High in the skies moving at an unimaginable speed, A dragon can be seen flying, It's color Golden. The Golden Dragon, Venastrasia, Queen of the Thunder Dragons.

--Venastrasia's POV:
'This child...his pulse is I was sure I got to him before the time magic affected him...wait..Could it be he was already infected? When? That time magic is frightening!...I've learned quite a deal about that disgusting creature It was probably when he summoned those smaller rips in time! he'll definitely pay for this! but first I must cure this time magic curse from the boy.'

'Surely...Surely when we meet again I will fry every single cell in his body!!! But this child is my first priority I cannot let him die, I cannot watch another child die......I cannot watch another of MY children die. I have to stabilize his pulse as quick as possible! It's getting too weak!'

I then began to pour divine magic little by little into my tongue and wrapped the child in it to get him accustomed to it, after increasing it more and more his pulse began to stabilize. I couldn't help but feel a surge of joy because I had at least saved one today.

'But he's not out of the woods yet, he's only stabilized...this wretched curse I can feel it trying to drain his time! Thank the heavens he has such a strong mana core, his blood is well suited for divine magic. If I remember correctly he had a white core...If that's the case...then have to take my time and raise him well, once I'm sure he can handle it I'll teach him how to use it and he'll be able to protect himself. It might take some time but I can slow down the aging process and give his body enough time to handle it. But first let's cure him!'

I increased my speed and went flying towards Astarte, the human continent, the rendezvous point I set with my kin.


Venastrasia had wanted to teach him divine magic so he could protect himself from abnormal status' also to teach him a way to recover his injuries. She didn't want to make the same mistake twice this time she wanted to make sure her child was equipped enough to handle himself in any situation. She also knew that someday she would have to let him go to a school so he could learn how to manipulate his mana properly and the required logic behind it. The logic behind it is called "Insight" and Insight is needed into understanding the power of the humanoid species. Dragons however have this Insight naturally inside of their bodies and they learn it gradually as they age and grow, this is also true for Divine beasts or beasts of any nature. She began to wonder about how someday he would have to go to the humanoid world and enter the world of men in order to understand his power and she did not like this one bit, she wanted to have him around all the time as she knew how fragile his existence was.

After flying for a few hours Venastrasia had arrived at a Mountain as tall as the one at "God's hand". At the top of this mountain about 2 dozen Thunder Dragons can be seen, Some flying up into the sky, some lying down in wait, others were asleep.

Venastrasia descended amongst them and instinctively they all lowered their heads as she landed, all feeling ashamed they couldn't protect their young prince.

"Do not feel youngling went and fought at his best like a true and proud dragon, the enemy this time isn't one we can face with our young he's despicable but strong nontheless, however I have seen enough and he will be destroyed....that I promise"

She declared to them all telepathically, but saying those few words were harder than they sounded because her wounds were still fresh.

She then stuck out her tongue and gently laid the young baby on the floor, she glowed for a second then shrunk and formed arms and legs, she had acquired a complete human form. The only difference were two thin short sickle-shaped horns on her head protruding through her golden blonde hair and aiming towards the sky, her two Golden colored wings that changed in size to suit her new body as it became smaller and more refined. Her eyes were golden yellow and gleamed naturally as her face did not lose out and was indeed incredibly beautiful, enough so to send any man mad. Her body had a pale beautiful complexion as well as it was curvaceous and well-proportioned.

She then knelt down and picked up the the little bundle of fur, shortly after she began crying while she held him close to her, supplying him with body heat, and him supplying her with comfort. She ordered a few dragons to dig a small cave in the crater atop the mountain, and so they did in a matter of minutes.

A decent cave was created, made to counter-act the wind draft. She then proceeded to go in the cave while holding him none of the other dragons dared to interfere, they knew just how important this little draconian had become to their Queen. He symbolized a new chance for her and a stable moral support and even though dragons are heralded as the the embodiment of destruction, they cared about their kind a great deal more. They were indeed utterly merciless but in the face of their heartbroken Queen they would accept this little draconian as one of theirs, they decided then and there that they would open up their hearts to this young one.

After some time had passed Venastrasia came back from the cave holding the baby boy, he had been wrapped in a sort of divine magic to keep the time magic from draining his time and killing him as well as to protect him from any harmful atmosphere whether it be loud sounds or a strong gust of breeze he was currently in the safest place he could be. This however was only a temporary fix, Venastrasia then called all the dragons for a meeting and quickly they had already arrived. They all flew down while landing as quietly and as graciously as possible being conscious of the sleeping baby, and even though they knew the Divine Magic was currently protecting him they still took their time. Venastrasia then explained the situation to the other dragons and told them of the time magic curse he was currently being subjected to and if she goes too far from him he would die.
Instantly the eyes of the dragons shone, they wanted to help no matter what.

Venastrasia seeing their positive reactions quickly ordered her Dragon kin to prepare to begin the Forbidden Dragon Dance. A forbidden divine magic that creates a surge of power that can only be described as beyond Godlike, but it can only be used once every 1000 years. Some people speculate the ritual was the cause of the creation of Zenheim, some people believed ancient dragons created the planet and how could they not? A dragon was the strongest creature in existence and they were capable of terrifying feats of power.

People of Zenheim knew nothing of this sort of magic though, the Forbidden Dragon Dance wasn't something they could possibly know about, except for the Draconians as they had usual contact with these Divine beasts regularly. However, even their knowledge on the subject was quite lacking, it was hard to differentiate between the myths and the truths that surrounded these Dragons as they always remained mysterious and they were rarely ever seen. The dragons all nodded their heads because truthfully 1000 years wasn't much for them and by that time their young would almost be into adulthood so using such a precious power for them wasn't a big deal, especially if it was for the child of their Queen.

They surrounded the Golden Dragon as she sat in the middle of the crater and drew a weird symbol, she then proceeded to enter the weird symbol and stood in the middle of it holding the baby boy. The dragons then surrounded her like a cylinder from the air  to the ground and starting rotating while summoning lightning throughout their wings, the lightning from their wings connected to the dragons next to them and they connected to the ones next to them. It was like a cylindrical tornado of lightning being generated in cataclysmic proportions, their wings began beating rhythmically and as their wings beat a loud sound of thunder could be heard emanating from it, a rhythm was formed as if it were drums being played by the Gods......

  **Don**..**Don** **Don** **Don**..**Don** **Don**....**Don** **Don** **Don**..**Don**..**Don****Don****Don**...

An astonishing and inconceivable amount of lightning and thunder surrounded and began whirring around the Golden Dragon, her eyes closed in a meditating posture with the baby in her lap who still remained quietly sleeping as the divine magic shielded him from the disruption. She entered her dragon form, and picked up the baby with her tongue placing him in her mouth.


Her eyes opened with a golden flare much brighter than they have ever been, symbols could be seen being drawn in her eyes as golden lightning shot out at all directions connecting itself to the surrounding whirlpool of magical lightning energy! It began to act as a medium as it increasingly devoured the surrounding tornado entering through her wings and horns as her scales stored and condensed the magical energy. Her horns and her protruding spikes began making crackling sounds as static could be heard from her scales, you didn't need to be close to hear the monstrous amount of mana being absorbed.

In a few hours it began slowing down, most of the energy had been absorbed and only a few thick strands of lightning remained as she once more changed back to her humanoid form. Holding the child in her arms, she struck a meditation pose and rested the child on her firm yet soft thighs and gave the baby that stared at her a warm smile as she once more closed her eyes. The space around her began to distort as she began refining the energy in her scales, horns and took days upon days, she sat there not moving a muscle because she never had to worry about finding the baby food as she fed him basic nutrients needed through divine magic.

She could go months without food if she felt like it so supplying nutrients from herself without eating wasn't much of a problem. Days turned into weeks, and finally she had finished refining the magic from the Forbidden Dragon Dance. What remained was a small glowing gold droplet with blue lightning inside it about the size of an egg.

"Finally, I've created the 'God's tear'"

She was elated as now she could finally cure the child. However, she also knew it would take about 500 years to fully incorporate the God's Tear in the child's body but thankfully it slows down aging during the process. The properties of the God's Tear was to create a divine mana core and while under it's effects growth is put at a stand still, he would not age in body or mind, until it had all been consumed. The time magic curse however did not allow things to progress so smoothly as the power it contained was no joke, she could feel it trying it's hardest to devour his time but the God's tear fought it valiantly.

Venastrasia predicted the baby would age at a different ratio due to the curse and the God's Tear, at the very least it would be 1.5 human years every 100 years until the curse was consumed by the God's Tear. The God's Tear would take about 500 years to be fully absorbed, so she predicted he would be around 7 or 8 when the effects all faded. She then got up and carried the child in one arm and the God's Tear in the other and she proceeded to the cave. She left orders and sent some of her kin to hunt a few animals with thick fur, she told them not to damage the fur or burn it with lightning as she needed them to create a nest and some comfort items to help the baby with the cold.

She told them to gut the beasts and bring back the the pelts, which they had a hard time doing of course with their huge, gigantic, razor sharp claws and static like bodies. So they had to kill quite a few animals until they could get it right, effectively killing all the animals in the area.... the events began to be known as the "The Fur Poaching Calamity" to local hunters in the area. It was only when they began utilizing their human forms did this nonsense end...however...

Dragons are competitive creatures by nature so they tried outdoing one another, some tried to find the best kinds of fur and killed tens of thousands of animals, some threatened entire cities to make a furry beds. It got out of hand pretty quickly.

Venastrasia's eyebrows began to twitch and a vein raised in her head as she realized she should have done it herself. How can the oldest and strongest bunch of creatures with superior intelligence act so damn idiotic she thought..After a while they all came with much more than she asked for...

"You all...are all idiots aren't you?" She asked with an annoyed tone.

The Dragons she sent out all had embarrassed expressions while the rest present couldn't help laughing breathlessly, some on their backs mouths opened wide with their tongues sticking out as they found it impossible to control their laughter. Some ramming their heads into the outer parts of the crater atop the mountain trying to control themselves, some fell off and went plummeting below and causing huge craters on the ground below, It was probably the first time in history that creatures and cities almost went extinct for a furry bed.

Afterwards when everything had calmed down, Venastrasia took a few of the loose pelts and spread them across the cave like a carpet, she then took a few of the furry beds and placed them inside, joining them together to create a large bed, she took the baby put him on the bed and used some of the lose pelts as a cover. She then proceeded to snuggle up alongside the baby as she wrapped him in her arms and listened to his heartbeat.

Venastrasia's POV:

I stared at the little baby for what seemed like hours and he stared back at me and give a little laugh as he smiled and reached for my face. I couldn't help but smile back and kiss him on his forehead. That's when I finally remembered.....

'I was supposed to give him a name, well then let's see...'

I thought for a bit......and then finally I came up with a nice name.

"I'll name you Lucius, and i'll give you the last name of your blood parents....Lucius Stormblade!"

I exited the cave and walked to the middle of the crater with Lucius in hand, I used mana and lightning and charged my voice before booming the surrounding with my voice!



End of Pov.


The Dragons roared intensely at the birth of their new kin! As if the Gods themselves sanctioned this decision the Lightning and thunder roared furiously and the White Dragon Gem embedded on the boys forehead began to glow rapidly as it illuminated the surrounding area. As the light finally faded the White Dragon Gem had become blue, an ethereal blue, if you looked closely you could see a storm building and roaring within the gem as the lightning clashed aggressively, randomly flailing about and thrashing as if it were a huge snake. Hints of gold can also be seen if you looked at it for some time as it appeared randomly and very few times or but it was ultimately and completely blocked out by the blue lightning.

Venastrasia then proceeded back to the cave with little Lucius in tow, she approached the bed and lay down with him and covered him in divine magic and slowly but surely began incorporating the God's Tear into Lucius' body. She kept her concentration at peak condition because even the slightest, tiniest impurity could mean death for little Lucius.

Beads of sweat appeared on her forehead as she nervously proceeded, for a few hours a day every day she would refine and feed his body the God's Tear. She took the most cautious steps possible and never left anything to chance. This child she would give her all like she had never done before, this fragile second son of hers meant the world to her.


Next chap: The Journey begins!

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