"I've done it, my first batch of cocaine." Now its time to make few more ounces then it will all be done. But first, I need Paul to taste this first. So I left the warehouse I rented to make my cocaine since it is illegal since then to make it in public. Great! Since I didn't get a car when I arrived, I guess i'll be taking that old bike. Now it was sarcasm that was against me, so I am now going through the gang battlefield like I looked like I am having a good time while everyone is dying. So when I reached there, my clothes were grazed by bullets. I was 100% lucky that I wasn't shot dead by those animals. So anyways, I went to the building and asked if he is in. The receptionist said no, so I called him to find out where he is been hiding. "Hey Deano, I am in my home." After that he gave me his address to his home, I cycled 5 miles out downtown to finally meet up with him. I waited by his gate, when he came out I shown him the batch. "Jesus, you are a life saver. But first I need to taste it if the quality worths it price." So we went to one room that doesn't have any windows. He took out his knife, rips open the plastic bag and take a small snort of it. "Oh my god, you made this?" "Yeah, why?" "It's quality is perfect, first time Deano." So he offers to drive me back to the warehouse and made few more batches till its enough.

Right, so I was low on cash. Now I am starting to sell 1/3rd of the batches for a week while Paul waits at his safehouse from those mafia. Anyways, I've earned 150k from selling few batches. Time to give it to Paul, I went to his home to give him the good news. I arrived at the door, Paul came rushing down, "hey man, the mafia is going to be so pissed if I dont give them the cocaine I owed." Dont worry, follow me." So two of us went to his backyard to find out if the batch are pure. "Alright, I already sorted out each batch of the cocaine." He tasted it, now we will hold up a meeting at the alley. Before that, I will go to a local gun shop to buy the biggest gun they got. But since I couldnt carry it by my own, I have to buy an M4. So I put in all the guns and ammo into the duffle bag and load it into Paul's cadillac. "Alright so try to not damage the car to a minimum, it's expensive." So when we waited till its night, we reached there early. "Alright Tommy, you head up to those roof using those stairs while I'll go sort out some business." Before that I gave him an M9 so that he could defend himself this time. 

When the mafia came, I heard all conversations between Paul and the mafia. The weapons that we were carrying was supposed to be used incase of battle. Paul gave them a luggage bag full of the drugs, the mafia accepted it. But, the mafia wanted him dead instead. So when the mob squad leader raises his gun at his face, I quickily shot it off his hand and shoot him in the head. Now we were in battle, Paul quickily hides behind the car while I shoot. I took down 3 of the members, but once I got shot in the chest. I told Paul to shoot since I was heavily injured. So he went up and spammed the trigger like it was the end of the world. He took out all the mafia members which was 2 left and collapsed in panic. I walked my way down and said to him, "Paul great shot, I could really use a guy like you in the future." We both scavenge the bodies for extra cash and brought back the cocaine for any profit. But first, I had to went to the hospital. The bullet wound was minor, since It was shot through the edge of the cover and ricochet onto me. Thank god it was a 9mm ammo. 

So I went to the warehouse to see Paul there, he must had known where my safehouse is. Paul know a Black Market nearby so we can sell and buy some illegal and expensive stuff. We sold our batch to the Black Market for 300k and bought some decent ammount of weaponry. Now since Paul was a cocaine addict, he brushed it off by a day of torture. When we went to his home, I stayed there as a temporarily shelter. When I woke up, I went to his home entrance to introduce me to his friend, Mike Grayson. He is a business man, working for a rival mafia to the Siciliano family called the Castiglione family. So he gave me a mission to take down those 7 mafia that had been mugging the business stores that were paying the Castigliones protection cash. So I went out to hunt down those Sicilianos, I went to a restaurant to see 2 members mugging them the cash. To show that I was serious, I ran close to them and sprayed them with my Uzi. The restaurant owner said, "thank god you came. Btw heres some cash for helping." So I ran as far away just to avoid the police. I went to the other places and killed the 5 remainding mafia. I walked back to his home to tell him I killed all of them. So I got 5k in cash for completion of the mission. 

Now I forgot to tell that Paul was a crime group high ranker. After his addiction kicked in, he couldn't control the group any more. So he was given between 100-150k to go live his life in either rehab or get a job. He barely became a lawyer when he moved to Angel City with a high school certificate. Over time his addiction made him weak, he couldnt fight but to surrender. So now I had no choice to help him get back his hype and rule the city again. Supposedly, as a lawyer he can only help aquaintances or friends for free. But for crime related people, he is threatened to help them.


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