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Present Day, On top Mount Lizard's Run, shortly after Lucius' declaration of war, he asked
Venastrasia to finish merge the God's Tear, after feeding the fox most of his entire mana pool, and using the Dance of the War Dragon, He was in the perfect condition to finish the absorption.

Lucius stood crossed legged, eyes closed, in his perfect posture, Venastrasia sat behind him, in a likewise manner, one hand on his back the other holding a golden colored tear, The God's Tear, in her hand refining. The rate of the absorption was incredible, Lucius' body had already created a lesser divine core on it's own after the God's Tear's stimulation.

Now the rest was going to be added to reform and it was a bit of a gamble, it would either be absorbed as divine power or it would increase the overall quality and capacity of the lesser divine core, needless to say the latter was the better choice, as divine power could always be generated, but a choice of having a upgrade in your divine core was indeed much more valuable.

His muscles spasmed, contracted, expanded, exploded, his bones broke, Needless to say this process was incredibly agonizing, usually this process would require mana to make the bones
stronger, but Lucius was completely drained and Something totally unexpected happened!

The point of a God's Tear was to create a lesser divine core, Never before had someone created a divine core before the process finished, This was due to many factors, One was
his early exposure to divine magic as a newborn child, from Venastrasia The queen dragon, The being said to possess the purest form of Divine Power as well as the strongest.

Two was the time curse whose side effects collided against the God's Tear resulting in hybrid strands of divine power, that mutated under the increased speed, those strands experienced the overpowering feature of time and instead of dying out, it went into evolution,

Three Lucius' talent for divine power, Four his constant, rigorous training and meditation for over 500 years. These reasons made it possible to completely blow the other two reasons out of the water! Neither was he going to absorb the rest of the God's tear into Divine power
or upgrade his divine mana core, It was going to be Integrated into his muscles and bones! This was an extremely mind blowing event!

Instead of regular mana being poured into his body's reformation, it was divine power! Lucius howled in agony as his body began breaking itself and repairing over and over again, He could feel his muscle mass rising and his bones becoming sturdier, His reaction time increasing, his eyesight, pristine as he could spot a freckle of dust in the midst of agonizing pain. His pupils split and his eyes revealed a cold light.

After 2 agonizing hours of readjustments within his body, Lucius' looked the age of 12 years old. The God's Tear yanked out the the rest of the time curse, isolated it and Venastrasia's eyes flashed as she accurately used her divine power to destroy the dangerous elements, She then created a permeable barrier with her divine power, allowing the helpful elements of the time curse to merge with the remaining God's Tear and she injected in directly into Lucius' heart.

"AHHHHHHH!!!!!!" A terrifying scream of agony woke everyone up.

This was the final process, it had successfully merged into his body. He didn't get the updated lesser divine core he wanted, but something much more reliable and better, rather than a shield, what he got was a undeniable sword, A body forged by the God's. He now possessed
a body with the potential of surpassing a dragon. It would be quite some time before he could make that happen though, but the potential possibility of becoming an existence of that magnitude, was not something that could be discarded care-free, this meant if Lucius' continued training he could one day stand shoulder to shoulder with his Uncles.

Nobody knew of the changes taking place in his body, Not even Venastrasia could have picked up on it, she thought the God's Tear had been converted to divine power. Her main goal was always to cure Lucius of the Time curse. Now that it was completed , she felt some relief in her heart, as she looked at the passed out Lucius, she smiled and kissed his nose.

"You must be tired huh, now I'll put you to rest, soon you're going to leave me to go out on your own. Don't worry I'll always be looking at you, I'll always watch over, hurry up and become stronger so you can return, Our revenge can wait until you return, my sweet one".

She then carried Lucius over and placed him next to the little hibernating fox inside the cave. She saw the fox's body pulsing with a faint light, she knew that soon the fox would finish it's evolution.

"This should be interesting, fufufu," mused Venastrasia.


Lucius POV:


I sneezed as I was feeling a bit dizzy still I decided to sleep for a bit more. I could feel something brushing over my face and clinging tightly to my chest, it wasn't uncomfortable, it was actually quite nice.

As I slowly opened my eyes to see who it was, because the hug had a bit of an erotic feel to it I knew it wasn't moms. What I saw before me, was a naked girl about 16 years old, Her Silver-Azure hair looking almost transparent as it was ethereal in nature, her figure was perfect,
her body well proportioned to the finest, The curves in her body were enough to make any man lose sense. On top of her head had two cute fox shaped ears of white in color, and she had nine tails, matching her hair color, as it wrapped around my legs and my body keeping me warm and blocking her important bits from sight.

As I woke up, so did she, she looked into my eyes with pretty azure eyes and her pupils were a Dark purple. She had an expressionless face, but I could tell she wasn't cold hearted or ignorant of peoples feelings, she gave me a cute smile and said

"Good Morning Master"

As she released me and sat up on the bed, her hair falling on her shoulders, and the reflection of the sunlight made her look like as if a goddess had visited me in a dream. My face was deep red and that made her giggle softly, but there was no malicious feel to her or any sense of taunting one might expect from such a beautiful woman.

"L-Little fox?" I asked stupidly.

Even though I knew it was her, because of our connection I still had to ask because I simply couldn't believe it. She nodded as she said.

"Yes master, Can I have a name, master?" she asked curiously.

" about Sky? Sky Stormblade?"

Her beauty was indeed as such but I did not tell her that. She giggled and said

"mhhm, that's perfect master"

"Oh as of today don't call me master, Lucius is fine" I said politely.

She nodded, then gave an even sweeter smile and hugged me, I didn't resist, I don't know why, maybe because it felt natural. Then she kissed me, I was shocked, she giggled and then said.

" We should stop here, such actions in front of your mother is a bad idea"

It was then I figured she had a sort of playful side. As I turned my head, I saw my mother trying to contain her laughter, because it was probably the first time she saw me that embarrassed. Then I asked her

"Mom, how come nobody told me she'd change like this, I would have gotten her some clothes."

I said red-faced, trying my best to change the topic.

"Oh but I found it was rather entertaining Lucius, hahaha, don't worry I already picked up some clothes, Don't worry. Your reaction was rather cute, it was worth it."

Said mom as she walked outside laughing.

Her hands never left from around my neck, As I sat down and thought about everything I had learned, I realized that I needed to become stronger, much stronger than anyone else by any means.

'I will win, I will become stronger than anyone, I will take fate into my own hands and mold it as I see fit, to protect the things I hold most dear, to avenge the things I've lost, There will be no rest for me, and then when I'm ready, there will be no sleep for my enemies, only the kind I will offer them, a agonizing descend into darkness!'

I thought solemnly as I clenched my first and grinded my teeth.


Sky's POV :
'I've been up for quite sometime now, but I don't need to move yet, Doesn't seem he's getting up anytime soon'

I thought to myself as I snuggled into him,

' Cold...he feels cold'

I wrapped my tails around him and used my upper body to keep him warm. I thought about the day I first saw him.

'He killed my mother's killer and offered me refuge, when my heart was broken and I was scared and couldn't move when I had totally gave up, He saved me, offered me a new home and a place to stay, He asked me if I wanted to stay with him, a day i'll never forget and it will
always be engraved in my heart'

'I will protect him with everything I have, I'll devote my entire life to him, he deserves it, my mother was ill and she always told me that someday, I should find a good master to serve because our kind was dying out and it might be safer with the humans, she told me not to be a wild one like her, I wouldn't live long, But I hated humans, I always have ever since they killed my father after trying to tame him and he wouldn't yield'

'My master is different from them, his smell is like a dragon, the way his eyes look like the fiercest creature under the heavens, I've never seen a race like him before, a true wild untameable existence, even though he's not at the diety level I can feel it, how special he is. Like A man who would change the world. So I will serve him with everything I have.'

I gazed at his face and kissed him.

'Ahhh! He's waking,....zzzzzz...Fake sleep mode!'


2 months have passed since, On top the crater of Lizard's Run, Venastrasia has been teaching Sky minor divine magic as she gained it from the contract between her and Lucius', Venastrasia was simply stunned. While Varathraga and Veranathus both taught her magical combat and physical combat respectively, Xiaxinia taught her how to perfectly maximize her 9 tails as weapons. While Lucius learned from Auriel about the world, and what happened
after the Lightning Calamity.

Lucius had learned that nobody knew the full story about the Lightning calamity, and that was understood because no one survived, A few of the emissaries from other continents who came for Lucius' birth date and naming, Mainly for engagement purposes left before they went to the mountains as outsiders weren't allowed to approach the Thunder Dragon Festival on top of Mount God's Hand.

They were pretty far away when they heard the screaming and the terrible rips in space and time that echoed the regions, they also heard Raz Seph's voice and the dragons, but the battle was so mass scale, they immediately turned tail and flee, after all they were just messenger nobles, they had some minor ranks and couldn't do anything at all in the circumstance, so they just returned to their respected Houses and Continents and Eventually the "Allied Forces of Elements" were formed shortly after in an attempt to stop anything like the Lightning Calamity from happening again and the main goal to destroy "Raz Seph".

The heads of the Allied Forces, are as follows :

The Fuhrer, Sauros Phoenix, the Human Fire Master Deity, who earned his nickname
"Soul Flame" as he had the tendency to slowly burn his prey, His enemies would scream until the fire made there voice sound as if it were a soul screaming. Which many people talked about behind his back, some people thought he was crazy or had split personalities.

The second head is,The Wind God, Illuyavi Evashiel, The Elven Wind Master Deity, not much is known about her, after the Lightning calamity she became quite quiet and became more reclusive than before. She only attends meetings if she absolutely has no choice. It's said she's terrifyingly powerful as her Bow never misses a shot.

The Third head is, The Earth Guardian, Vorkin Earthstone, The Dwarven Earth Master Deity, A carefree man who loves to drink no matter the cause, he's terribly afraid of Dragons, but nonetheless he has a terrifying temper, He once obliterated an entire army by burying them
alive in an instant. He earned the nickname "Graveyard".

The Fourth head is, The Queen Huntress, Kryssa Blackwolf, The Beastrace Water Master Deity,
her regenerative abilities is godlike, she can regenerate entire limbs in a few seconds, and her favourite type of attack is creating water blades that can cut through steel using rotating pressure. She earned her nickname "The Immortal Queen."

Lucius also learned about the ranks of power.

Mages are : Ranks 1st Grade all the way to 10th Grade, -(Hydro, Pyro, Aero, Geo).
( E.G- 5th Grade Hydro mage, 6th Grade Pyro mage, 8th Grade Aero Mage, 10th Grade Geo Mage)

After rank ten, it goes into Deity rankings, Demigod, Then Pure God, then Avatar. Mom is definitely higher than a Avatar, The Fuhrer and the like are only Demigods, but the difference in between those ranks were like night and day. A Demigod had a long long time to go before reaching a Pure God, some might never reach.

The Warrior ranks were : Ranks 1st Grade - 10th Grade, -(Aqua, Flame, Zephyr, Stone)
(E.G- 2nd Grade Aqua Warrior, 5th Grade Flame Warrior, 7th Grade Zephyr Warrior, 9th Grade Stone warrior)

After rank ten, it goes into Deity rankings, Warlord, then War God, then Titan)
No one has ever became a Warlord before, Besides creatures in the continent, none of the races had ever discovered how to do it. Most Warriors had been stuck at the 10th Grade, not knowing what to do.

He then learned about some current events and social etiquette, and He slept through the nobles education part, he really wasn't interested in a bunch of idiots and sucking up to people wasn't his style by any means, No Lucius was a gentleman, He preferred to settle his differences with violence.

Time flew by quickly and Lucius was preparing to finally leave the nest and head out to see the world, He felt prepared and ready, but little did he know, dragons were hustling and bustling about preparing gifts for their youngest kin. A dragons first 500 years of life were considered special, like a birthday of sorts.

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