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The request was made to list the cast and a description.  I understand the desire so I'll post.  However, I will not go into extreme detail because I believe that it's sometimes best to leave the real details in the mind of the reader.  The will list all of the met characters.  I will update as new characters are introduced but I do not want to spoil.

The System, yes this is a character in the story.  I'll not give a lot of detail except to say this is the guiding force of the world.  It's really misunderstood and what people think is pretty much 100% wrong.

Nondol, the MC.  a reborn human with limited memories of his past life.  At his tallest around 5'11".  Skilled in 6 classes of magic.  Highly smart and in his later years will write the accepted rules on magic.  Will marry into the royal family.

Maria, the MC's mother.  She's in her late 20s in chapter 1.  Tall for her gender, around 5' 10".  Med length black hair.  Maria is one of the Queens most trusted friends and advisors.  Dual class mage in water and sound both listed as high levels.

Ceanna, Princess of the royal line, a powerful earth and water mage in her own right.  Around 5'9 with golden hair.  Will marry the MC.

Evelyn, Queen, best from the Maria.  Powerful Air and Light mage and true ruler of the kingdom.  Nearly 6' tall with blond hair.

Lorcan, King, the military commander of the kingdom, second in power to the queen.  Fire and Space-Based, greater, magic user.  Tall and very powerfully built.

Tobert, First Prince of the kingdom, dual class mage, minor in sound, major in water.  Slight build black hair.  Always has a serious expression.


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