Dragon Child of Thunder



Chapter 5: A Frightful Intention.

Present day, A brown-haired, brown eyed man in his late thirties, with a hint of idiocy not that deep in his eyes,can be seen shaking in his boots kneeling in a submissive position in front of a Golden Dragon, his boots labeled "Auriel Flameheart".


Auriel's POV :
'This pressure it's too much!, I'm a 7th grade Pyromage and I can't even stand as It feels offensive for some reason' I thought to myself.

I tried to speak so many times but only stuttering came out, I took a deep breathe and tried to calm myself...

'How can I be calm? I'm standing in the presence of a beast from Legends!  Throughout the years, I'd heard reports that said people could have sworn they saw dragons here, and reports about increased storm activity! I thought of finding remnants how could I have predicted I'd find them In the flesh!

But still, that child, he's a draconian! I've only read about them, but it's my first time actually seeing one! Didn't they go extinct during the Lightning calamity? The way he clings to the dragon's horn is almost like they are kin, As if she were his mother, Who would have thought that I would have seen two of the greatest marvels today, though it may have been my undoing...' I thought helplessly to myself.


Said the Golden dragon through telepathy!

'It can read my mind!!' I thought, I was utterly flabbergasted and terrified, just how exactly am I going to leave here  alive?!'

'Marie I love you, Krissa, Jena, Aleria, daddy loves you all, I'm sorry I can't make it home!'


 'You, Human, Calm yourself, Mom has a few questions she needs to ask you, you can get a heart attack after that for all I care' Said Lucius telepathically.

"C-c-certainly my lord" said Auriel frightfully.

"My lord? bwahahahaha" Xiaxinia mocked the man's weakness, and began rolling around, with a tailslap from Venastrasia, he went flying over to the other side of the crater of the mountain.

Lucius hopped down off Venastrasia, and went walking over to the human inspecting him carefully.

"Mom didn't you say humans were intelligent? This one...he doesn't look too bright does he?" said Lucius honestly.

She replied "Yes I know, certainly it's been a long time since I've actually spoken to one, I don't remember them looking this defective though",

Auriel could feel spikes going through his heart, one at a time as the dragons kept looking at him in pity as if he were a defective product. He silently cried in his heart as they degraded him comment after comment the worse part was, they weren't trying to offend him, it was as if they were curiously studying him and  giving honest judgements.

Venastrasia then changed into human form, A golden robe covered her body, approached the man and asked him to sit, well wasn't so much asked but more ordered as he couldn't refuse.

He sat trying to take up as little space as possible, and couldn't help darting his eyes here and there as he was too nervous to look at her eye to eye, even though she was incredibly beautiful, in fact the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

'Well, I assume you would like to keep your life?' She casually asked him, he nodded without hesitation.

She then replied 'Well you have to do a few things for me, first of all, What's your name?'

"I-i-it's Auriel Flameheart your majesty" he said.

'Well Auriel Flameheart, you don't seem to be a complete weakling as you were able to climb this mountain and make it through the divine stairs,  and also not fainting in my presence, So I'm guessing you have some connections in the city of Corinth?' Asked Venastrasia inquisitively with a sense of confidence.

"Uh..Yes your majesty, my father is an advisor and elder to the House of Fire, second only to the Fuhrer himself and Headmaster of Four elements Academy, My position there is Artifact Appraisal and I teach Students about the different levels of  Artifacts and how to safely access them and how to recognize them from cursed Artifacts."

'Ho...Seems you're not a complete idiot after all.' said a surprised Venastrasia.

"T-thank you my lady" Auriel humbly replied.

'Well Auriel Flameheart, You have to spend a month or two here teaching my child English, and filling him in with up to date knowledge of  the World, He doesn't need to know the history of this world, He has me for that. However teach him basic social ettiquette and basic
knowledge pertaining to the social standings of this world, Nod if you understand'
He nodded exaggeratedly and quickly.

'Well then, I'll organize a room of sorts for you, and you'll be able to start as soon as I have a chat with my son, there are things I need to discuss with him....Oh.. and I'll be taking advantage of your connections to get Lucius enrolled in this Four Elements Academy, as there are things in magic we cannot teach him and he can learn it there' Venastrasia said casually.

"Ehhh??!" Said Auriel idiotically but with good reason.

'What? A problem?' asked Venastrasia coldly.

"No....it's just" he said nervously, he knew a draconian popping up out of nowhere would cause a complete and utter disruption amongst the 4 powers, He might even make enemies for no reason because many races lived under the shadow of the House of Lightning and when it fell, even though it was a dreadful occurrence some of the clans saw it as an opportunity to advance,  but now that a survivor emerged they wouldn't want to return to being lower than any other clan and being second rate, they had grew to accustomed to having being treated as the best.

Venastrasia grew impatient at his pause she quickly skimmed his thoughts and said with a fierce cold glare that carried a deathly gleam.

'Is that all? Don't worry I'll send an ample warning if they interfere with him, if it comes to that even if I have to Fry a Continent or two'

Auriel understood these were not empty words, she was terrifyingly serious! he quickly replied.

"O-okay I understand"

'Well then if that's all, Excuse me, Once your room is organized, Lucius will get you'

"Thank you, your majesty" Auriel said as he bowed.

Venastrasia walked off.


Venastrasia's POV:

'Now comes the hard part, I have to tell Lucius about his history, I promised him I'd do it
when he became of age, and now that the opportunity came where he can go to school
I can't delay any longer, will he still see me as his mother? will he hate me for not being
able to save his real mother?'  

I couldn't shake the thoughts in my mind but I knew today I had to do it. I made my way to our cave and found him there meditating.

"Lucius.." I said gently.

"Mom?" he said as he opened his blue drowzy eyes, that fox drained quite a bit of mana
from him I thought.

"We need to talk...." I said nervously.

Sensing the mood he fixed his posture and looked at me attentively.

"Lucius....you're adopted..." I said full of fear after building up alot of courage.

"....." He looked at me with wide eyes...I saw tears building up at the side of his eyes,
and he let out the most genuine heartfelt laugh I've ever heard in a long time.

"haha....hahaha...mom seriously?" He asked trying to maintain his composure.

"I knew that a long time ago...it was pretty obvious when I tried to fly once" he said with one hand on his mouth and the other on his stomach.

I couldn't help but laugh out as well, when I thought how ridiculous it must have sounded my face got red from ear to ear.

After we calmed down the mood got serious once more, I gathered my remaining courage
and I said
"Are you ready to see everything?" asking with caution.

He thought for a while and then he nodded, I then touched his forehead and sent the entire memory about what happened that day 500 years ago, as I used my telepathy to remain in contact with him, to explain everything as it went along.


Lucius POV :

Suddenly tens of thousands of images filled my mind, as well as countless feelings, Hatred, Sadness, Fear, A couple of others I couldn't explain. Mom's magic was so effective it felt as if I was actually there, I could hear the screams of countless people clearly through dragonified sound perception. I saw a black dragon got attacked brutally, as half of his body exploded, I felt my heart quake and an uncontrollable fury thrashed wildly inside me.

Mom then explained he was my brother, I could feel my heart pump blood faster than it ever had, I gritted my teeth and continued watching. Mom showed me three people, one was a woman holding a baby, they were surrounded by a few people wearing high quality clothing, while the group fended off, the ones mom called "Invaders "and kept them at a good
distance away from the three people who looked of higher class.

The higher class used terrifying Lightning magic, one Red and it literally burned the air, The man was incredibly more powerful than her, The Golden Lightning he emitted reminded me of moms, though it wasn't anything close to moms. His just gave off a feeling of a god. The
other woman held the baby close to her arms, and she had a solemn face filled with bloodlust, like a small creature backed up in a corner, Her lightning wasn't as powerful as the other two,nor did it have any special effects, what she had was terrifying accuracy, she aimed at the ones that tried to kill her defenders, As if she were a Queen blessing her knights.

Her eyes locked on and it destroyed. A creature tried to dodge, her eyes  flashed and the Lightning curved!  and split the creature in two! This was frightening control!

Mom then told me something that shook my core, she said they were my blood family. It was then a shocking revelation hit me! Every single person here had one thing in common. We all had crystal gems in our foreheads. This was my race....I thought maybe I came from a small tribe that was wiped out, But my entire race was eliminated, I stared blankly as the face of the heartbroken woman looked up to sky and held the infant version of me to the sky, then I saw mom picked me up.

Then I saw the faces of my family as they looked relieved when I was being grabbed, I burned their faces into my soul forever. As I awoke from the dream like state, I hadn't realized it at all, but my face was unsightly! It was a burning hatred, A complete and utter devotion to the destruction of me and mom's enemies! In my mind I felt something snapped! I didn't know what it was but what I did know is whatever it was , I'd never be able to get it back!

"L-Lucius?" Mom looked at me with a worried expression.


Venastrasia's POV:

Lucius just finished seeing everything and hearing everything, I couldn't help but be worried as I know for a small child this may be too much to take in. Suddenly--

I felt the temperature in the cave drop a couple of degrees, Static seeped into the air, I've lived for hundreds of thousands of years, Never once have I ever felt a killing intent so sinister and yet pure at the same time, It was Lucius, making a face I've never seen, distorted in anger and sadness, his pupils split, His eyes truly looked like a dragon. Even the other dragons are peaking inside the cave.

"L-Lucius" I asked worriedly,


Lucius unexpectedly calmed down, smiled and said

"Don't worry mom, They took what was most precious from us, even if they repented for eternity, they will not be forgiven, I will get stronger, and slowly I will kill them one by one, thousand by thousand, I have a grasp of Raz Seph's strength, It's incredibly far from mine, and I know compared to him I'm just a grain of sand compared to a mountain, I won't act stupidly or rashly, I will slowly bide my time and climb up. I will climb and climb till, I have enough power to be able to slowly torture him to death."

He smiled as he spoke, but his eyes weren't smiling, with it came a solemn promise, as if he was sure it would come to past, it sent shivers down Venastrasia's spine.

Lucius got up walked outside, he walked and walked slowly to the middle of the crater of the mountain, the mana in his body suddenly exploded, it turned to orbs of pure mana, thanks to Venastrasia's meditation method. The orbs of mana seeped into the clouds, Lucius slowly started dancing as it begun raining, The dance had a tribalistic native feel to it, As if it were summoning the Gods.


Everytime he slammed his mana imbued,  wooden spear Into the ground, A Loud thunderous Bang could be heard in the skies. His eyes closed, but tears were constantly roaming down his face and could clearly be seen among the rain drops, The lightning and thunder crashed and
roared, as Lucius danced rythmically to match, a clear rhythm from the skies could be heard, as he remembered the heartbroken face of his mother giving him away, the desperation in his fathers eyes, his grandmothers fighting to her utmost tired and exhausted, The sight of his brother falling from the heavens....


The Lightning became furious and angry and the Thunder became louder like a God banging an Anvil, The sad dance became warlike, The dragons that were teasing Auriel, and The ones that were sleeping stopped what they were doing and joined the dragons who had been there watching since the beginning as they stared at Lucius, they begun stamping their feet, adding to the rhythm, they knew exactly what Lucius was doing.

He was declaring war on Raz Seph. This was the Dance of the War Dragon. Auriel, seeing the mood change, dared not say a word he watched as Lucius became one with the storm, as he controlled it as if it were part of him, he knew what he was seeing right now, he knew he would probably be killed for if it weren't for their need of him. He still watched on in awe as he knew what he was seeing was something ancient and powerful, this man was an artifact appraiser, even though he looked stupid, his eye was unparalleled, but he had sensed something foreboding in this dance as well. A frightful Intention.

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