After staying there for 6 months, I had been keeping myself safe with some Red Wolves associates. They accepted me as their ally after helping the highest ranking Red Wolf incarcerated in the prison. Although it is a prison, it is more like a gulag as most prisoners are put into intense labour in the mines. Before the prison were built, it was a copper mine, 1/3rd of the entire copper supply was mined when the mine went out of service because they cant find anymore of the metals. I spend weeks crafting weapons and sell or supply the Red Wolves so I can continue getting some income. After the Red Wolves exterminated the smaller gangs which are in the prison, I told them that I have two friend that will help us all escape. After that we continued working.
I was working deep in the mines, untill I heard a distant explosion. All the other guards went up to investigate except 1, the wolves distracted him and I grabbed my shiv and stabbed him in the neck. I quickily grabbed the keys and told everyone "LETS GET OUT OF HERE, AND FOLLOW ME". I grabbed the baton from the guard and went up, there was about 72 prisoners in the mines ascending and attack the guards. Everytime I see one I bashed their head and collect the weapon to give to the boys. When we went up to the surface, it was literally hell on earth. Swat crews attacking the masked terrorists. I saw Paul came down with the helicopter, I said "who are these masked terrorists?" He said "they are our men, I basically established a mafia with some close friends and associates". There are multiple explosions and it was like hell on earth. I realised I left something in my cell, I told Paul "we need to get to my cell, I left something valuble".
So we went to the block B prison, prison inmates fighting with the guards and falling over railings. Some part exploded and basically collapsed and covered the entry way to the cells, we went to another way and managed to get to my cell. Paul said "What the hell are you storing here?" I replied "Duffle bag with 280k". We all managed to escape block B. We decided all the remainding 37 Red Wolves members follow us to the armory/control station. We went through some SWAT guys and lost some of our crew. When we reached the armory, it was barricaded by the guards. Paul grabbed the c4 and plant it onto the door. Some guards went to the window pleasing not to blow it up. With no remorse, we blew it up. Went in there and asked all of the guards to stay down, those who defected our orders got shot and we got our way into the armory and got some shotguns and smgs.
After that, the military came. We killed some of them and lost a lot of our crew. We grabbed their M4 rifles and shot our way to the helipad where our helicopter is waiting, when we got to the helicopyer. We decided to bring along 4 high ranking Red Wolves and left some away as there weren't enough room. We gave support by blowing up the APC and the soldiers. After we cleared the prison section, we got to the parking. We blew up the door and prisoners came flocking out. Many of them surrendered or get sprayed to death with the soldier's machine guns. We took care of that problem and blew up the main gate. We brought some van to bring some of the Red Wolve associates to our base and got the fuck out of there.
After we landed onto the helipad of our base, we got the helicopter disposed and hid behind the warehouse. Baricading it with trucks and vehicles. After that, we went to the recreation room and turned on the news. It was lucky we got out of there before the news team arrived, if not our identity could had been revealed and all of us gonna get our head rolled. We waited for a week and began to drive back the 4 high rankers back to the Red Wolve's base. Once we got to their base we were escorted by the guards to the bosses office. There we met Derrick Johnson. He said "so you rescued our high ranks, thank you for your help. These dumbasses got themselves caught by the police and given death row". So we chatted and he decided to give 30 of his associates to work with us. We got back to the base and waited till we never heard the news about the prison.


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