Some 200 years later, midway up the mountain "Lizard's Run" in the Continent of Astarte,
a boy about 5 years old could be seen climbing up the mountains, without any support.
He climbed and climbed, the fog seemed to hide his body as he climbed but his eyes gleamed with a fierce blue light, that the fog couldn't dismiss.

When the rocks he would hold onto would break, he wouldn't care he would send his hands through the rock bedding and grab hold once more, his legs in free fall mode, not touching the wall, as he climbed with his hands alone, the muscles in his shoulders expanded and contracted, as they bulged and exploded, while hidden underneath his glossy white hair that reach to his mid back. This boy was Lucius Stormblade. The cause of this grueling training? An incredible desire for power!


As Lucius became smarter and matured more, he begun to realize the importance of the meetings held every two weeks, He wasn't sure about the details, but what he was sure about was that his mother had an enemy that she would one day have to fight, This wasn't some random enemy but one his mother would take seriously, his mother who's hailed as the most powerful under the heavens! What sort of monster is she going to go up against?

This made him frantic and worried. If she had an enemy could she could call equal, just how powerful was this foe he thought. He realized how insignificant his power was compared to such a foe, it filled his heart with dread, what if he had to sit and watch his mother die?
His mother who cared so much for him, and spent so much time making him healthy, how could he repay that? He came to one conclusion. Kill her enemies!!! Gain an unrivaled amount of power and trample them all into the dust!!

His once pure eyes, became fierce and cold, the dragons noticed this change, and they couldn't help but smile wryly. They knew what the reason for this change was, it was written all over his face. He wouldn't forgive anyone that dared to cause his mother pain. To protect his Uncles who were definitely going to be involved he had to overcome himself, he had to evolve and become a pillar, not a hindrance.

He increased his training to his limits, and meditated the way his mother showed him to regain the necessary nutrients, he did this over and over, while the effects of the  God's Tear helped him to avoid exhaustion as it always cooled him down as he meditated, he realized he needed less and less sleep.

Venastrasia could be seen watching him with a hint of sadness in her eyes, this was the same reason she didn't want to tell him just yet, but he more or less pieced together some of the important parts. Lucius had become much more intelligent and mature, these effects were
probably from the Time Curse.

When he finished training she would bring him food and integrate the God's Tear when he took a break, he didn't need treatment every day because of his proficiency with divine magic increased to the point his incomplete divine core, start creating itself!

This was an extremely terrifying thing! Venastrasia believed it was an abnormality caused by the activation of his Dragon Gem which she caused while under the effects of divine magic and the time curse. The conflict between the two contrasting elements caused a side effect, if you could really call it that, it mutated his mana core, his body, and his Incomplete divine core.

Little by little, the Time curse would cause a reaction that would clash against the God's Tear and some strands of these two rare magic, would merge, these merged hybrid energies would then be reabsorbed back into the body, granting him a small resistance to time magic and would mutate the divine magic inside him. Sort of like a blade tempered to perfection in ice and fire.

Venastrasia was sure this was the case because she had been observing the mutations of the Invaders, so she knew for sure that some part of his abnormal case was caused by the time curse. She absolutely loathed that magic, but if it was helping her Lucius she would be fine with it on this occasion. Upon the revelation of these events, she found a way to slow down
the need for the God's Tear and allow Lucius' own divine core components to shape itself, thereby increasing the quality of the Divine core.

Lucius' training is as follows :

Veranathus: Early morning agility and strength training, as he was responsible for his physical body training.

Varathraga: Mid day Magic training, Dealing with Control, reaction and eye sight.

Xiaxinia  : Predatory Presence control and Tactics ,responsible for teaching him how to hide his presence, how to make it explode, and common strategic knowledge.

Veranathus and Varathraga were twin dragons, and as such they always competed over everything, in other words young Lucius' training increased every day under the guidance and competition of these two.

Veranathus and Varathraga, were considered prodigies even amongst the dragons, and as such they both tried their best in teaching Lucius, if Lucius' Magic went above his physical skills, Varathraga would point his nose in the sky, and if his body exceeded his magic Veranathus would do the same. The both of them right now could be seen talking, more or less about Lucius' progress. To which Varathraga said

"Brother, I need a favor"

"Oh..ho ho ho, what does such a magical genius want with me?" Veranathus replied with a provoking face.

Varathraga then handed Xiaxinia's shedding over to him and said,
" I want you to make a spear out of this for Lucius"

Veranathus' eyes lit up!
"I see, it's that time already huh, I was waiting patiently, finally I can have my time to teach him true combat!"

Veranathus was absolutely ecstatic.

All Veranathus could do so far was play 'tag' with him or recommend him climbing the mountain, he really wanted to teach his nephew basic combat, but it was forbidden by Venastrasia, but now he was of age, and he could finally grant him a weapon, and hunt!

Veranathus turned into a ray of light and sped away from the mountain at an incredible speed, aside from the Queen, Veranathus' speed was unrivaled, the only one who could keep up with him in terms of speed was probably Xiaxinia who was an expert at controlling his body.

These three pillars made up the support behind the Queen, they were the strongest kin she had at her disposal. One a master of magic, the other a master at physical combat and the other a master at body control.

If they fought no one would know be able to predict who would win. Some speculate that, Xiaxinia was probably stronger than them both, but was too carefree to prove such a trifling affair, he'd much rather sleep. Xinxinia Loved to sleep


Lucius' POV:
Each and everyday I climbed, No need for sleep or rest, ever since I mastered the meditation taught by mom, I never needed such breaks anymore, if anything they became a nuisance. I know the situation I'm in and soon I'll begin aging at a normal rate again, that's why right now this time is precious.

'Some of the races below, age every year with the exception of the elves I was told, they would probably kill for an opportunity like this...' I thought.

'That's why every single second counts. I can rest later when I achieve immortality and increase my life span, I've already acquired a lesser divine core, but mom said if the God's Tear finishes it's merging with my lesser divine core, there's a high chance it will become an
intermediate divine core, but it will still take about 100 years before I can cultivate divine power, that's why every second counts little by little I'll shave off that 100 years into a more reachable time frame.'

After I climbed I to the highest peak of the mountain, gasping for air after a few minutes, I sat down folded legs in my meditation posture, Closed my eyes and felt the wind brush against my cheeks, I listened to the sound of the lightning.....a few minutes later

Mana burst forth from me, in my mind what I could see was millions of blue Lightning bolts, each had a long history, Many pillars of lightning, but I'm not sure how I knew but I knew for sure that only a few were meant for me to study. So I searched and searched for the one that was meant for me, After some time I still couldn't find it...then a thought struck me,

'What was supposed to find me?'

So I stopped my search, and sat there listening to the static, the pillars began moving around me in a random motion.



A Golden pillar of lightning stood before me, I could feel it's power surging before me like a wild beast that could not be tamed! I knew at my current rate it would probably take centuries to begin to understand and decipher this pillar. I looked at it closely and tried to understand what it was trying to say. I understood what I should do, placing my hand on the pillar I began to pour a little mana in it, it pushed the mana right back into my core, but the mana was a little different than when I sent it out, it was more pure, concentrated, and I felt extremely exhausted!

When it returned I felt a slightly burning sensation as if my blood instantly became hotter in my veins! Ah! Those were my mana pores! Does that mean If I strengthen my mana pores then I'll be able to use more mana without side effects like extreme exhaustion! It probably acts like some sort of insulation! That means i'll be able to produce more mana!! Not only that but I have the feeling that the more mana I can produce with ease, the easier it will be to control'

"This must be what they call Insight!" I said out loud

"Haha...Hahaha....HAHAHAHAHAHAH" I began laughing with a sinister smile, while I put my palm on my forehead. I felt like I got a hold of something incredible and important but I didn't know what it was. I stopped and looked around to make sure no one saw that.

Then the God's Tear kicked in and relieved my exhaustion. I was overjoyed because I felt like lately all I could do was cast fast, accurate Lightning bolts, I thought I lacked variety which Xiaxinia told me was a great weakness, he said

"Variety offers option in battle, It's not the strongest that wins battles It's the one with the most options, One unpredictable move is all it takes to end a fight!"
Finding no flaw with this logic, I readily agreed.

I Once again faced the golden pillar of lightning and began pumping more and more mana into it, It felt like my skin was set ablaze, It was like being burned alive, the excruciating pain almost made me pass out several times, but then I'd remember I wasn't sure of if I'd be able to make a connection this smoothly again, So I decided to hold out for as long as I could.


On top of Lizard's Run, Varathraga and Venastasia were talking about Lucius' training...

"You know it's about time, he start learning to hunt right? He's powerful enough to kill the low level beasts for sure, plus I would always be near him, Sooner or later he's going to encounter these sort of things and it's best he learns it early"

said Varathraga trying to convince her.

"No its still too early....." replied Venastrasia, she didn't say it with much belief, she knew it was about that time.

"For you or him.." Said Varathraga silently.

"VARATHRAGA DO NOT FORGET WHO YOU SPEAK TOO!" she said furiously, with a cold glare.

".......My apologies my lady" he said respectfully and regretfully.


They could feel an Incredible mana force, Pulsing on top of them, they both jumped off their seats and flew upward directly towards the source. What they saw was Lucius, Surrounded by dense and powerful mana, his muscles contracting and exploding as they  absorbed mana that seem to flow out from His Dragon Gem. His mana gem was purifying the mana in his body, Both knew what this process was, it was called "Break through". When you gain an Insight into your power

" Well? still think its too early?" said Varathraga with a huge grin.

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It will be pretty boring if he is  all power hungry and serious

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"One a master of magic, the other a master at physical combat and the other a master at body control.
If they fought no one would know be able to predict who would win. Some speculate that, Xiaxinia was probably
stronger than them both, but was too carefree to prove such a trifling affair, he'd much rather sleep.
Xinxinia Loved to sleep"

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