Dragon Child of Thunder

by WorldSerpent

Original HIATUS Action Fantasy Romance Tragedy Harem Martial Arts
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content
In the World of Zenheim on the Continent of Astarte, where Magic and Sorcery run rampant, Home to The Humans, The Dwarves, The Elves, The Beastmen and The Draconions and the many other subspecies. Mankind has been pushed to the brink of extinction many times by the enemy of the world, Raz Seph the conqueror, his twelve Dark Knights and his legions of mindless, violent dark beings called """"Invaders""""
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: ago
Prologue 2 : A Child is born. ago
Prologue 3: The Lightning Calamity. ago
Chapter 1: A second chance. ago
Chapter 2: Growing. ago
Chapter 3 : Resolve & Insight. ago
Chapter 4: Dumb-looking human. ago
Chapter 5: A Frightful Intention. ago
Chapter 6: Preparation ago
Chapter 7 : Presents. ago
Notice : 18+ ago
Chapter 8 : The First Step. ago
Chapter 9 : Family. ago
NTR-Response. ago
Chapter 10 : Unexpected turn of Events. ago
Chapter 11 : In-fuhrer-riated. ago
Chapter 12 : Plotting ago
Chapter 13: Heathen God. ago
Chapter 14 : Battle In the Arena. ago
Chapter 15 : Savior? Or Destroyer? ago
Chapter 16: Rest Day. ago
Chapter 17: Tears of the Lightning King. ago
Chapter 18: A Reunion. ago
Seatbelt Notice. Discussions & Questions. ago
Chapter 19: Reunion part 2. ago
Chapter 20: Heart-Stopping Party. ago
Support me if you're a fan! ago
Chapter 21 : Soaring. ago
Chapter 22 : High Nobility. ago
Chapter 23: A 5th Throne. ago
Notice! ago
Prologue of New FF--Glory to the All Father ago
Chapter 24 : Hope ago
Notice. ago
Chapter 25: Secrets ago
Chapter 26: Death ago
Chapter 27: Awakening. ago
Chapter 28: Blood Vow ago
Hey ago
Chapter 29: Fireblood. ago
Chapter 30: The Undying ago
Chapter 31: Potential ago
Update on DCOT. ago
Chapter 32: Front-lines. ago
Long time no see! ago

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  • Overall Score

I don't see what all the fuss is about

I don’t love this fanfic, but i don’t hate it either, i feel your reactions to negative comments have been above ridiculous and this hatred of the hidden figures seems well excessive, iv’e have read about half of your novel, and while I admit your story does have some interesting aspects, it is not a great fiction in many ways. But if you don’t mind bad grammar and plot confusion this is not a bad story, what stops me from readings this is outrage towards the ‘injustices’ that have been heaped upon you, i feel like your a 10 year old that can’t take any criticism, honestly if you god a proof reader, and listened to their advice this story could be improved greatly bit I somehow doubt this will occur.

All in all it is an average fiction with some good bits and bad bits. oh and i should add that with regard to your grammar i don't mind the odd mistake in phrasing as long as it is easily readable ( I make mistakes like that as well) but in your fic it is kind of painful.


  • Overall Score

There are some moments who aint bad, but often I get this ''Baaahhh!'' feeling in the middle of a chapter and just stop reading cause it's getting ridicules. And i kinda don't like the immature attitude of the author, I mean calling people assholes just because they are comenting or trolling ur story? U should just ignore em and not take ur time writing six paragraphs on how much of an asshole or hater they are. 

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Review of an amateur author, but expert reader and leacher

 Alright, So this is my first time doing a review so it might be sloppy, but here I go.

Dragon Child of Thunder is a really innovative piece of writing! Among the novels and writings I have read this one stands out. I would say that its most innovative feature is... It's brutal honesty. The MC is a very honest to his desires type of character and that is rare in and of itself, however instead of this honesty causing the MC to be evil, or otherwise disliked, it causes the opposite to happen because instead of just going, 'I WANT MONEY! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!' he is like 'Don't care about the money, but you hurt someone I care about then you better find a place to hide, cause your going down. Not that hiding would do you any good'.


I honestly don't get the style rating, because I believe that every author has their own unique way of writing, and that classifying someones writing style as this or that hampers creativity. There is more then one way to do something right.


The story is great, very interesting and innovative, however there are a couple of threads poking out here and there, but still very good, and certainly very solid.


Grammar has its ups and downs. I honestly do not pay it much attention, because I can usually just skip right over it and still understand what he is trying to say quite easily.


The character portion was above, but basically if you don't like the fact that the MC gets a bunch of girls then go read something else. As much as I hate to admit it, even in this world the popular guys get their choice of girls, while the less popular ones get what they leave behind. At the very least his popularity makes sense, and he has a reason to get many wives as he is the last of his race and needs to rebuild it.


As a side note (and will probably get me 60 down votes if I guess correctly) The review of 'The Group' as they put it is very inaccurate, and it seems to me they take a small thing and wrap it around itself a lot to make it look bigger. I don't know why they are doing what they are, but this story is worth way more then 0 stars. Even if they didn't like the story itself, that is a personal thing and is not reflected in Grammar or Style. Therefore they just want to put the story down by putting close to zero stars in those fields. After all a 1 or less star in grammar should mean I was reading Gobbledegook, and I don't know Gobbledegook. and it is the same with the rest. A story that is 1 star or less would have to be a normal guy becoming a god, destroying his world and himself with little to no explanation. For style one would have to rewrite the english language in a japanese format, and then write it backwards. and for the character there would have to be little to no character at all.

This means that it would be quite impressive for someone to write 31 chapters that do not involve any characters, was written in english with a japanese format written backwards, had absolutely no story, as well as being written in Gobbledegook.

peep the squek
  • Overall Score
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 you convey what dragons are. Pride and absolute power. it's really good. 


your writing style is easy to read which is nice. i was very please with the 3 part prologue that gives off information about the draconian. though i would also like to know about the other races too and not just their name and element they govern. the only problem i had with your writing style is that the paragraphs are segmented. i don't know if you did that on purpose so that the chapters would look long or just a minor glitch.



story wise, it is very interesting! i really love dragons and you depicted them as really good. STRONG AND POWERFUL. PRIDEFUL but CARING. dragons with insatiable curiosity and love for treasure or just anything that catches their eyes. I love that your MC has no style or formless in fighting because dragons are ball of power. they don't need a style to limit it. they move on instinct. you really did a good job here :D

grammar wise, it is very readable. easy to understand. some minor error but, all in all. better than atleast half of the fanfic here on RR. 


character. yep. awesome. i don't want anything to be different as to you did a really really good job. 

you're awesome.  

  • Overall Score

Nice Setting Bro :)

The story has a nice atmosphere with the lone survivor of a whole race and Dragon child setting .Also Its good to see a succesfull harem setting once in a while .

The personality of Lucius gets weird from time to time but I like it. 

Additionally the humor of this FF is pretty nice too (Kill that dwarf ! ) :)

  • Overall Score

I really like reading this please keep doing the battles have a nice description and the story's goes well just wondering when will the harem part come into all together its great

  • Overall Score

*Sighs in disappointment*

I feel DCoT could be better with some improvements.

I won’t bash the grammar, seeing as several have already done so, but I do urge the author to at least make an effort to improve instead of dismissing these critics as retards. And kindly tone down the use of exclamation marks (!).

The story itself was great, at least up till the MC enrolled into school. The pacing was good, plot was planned well, and I was pleased to see how the MC grew up, shaping his personality and sharpening his abilities with the aid of his familiy.

However, the later chapters are pretty lackluster. I can list a few examples, starting with women throwing themselves at him. I would personally have preferred it if the author spent more time developing fox-girl’s and redhead’s characters before adding more members to the harem. Redhead, 20+ chapters after her introduction, feels…flat. Sure, she’s a battle-maniac, aggressive yet quiet, and loves the MC, but then what?  Her interaction with other characters is lacking, making her feel somewhat detached from the story.

Also in the recent chapters, after leaving his wives in the infirmary without so much as a ‘goodbye’, the MC almost dies before waking up after what seems like a substantial amount of time. Then he pisses of his enemy, before flying back and forth settling this and that without so much a care for his wives. I thought the MC loved his wives? And his wives just stayed there waiting the whole time?

The author does seem to try his best to convey how the MC levels and develops skills through meditation, but in all honesty, it feels like a mess. While it is not at the level of totally incomprehensible, there are glaring flaws in the skills and methods of cultivation. Does the MC’s world even have a concept of positive and negative charges? Since when did the MC come across ideas like ‘magnet’ or ‘forces’? To be blunt, the MC’s skills and battles feel completely like Deus ex machina (Ass-Pull).

I hope the author gets over his reluctance to accept criticism on his work. I sincerely believe these critics are harsh because this work could have been so much better. The highly unpopular reviews by Kyrenox and Argos (member of ‘The Group’) are definitely harsh, especially on grammar, but I do agree on some of the other flaws brought up as well. Yes, it may be disheartening to read through such reviews, but they are within reason and not complete BS like many are advocating. I mean, who would bother to write a review spanning several pages just to diss someone else’s work? It’s certainly not jealousy or envy; it is more likely from a sincere wish for the author to improve on his writing.

I really like this fiction, even with all its flaws. But as I mentioned numerous times: it could be so much better. Which is why I can only sigh in disappointment at recent developments, especially with regards to the many “The Group’s review is BS!!!” and similiar comments. Should the author be looking for a proofreader, I strongly advise against asking those making such comments. Grammar/spelling check from Microsoft Word would be a more useful option.

  • Overall Score

I only read till chapter 8 and thus might be judging this too fast, but I couldn't handle it anymore.


It seems like a typical xianxia story with some fantasy thrown in because why the hell not. I've read enough stories like this and if I hadn't gotten sick of them after they all turned out pretty much the same, I might've liked this.

Another generic OP protagonist (haven't seen those before right?) that seems to have 'bloodlust issues' as I like to call it. He just randomly turns cold and murderous without any apparent reason. Did he develop this kind of mentality during his stay with the dragons? How then? He seemed to have lived a pretty fun and easygoing life since most of the training were games. If he  did change during those 500 years then maybe you should've written some kind of reason for that? It seems like a pretty big change to go from happy-go-lucky to mass murderer. I guess I'll chalk it up to him having been brought up by dragons and not having been thought to value others' lives...

Now about those 500 years... What happened? Why does it matter? He kept the mentality of his 'human age' and honestly doesn't seem to have learned anything during those 500 years... Might as well not use something like that to give some kind of... OP feeling I guess? It's just so stupid. However this may become important later on and thus I might be wrong (I however doubt it really becomes important other than to increase his OP factor and 'impress' the reader)

I'm going to take a guess based on the other novels I read. He'll turn out to be super OP once he goes to the human city and school. They'll give him a rank like any other person, but he'll be 10 times more powerful than he should be. He'll do things that seem 'impossible' or really hard for normal people his rank and just shrug it off (rank seems to mean very little in xianxia novels and I really hate it when they say stuff like 'This would normally be really hard, but hoopty-doopty our protagnist is OP and thus was able to easily do it')). I've also seen the harem tag, so I'm guessing that every female humanoid that he encounters will love him for some magical reason (probably due to him being OP).


Now, all of this is just the impression I get from the first 8 chapters. I might be horribly wrong and missing some kind of masterpiece. The beginning however failed to captivate me and seems to set this story up to be pretty generic. I noticed a lot of people like this story though and am guessing it's because they haven't read many xianxia novels, because if they had they'd have gotten sick of this kind of story. I really liked the first xianxia story with generic OP protagonist I read too. Now when I look back at it after reading some more of them, I cringe... Whatever floats your boat though. I might just have gotten biased after all those disappointments. 

  • Overall Score

 Great read, very good battle description, and it flowed well  can't wait for more!

  • Overall Score

well its trully disapointing that once more a good novel will leave the site


but seeing the post of the autor its understandable since certainly what they say as profesional is not profesional at all 


pro never give 5 or 0 in remark since


5 means perfection and nothing perfect


0 means non-existent and the ficiton is exist so its imposible to be 0


from there we know its just bull **** but yeah there will be something like that 


but for “the group” there is a litle advice 


1 writing style is difrent from one novel to another and a lot of  fiction this day is heavyly influenced by RWX translation of coiling dragon so if you “truly” want to judge people work please do learn chinese literature first since chinese literatur is so much difrent than western literatur ( its even difrent from japanese)


2 LN is not novel the 2 is difrent so much that if you judge LN using western novel criteria it will be foolish in it self since the one that popularize LN is japanese but even so judging China LN and japan LN using same criteria will result in disaster 


3. gramar 

eastern literature and western literature is difrent some eastern want to write in this site or western want to write in this site if you judge using the same criteria will result in angger of the author  eastern author sometime have a trouble to put something like slang or jokes in their country to english since there is nothing in english that can explain it so it become awkward for western but not for eastern 


i hope my writing can explain to you that its not good to force your POINT OF VEW for other point of vew and better shut up if dont know or you will hurt other and as PROFESIONAL you should know that there is always difrent way to judge something and judging all thing using one criteria is just simplicity or maybe stupidity