500 years later the war is at a stalemate, The lord Raz Seph had used too much power to teleport to our world so he had to patiently wait to recharge his power to continue his conquest. While the Allied Forces of Elements (The Houses of Elements) worked on many ways to destroy him. The Mages predicted he might need 200 more years to begin to move.

The world Zenheim holds five Continents, Astarte, Krolheim, Salazard, Einzel and KanKan Forest. Astarte is the main hub of the world where the Allied Forces of Elements main headquarters resides the home of the humans.

Astarte the dwelling of the humans who are boastful and pride themselves on their luxurious living and their civilized world.

Krolheim the home of the elves who live in seclusion within there lush forests and tall trees.

Salazard the home of the dwarves who almost never leave their mountains, and remain buried in their mining and smelting.

Kankan Forest the home of the Beast men who roam the forests as kings of nature and the hunt.

Einzel, once called the lightning continent home of the Proud Draconian race now reduced to rubble and ashes and save a huge dark palace that remains in the middle of the ruins, the castle of Lord Raz Seph.

The houses of Magic are as follows :

The House of Earth : Salazard, ( Dwarves blessed with the greatest affinity to earth.)

The House of Fire: Astarte (Humans blessed with the greatest affinity to fire.)

The House of Wind : Krolheim ( Elves blessed with the greatest affinity to wind.)

The House of Water : KanKan Forest ( The Beastmen blessed with the greatest affinity to water.)

At the heart of the Continent of Astarte lies the Capital City of Corinth in the Kingdom of Corinth.

Within the Capital City Corinth, A  huge tower that spirals as if to almost reach the sky can be seen, undoubtedly the second tallest building in Corinth, The Mage tower, Also known as the House of Fire.

On the Floor below the top floor An old grey-haired man sits shifting through some documents with a bored expression on his face, which makes his old face look even older, a long grey beard that shows signs of being constantly stroked and his brown warm eyes finally shifts over to the door of his personal chambers, where three guards stand nervously with heads bowed waiting for him to say something.

" Well?" the old grey-haired man asked.

" Elder Flameheart, We don't know where he ran off to, when we went to knock on his door there was no reply, so we opened it by force and found this letter"

the first guard spoke with nervousness ever present in his voice

The guard hands over the letter, to the old man, Elder Aurius Flameheart, An elder and adviser to the House of Fire, the position which is second only to the ruler itself, The Fuhrer. The elder glances through the letter and let's out a helpless sigh, while shaking his head and stroking his beard.

" I swear he's a grown man with three children and he still has a fondness for these child like things, What to do~ what to do" the old man was clearly annoyed.

" You three, Take this letter and give it to my dear daughter-in-law, I'm certain she will be able to bring back that idiot of a son, I somehow seemed to create"

"Yes sir!"

The guards all replied in Unison while forming a fist with their right hands and holding it to their chest, the salute of the Guards of the House of fire.

After a few moments passed and Aurius was alone by himself he mused at how much his son took after him always ready to venture out there and see new things.

"I wonder where he went this time....If I remember correctly he said he wanted to visit the Mountain, 'Lizard's Run' "

"Let's just hope he doesn't go too far up those mountains, it's said around this time during spring the dragons move back to the top layer of the mountains, he's never really had good luck with these sort of things"

The old man couldn't help but sigh and bury his face in his palm, and he was right to do so, Thunder dragons are one of the most destructive and aggressive creatures in Zenheim, with scales thicker and harder than any steel and imbued with a frightening amount of concentrated Lightning, they are indeed a cause for great concern. Truthfully no sane man would go in search of such a terrifying beast....Well..Except for his idiotic son.
In the middle of a rocky mountain, a dumb man is seen climbing, with a dumb look on his face like no other, this idiotic man continues to climb, After finally finding a small cave half way up he decided to take a rest so he dusted the dirt off of his climbing boots, revealing the name 'Auriel Flameheart'

This, then proceeded to light a fire and reheat some of his food he so graciously stole from his wife, for which he will soon pay for, that is, if he isn't made into a light bulb first and mangled by a Thunder Dragon. While the food was being heated, the inside of the cave became more visible and he was able to see a bit further in, so he used some fire magic to brighten up the cave more when he noticed a stairwell, idiocy...*ahem* curiosity got the better of him so he wolfed down the food and then proceeded to the stairwell. It kept on going up and up in a spiral until he lost track of time and didn't know how long he had been going up.

"How far does this thing go up?, Jeez, I can't even remember how long I've been walking, 2 days? maybe more?"

* Crumble Crumble*

*Cough Cough*

" What the hell was that?..."

He could feel vibrations coming from the top as if someone was jumping up and down on the second floor and he was on the first. The problem though, was that the amount of vibrations and the overall intensity of it were not of a human's.

His heart instantly shook, Beads of sweat appeared on his forehead as he subconsciously squeezed his fist tightly, he dared not to look down to see his own knees shaking all he could do was mutter..


Once more his idio...curiosity peaked, and he fought his instincts and every nerve in his body yelling at him to flee from there as fast as possible and bury himself in the dirt between some bushes and breathe through a straw. However, this man's stupidity knows no bounds, it's as vast as the sea and as deep as the ocean, So he somehow pressed on, if he could just get a glimpse of those dragons he would have completed his mission and could return home.

So he climbed stairs after stairs, with a determined look, as the vibrations became more  and more intense and he could hear the flapping of enormous wings. Until finally, he saw light, with renewed vigor he vaulted up the stairs toward the light while trying to remain as silent as possible.

As the surrounding light faded what he was able to see, he would absolutely never forget. Dragons, Yes plural, The other reason why Thunder Dragons are extremely feared is because they travel in packs, a fact no one really knew, because they were probably eaten right after they discovered that fact.

Huge Silver-blue colored Divine creatures, covered in steel like scales flying around, their eyes looked menacing and all knowing with large golden pupils as bright as the sun, their teeth looked like high quality steel curved swords sharpened to it's utmost and enchanted with death, spikes protruding throughout their bodies following their spinal cord, Static sparking here and there and loud low tone growls could be heard, amongst beating wings. While some were flying, some were lying down.

Fear....that was the only word that could describe Auriel Flameheart, Indescribable, heart-wrenching, mind- shattering fear.

But what happened next almost made him dirty his undergarments, every single one of the dragons turned and looked at him. Not a second after he felt a sharp object pressed against his back where his heart should be, though he may be an idiot, he was no weakling, he was the son of an Elder of the House of Fire, however his fear clouded his mind and he didn't notice someone behind him. When he turned around he could see a young boy about 7 or 8 years old, white hair, blue eyes holding a spear, without a trace of fear or hesitation, well-toned body for his age, wearing nothing but a loin cloth, but the most eye catching thing about this young man was a crystal stone embedded in his forehead...he muttered..

"A drac..A...A draconian?"

The boy then proceeded to kick him over the exit of the cave and into the middle of the dragons, while he was in his stupefied state he couldn't help but think to himself.

'Oh how I would like to be home right now'

Even though he was scared and he knew he was about to die, he couldn't help but stare at the draconian boy in wonder, who were thought to be extinct. The boy then looked at him as if evaluating him, his stare seemed to be likened to the dragons, feral and wild, but intelligent as well.

*don* *don* *don* *don*

A Majestic Golden dragon came walking up towards him, he knew for a fact this golden dragon was the leader because it was bigger than the rest and the other dragons lowered their heads a bit. This dragon was definitely not like the rest, It's body oozed Power and it looked at him almost indifferently as if it were looking at a insect. It's eyes were fiercer than the rest and looked like it contained great wisdom as well as a great wrath, no matter what he wasn't going to offend that dragon. The pressure was unbearable and he fell to his knees.

The draconian boy then dashed off towards the golden dragon and climbed up it's back and sat on the head of the golden dragon while clinging onto one of it's protruding horns, almost as if he were the child of the dragon and the dragon not seeming to mind added to his thoughts.


He was dumbstruck to find out this dragon could read his mind and speak to him through telepathy. His body started trembling uncontrollably, he began to wonder...How will this end?

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blackrose156 @blackrose156 ago

Is the main character the child of the Dragon or the idio-... man? I like it so far. Thank you for the prolouge.


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30/03/2015 02:52:08blackrose156 Wrote: [ -> ]Is the main character the child of the Dragon or the idio-... man? I like it so far. Thank you for the prolouge.

it's the Kid

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