Alright, so Mike wanted me to do him a favour. I will be bringing him to the Sanchez Restaurante because thats where there is a gang called "El Riqueza". Basically they own the restaurant and used it as a base/business. The problem is that they had been owning loan money from the mafia. So my job is to get the guns and the perfect car. I went to the gunshop and bought 2 M4's. I went to Paul's house and picked him up. I went near to the restaurant and discussed our plans. "Alright so I will be going in and confront the gang leader, you make sure there wont be any trouble.". So I parked infront of the entrance, Mike got off and went into the restaurant. I waited for a good 5 minutes untill I got strange looks from the gang. The car I was using had an open top, incase if Mike want to escape quickily. So I started hearing gunshots and saw Mike sprinting to the car. "GET OUTTA HERE NOW". So I followed his orders and the whole gang started chasing us with their car. "Alright take this". Mike took the M4 and started shooting, he shot the car till it went out of control and flipped, it crashed to another car. "They are still chasing us, drive me to the port". So I drove to the port and went to the docks. "Here use this speedboat". So I hopped in it and started driving it away from the port. Little do I know that the gang was also chasing with their boats. Shooting nothing but pistols and throwing molotovs.

"Dammit Mike what did you do?" "I shot their leader and ran off". So we kept shooting and driving till Mike got a fatal shot to the chest.I now had no choice but to stop. I grabbed the rifle and started shooting at them, I killed 2 men until they retreat. I got scared when Mike went up and said "nice shooting.". His clothes were bloody, but since he was wearing somekind of kevlar undercoat he was kinda fine. So we made a turn and went to my warehouse to get him patched up. We discussed future plans to remove the gang from the face of AC. "So heres the plan, we drive to the restaurant and run over the gang enforcers. You drive to the alley way and park the car there then we both go into the restaurant to find the weak spot. Hand me the explosives then you clear the way for our escape, understand?" So we went to the black market to buy the explosives. We found 1 which was devastating for it's size and proximity of explosion. We went back to the warehouse and armed ourselves. Paul came rushing down and said that the gang also have an ally, The Estragos. So we went speeding to the restaurant and drove over some associates. He went to the restaurant to kill them or disable them while I parked at the alley. I went down and opened the trunk of the car to grab the explosives. I ran in the restaurant to find him. Mike said that if I turned the gas on in the kitchen, it would make the explosions even bigger. So Mike turned on the stove while I got behind the counter to guard.

"Dammit, The Estragos are here!" So I started shooting, now with 5 mags left I used my ammo wisely. After the gas was present in the air. Mike came and also started shooting, we pushed them back to the entrance. We barricade the front entrance to make sure no one disables the bomb. We went to the car. Detonate it with a 10 second timer and began to drive away from the restaurant, we parked behind the bushes and it exploded. The whole bottom floor of the restaurant was blown up and so does the 2nd and the 3rd. Then the whole building collapses. "You did a good job Tommy, but we can't rest yet. The Estragos are much bigger and dangerous". So we went to Mike's Italian Bistro and use it as our temporary safehouse for a while. So 1 down, the next target is the estragos. We are now in more danger than the last battle, so we hired in Paul. We drove to his office to ask if he could join us. This is his response,"oh no, no no no no no. You know I am scared of wars right?" "Yeah, you want respect and elimination of your attackers? Then join us". He agreed, so we got him shooting lessons. After few days of shooting lessons, he had enough so we attacked the gang.

So, we planned our first attack. Killing the gang lieutanants. We went to the club bar and dressed up accordingly while wearing kevlar vests. Paul drove me to the club, I got off and walked my way to the bar. I went up the bar room and sat on the stools beside the lieutanants. "One vodka martini and a long island iced tea". I took a sip and faced the two lieutanants. "So you guys are in the Estragos? I want you two to have this". I took out my uzi and shot them multiple times, the members which were hanging out rushed to the bar room to find out whats going on. I hid beside the door and shot them if they passed through the door. I killed 5 members and rushed down the parking area. The police came through the door, now I know we are in deep shit. I got onto Paul's car and told him "DRIVE, THE COPS ARE ON OUR ASSES". Paul rushed out of the parking and drove off to the beach while warding off the police. "Crap, we can't return fire, otherwise we will get more cops on our asses. Just go to our warehouse". So we went to the warehouse, now we have 2 cop cars on our tails. We took a turn and warded them off completely. "Jesus, next time we should use a sliencer and use an assassination method of murdering". Unlike last time in Sunset City, now we use a sniper rifle to shoot them down. We killed 18 gang officials, now the target is the leader. Their leader is Alberto Gutierrez. This guy was rich as fuck, 2 billion dollar net worth and a rich mansion. Heck he even have a private jet that spans 65 feet in length with a 70 feet wingspan. So, now I need to track him down.

I waited at a building which was infront of Gutierrez's expected location. I watched as he went out, now the angle I was observing was the flaw. Not only I can't see him entirely when he got out, he was protected from the rifle fire with the limo. So I fired a shot at his windshield. He immediately went to the airstrip, I got onto the car along with Paul to follow them. We exchanged shots, 16 gang cars were chasing us at the back. I had no choice but to pull out my RPG and unleash hell onto those cars. I blow up 2 cars when I shot onto the road space between them. When we were about to reach the airstrip, I destroyed a car and blocked off the entrance to the area. Now Gutierrez was boarding his private jet, I told Paul to drive as fast as he can. When he reached the appropriate speed, I went to the door and jumped in. There were about 5 highly armed gang members at the corridor. I shot the gun outta his hand and pulled him to the proppellers. The propeller blow up and I breached into the cockpit and shot 2 of the pilots dead. Gutierrez was at the tail, I jumped out and it went off into the air a little and then crashed into the ground halfway to the waters. Most of the plane blew up. 7 police cars came and pointed their guns at me. I surrendered and got arrested, brought me to the court. I went to the court room and waited for my mysterious lawyer. I was surprised that Paul was my lawyer, using the 300k he bribed the judge for me to have 25 years of jail time. I was brought to prison and that was it.


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