Dragon Child of Thunder



Chapter 10 : Unexpected turn of Events.

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As Lucius was eating the food presented to him in Auriel's Mansion, Auriel was engaged in the explanation of Lucius existence. There they learned he was raised by dragons and is the last living heir of the draconian bloodline, As well as him being the son of The Greatest Lightning Expert, "The God of Lightning", Rayne stormblade.

As Lucius finished his last spoonful of the amazing High class food, the explanation had already come to an end. They were all looking at him, in awe and expectation, it was Lord Aurius that broke the silence.

"So you want to enter Four Elements Academy right?" The old man asked hopefully.

"Certainly, but it should probably be named Five Elements Academy now right?"
Said Lucius playfully with a grin on his face.

"Hahahaha, I believe so as well, I'll poke the Fuhrer until he gives"
Said Aurius in a cheerful mood.

Truthfully he was glad that it was his son that discovered the last remaining Draconian and not any of the other Continents. They could use this publicity to garner a bit more fame over the other Continents.

Then Auriels wife caught back herself from her husbands returned and then turned to Lucius

"Oh please forgive me for being so rude and not Introducing ourselves, we've even heard your life story and you still haven't heard our names yet, I am Marie Flameheart, Auriels wife and these are our children. The oldest is Aleria, The middle one is Krissa and the youngest is Jena"

She spoke as she pointed to them out.

"It's a pleasure to meet you three and I apologize for keeping your father away from you for such a long time, I was in dire need of assistance and he obliged"

Lucius said honestly as he stared at the three girls opposite to him.

The first to respond was Aleria, "....It's ok" was all she said

She didn't look like she spoke much and rarely ever initiated a conversation as the family all turned and looked at her with surprise.

Second to reply was Krissa

"Well he's alive so it's n-not like I mind"

She said coldly while still stealing small glances at Lucius, Lucius learned this girl's words never matched her actions.  

And last but not least was Jena, eyes still darting around and still embarrassed for god knows what reason, She was about to open her mouth and then when she looked at Lucius, she closed her mouth and got even redder. Her eyes began to tear up and then steam could be seen coming out of her ears and she shortly passed out.

Krissa seemed to get a good laugh out of it, and Marie smiled bitterly and said
"I'm sorry this one isn't good with males other than her father and grandfather"

Lucius thought it was amusing so he didn't think much of it and replied laughily
"It's fine, we all have things we fear, right Auriel?"

Auriel couldn't help but laugh and agreed as he threw a glace at his beautiful Marie.

Then something that shocked everyone except Aleria and Sky happened, apparently they just had a conversation about Lucius marriage rights unbeknownst to the man in question.

"...Mom...Dad...I'll marry Lucius" she said plainly. Everyone was startled.

Sky said through telepathy

'Master, this girl has taken interest in you, Her intentions are pure and She is good wife material.'

Lucius was startled and replied
'Sky I-'

Before he could finish he was cut off by her.

'Before you say anything, know that I am okay with her, You said you wanted to rebuild the House of Lightning, this is the first path to doing it. You need to find women, not just one, but multiple women, who will agree to have multiple wives and aid you in your aspirations, I already talked to this girl and she seems not to like her current suitors, one of them being the Fuhrer's son and if she doesn't have a engagement at least, she will have to marry him.'

She then added.

'Besides we've already sorted out the Order of things, I'm first no matter how many wives you have' said Sky resolutely

She wanted to help Lucius aspire his dream. Sky was intelligent and charming and a devoted servant to her master. She had long ago resolved herself to make sure her master  would see his dreams into reality.

She also liked the fact that this girl Aleria was as sharp as her, and Aleria truly had quite the interest in Lucius, Aleria and Lucius were like minded, She had an inkling that Lucius was her "kind", despite her quiet appearance and silence Aleria loved battle, she loved to fight and get bloody and she could smell it on Lucius. That same untamed bloodlust seeping through his pores, it was like perfume to her. The Fuhrer's son, had loved Aleria at first sight, but Aleria was disgusted by him, He was arrogant and pampered like a rich noble, he indeed had some talent but Aleria didn't like him one bit.

Aleria then looked at Lucius and tried to make a cute pose and said "....Nya?"

She was trying to seduce Lucius but it was so stiff, Lucius couldn't help but laugh. Aleria got red in the face and looked down. Her parents had never seen Aleria be so straight forward to a guy before, she had never been intrigued by any of the nobles that offered their hands. They smelled too "bland", and after it became known that the Fuhrer's son had taken an interest in her most of the proposals stopped as they thought she would eventually marry him.

It was Lord Aurius that broke the atmosphere

"Preposterous! That can't be allowed! The Fuhrer has asked me about her many times you know how much he dotes on his son! If he were to find out, She were to be wed to someone else, I have no idea what the consequences will be! Most likely he would try to have Young Lucius killed!, The Fuhrer isn't known for his benevolence you know!"

Aurius spoke gravely as if his life were on the line.

"Hahaha...hahaha.....Interesting" Lucius said with wide eyes and a huge dark grin on his face, as his eyes shone with a cold light, it made them all shudder in their hearts.

Who was Lucius? A boy raised by dragons, His blood boiled uncontrollably at the thought of a Deity coming for his life, His aura began to leak out and static soaked the air subconsciously. Lucius had already decided to make a Grand Entrance into the world as per his mother's orders and you know Lucius, mother's orders are always absolute.

Aleria smiled at the reaction, it was exactly as she had suspected. He was definitely like her. He was a battle maniac, as he released his aura, she got excited and her hand went for her sword. Lucius sensing the atmosphere she asking for a fight but there was no killing intent from her to Lucius he thought she wanted to spar,so he withdrew his spear from his ring to entertain her..



In a split second Aleria Sent a strike directly towards Lucius' neck, Which he trapped in his trident form spear, Seeing his spear change forms, She grew even more excited and started attacking wildly but every strike was perfectly honed and Lucius could see the training she had endured to produce such strikes, but for Lucius it was much too slow, he mostly dodged and parried and deflected.

She increased her speed and came attacking him again, as she increased her strength, she became totally absorbed in the battle. She loosened up and restarted her assault, making less unnecessary movements and learning from her mistakes and restarting her assault over and over again, all this happening in the dining room but not a single piece of furniture had been destroyed thanks to Lucius Prowess he easily controlled every single one of her strikes, which seemed to turn her on.

He then decided to end it as it wasn't the place for such a battle, he used The trident form, and thrusted forward while rotating it at an incredible speed in the blink of an eye the sword got caught in the trident and she was disarmed.

"Well this is quite the development" said Lucius as he laughed at the red faced Aleria.

"What's wrong with the both of you?! Are you Insane?!" Yelled Krissa as everyone stared at them both.

"How does a talk about marriage end up in a bloody fight?!" Said krissa as she questioned their sanity.

"In fact where did this talk of marriage even come from?!" she added with rage.

She didn't understand what had just happened, and it just seemed like a streak of madness between two people.

"And you Aleria what's gotten into you?! How could you just attack him like that?!" she added.

Auriel, Aurius and Marie all understood what had just happened, this goes back to Marie's bloodline. Marie's family had a strange trait, before her name had been changed to Flameheart, her maiden name was "Fireblood", it was a specific group of fire mages that had extremely high bloodthirst, They had a variant type magic, much like Lucius, when they added blood to their fire it would make the fire denser and add a explosive agent to it.

They became low in number in the first initial battles against Raz Seph's minions, and their numbers began to dwindle, After the blood became diluted as they began mixing with people that weren't of the Fireblood clan, the purity in their blood fell and the clan became a shadow of it's former self, but every now and then one would be born with a high density of Fire blood.

Marie already had her suspicions that Aleria was probably one of those, because she rarely spoke and never took interest in any man or anything, and she loved to train and battle or duel, but she had never seen Aleria's blood boil, so she wasn't sure, there had never been an opponent who could "activate" her so to speak.

When she saw Aleria attacking Lucius she was already aware what her daughter was going through she sent a look at Auriel and Aurius and they both understood. No matter what they would do, Aleria was pretty much already engaged into Lucius, and she would rebuke any other man now surely. The females in the Fireblood Clan usually chose their mates this way, they would attack their suitable male partners in a heat of passion. Marie knew what she had to do then.

"Aurius, she will have to be engaged to Lucius now you know, and you have a perfect reason to give the Fuhrer now, There's no way she'll accept that spoiled brat as it stands now."
Said Marie with a hint of happiness.

Aurius didn't look to happy at the outcome because many times the Fuhrer would ask about her and always probe Aurius for information, because of the obsession the Fuhrer's son had for Aleria. He was happy in his heart that Aleria would get to be with someone she wanted, she was his grand-child after all.

He then replied as if annoyed but was in fact a bit happy.
"Yes I know, I know...I'll break the news to him gently, besides Lucius isn't a bad catch either"

Upon hearing their conversation Krissa got even more confused and angry.
"EXCUSE ME?! Can someone please explain the situation! Have you all gone mad?!"

"Calm down Krissa, I'll explain, remember how i told you about my family?" Marie began to
explain to her.

Krissa already knew a few details she heard when she was younger, but as none of them showed any traits she had already discarded that possibility.

After some time passed.....

"So you're telling me my sister got horny because Lucius is crazy?" Said Krissa with an extreme tone.

"Oye!! Watch it Krissa!!" Marie watched her with a cold glare.

"Are you going to say our ancestors are dirty and lustful?" she then gave Krissa a look with a warning.

She naturally had to let her daughter know she was going too far. Insulting a guest and disrespecting her sister's racial traits was something someone of the lowest would do. Marie had never brought her up like that, so she naturally wouldn't stand for it.

"Uh..N-no..I d-didn't mean it like that, sorry" Krissa said as she finally calmed down she felt
a bit regretful for her outburst.

"Okay well then shall we leave it at that for tonight?" Auriel said trying to clear the atmosphere.

Auriel and Marie then carried both Lucius and Aleria to a room just a few meters away from the dining area, they naturally wanted to finalize things.

"So Aleria you're sure about this right?" Asked Auriel seriously.

"Yes father" Aleria answered without hesitation to her father's question.

Marie and Auriel were both astonished at this natural reply, they knew the answer already but hearing it from their once ever silent, expressionless daughter, that  rarely smiled or showed interest in anything made them feel happiness in their hearts, they then turned to Lucius.

"Well Lucius you've yet to say if you've accepted it" Asked Marie worriedly.

Lucius thought the girl was interesting, he liked the way she fought, gaining efficiency as she moved forward, not only that but her blade was filled with a pure desire for battle, it reminded him of the dragons that trained him, they loved battle, Just like he did.

He remembered how Sky had already negotiated with her, he didn't know with what but he trusted Sky completely so he didn't had to think to hard, plus she was the type of girl Lucius could get along with, their earlier exchanged told Lucius all he needed to know about her also he took into consideration that he would indeed need a lot of wives.

"I agree completely, Please leave Aleria in my care" Lucius said honestly and resolutely.

At that reply all three faces lit up,  Both Auriel and Marie, while Aleria was blushing constantly, they had never once seen this side of their daughter and both savored it completely. Auriel then approached a desk in the room and took out a box, where he withdrew two rings. Before he put the box down, Aleria stopped him.

"Father is there a third ring in there?" Aleria asked curiously, Lucius was truthfully about to ask the same.

Auriel then jumped at the question, but then quickly understood, he opened the box and withdrew another.

"I assume this is for Sky?" He asked confidently, to which she nodded.

Marie then left to call Sky.

After a few minutes, Sky entered, she looked at the three rings on the desk and instantly understood, Her eyes flashed with happiness. She had been wondering if she would ever get to do such a thing with Lucius, as she was already connected to him at the soul..but still..being a girl in love with him, how could she not have wanted this as well?

Each put on a ring after Aurius entered the room to bear witness to the engagement, he then withdrew two contract like papers and Lucius signed both, while Sky and Aleria each signed one. They all injected some of their mana in each of the contracts to which they signed.

"As of today Sky Stormblade and Aleria Flameheart are now the Fiances of Lucius Stormblade, I Aurius Flameheart, Elder of the House of Fire, bear witness to this matrimonial event"  

Both contracts then flew into the sky and burned intensly till it became nothing but ash, the three rings then shone brilliantly, and the entire contract was written around their rings. Lucius had become engaged to two beautiful women.

"Well then, wedding ceremonies should be held later down after graduation, it will be better if you get to know yourselves better and have time to adjust, thought I don't think you will need it"

Marie spoke ask she watched Aleria already locked herself onto Lucius left arm as Sky did the same with the right.

Aurius then mused quietly to himself...

'Well this ought to be interesting, hahaha, the Academy will be in turmoil at their oh so princess being taken away by some stranger from another land, I can't wait to see the effects of this'.

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