Dragon Child of Thunder



Prologue 3: The Lightning Calamity.

A few days had passed since the birth of the first prince of Stormcloud, the young Stormblade. Tomorrow is the day of the Lightning Dragon Festival, today the nobles will all visit with their marriage proposals for the young lord and a celebration to be held in honor of the King, the Lightning Chief Rayne Stormblade. While the citizens procured and prepared their various meats and foods for the Thunder Dragon Banquet. Chefs from every corner of the Stormcloud Empire began cooking seafood, wild meat and many other various meats in dozens of styles.

Many Rich-looking carriages can be seen moving up steadily towards the Palace of the House of Lightning, Many with different signs and symbols of their clans but the one thing that they all had in common, was a Symbol of a Dragon through a storm cloud, The symbol of the House of Lightning. Many ambitious men and proud high ranking nobles came with the thoughts of getting their daughters married to the young prince. Somewhere within the mansion, the King is standing with a helpless expression facing towards a locked door.

"Lyse, You have to bring him here...the nobles have already arrived" he urged

"NO!, he's only a few days old and you're already bringing some despicable women to take him away!! NEVER!!"
She angrily retorted.

He faced palmed, and then replied

"My love, the girls aren't even 2 years old yet how can they be despicable?"

"Any woman that tries to take away another woman's child right after he's born is despicable!" She replied angrily.

'Well...she's not wrong'

he thought to himself.

The king realized this was going no where, she definitely won't leave the room he approached the door knob to open it by force but the second his fingers curved around it --


"AHHHHHHH!!" he cried out in agony!

Red sparks can be seen jumping around the door knob that made it seem to sizzle.

"MOM! EVEN YOU?!" he yelled in despair.

"Alright, alright I promise I won't accept any proposals today, we will let our young prince choose when he's older okay?"

he said trying to find a compromise.

After a few minutes passed, Lyse calmed down and she opened the door with teary eyes tightly hugging the little bundle of fur close to her neck.

"H-Have you calmed down now?" He asked in a cautious manner.

"Hmph!" she then abruptly left to go change him into presentable clothing.

Rayne looked at her and couldn't help but chuckle, he clearly loved his adorable wife of his and had she refused to come out he probably would have let her have her way otherwise what could the nobles possibly say to the "God of Lightning"

They never knew the God of Lightning Rayne Stormblade as a family man, they knew better as they saw him countless times on the battlefields as a calm, cold, calculating, devious devil, a master tactician with a terrifying mana capacity.

As his wife left, he looked in the room, to his surprise, what he saw was an army of women, some female guards, maids and his Mother sitting as the head..all glaring at him coldly, sweat beads ran down his face..They all had one thing in common, they were heavily armed....

"....What is this?"

he said while his face lost all color...

"Seriously mom? you and Lyse made an army to protect him from engagements.."

He said with a face full of disbelief he couldn't help but feel happy he made a compromise, as the alternative may have been assassination by the young prince loyalists. The female guards and maids had all taken a liking to adorable baby as he made the place feel more homely. Rayne however, went to the balcony and smiled into the heavens for granting him the intelligence to avoid his death....

As he stared off into the distance, he had a feeling something was wrong, he just couldn't put his hands on it...and rightfully so.


After some time passed the ballroom was filled with people, nobles from all over Stormcloud and even emissaries from other Continents sent their congratulations to the King and his young heir. Some from overseas even offered their daughter's hand in marriage in hopes of an alliance. He greeted them all and introduced them to the young prince Stormblade. People danced and drunk and danced some more, the sun came up but no one paid attention to those minor details, for today was the Lightning Dragon Festival it was indeed another reason to celebrate in Einzel--



A thunderous low growl could be heard, it signaled the arrival of the Thunder Dragons. The chefs and store-owners closed up their stores and restaurants and finalized their preparations for their delicacies. The King and his royal family as well as the many nobles present all changed into their ceremonial clothing and  a matching set was also on the young Prince. They then prepared as per usual and begun heading up Mount "God's Hand".

Only nobility or more specifically, those with high mana capacities were allowed to climb the hill during the banquet simply because most commoners couldn't withstand the pressure of the dragons. However, they had their pride in preparing the food for the dragons and that was enough for them.

Leading in front was the King, Rayne Stormblade the Lightning Chief, they made their way up the hills on Lightning Lizards. Beasts that are the size of a huge komodo dragon with static bubbling at their mouths every now and then these creatures had tough hides, and possessed affinity to Lightning. They're commonly used as mounts throughout the Einzel Continent.

However at the current moment there were absolutely no monsters or animals in this region because the sound of Thunder Dragons made them exit the area almost instantly on instinct. It was a quiet and uneventful ride and they were barely halfway there when suddenly--


A piercing loud sound filled the sky! It was hard enough to make all the dragons take to the skies immediately right then and there. The loud piercing sound was as if space and time itself had distorted, totally and completely ignoring the banquet they were quietly waiting for as guardians of this world these dragons realized their reason for existence in a matter of seconds as their eyes zoomed downward to the city of Stormcloud. There a large tear in space and time had appeared and out came a terrifying, large, humanoid looking figure.

It was the size of a mansion 5 stories high, compared to the dragons he was indeed smaller but the aura he gave off made him feel bigger than any dragon. It was a disgusting eerie aura that was soaked in killing intent and malice, it was truly the aura of a devil.

He appeared looming over the city clutching a huge blood-red war axe with eyes that showed coldness beyond belief and a sinister smile on his face, his dark green eyes that looked as if they swallowed countless millions of souls, his teeth that betrayed his humanity as they were disfigured and were shaped like long pointed curling spears, some tangled within his mouth constantly cutting his own lips and tongue and constantly drawing his own blood which he didn't seem to mind. He was truly a disgusting terrifying monster.

12 human sized men had also appeared, all in black armor with various different weapons as their faces  were shrouded no one could see their faces. Their aura clearly proved they weren't foot soldiers, in fact each of their auras were comparable to the God of Lightning Rayne Stormblade. The monster screamed only one word.


As legions upon legions came falling out of the tear in space and time they were slightly bigger than humans and were  also shaped like humans however that was as far as the similarities went. They resembled trolls but instead of being green in color they were grey-blackish and showed no signs of intelligence only a desire and lust for destruction and violence. Their faces were deformed, their eyes sunken in which gave off a feeling of frightful insanity, these things begun slaughtering all lifeforms in Stormcloud city.

Countless cries of people could be heard, men, women and children, regardless of age or position began screaming in despair and helplessness never before has a scene like this transpired. The King, The Queen, Lady Elise and all of the nobles stared wide-eyed in disbelief and horror as the sound of agonizing screams filled their eardrums.

" WAAAAHH WAAAAHHH WAHHHHH" cried the young prince which seemed to bring everyone to their senses, instantly they realized they weren't dreaming.


The king yelled with renewed vitality.

Sadly, that disgusting monster wouldn't allow anyone to flee. People took their eyes off of him for far too long, to see what was happening in Stormcloud that no one had noticed the monster 5 stories high building up a terrifying amount of power...

****RIIIIPPP****     ****RIIIIPPPP****      ****RIIIIIPPP****        ****RRRRIIIIIPPP****

Miniature rips in space similar to the large one appeared surrounding the King, the Queen and the many other nobles present. More and more legions appeared around them..

"He...knew that we were here....how?" was the only thing King Rayne could say as he felt a tinge of despair in his heart.

He turned, looked at his child and tears began to flow...he began cursing fate how could it be so cruel? His child was now born and he was happy with his life, for this sort of thing to happen..even his wife and mother won't be able to escape. His emotions then turned into a different one....Rage... It filled his nostrils and his entire being, his aura began to explode.

The surrounding "Invaders" felt fear for the first time since they landed. They instinctively knew that this guy was dangerous, the surrounding nobles all felt their fighting spirit reinvigorated and began unsheathing their weapons and charging up the mana stored in their bodies, they were all prepared to fight to the death. When suddenly--

A Golden Dragon with all knowing eyes full of wrath descended from the heavens with frightful spikes protruding from it's body, at it's side a smaller black dragon can be seen trailing behind it with red eyes as bright as the sun with similar spikes protruding from it's spinal cord. The black dragon was a bit smaller than the golden one and was without a doubt a young one, approximately two dozen dragons of Blue silver color came following behind them both.

They went straight towards the monster Raz Seph, as they dove from the sky the dragons went at speeds that did not match their bodies, they were as fast as lightning itself. The 12 Dark Knights all took defensive positions around Raz Seph, two in particular stood in front of the Golden Dragon's charge but were instantly obliterated on the spot in the blink of an eye. Not deciding to give an inch the Golden Dragon began charging and insane amount of mana from it's mouth, instantly a blood-screeching whirring sound could be heard emanating from it's jaw and as it opened it's jaws toward the direction of Raz Seph--


A terrifying amount of lightning destroyed hundreds of thousands of Invaders and turned them to ash, it grazed the Conqueror on his face slightly and somehow he managed to lift his axe to parry the rest of the Lightning Beam. However it was indeed a stupid idea, the beam wrapped around the Axe and Exploded--


Instantly sending the Conqueror flying into a mountain. The other 2 dozen dragons hand their hands full fighting the other 10 Death Knights, this fight was indeed the hardest they had ever been.

It seemed as though the instant two of the Death Knights died the power of the other ten had increased as if it were one entity living in 12 different bodies. A battle of incredible proportions was occurring and the terrain was being destroyed and reformed.

It was complete and utter carnage as Invaders slaughtered draconians, draconians slaughtered Invaders, while the Blue-silver Dragons were in a close battle with the Death Knights.

The dragons used their numbers to prevent any casualties as they traded spots whenever one was too highly damaged which bought them valuable time to heal and regain their stamina. As the battle raged on, The Blue-silver dragons carried out a team attack led by the young black dragon that destroyed 2 of the death knights, almost instantly in response the aura of the other 8 Increased to a frightening degree and the 8 attacked the young black dragon in unison killing it and shredding it's body to pieces.


It screamed as it went plummeting towards the floor, the Golden Dragon spun it's head around in fear as it watched it's young die. The young dragon hadn't even reached 500 years yet and it met it's end, the young Black Dragon was the child of the Golden Dragon and dragons could only have one offspring in their entire lives. The Golden Dragon felt it's heart quake as if it lost all it's limbs. It stared as the dragon went plunging through the air and hit the ground below with a loud...

Taking her eyes off the conqueror, The Golden Dragon intended to flee to it's young, when suddenly--



As the conqueror grabbed onto the Golden Dragon's tail he prepared a strike aimed at the Golden Dragon's head, but what the dragon did shocked him! It spun around with eyes filled with hatred and insanity and glared at Raz Seph with a sense of maddening, It's spikes protruded from the tail and began rotating to a terrifying degree, It's scales acted as insulation as it pumped a Godlike amount of Lightning into it's tail increasing the speed of the protruding spikes. It was like a drill the size of a plane with many smaller drills attached on rotating at the same speed, instantly it destroyed the left hand of the Conqueror and with another flick it sent it's tail slashing towards the right hand, in a swift motion both hands turned into spaghetti!


The conqueror couldn't help but scream out in anguish, however it did not stop there the tail then went slashing downwards towards the vile creatures face. The conqueror upon regaining his senses pulled his head far enough away as the tail came slashing down towards his chest instead and sent him flying once more into another mountain.


It spoke


Almost instantly a huge surge of power could be felt as the mountain the conqueror crashed into had instantly turned into ash, he got up as his wounds began repairing itself as well as his armor that was shattered began repairing itself...The floor was shaking as if something was being poured into it.

A look of fear encased everyone watching as this vile beast that had been using Time Magic to repair itself, which meant no wound is too devious as long as one didn't die instantly, in a matter of seconds he had repaired himself completely.

The Golden Dragon looked around at the Blue-Silver dragons and saw they were all tired as their opponents seemed completely fine, wanting to avenge her son the Golden Dragon wanted nothing more than to charge into the Conqueror and fight till the end.  However,  it's role as a leader and guardian prevented her from the double suicide attempt. She didn't want other dragons to experience the pain of losing the young ones so she ordered them all to retreat and wait at the designated place, they were all reluctant to go but after a few fierce glares from her they all retreated at top speed.

The Conqueror roared angrily "WHY DO YOU ALL FLEE?!!!"

He did not try to give chase neither did the 8 Death Knights because in the sky dragons were king, and even if they did chase they would not be able to keep up. That's not all, fighting in the sky near the clouds against a Thunder Dragon was indeed suicide.

Then the Golden Dragon understood something,

'Why is he in panic right now? Could it be that he used a trump card and is now wasted as we retreated?! That Has to be it!'

The Golden Dragon wanted to know if this theory was true so it flew upwards into the sky at an incredible speed.

The Conqueror roared once more.



His screams began to fall on deaf ears as the Golden Dragon went above the clouds and stared down with it's superior sight, it noticed the distortion spreading  through the City of Stormcloud. It was an almost invisible thick layer of transparent like mist rising from the ground, however everything around it began aging extremely fast, flowers withered in seconds, Draconians turned into ash instantly.

Unable to have his way the Conqueror Raz Seph Began charging his mana staring at the group of Draconians on a mountain, the first group he had recognized, the ones with high mana capacities. He had been targeting Rayne Stormblade and everyone present, they all noticed this and they knew that there was no way to escape, being surrounded by legions of Invaders, No matter how much tens of thousands Rayne stormblade and his Mother the Red Witch killed, more ran to take it's place and now the enemy leader had targeted them.

They were resigned to their deaths except for one, Lyssle Stormblade, no matter what she wanted her child to live. She looked up into the sky trying to find a dragon, when her eyes spotted the Golden Dragon the same time The Golden Dragon looked down and noticed the group that Raz Seph was looking at.  Their eyes met each other and while holding a little bundle of fur the draconian woman raised it to the sky, the Dragon instantly knew what she wanted there was not a need for words. She didn't want any mother to experience the pain she had, She knew the pain of losing your young and it was fresh and deeply implanted in her mind, Lyssle begged with her eyes and held the baby up towards the sky--

In an instant the dragon swooped down and grabbed the child with it's tongue and put the child in it's mouth before it flew away, Lyssel Shouted with a frantic teary voice behind him.


As the voice of the woman echoed throughout the mountains, the Conqueror's mouth displayed a bright white light and a beam shot out towards the group, a relieved look could be seen on Rayne Stormblade and Lady Elise's face as they realized their young prince would be saved and then they were enveloped in a bright white light leaving nothing at all.

For the first time the Golden Dragon Spoke :


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