5 days before the event known as "The Lightning Calamity" when the House of Lightning was destroyed by the arrival of Raz Seph the Conqueror, marking his coming with blood, destruction and massacre.

In the heart of the Continent of Einzel, The Capital City Stormcloud, home to the House of Lightning, a man in his thirties can be seen running frantically through the entrance of the Mansion of the House of Lightning. Two of the  guards stationed there both gave a salute to the man, while opening the doors and saying in unison.

" Welcome back Lightning Chief Stormblade! "


The Lightning Chief seemed to ignore them, though not out of ill intentions but because he was currently focused on something that was important enough to make him dart around and not care about his appearance.

He had completely ignored all of his subordinates running through the hallways the guards and the maids couldn't help but chuckle. For today his child was due to be born, and the guards knew all too well, that their master and lord could fight an army by himself, but to matters such as delivery and pregnancy he would be as helpful as a spoon with a huge gaping hole. This is the Lightning Chief of House of Lightning, Rayne Stormblade.

Standing at approximately 2 meters, With huge steel like shoulder blades and a lean build, white shoulder length hair and silver piercing eyes with a Golden Crystal embedded in his forehead, and tanned skin he could be considered handsome and looked more in his mid thirties, than his actual age which Is probably thanks to the mana in his body slowing the aging process.

In the Magical Arts and the Martial Arts, after a certain level is achieved one's life span increases due to the body being constantly broken down and reformed with mana, something we will get more acquainted with later down. The man called the "Lightning God" feared by his competitors and without peer, was usually a jolly man, but it's said his wrath is time tested and proven on the battlefield and without fail it always delivers.

The hallways were decorated In the finest silk curtains only the top nobility could buy, sculptures of dragons and warriors filled the hallway of the house. This was partially because the people of the Lightning Continent, the Draconians have had a long history with the Thunder Dragons. There are reports of ordinary citizens finding themselves in a situation that would surely be their end, only to be saved by a Thunder dragon. People don't know why these situations occur but to some it doesn't matter why.

These divine beasts were considered God-like beings so it's wasn't strange for any home within Stormcloud City to be decorated with sculptures and paintings of them. Once every year, they visit the mountain Called "God's hand" the tallest mountain in all of Einzel, Thunder dragons love being near the sky by nature so this mountain was a perfect dwelling for them as they are nomadic type dragons.

These beasts fly from mountain to mountain as if they were guardians watching over the world, one of their usual spots was indeed "God's hand". On their annual visits to God's Hand They would usually be met with banquets prepared by the people of the Lightning Continent, however this was not a necessary thing if one year they missed it nothing would happen, it was more of showing appreciation than anything else. It was the one time of year, the entire country moved and they called it the Lightning Dragon Festival.
Finally Lord Rayne's eyes finally caught his wife's bed chamber entrance, his pace quickened as he pressed his hand on the door and opened it with the utmost haste. not bothering to control his strength he slammed the door.


" LYSSEE!!!!"


Yelled an older lady with silver hair, hints of red strands can also be seen, wrinkles surrounding red warm eyes with a Golden-Red Crystal embedded in her forehead.

Who was this lady that can admonish this King of the Lightning Continent? Why his mother of course, The Former Queen, Elise Stormblade Hailed as " The Red Witch of Dragon" Aptly named due to the countless wars between the races where she made her presence known. Her Signature trademark Red Lightning made her enemies cower and freeze up in fear.

One of the midwives was a young woman in about her early 20s with black hair and brown eyes, with a Silver-Crystal embedded in her forehead. She wore a maid uniform with the symbol of a dragon flying through a storm cloud embroidered on her right shoulder. She opened her hands, palms facing forward and made a scooting motion which she then used to shove the king right out the door.

" Wait Anne I --"


It seems she was mute, She made hand signs, that seemed to threaten him and gave him a glare, to which the king replied


Which he roared in agony, she seemed to read his lips.

Anne: "....."

She made hand signs again which he seemed to understand as the queen was having some small complications and she needed to concentrate, so it would be best if he remained outside

She showed the king a sad face. This made his face go pale.

" I-I understand, please...take care of her..."

The maid then proceeded to close the door as he slumped down near the door, silently praying.

Some time passed, as he sat there he could hear the delivery begin,

"PUSH DARLING PUSH! GIVE IT YOUR ALL YOU CAN DO IT!" an elder voice cried out.

A woman could be heard groaning in agony, and screaming, After a half an hour passed--


" It's a boy!!, A healthy young boy!!, Congratulations honey!" the elder voice spoke once more.

Rayne immediately rushed through the door and what he could see was a woman in about her late 20's, light blue hair with strands of silver, and dark blue eyes, with a pale yet beautiful complexion, she had a Silver Colored gem embedded in her forehead This woman was the embodiment of the word beautiful.

Her name  was Queen Lyssel Stormblade, originally from a high nobility family, her family had produced many great Lightning Warriors. A warm and graceful smile can be seen on her face as she stared and what she was holding in her arms, it was a bundle of fur where a tiny face could be seen. The baby stopped crying and looked at her stretching to touch her face as if he instinctively knew that she was his mother. Which made her weary face give off the most graceful smile a woman could give, the smile of a mother.

" Lyse, you've done a great job! Look at this healthy young boy you've given us..."

The king couldn't help but make a dumb face while looking at this little bundle of fur,

"Of course it's my cute baby..of course he would be strong."

"Can I hold him?"





*sob sob*


                                                                             Rayne's POV.

So this is my child, my heir, look at his tiny small hehehe, I've waited 9 months for you impatiently, why'd you take so long *sob*. Now I'm a dad, and I couldn't have asked for a better son, this boy's eyes are fierce as expected of a son of mine. He has a white crystal, that's incredibly rare, he will be a strong male heir, It seems I don't have to worry much about the future of the country

"Lyse, I will protect this boy no matter what, you've done an amazing job, now it's my turn, I hope I can be a good father, the father my son will want to follow and I have many things to teach him"

"You'll make an amazing father Rayne, I can tell, because you're already a great king"

She beamed a warm smile at him which seemed to  erase all his doubts.

The former Queen, his mother, then interjected,

"He was born with a white crystal, he's the same as me and Grandpa, I wonder what sort of quirk his lightning will have, ah it'll be fun to find out! My sweet grandchild! Give him here Rayne!!"

Rayne gently gave the small bundle of fur to his mother and begun to think.

'He was born with the rare Dragon Gem like mother'

Regular Dragon Gems are as follows:
but the rare ones usually take a totally different path

For mother it went like this
White-->Red--> Golden-Red.
For the late king, father, it went like this
White-->Purple--> Golden-Purple

Mother has a sort of flame attribute imbued with her lightning, and father's Lightning was more liquid like and it literally rained lightning, earning him the name "Thunder Caller".

Usually people with rare gems have a quirk with their lightning. Unlike me who was just born with monstrous mana capacity, our enemies might begin to target him.

I subconsciously bit my lip just thinking about it.

'In 4 days the Lightning Dragon Festival will be held, we will ask the Thunder Dragons to give him a name. How lucky for this baby, Being exposed to a divine beast at a young age will help his future growth and the dragons may be able to sense his quirk and draw it out.'

Little did he know, that the next four days would be written down in the history books.

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i will follow it for now

Thanks for the support! It's my first time writing a fanfic, so if you or anyone else wish to voice a bit of criticism, please feel free to do so, all help is welcomed.

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