It was about mid day, the sky was clear as if it signaled a new day, Lucius, opened his eyes and looked at the beautiful girl sleeping on his chest, He smiled and muttered

"It wasn't a dream huh....Gehehe" for the first time Lucius made a lustful smile but it certainly wouldn't be the last.

Lucius got up, covered Sky properly and put on a serious face. Today was the day his journey begins, his mind was at ease thanks  to Sky. He suddenly stopped in his tracks as he was about to put on his clothes...

'Could it be? she senses the uneasiness in my heart and decided to do this?'

He thought, he was aware of how she could sense his mood.

'I was so nervous I probably didn't realize it, because only now do I feel truly calm.'
He was sure that was the reason.

'That's correct!'

He heard in his mind as Venastrasia's voice rang out in his mind. Which made Lucius jump and turn around slowly, as she entered the cave, a big smile on her face.

"Mother what on earth could you be talking about?"

Lucius said as he tried to keep a straight face his eyebrows twitching, with his most serious face. Which made Venastrasia's smile even wider.


Lucius stood there rubbing his head with teary eyes, She let out a helpless sigh and said

"Seriously though Lucius, Sky,  she cares about you a lot, make sure to  protect her you know, she does her best for you."
Venastrasia warned him seriously.

"Yeah mom I know, somehow I can feel it...Oh that reminds me I've always been wanting to ask...Mom..Xiaxinia said she was supposed to evolve into a different type of fox, he was pretty surprised she had a human form, Why was that?"

Queried Lucius as he put his hair in a ponytail and began dressing.

"That too was the cause of the God's Tear, some of the divine element seeped into her as you transferred your mana, remember how she gains your attributes as part of the contract? "

Lucius nodded motioning her to continue speaking.

"Any creature that has divine power is granted higher intelligence as well as a human body, hers is incredibly natural, it's as if she was born a beast race, It's not the first time this happened though, I've seen several cases of this in my long life, about high level mages having beasts that transformed into humanoids, as well as being able to comfortably change between forms."

Mom replied.

A voice then joined the conversation and said

"It's not common in the slightest though, The Beast Race values such rare cases highly, so when you reach the Academy, there is bound to be a few of the Male Beast race there that will take interest in her, especially during the mating season."

the face appeared as it entered the cave, it was Auriel.

"If that wasn't bad enough, some of the disgusting lustful nobles will try underhanded means to acquire her, Because the Allied Forces of the Elements exists, there is indeed a ban on slavery, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen, every now and then you'd still hear of a missing elf or beast race"

He added, making sure Lucius was warned. However Lucius' heartless reply left him with a cold shiver down a spine.

"So? Auriel, So long as the life of a single girl, does not amount to a Continent, Do you believe I wouldn't be able to find her?"

Lucius said as he smiled coldly and left the cave.

'Did he just threaten to eliminate the Four Continents? for a single girl?' Auriel was astounded.

Never before did he ever meet someone  speak about massacre so casually. Auriel thought Lucius was overreacting and didn't really mean what he said as he watched Lucius' silhouette fade towards the outside of the cave. It was Venastrasia that interrupted his thoughts.

'He's not joking you know?...He's the emotional type..If he's happy, he'll be happy with all his might, if he's sad he'll cry, If he's lonely, he'll seek company, that's the kind of child he is, He never hides his heart and lays it bear. If you ask me whats the most dangerous kinds of people there are, I'd say those kinds. Ever since that day when I first saw him angry, I felt my heart shake, when  he's angry...I can feel the heavens turning a blind eye to his actions, it's as if darkness consumes him completely, That sort of Wrath is attractive isn't it? Fufu, my child indeed'

Venastrasia giggled as she thought  about him.

Auriel stared at her wide-eyed as if he were watching a psycho woman, but he then recalled how the boy watched him in indifference the first time they had met, and then he realized, maybe the boy would have killed him if they had no need of him.

It was then he realized just how unimportant dragons thought of the other existences, he had just learned this in the conversation just now, If he didn't benefit Lucius in any way, he might not have been alive. He felt like he had realized the most important factors about Lucius' personality.

He had realized, Lucius' mannerisms are like a dragon's , it's natural for him. His entire personality, all of his traits...this wasn't by choice, it happened naturally! An example would be like if a human was born on the Beast race Continent and spoke the Beast Language fluently as he grew even though he was human, it couldn't be helped because that is what was imprinted on him.

" A Child raised by Dragons huh..." he muttered quietly.

Lucius had finished preparing everything, He threw all of his important stuff in his ring, Double- checked his gear, as he was finishing his last check ups, Sky had already woken up and she came walking down towards him wearing a beautiful black battle dress with hints of of white and Azure, the lower half of the dress was pleated black leather, and knee high black leather boots, with azure colored laces. She looked Outstanding.

She smiled and did a cute curtsy and asked

"How do I look Milord?"

Lucius turned his face as it got red, and replied what he honestly thought

"One of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen."

She was shocked to hear this, she wanted to tease him a bit as she thought he'd just look away like usual with a red face. But today his reply caught her off guard. She stared at him blankly for a while as if processing what she had heard, then her face turned a deep red, as she turned her face away and replied quietly

"T-Thanks "

For the first time the tables had turned. Though they were intimate, they still hadn't shown their affection this openly in before, It was a new step.

Xiaxinia watching the exchange between the two started crying, followed by Veranathus and Varathraga, Apparently they were trying their best to hold in tears,

"Just the other day he was crapping his pants, and now look at him * Sniff* *Sniff*"
said Veranathus.

Varathraga followed up immediately,
"I remember when he used to climb in my nose, everytime I fell asleep *Sniff* "

The one crying the loudest was Xiaxinia, as his breathe smelled of Alcohol.

"Shish Ishn't Fair, Why D-does he hash to go sho soon"  Xiaxinia said while holding a bottle of God knows what and taking constant gulps. Though it was a funny sight to behold, these three dragons did indeed spend the most time with Lucius, they were incredibly attached to him.

After saying his Good Byes to everyone of his family, Lucius walked up to Venastrasia and gave her a cute longing look, she hugged him tightly and whispered

"Don't worry, we'll see each other again soon, So long as we're both under the same sky, we will always be an arms reach away, There will always be one of us watching over you and you can visit anytime, so don't take too long okay? I'll always await your return my Wonderful Child, I love you."

She took out a necklace and placed it around his neck

"Use this to contact me whenever you want" as she pulled out a similar one from around her neck and showed it to Lucius.

"Yes mom, I'll return soon, I promise I'll become stronger than anyone else, wait for my return"
Lucius replied solemnly

"Good boy, * sniff*" she said in a shaky voice as she patted his head.

He turned around and looked at them all one last time, and then he hopped on top of Varathraga, where Auriel and Sky was already awaiting. Varathraga then descended to the foot of the Mountain Gliding down past the forest and  he slowed down coming up to a main road, Lucius had never been farther than the  several forests of Lizard's Run.

Lucius asked to get dropped on the main road rather than straight to the Academy, In Corinth because it wasn't far from there anyways, So Varathraga landed at the main road and they all hopped off.

"Nephew, if you ever need help just call out, I'll definitely destroy a kingdom or two, well even a Continent is no problem" said  Varathraga with a huge grin on his face.

"Haha, sure will do Uncle, But I need to strive on my own, If I'm sure I'm in a situation I can't handle, I'll make sure to let you know" Lucius laughed.

He would try his best not to call them though, he wanted to struggle on his own and get stronger not to rely on their help all the time.

"Right, Call me first, Not Xia or my dumb brother! and Take care of yourself out there, remember those humanoids are weak-minded Lucius, don't trust them fully over the past years the things I've seen them do, They're a despicable bunch, Only your ancestors were decent, only they we mingled with, Now Go out there and Do your best Nephew!"

Varathraga said with conviction as he flew away


He let out a earth shattering roar as if to signal to the world my arrival. As were about to embark, Sky switched into her Elemental fox form which stood, at 4 meters tall, Her body was Agile shaped rather than Strength based, It was a flexible, Quick body made for incredible speeds, Her fur was a Violet color That gave off a faint blue color, with sky blue lines going from her mouth all the way back through her back, into each of her tails, Her eyes remained the same Azure purple eyes. Static could be seen flashing throughout her tails

Lucius hopped on her back, and as Auriel was about to do the same, she grabbed him with one of her tails and growled

"Only Lucius can ride on my back".

They then took off along the main road, Sky was moving incredibly fast, Lucius took his hood off and breathed in the fresh air with a smile on his face and both sides of him were farmlands, many different vegetables were being grown, The people that were farming stopped to look at Sky in Awe as they probably never saw someone a companion like her before, in the distances we saw houses and a few tall buildings, one looked like a church, but it was more or less just a small time  village, Lucius figured he should wake Auriel up a little way before the entrance,  because he had passed out sometime during the trip.


Lucius slapped Auriel twice, Once to wake him up, A second time because.......So Auriel had woke up. He scrambled to regain his senses and realized where he was  

"Ah! Blueheart village! Let's get something to eat Lucius, the next town is where I live, we need to make a quick stop there and return to my wife and family to show them that I am safe and then we'll make our way to the Academy! One of my children is going to be taking the requirements exam to enter the Academy this year, as the requirement exams are only held on summer break, All of my family is home right now~!"

Auriel had a dumb face on as he thought about his family, he couldn't stop wriggling started to irritate Lucius, but Lucius could understand missing ones family, so he nodded and said calmly
"Let's Go"
As they turned to leave, They realized everyone had been watching them, Lucius thought it was probably because of Auriel's weird dance, but they were watching Lucius. They saw the stone in his forehead as it was not something one could miss, the way it glowed practically drew your gaze.

" he a draco...*Hiccup*...nian?! That gem on his forehead...*Burp*"
said a raggety man, that smelled of booze.

"Naww them is wiped out Joe, prolly sum sort o' Artifact or sum, shee his clothes how high'er in quality they r, prolly sum nobles son"  
Said a skinny man with bucked teeth, picking his nose.

"Yeah you're probably right *Hic* I'd be weird if one just showed up after 500 years...*Hic*" The raggety man then moved his gaze over to the his companion as he replied.

Actually despite the bucked teeth man's appearance, his logic wasn't quite bad. No one would expect a draconian to suddenly pop up after 500 years, People who heard the exchange quickly went back to their own business. Lucius then put on his hood and proceeded to the tavern with Sky who was already long in her human form, and Auriel, there they ordered a few basic meals, Some Rye and Stew, ate their fill and then as night was fading they decided to book an inn and sleep for the night They would continue in the morning, Auriel went to a room by himself, and Lucius and Sky took one for themselves.

Lucius took off his top layer of clothing and lay down, Sky stripped naked, followed and snuggled next to him, and after a few minutes Sky fell asleep as she was tired from today's journey, Lucius fell asleep shortly afterward.

The next day they checked out, and then immediately took off toward's the other town, Leaving after Images in there wake as they passed the countless meadows and fields along a path leading to the City Auguste, Where Auriel's family resides.

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