indeed father" the mini me replied.

As light flashes through the caravan from an angle where the sun crept in, A man in his 40's could be seen, with sunken in eyes that looked a bit lifeless, he looked older than his actually age, with Golden blonde hair, and grey eyes, his disgusting smiles distorted his face permanently as they made his teeth a bit crooked, and his face had many wrinkles. He had a decently muscular body, one could tell he kept in shape. This man was none other than "Soulflame" Sauros Phoenix, The Fuhrer of the House of Fire.

The boy sitting beside him was Alan Phoenix, Slim about 5'8, Blonde hair and grey eyes same as his father, with an arrogant face that displayed his impudence, it was clear this kind of man would always believe he was right no matter what he did, he was handsome unlike his father. He twirled his blonde hair that reached to his shoulders, He very much like his father, had a twisted disposition.

The two continued to talk and laugh as they approached the gates of a incredibly huge building with many other several buildings that looked like subsections of the main building, The Area of this complex took up quite a huge piece of land, one could only guess just how big this place was The signs above the gate in stylish clearly said "Four Elements Academy"

A great distance away....

Everyone was getting dressed in the Flameheart Mansion at the heart of the City Auguste, There was no time for talking this morning, everyone was in a hurry to get to the Academy, though they could teleport they still didn't want to reach late after hearing Lucius conversation with the Fuhrer.

As they all reached to the Dining Hall to have breakfast, they all told each other their good mornings and a few people spoke but the atmosphere was tense, Lucius sat quietly eating nobody said anything to him, they knew he was immersed in thinking.

As he ate, his mind stayed tuned on to the Fuhrer, a hint of delight in his eyes, something was tasty but it wasn't the food, he subconsciously released a tad of aura, and everyone was surprised, Lucius was just staring, not at anything in particular, Yet he looked as if he was staring into something incredibly deep and profound, What Lucius was thinking about was the many ways and different strategies to kill the Fuhrer, he already set in motion a chain of events that could lead to victory.

Lucius began lusting after the man's death. He truly wanted to end the Fire Deity with his own two hands. The thought of killing a Deity, began clouding his mind and his thoughts Lucius was in an uncontrollable state. Upon sensing Lucius' change in aura, the fluctuation of his aura caused everyone present to tense up.

Aurius then broke the atmosphere.
"Alright then since we're all full, let's change and get going shall we?"

Everyone nodded and headed to their respected rooms to prepare their clothing, one had to be for Representation and your personal Armor had to be worn for the Entrance Ceremony room, Lucius remained in his black leather clothing as his armor could be equipped at anytime.

Sky changed into her own battle gear made by Venastrasia, Sky had Azure and white light battle-leather armor, that looked like a sleeveless type robe at the top but below was plaited leather and steel that reached above her knees, she wore Purple fishnet stockings and  a knee high boots of blue and white. She looked extremely  gorgeous. Her azure colored curly hair, was styled in a new manner as she put two long Chinese styled pins in it and made a new hairstyle.

Aleria didn't need to wear anything special, because she was a second year student but that didn't stop her from wearing her Red Crimson colored-armor,  she had it redone and instead of her usual House of Fire symbol, she had asked Lucius for permission to wear his house Symbol to which he agreed happily. She had a Red dragon through a stormcloud on her shoulder, she wore no helmet as her red long hair swayed through the wind and made her look like a Goddess of Battle.

Krissa wore her uniform as she was already a 2nd Year student. You were allowed to make your own uniform as long as the color of it was white and black and had the Four elements symbol.
So krissa wore a black and white dress that clung to her body. The dress reached above her knees and she wore knee high black boots with an overcoat mage robe. White on the outside black on the inside with a black and white collar.

Jena came forward wearing simple clothing, nothing to flashy as she preferred to be more free and less binded. She wore simple Mage attire. A robe and a overcoat of red and red knee high boots as she was also entering the school, she still looked like a cute animal.

And with the arrival of everyone, they all headed into the transportation circle.

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