WorldSerpent: Well I see a few people have been asking me if there will be any NTR.

As they were inquiring about the tragedy tag, I assure you there won't be such things in this FF.

As I hate NTR the most.

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Luneth @Luneth ago

I am so happy to here that, as I just like your self truly hate NTR :/
I had assumed the tragedy tag was mainly due to the death of his parents is this correct?
or is it maybe u plan on killing off when of his future love interest ?

Iwantmyrevenge @Iwantmyrevenge ago

Hi, I relly wanted to let you know that I love your story!!!

Toobadbro @Toobadbro ago

and if ntr ever happened it should be because someone got cocky enough to steal one of his wives but fuck it we know theyll be dead before that

LG0917 @LG0917 ago

That's good to know because I hate NTR. Thanks for your hard work.

aldrie95 @aldrie95 ago

Good thing to know that there will be no NTR in this FF since even he has many wives, its sad or even disgusting to see that there is another man..

ButcheredSoul @ButcheredSoul ago

Good, thanks alot for replying :)

crimsonSS @crimsonSS ago

thaks no ntr y hate it too

Love your story

Raizen @Raizen ago

Thank you for the response. I have the same opinion on NTR. The story is great, and i think something like that would have really ruined things i think.